Anamika’s Life Story Ch. 04

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This story is a continuation of the series. Without context, it might be a little difficult to follow. However, here are the basics to get you updated:

Anamika is my girlfriend who wanted to enter Bollywood and had recently discovered her sexuality. She is extremely fit with toned abs and is top heavy with her 34C breasts and about average height for an Indian girl. Her face is round and her cheeks are plump. Her bubbly personality shone through her eyes and in her captivating smile and she styled her hair in the popular fashion made famous by Rachel Green: bangs.


Anamika went to meet her agent the next day. She had worn a tight fitting pair of jeans which highlighted her peach butt and a light sleeveless button-up blouse over a push-up bra which drew attention to her lovely bosom.

Her agent, Rohan, had recently set up his agency and Anamika was one of his first clients. He was, as was typical during those years, an oily salesman who loved to push himself onto his clients. He was however a little cautious with Anamika since she was his first client and it was she who had helped him set up the agency by recruiting a few friends.

Rohan: How’s my favorite client?

Anamika coyly says “Your favorite client is going to become even better in your eyes.”

Rohan: “And how is that”

Anamika passes him her phone with the gallery which has her pictures from the Goa trip. Starting with her sideless suit to the bikini on the fort to the one with her topless with her hand-bra.

Rohan’s eyes went from wide to wider on seeing this side of Anamika. He gulped and then asked:: “These look good but what do you want me to do?”

Anamika explains that she is ready to drop her very restrictive clauses for on-screen kissing and revealing clothing and open to push her boundaries and Rohan should try and use this to get her a film deal.

Rohan: “Are you ok with on-screen kissing”

Anamika: “Yes”

Rohan: “Are you ok with some petting scenes and maybe forced scenes”

Anamika: “Yes”

Rohan: “Are you ok with wearing a bikini on screen”

Anamika: “Yes”

Rohan: “Ok then, that’s great. Why don’t you share these pictures with me and give me a few weeks while I figure something out.”

He gets up and moves to escort Anamika out.

When they get to his office door, Anamika turns around and Rohan almost walks into her. Rohan apologises but Anamika wraps herself onto him and pulls his head into her and kisses him on the lips. Rohan’s lips are welded shut from the surprise but as she swirls her tongue on his lips he slowly opens them and Anamika pushes her tongue into his mouth while sucking his upper lip. Rohan moves his hands to her lower back and onto her bum. She lets him feel her bum through her jeans for a few seconds and then breaks the kiss and stands with her back against the door and says, “I know that you would have asked for proof of being ok with the things that I agreed to with any other actress. You didn’t ask but I don’t want there to be any confusion. I hope I have made it clear that I am fine with on-screen kissing.”

He nodded yes & said: “But, that’s only one of the three things you agreed to” and he pushed her against the wall before clamping his lips again onto hers. Anamika was caught off guard but then melted into it and brought her hands to the back of his head. Rohan then grabbed hold of her hands and pushed them over her head against the wall. He held her hands there with his left hand and brought his right hand down to her bosom and gently pressed her soft boobs through her blouse while continuing to kiss her. He was sucking hard on her lips and she was responding with just as much vigor.

He then ripped her blouse open with his right hand and used his lips on the soft fleshy parts of her boobs that were on display above her push-up bra. He then moved his right hand lower to her naked belly and was groping it while he smashed his face into her boobs and continued kissing them. Since Anamika did not object, he moved his hand up to cup her boobs from below so that his lips could penetrate deeper into her boobs. He lapped on her boobs with his tongue while kissing them.

She egged him on and told him that she was helpless and he should have his way. This caused him to clamp down hard on her boobs with his lips and he sucked hard, causing her to moan. His sucking on her boobs gave kaçak iddaa her a hickey on her left boob. He removed his mouth to admire his artwork and she looked down at it and mock cried that he had marked her and now what would happen to her.

This pushed him further and he sucked down hard on her right shoulder, marking her with a hickey on her shoulder as well before dropping his head to her right boob. He showered her with wet tongue kisses on her boob and pushed his tongue into her inviting valley. He then sucked her fleshy boobs into his mouth and then bit down hard on her boob. This caused her to groan in pain but he was like an animal in heat and continued kissing and sucking on her boobs. While kissing her boobs he said that he had wanted to do this since so long.

He then used his right hand to lower the bra off of her left boob and took her nipple in his mouth while cupping her breast and started sucking on it. He bit down on her nips with the edge of his teeth. Anamika was moaning through all of this and almost lost feeling in her legs with his strong left hand on the wrists of her hands above them and her back against the wall and his mouth on her nipples.

He then moved his head up to kiss her on her neck with his tongue while moving his right hand back onto her ass. As he started sucking down with the same fervor on her neck as he used on his boobs, Anamika started struggling and pushed him off and told him off that he might leave a visible mark which would be hard to explain.

As Anamika struggled, he broke the kiss and looked deep into her eyes and checked her naked toned arms and her smooth underarms and then downward to her heaving chest. Her blouse was hanging loosely around her elbows with all the buttons broken off.He moved his right hand forward one last time to grope her boobs and flick her erect nipples through her bra before leaving her hands. Anamika rubbed her left wrist with her right hand as his rough hold had left a mark on her hand. Anamika said: “That’s two out of three and now for the last one.”

Saying this she called up a paparazzi photographer and asked him to be outside Rohan’s office. She then removed her blouse and hooked her bra properly. She turned around and with her back to him asked Rohan to tighten her bra as much as possible so that her cleavage was now even more pronounced. He could not resist running his hand over her entire naked back before tightening her bra.

She then tied her now button-less blouse in a knot, ensuring that her cleavage and her flat abs were on display. She then checked herself in the mirror and ensured that while the complete hickey on her boobs weren’t visible, there was a hint of it on display. She then lowered her jeans and pulled the thong sides of her panty above the jeans line so that it was on display as well. Happy with her look she started to step out but before stepping out made one final remark to Rohan and said: “This demonstration was just for you” and then after a pause added while winking:”Okay, maybe for a select few more as well.” and stepped out.

The photographer was already present so she posed for him. He clicked quite a few pictures and asked her to hold steady while he zoomed in to the evidence of the hickey. He then brought it up to her and asked who had done it. She fake blushed and covered the evidence with her blouse before putting a finger on her lips as if to indicate to him to not speak about it. He laughed and said that he understood.


I was relaxing on my sofa when Anamika walked in after her meeting with Rohan.

On seeing her, my dick started to rise up as her blouse was in tatters and that is not how she had left.

Me: “Hey Sweety, what happened?”

Anamika: “Nothing, I was a bit naughty and Rohan was as well.”

Me: “Details please.”

Anamika (while winking): “You should see some details in the newspaper tomorrow, hopefully.”

Me: “If I have to wait till tomorrow, I will get very very angry.”

Anamika: “We can’t have that now, can we?”

Saying that she made a glass of rum for her and came and sat beside me on the sofa and started narrating her meeting and told me how Rohan’s eyes widened on seeing her pictures. He had started to sweat even without the action she had planned. She had told me earlier that she would be giving him a kiss to show-case her changed kaçak bahis outlook. She then said that he had given her a hickey as well.

I asked to see it and she moved me to the center part of the sofa and then got on top of me on her knees with each knee to the side of me and looked down at me while asking me if I wasn’t jealous. I told her that I had made it evident earlier as well but she can feel me to get the answer.

Hearing me say that, she sat down on my lap right up to me so that my hard-on was right up against her cunt. Feeling it through my shorts and her jeans she smiled naughtily at me and then untied her blouse. I saw the hickey on her shoulder and kissed her on the same spot. After the kiss, I looked into her eyes and asked her how he gave her a hickey there. Did you remove your blouse?

She looked at me naughtily and said that the blouse had buttons on it when I left and then she pulled away from me to remove her bra and that’s when I saw the mark Rohan had made on her boobs. It was right next to her nips and it was now almost purple in color. I kissed her on the mark and she groaned and pushed me back saying that it is a bit raw.

I told her I hope that this is not all for naught. She said that it definitely isn’t as this further confirms to herself what she is willing to do and is comforted by the fact that I support her. If nothing else that was to be gained.

Hearing her appreciate my support I couldn’t hold myself back and kissed her squarely on the lips and brought her face forward with my hands in her hair. Her soft boobs pressed up against my hard chest and I held her head with my left hand while I moved my right hand lower over her naked back all the way to cup her meaty ass.She moved her hands behind my head and locked my head in place by entangling her delicate arms from her elbows. We were deep into the kiss, full of emotions, and sucking off one another’s face and I could not control myself any more.

I moved my hands to the front to unbutton and remove her pants but she stopped me. She got up and removed my t-shirt and then removed her jeans while grooving on the spot. She was standing just an arm’s distance away from me in her lacy thong panties and I moved forward to get up and she pushed me back. She then got down on her knees with her butt on her ankles and helped me remove my shorts and my underwear. She said I deserved a treat for being a loving boyfriend.

Saying this, she wrapped my cock in her dainty hands and then licked it from the top to the bottom. This made me moan. While licking up from the bottom to the top she lifted her butt from her ankles and was now upright on her knees. She then looked up at me, our eyes met, she winked and then she deep-throated my entire cock in one motion. She sucked on it causing me to moan more.

She removed my cock from her mouth and then again started licking it from top to bottom and side to side. I moved my hand on her head and took hold of her hair so that I could see her lovely mouth worshiping my cock. She saw me looking at her and she continued to lick and suck on my cock while holding my stare. The feeling was unbelievable and I was in seventh heaven. She then moved down to my balls and sucked on them one after the another and then moved up and deep-throated my cock.

This pushed me to the edge and I told her that I was cumming. Instead of removing my cock, she sucked down doubly hard. Understanding what she meant to do, I let go and came deep in her mouth. While she could not swallow all of it, she did swallow a lot of it. Some of my discharge was flowing out of her mouth onto my cock and then onto her hands. After I was done cumming, she removed my cock from her mouth and started licking it to clean it. Once she was done cleaning my cock she inserted her fingers into her mouth and licked them clean and then licked her palm clean.

Just looking at her act this wantonly and swallowing all of my cum got me hard once again. Seeing me hard, she smiled naughtily and said that somebody liked what they saw. I responded back if ever in the future, I do not like this, she can shoot me dead. She laughed with me and then her phone rang.

It was the paparazzi reporter who informed her about the pictures and the story. Since Anamika was largely unknown in the movie industry, she wouldn’t get a stand-alone article for her antics but get a minor feature a few days out talking about the bold & beautiful new potential entrants in the industry with a few other potential actresses. illegal bahis I could see the laughter vanish from her eyes and disappointment enter her eyes. She told the reporter that she understood and disconnected the call. She started crying as soon as she hung up and I hugged her and calmed her down as we fell asleep in each other’s arms.


A couple of days later Rohan called her in to meet her again. Anamika went to meet him in a yellow summer dress which had noodle straps and came to just above her knees. She looked as fresh as a dandelion. When she enters, Rohan checks her out and gulps.

Rohan: “I have sent word as far and as wide as I could. For movies, I have been told that you are on the shortlist of a couple but those are a few months away from casting at least.”

Anamika expressed her joy at just getting on the shortlist.

Rohan continues on: “I also spoke to a few casting directors to in the interim get you an item song.”

Anamika agreed and said that that sounds wonderful but Rohan told her that given the recent turn of events where A-list actresses are now doing item songs, no one wants to try a new face. A new face gives the impression that the movie is low budget and a renowned face is what leads credence to the song. So, it might be a challenge but he was hopeful of it working given her dancing prowess.

Anamika gets up from her seat and walks up to Rohan and bends from the waist giving him a wonderful down-blouse view of her cleavage and then kisses him delicately first on his cheeks and then again very close to his lips and thanks him and leans in closer to kiss him on his lips. Before she kisses him a third time, he takes hold of her hand that is on his face and asks her to sit next to him. She sits beside him with her hand still in his hands and her legs touching his. Rohan closes his eyes, takes a deep breath and then speaks.

Rohan: “Babe, you know I love you.”

Anamika: “Yes”

Rohan: “You know how much of a crush I have always had for you.”

Anamika: “Yes, but”

Rohan: “Above all else though I respect you and I want to work with you and so I must tell you”

Anamika: “Go on”

Rohan: “You do not ever need to do what you did last week. I apologize for not stopping you then and for taking “advantage” of you.”

Anamika: “But”

Rohan presses hard on her hands and with his eyes asks her to not interfere.

Rohan: “You should not have to do what you did last week with an agent and certainly not one as new as me. You should not have to do it with a casting director or a director or a producer or a lead actor. What you have is far more valuable and only in the rarest of rare cases should you offer it and even only then to either a producer or a lead actor. That should also always be after getting what you wanted. It should always be a ‘Thank-you’ and not an ‘Offering’.”

Having said that he turns to look at Anamika and their eyes meet and both of their eyes are wet. He hugs her and apologizes. She melts in his arms for a couple of seconds and then they separate.

Anamika: “Thanks for the guidance but the progress from last week is so much more than what it was earlier. Why is that?”

Rohan: “Well, that had more to do with your relaxation of your crazy rules. Your rules of no intimacy, no skin-show etc. would have made me look like an amateur if I had proposed them to the casting directors. Now that I know what you are open to do and have the hunger to do it, I’ll try my best”

Anamika: “But, I know that you often get similar or better treatment from other new girls.”

Rohan: “That’s different. None of them have even a little bit of talent and all of them are only in it for their 15 minutes of fame. I get them that by getting them into a TV Commercial or a second rung sitcom. That’s not for you.”

Hearing him say that, Anamika turns towards him and hugs him tight.

Anamika: “Thanks for being a true friend and a guide.”

Rohan: “Don’t mention it but as I said I would like for you to always keep me on as an agent.”

Anamika: “Of course”

Rohan: “Well now that that’s settled, do think over what can be done to get that first item song as once you do it, I am sure there will be no dearth of offers after that.”

That was the evening when we came up with the idea of her provocative dresses for the awards show and which eventually helped her land a role in an item song. For more details, you can read “Anamika’s Life Story: Chapter 1” and for how it ended, you can read “Anamika’s Life Story: Chapter 2”

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