Birthday Boy

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For Women

Hmmm…it feels so soft…a light tongue flick across your balls – just enough to cause your cock to start to rise and receive the ministrations of this treat. A light knock at the door rouses you from your slumber and your fantasy. A bit disoriented initially, you look around the unfamiliar room and the realization sets in…it’s your birthday. You are at a hotel. A hotel that is hosting a big party for you. The big party is downstairs in the ballroom in a few hours – you arrived at the hotel early to shower and rest up before meeting all your family and friends for the shindig. A second knock snaps you back to reality and you roll out of bed, semi-erect and grab for a cover.

Cinching your robe, a third knock irritates you as you rip the door open – prepared to tear into the invader of your fantasy…and there I am. Speechless looks good at you as you stare, open mouthed at me, the girl you thought was gone forever. Every feeling you’ve ever had towards me from hatred to annoyance, from frustration to lust is obvious on your face – it’s kind of cute. But not wanting to waste time with conversation, I step forward and kiss you…hard. Hard enough to push you out of the hall and far back into your room.

Mmmm…that’s what I remember as I feel your tongue invade my mouth, your soft lips molding against me. I hear an encouraging groan from you as my hands reach up and enter the opening of your robe to start caressing the light smattering of hair that covers your chest. I slowly, very slowly work my way down your chest to your abdomen…all the while we continue to be locked at the lips – almost inhaling each other. I slowly rake my nails across your abdomen while I feel your cock rising up to meet my roaming hands.

It’s not easy, as I am enjoying your fantastic kisses…but I break away…just going back for a few little pecks and a small nibble of that swollen lower lip that I dream about before I start working my way down. I interchange little bites and licks as I work my way down your neck encouraged by the moaning in my ear. As I lick across your collarbone I can’t help but realize that I am soaking wet…just the feeling of your hard cock pressed against my lower abdomen has me dripping in anticipation. But today is not about me…it’s not my birthday.

I really want to spend more time…much more time licking your entire torso but I feel desperate to get my mouth ataköy escort on your throbbing dick. A really unhealthy desperation to gobble it up. I sink to my knees while looking up to make eye contact…seeking permission really. We had flirtatiously texted but you had never been willing to let it go this far…I wanted to make sure my gift was going to be well received. A side smirk was all the encouragement I needed as I slipped open that loose knot keeping your robe closed and leaned forward to lick the small drop of precum glistening on the end of your beautiful cock.

It was my turn to moan now as I licked up and down your shaft, pausing only long enough to suck on your balls briefly – just enough to get a little gasp out of you. As I work my way back up your shaft, I look up to once again lock eyes…your eyes now dilated with clear evidence of desire while you start to bite your delicious lower lip.

A trickle of spit runs out of my mouth as I hover above…waiting to really dive in. I take a big breath and lower my mouth down until I feel you banging the back of my throat…and then I swallow and work myself down lower. After the requisite time that it takes for me a minute to adjust to having you deep in my throat, I start to slowly bob up and down. Your hands reach down and start to gather my hair…I feel you gently using it to hold me as you start to fuck my face faster. Tears well up in the sides of my eyes as I struggle for breathe, but with a little focus I take you even deeper.

I want to swallow your cum. I am licking around your shaft as you piston into my mouth…I am frantic to get you to release. And then…it’s over. I feel a sharp tug of my hair as you rip me off your cock. I am on my knees, reaching desperately for it…like a child who’s had candy ripped from their hands. I want, no, I need it back. I look up at you with a pleading expression…what I see almost frightens me.

Your desire has taken on that same primal need as mine. Tender but firmly you wrench to a standing position and spin me around. You grab my hips and bend me over – I place me hands against the window for balance as I feel you flip my skirt up as you nudge my legs apart. A chuckle breaks the tension as you seem relieved to discover that I elected to abandon my panties for the night.

I sense you looking at me…it feels a little odd to be gazed at escort bayan istanbul in that way…by you of all people. Although my arousal must be evident, you slide your hand up in between my soaking pussy lips. Even you are shocked by what your have done to me. You slowly work one finger into my vagina – thrilled and further roused by the incredible tightness. I groan and rock back and forth on your hand, begging for more. With the patience I was surprised to see you possess, you slowly work extra fingers into my snug hole until it is ready to receive your massive cock.

I feel your hand leave my cunt and start to beg for its replacement. But with a shocking amount of restraint, I feel your dick slide up the sides of my lips…getting coated in juices. You rub it against my ass cheeks, my crack…everywhere but where I am begging for it to be. I have totally forgotten that it’s your birthday – I overlook your needs and start whimpering for satisfaction from you…

Fuck. I think that’s what I screamed when you – finally – thrust up into me. And then you stop…you are paused in me and I wonder why…before I remember something you had typed before. You were convincing me that you weren’t a selfish lover…that you would enjoy just feeling yourself in me…sexiest thing you ever wrote…I almost came right then. I see your expression in the window reflection…your eyes are closed, mouth slightly open – you seem to be enjoying the tight, wet warm burrow where you are buried ball-deep.

I inadvertently started to squeeze me vaginal muscles…encouraging you to start this fuck that has been several years in the making. God it feels amazing – worth the wait. I am grabbing the window, overlooking Seattle and wondering why we waited so long for this when I feel your hands leave me hips and reach up to the top of my button up shirt. Realizing that this is no time to fuss with buttons, you yank my shirt open – buttons flying everywhere.

I can see my breasts bouncing in the reflection of the window…threatening to spill out over the cups of my bra but not quite making it as you remove the top and toss it aside. Your arms reach around the sides of me and scoop my DD’s out of their confinement. I watch as you expertly tease and mash my massive mounds…far more than a handful but you play with a purpose. My moaning is reaching a new level now as you start beylikdüzü escort to hit so many of my senses – your massive dick continues to pound my pussy while I feel you nibbling behind my ears and down my neck and now I feel you alternating between massaging my breasts and tugging on my nipples.

Stars out the window blur with the ones in my mind as my first orgasm rips through me. It’s good that you were holding onto my breasts as I lost my grip on the window when I came hard and would have fell forward. But now I feel cool on my tits. It seems in my brief period of unawareness you have repositioned us. I am now pressed up against the window…my boobs are flattened against the glass – anyone on the street looking up would have had quite the show. You have grabbed my hair again and yanked my head back so you can devour my neck – I turn to give you little kisses between gasping for breath.

My legs are still spread apart to enjoy the intermittent sensation of being filled to capacity before you withdraw and make me yearn for that fullness. While your left hand keeps a hold of my hair, I feel your right hand reach around and head straight for my clit. You rub, fondle and tease me…I can hear your hand banging against the window and know that anyone watching would be able to see this whole show. But I don’t care – I can’t care at this point – can barely think at all.

I have never heard you cum. I don’t know the sounds you make before the big release…but when I feel you swelling impossibly large inside of me…I know it’s time. I let go to the control that I was barely maintaining as I feel you pump gallons into me. I am splayed out, flat against the window as you hold my hips and thrust the last few times into my stretched pussy. Our legs give out and we both collapse onto the floor.

It takes a few minutes to regain myself…but once I can function again – I tuck my breasts back in the bra, flip my skirt down and grab one of your sweatshirts to wear back to the airport. I turn and look at you lying there…panting and covered in a mixture of sweat and my juices…looking as exhausted as I felt. I did have to stop and smirk at the state of affairs – while almost adversarial in “real” life – physically we fused seamlessly.

I pause for a minute…torn between leaving for my flight and starting on the long list of other things I want to do with your body. God – there are so many other things I desire to do to you…so many naughty positions…so many showers to explore. But in know now is not the time…I lean over to a gloriously naked you…kiss you very softly and whisper “happy birthday” before I disappear out the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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