Arya’s Bus

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Arya waited impatiently for the hoverbus back to her college after the holidays. It was cold and starting to snow. This was not the best time to wait for the twice-daily bus line. But there wasn’t much choice. No one wanted to drive across all of Almara to Kasago where she was taking a perfumery technical course.

At last, the bus came. Of course, being late, it was more full than usual. She paid her fare, knowing that seats would vacate as they headed south.

No seats in the front, or the middle. Finally, there was a single seat in the very back, next to an attractive man.

“Do you mind if I sit here?” she asked.

“No. Go ahead. I was just falling asleep. I’d be glad of some company.”

She sat down and pushed her bag under the seat in front of her, her legs never needing the extra stretching room, being shorter than average for an Almaran.

“Where are you going?”

“South to Kasago.”

“That’s going to take awhile.”

“Two days.”


“And you?”

“Iloren. But I could change my mind for the right person,” he hinted.

Arya felt warm.

The man put his arm around her and pulled her closer to him. He was warm and comforting. His hand lifted her chin towards him, then met her lips with his. Almost immediately, he deepened the kiss, pressing his tongue between her lips to meet hers. “You’re a good kisser,” he said. “Did your boyfriend teach you?”

“I don’t have a boyfriend,” she replied.

His lips covered hers again, hungrily this time, ankara türbanlı escort then parted. “Then who taught you how to kiss?”

“You are, right now,” Arya replied.

“You’re lying!” he insisted. “You’re completely innocent?”

She blushed.

“Sit on my lap,” he encouraged. “Easier to kiss you that way.”

She went to sit on his lap.

“No. Face me. Straddle my lap. I want nothing in the way of kissing you!”

Arya obeyed, putting her legs around him and sitting on his lap. Immediately, she was pulled closer to him, where he seemed intent on consuming her lips. His tongue was back into her mouth and his hands ventured under her shirt and up her back.

Moving forwards again, his hands surprised her when they reached the small cushions of flesh on her chest. She was more surprised that her nipples firmed at his touch. She worried that they were too public, especially as he lifted her shirt and took one breast into his mouth, flicking his tongue over the harden nipple.

“Oh!” she cried out with pleasure.

“You’re going to have to be quiet or we’ll get thrown off the bus!” he corrected, then went back to her breast, lifting her shirt again to expose the other one which he immediately covered with his mouth.

His hands began moving again, pushing down inside the waistband of her skirt and underwear. His finger stroked her intimacy making her gasp.

“Hands out!” she insisted. “I have my own seat!”

She got off his ankara ukraynalı escort lap, adjusted her top and sat down in her seat as the bus stopped to let passengers off and let another on. She settled back into her seat.

“I have a blanket,” he said, putting it over her. “No one has to see anything.” His hand went into her underwear again and stroked her. Involuntarily, her thighs parted a little. He rewarded her by pushing his finger into her warm chasm. “I can make it not hurt even the first time.” He pulled out a vial of something from his cloak. He put a drop on his fingertip, then pushed his finger back into her body.

“What does that do?”

“Loosens you up. You have some muscles that have never been used.”

She nodded, unable to speak for the hand in her underwear.

“Feel me,” he instructed, taking her hand and guiding it to his pants, now opened enough to let his enormous organ out for some air. “Stroke it.”

Arya felt his arousal stroking within her hand.

“Sit on it — feel it inside you.”

Arya was nervous. He was asking a lot now. But she was curious. Curious how he would feel inside her. Curious about his claim that it wouldn’t hurt.

She crawled back into his lap, hovering over his erection, slightly afraid to sit.

“Sit,” he urged gently, guiding her down. She felt his tip playing at her entrance. It didn’t want to go in… She felt a panic rising.

“Sit,” he repeated, pushing her gently down onto him.

Suddenly, ulus escort it broke into her body. She gasped loudly. His mouth covered hers quickly so she wouldn’t make any more noise.

There was a quick, sharp pain, but then he was inside her body. She sat there, getting used to the sensation. “Rock back and forth on me.”

She obeyed and was rewarded by feeling him deeper and deeper inside her. She would have cried out again except for the tongue that kept tasting hers.

“Keep going,” he said, leaning back. He helped support her as he met her rocking with deep thrusts. “Speed up, if you can.”

Arya obeyed, feeling like she was riding a caballus*, except this one had his most intimate part inside her. She needed to tell him not to put his seed inside her — that she wasn’t protected. But every time she opened her mouth, his tongue took over.

He helped her rock faster across him. Then he held her tighter, thrusting up into her very quickly as if needing something himself. His breathing became ragged and a stifled groan came out of his lips as he held her down on him, as deeply as he could go. He sighed and she felt the twitches inside her.

“No!” she cried out.

“Shhh!” he demanded.

“Why did you come inside me? I was a virgin. I’m not on anything!”

“You’ll be fine. It happens to girls all the time!”

“You say that almost as if you want me pregnant!”

“The Balan are always recruiting,” he replied, holding her abdomen, warmth infiltrating her from his fingers.

“You’re scum!”

“And you will make a wonderful vessel!” he murmured into her ear, holding her to him.


* caballus – (kuh-BAL-lus) – a six-legged, not-so-clever beast of burden, often raced. Sometimes described as the result of a chance breeding between a swamp dragon and a horse.

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