Beach Loving

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It was a huge bonfire out on the beach, Nadia and Drake were cuddling and kissing as their friends partied around them. The long time couple were giggling at their friends drunken antics, enjoying the end of the long summer, before college started up again. Nadia was petite, 5’4″ with long straight brown hair that hung almost to her waist, her hazel eyes were full of mischief as she nibbled on her boyfriend’s earlobe. He tried to cop a quick feel up her shirt, but got his hand slapped for his troubles.

“People might be watching!” she whispered into her ear.

Turning his head of black hair towards her, he nuzzled her neck with his lips, “Then let’s go somewhere where they can’t.”

Giggling a little, the couple grabbed a blanket and some towels from a pile and ran off down the beach – it looked as though there were a few other couples here and there that had the same general idea. Finding a little nook that was pretty much hidden in some brush and high grasses, Drake pulled his girlfriend in close, brown eyes glinting with excitement. He head to lean down to kiss her as he stood at a tall 5’11”. Kissing her passionately, he ran his hands over the smooth skin of her back under her tank top.

“Let’s go swimming,” he suggested, pulling back a little to look at her expression. It looked surprised.

“I don’t have a swimsuit.”

“I know.” Grinning, he began pulling off his own clothes as she giggled.

“You’re crazy.” she said as he stripped completely naked and then grabbed her and pulled her close.

Starting to pull her tank top over her head, he smiled and asked, “Join me, won’t you?” she laughed at him and kissed him as he tried to work her shorts down her legs, finally helping him roll the tight fabric down the long length of her slender legs. Once he was down there, he also rolled down her pink thong, kissing her pussy just under the little landing strip of hair that she kept, making her giggle again.

Grabbing her hand he almanbahis giriş started to pull her towards the water, “Hold on!” she said, and grabbed the towels with her free hand.

They ran to the water, she dropped the towels a decent way away from where the waves were coming up so that they wouldn’t get wet, and they both gasped as they plunged into the cold water.

Brushing the wet brown hair from his eyes, Nadia told him, “You know, I’ve never been skinny dipping before.”

Drake grinned and kissed her before replying, “I’ve never been skinny dipping with someone as pretty as you.”

Under the water his fingers slid along her pussy, and she giggled and pulled away. Through the waves he chased her, his hands running over her slick flesh before she would manage to squirm out of his grip again and continue to run.

Finally she led him out of the water, his dick was rock hard despite the coolness of the waters from sliding his hands over her body so often. They both grabbed towels as they ran up to their little nook, spreading the blanket out over the sand. Drying each other off, they kissed lips and body parts, tasting the salt of the ocean on each other’s skin. Drake thought her pussy tasted wonderful, salty sweet and wet, his tongue swiped along its entire length making her gasp and her knees buckled.

Falling to the blanket, they began kissing and rubbing against each other, the familiar dance of passion and love between them. Nibbling his earlobe, Nadia looked up at the starry sky.

“I always wanted to make love on the beach,” she said, “Just like the drink, you know, sex on the beach.”

“You’re a dork,” he told her, kissing her forehead, “But I still love you.”

“Oh come on,” hands lightly pinching his nipples, making him moan and rub his dick along the inside of her thigh, “You can’t tell me you never thought about having sex on the beach.”

“Mmmm… well I’m thinking about it now anyway, does that almanbahis count?” his lips descended on one pert nipple, sucking it deep into his mouth as she shivered with pleasure.

“You’re about to do more than think about it,” she ran her nails lightly down his back, making his entire body tense as the light touch sent tingles straight to his very hard dick.

Drake kissed her passionately, using one hand to guide the head of his dick to her pussy hole, rubbing it along the length of her pussy first and getting it wet with her juices. As their tongues danced, his dick slowly began to push into her wet pussy, stretching it open to accept the hardness of his body. Her hips pushed up to swallow his entire length into her body, making both of them moan as he slid in to the hilt.

He began kissing the salt away from her lips, neck, and shoulders as they moved together. Aggressively, she began biting at his shoulders and neck, and wiggled a little, until she suddenly rolled him over so that she was on top. It was one of her favorite moves, and he couldn’t figure out how someone as small as she was managed to do that to someone so much bigger than her, but he never managed to stop her when she put her mind to it. Maybe it was just that he didn’t really want to stop her.

Shaking the long fall of her hair back, her breasts bounced prettily as she arranged herself to her satisfaction. Bending forward, she sucked on one of his nipples, and his back arched, thrusting his dick even deeper into the pussy above him. Moaning, she began lifting herself up and down on his body, grinding her clit down against his pubic bone every time she slammed home. Drake loved to watch her work her body against his, her eyes half-closed while her long hair swayed behind her, big breasts bouncing as she moved atop him. It was incredibly hot, and it always made him even hornier to watch her pleasure herself on his dick.

Still, her bouncing breasts with their almanbahis giriş roseate nipples were always more temptation than he could bear; grabbing onto her moving hips, he pulled himself up so that his head was just at her breast level as she continued to bounce and grind on top of him. With his hands on her buttocks, he helped her lift and fall as his teeth closed gently around one of her hard nipples. Her head fell back as she moaned her pleasure, the pace of her movements picking up as she rode herself closer and closer to orgasm.

Working his hand between her ass cheeks, he gathered some of the dripping juices from her pussy on his index finger, and as she bounced on top of him, he pushed the lubricated finger into her ass. It was a trick that never failed to work, as his finger pushed into her tight ass hole her body convulsed and clenched both her holes around him.


Drake was much quieter when he came, just moaning a little with his jaw clenched as he pushed his hips up hard against her heaving body, he loved how dirty her mouth became when she was creaming herself. Pumping cum into her spasming pussy, he wrapped his free arm around her to pull her down and even closer to him as his dick spurted in her tight wetness. Nadia had finished cumming and was now grinding her body down against his as she drew his orgasm out longer with her manipulations of his dick inside her, massaging it with her pussy muscles.

Finally he fell back, completely spent, and she lowered herself down on top of him with a smile on her face. Propping herself up on her elbows on either side of his head, she smiled down at him.

With one hand, he reached up and pushed the damp hair off her forehead, “I don’t know how you do that to me, but it’s fucking amazing.”

“I know.” she said smugly, kissing him on the mouth. Looking around at their surroundings, she observed, “You know, I’m really glad we grabbed the blanket, when I used to fantasize about sex on the beach I never really thought about the reality of sand. This is much better.” Drake put his hands behind her neck and pulled her down for another kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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