American Mom

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I was raised by my mother ever since my dad left us 10 years ago.

I think she did a good job. I was a straight B student, had a job, had a girlfriend, kept out of trouble.

But my life changed prom night which coincided with my 18th birthday. My girlfriend, Lori, was dressed up. I rented a tux and a limo, and about 8 of us went out for a great time of drinking, dancing and messing around before I crashed at a buddy’s place until noon the next day.

I stumbled home around 1pm. Unfortunately, my mom was waiting for me.

My mom is a big woman, very curvy. If you’ve seen Katy Mixon from “Mike and Molly” and “American Housewife”, you get the picture – a big buxom brunette with big brown hair and a loud voice. I was a beanpole, a stick of a kid though we shared the same shaggy dark hair. Unfortunately, my mom could be an angry drunk and she had been throwing back the beers, waiting for me.

“Oliver, you stink!” My mom announced when I walked into the house. I knew I probably reeked of cigarettes and weed. We had started a campfire to roast some smores.

“Mom, please. I’m so tired.” I tried to get past her to go to my room.

“Not so fast, Oliver! That tux is a rental. Get out of those clothes. I’m going to have to clean them or else you’re paying if they end up charging for a damaged suit!”

“Mom!” I threw off the jacket, the ruffled shirt. I scooted across the floor as I unbuckled the pants and shook them off.

“Everything off, young man!” She was gathering items as I shed them down the hall.

I was down to my shorts and socks, and I laughed as I headed to my room.

“Oliver? What is that!” My mom was still following me.


“You have marks on your back.”

“Oh,” I smirked. “I was out with Lori last night.” I turned to head back toward my room, but my large marge mother pushed me onto my bed.

“Let me see what she did to you!” My mom sat on my bed and inspected my back. “What did she do?”

“Mom! Please! You’re embarrassing me.”

“Those look like scratches! Why would she be scratching your back like that?”

“Seriously, mom? Seriously? She scratched me when we were messing around.”

My mom shook her head, puzzled, curious, “But I thought Lori was one of those promise keeper types – no sex until marriage. That’s what reason why I thought she was a good girl.”

I laughed a bit. I was sooo tired and still buzzed from the night’s drinking, I laid on my stomach and watched my mother inspect my back. “She is, mom. We don’t have actually sex but she still loves oral.”

“Oral? Then I don’t get it. Why all the scratches?”

“So stupid. Okay,” I began, like explaining math to a baby, “Imagine her lying on her back. Then I climb over her, my face at her crotch, so my crotch is over her face. Sixty-nine. She was sucking me when my balls got suctioned into her nostrils so she can’t breathe, and she starts clawing şişli bayan escort at my back. That only made me hotter so I’m pushing more dick into her mouth. Which only makes her wetter and hotter so she’s gurgling more spit around my dick, and I’m… holy shit, mom. TMI. Too Much Information!”

“Oliver! Don’t sass your mother like that! I’m trying to understand why Lori would hurt my son!”

“Not hurt, mom. she was excited. but i guess with my balls in her face, she couldn’t breathe. So she scratched my back, that’s all.”

“But how could your balls get into her nostrils? I don’t get it.”

“Because we were in a 69 position. mom! Geez.”

My mom looked puzzled. She made hand puppets but she was still confused. “Oliver, pretend I’m Lori.” She shoved me over so she could lay down on my bed. “How were you positioned?”

“Geez, mom!” I clambered over her, my face facing her crotch, my crotch hovering over her face. “Like that, get it?”

“Stay like that for a second, Oliver.” My mom reached to feel my hips. She imagined trajectories and angles.

I was planking over my mother, feeling the warmth of her body beneath me. But I was tired, I wanted to take a shower and go to bed.

“You stink, Oliver. You need a shower.”

“Thanks, mom, you read my mind.” I began to move, but my mother held my waist.

“So Lori reached up and scratched my baby here…” She gently raked me where Lori had. “And here…”

Maybe it was our position, maybe it was my mom’s nails, but I feel myself getting rock hard. I immediately tried to get off her, but my mom was fascinated by our posture, lightly scratching my body and looking up at my crotch. I was wearing the baggy blue and green plaid shorts she had gotten for me for Christmas. To my shock, my mother reached up and pulled my erection through the slit. In her position beneath me, her warm hand tugged and polished my hardon.

“Mom? What are you doing?”

“And Lori took you like this? But how did your balls get in her face? Her nose?”

“I didn’t have my shorts on.”

“Oh, I see.” My mom reached up and with a quick pull, slid my shorts down. Gravity took care of the rest – my balls sagged down and my mother reached up again to pull me by my erection down toward her face. She could see my balls lowering straight for her nose.

“Mom?” I rolled off her and laid back, panting. What was wrong with her? What was wrong with me?

“Oliver, don’t be embarrassed. I’m your mother! I used to bathe you!”

“Yeah, but I’m a little bigger now.”

She smiled and looked at my softening cock lying on my stomach, like a sleeping puppy. “Oliver, you’re growing into such a handsome young man, I get a little jealous about Lori. When i see scratches, well, I, I just want to scratch her eyes out.”

“Mom, please.” I waited for her to leave, but she seemed content to sit on the edge of my bed, while I laid there şişli escort practically naked with a subsiding boner and my shorts down.

“You know, Oliver, your dad used to say that I gave him the best oral sex he’d ever have.”


“Nothing to be embarrassed about. Wow, when your dad was here, we would be at it every night. Sometimes I’d worry we’d wake you.”

“Mom!” I didn’t want to hear sex stories about my mom and dad.

“Your dad, he would come home from work, sit in his armchair, and I’d kneel in front of him and just gobbled him up before dinner.”

“Mom, please! TMI.”

“And just when he was ready to cum, I’d plop that big red hot dog of his between my titties and squeeze him until he popped.”

“Mom!” I looked at my mother’s cleavage. All my friends noticed her large boobs. To think that she held my dad’s dick in between them, shit, and he still left us?

“Oliver!” My mom pointed at my crotch. I didn’t notice that I was rock hard again, pulsing, shaft veins flaring hard.

“Geez,” I tried to pull up my shorts, but my mom held them down.

“Let me see if I still have the touch.” She smirked, then sat closer to me. With one hand gripping the base of my aching erection, she took a quick sniff and then went down on me. My entire body felt like it was being sucked through my cock. I looked down amazed as my mother’s head began to bob and slurp rhythmically. She licked the sides and around the big strawberry head before gulping me down over and over again. Then, she aimed my erection and swallowed me whole. She held this position for many seconds before releasing my drool-covered dick. “That, Oliver, is called deep throating!”

“Geezus.” I was weak in the legs, I couldn’t protest. I laid back and let my mother continue to suck me off until I started to spasm. I released my load into her hungry mouth. I came so hard, I almost lost consciousness because I was only vaguely aware that she had walked my naked body into the shower.

The warm water felt good. I felt my face pressed up against the shower stall. And then I felt the warm of my mother’s body as she soaped me up while she pushed up against my back. I felt her large boobs rubbing against my back as I splayed my fingers up against the wall, as if I was assuming the position for a cop to search me.

My mom detached the shower head and rinsed the soap off me, then her. She naughtily sprayed my ass cheeks, my balls before she was squatting in the tub, soaping my hairy legs and thighs. “Oliver, you smell much better now. Turn around and face momma.”

I did as I was told but realized my soapy genitals were facing my mother’s boobs. With both of her hands, she kneaded them into me, forcing me to power as I became quickly erect between her breasts.

“Omg, mom!”

“Has Lori ever done this for you, Oliver?”

“No.” I was rocking my hips now, pushing my slippery dick between her mecidiyeköy escort tits. OMG, I was titfucking my mother.

She hugged my lower body tightly while I continued to titfuck her. After several minutes, with the spray of water, the sight and sensation of my reddening erection snug between her, I trembled as I came standing up – the first time for me – I shook as I came, embarrassed, excited, relieved.

My mother stood up and rinsed herself off. She was shorter than I was but twice as wide. She hugged my skinny torso and moaned, “Oliver, my handsome boy.”

We both got out of the shower wordlessly. I thought this bizarre experience was done, but she led me by the hand to her room.

“Oliver, have you had sex with Lori?”

“No, mom, not yet.”

“Anyone else?”

“No, just messing around. Not P in V sex.”

“Good, Oliver, momma wants to be first.” She guided me to her bed, laid me on my back and parted my towel.

“No, mom! We can’t.”

“We can. I don’t want Lori to have you first. You’re my son, and she scratched you. I want to show you what sex should be like.”

She straddled me. I was erect in an instant. With an experienced but long out of practice hand, she pumped my erection and squeezed my shaft so that my mushroom head looked absolutely huge. She guided my head to run against her vaginal lips. “See this, Oliver, it prepares a woman’s body. Be gentle. It makes me wet. It makes me feel ready to be parted and spread.” She used my dickhead like a lipstick and ran it around her lips. And with that she sat on me – slowly at first to enjoy my squirming, my length. Then when she was fully impaled on my teenaged body, she gyrated on me, and like her oral skills, I soon felt as if I was disappearing into her.

She leaned over me so that her breasts hovered over my face. I felt like a baby as I started to suckle at her breasts, all while my cock was being churned by her innards. In between breast feedings, I looked down between us to watch my organ disappear in and out of my mother’s womb.

When I came, I fell back on her bed and fell asleep. It wasn’t until much later in the day – actually it was already getting dark out – when I felt my mother sucking on my toes as if they were a row of little penises for her to enjoy.

“Mom? What time is it?”

“It’s late, Oliver. You sleep all day.”

“Oh shit, I was supposed to call Lori!” I sat up and looked around, realizing I was naked in my mother’s bed.

“Oliver, you can call Lori and hope she makes out with you a little, or… you can stay home with your momma, and I will guarantee you a night to remember.”

“Don’t be nuts, mom.” I swung my legs onto the floor, but my mother began to rub my back.

“Oliver.” She kissed me down my spine which electrified me.

“Oliver.” She reached around and happily found me semi-hard. My mother’s hand encircled my balls and dick as she continued to rub her face against my shoulders.

“Lay down for a second, Oliver.” She eased me to lie back. I didn’t put up a fight. My erection was up and waving in surrender as I watched my mother take me again.

No Lori tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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