Amenity Project: Mothers Undercover


Hanna Jurasek answered her telephone.

“Hi Hanna. You busy at the moment?”

“No, Karen, in fact I just sat down with a cup of coffee to read the paper, and then watch the “Price is Right.”

What’s up?”

“This is very serious, Hanna. My daughter, Patty, has been moping around for the last couple of days. I finally got her to tell me what was going on. She was very embarrassed. You know how college girls are about telling their Mom anything. What I am about to tell you is something that is planned for our sons and the other boys at the General Motors Advanced Management College in Kettering.”

“Wait Karen, I want to turn the TV down. Okay, it is down, so continue.”

“Well, Patty was swimming at the YMCA. After, she was in the locker room area. There were twenty girls from the Kettering Junior College swim team. Patty overheard them talking. The girls were discussing the fact that one hundred percent of the graduates from GM Advanced are immediately hired by GM to be fast tracked in the management program. It was mentioned that the starting salary was thirty-three thousand. They went on to say that with the job market as it is now, there were few jobs for girls from Kettering Junior College. The only way to be sure of being independent from their parents was to marry a GM boy, or at least have one get you pregnant so that he has to support you and your child.”

“Good God, Karen, what do they plan to do?”

“They all have gone off the pill. They know the GM guys all hang out at the “Blarney Castle” lounge.

They even discussed carrying condoms with holes punched in them, so that the guys will think they are safe, even when they are not.”

“Karen; Sara Huberman’s son, Walter, and Vicki Vanclette’s son, Josh, are also students at GM. We should warn them too. What do you think that we should do about this, just tell the boys to keep their peters in their pants?”

“Hanna, I don’t know about your son, but my nineteen your old is absent a brain. I swear that he always has a hard on. He went steady with Ruth Richmond for six months. I checked his Jockey shorts the next day after he went out with her. I found stains along with her pussy hair every time. If I tell him that there are twenty hot girls that want to fuck he and his friends he will hunt them down and fuck them every night. The girls will win this little war we have here before it starts.”

“Your right, Karen. Look, I will phone Vicki, and Sara to fill them in. We can get a bite at “Friendly’s” after the greater Dayton PTA conference this Saturday. Think of what we should do in the meantime. Okay?”

“Hanna, I have a solution in mind. It is drastic. What you should ask Vicki and Sara is; just how far will they go to protect their sons? I will lay it out for you on Saturday. See you, for now.”

The only reason that Karen Poplowski from Dayton had met Hanna Jurasek from Beavercreek, Vicki Vanclette from West Carrolton City, and Sara Huberman from Trotwood was because they each represented their cities PTA at the Greater Dayton PTA conferences.

All four woman ordered a “Club Sandwich” and coffee at “Friendly’s.” At ten PM, there were few patrons, so they were able to sit in a back corner, by themselves.

There were four very serious irate women sitting at that table. “Bastards,” hissed Vicki.

“Little no good Bitches. Nobody is going to ruin my son’s life” Sara spat out.

Hanna added, “My Billy has worked so hard to get into GM. Now, those conniving bitches want to rob him of everything.”

Karen took a deep breath. “It looks like you all grasp just how serious this is. Before I get into the only solution I have come up with, let me cover the givens.

First, we agree that our sons, while we love them, do not have a brain. They all think with their cocks. Second, If they know where to find a willing woman to fuck, that is exactly where they will go. Third, asking our husbands to have a talk with our sons about twenty college girls that want to be fucked will result in our sons being told to supply their own condoms, and maybe one of our sweeties trying to pass himself off as a college boy at “Blarney Castle.” So, if we are going to prevent these girls from having our sons fuck them, we must provide a diversion. A damn good one that we control. Agree?”

Sara, Vicki, and Hanna nodded.

Karen took a sip of her coffee. She sat back and looked from one to another of the women. She was about to put her reputation on the line. If one of these women was to get up and tell her that under no circumstances would she do what Karen was about to recommend, and then to stomp out and tell others, her days of being an educator in this section of Ohio would be over. For her son, she would do anything.

“The only way to say this is to get right to the point. The solution is for each of us to fuck all the boys, except our own son.”

There were no gasps. No one pulled away from the table. No one blinked.

Karen went on, “To be clear, I mean for each boy to be offered three of us for his görükle escort bayan use. I want my son to fuck so much that he has a problem getting a hard on.”

Sara, “Do you see any problem in getting them to be interested in us? We are all forty-two.”

Vicki added, “I’m sure as hell going to find out. Frankly, I’m scared. It has been a long time since I have been to bed with anyone except my Anthony.”

“Speaking of our husbands. Are you all available, time wise, to spend time doing this?” Intoned Hanna.

They compared notes. As it turned out, each of them had large blocks of time when they had no call on them each week.

They spent the next hour providing each other with a detailed written report of where the boys could be found, and when. Jobs, classes, apartment locations – each lived with other guys. Last but not least, a picture. Karen had requested that each woman bring pictures and notes about her son.

Just before they broke up for the night, Karen said, “Look, we have to be able to discuss this project on the phone, and near other people without drawing attention. I move that we call it; “Amenity Project.”

Laughing, Sara said, “I second the motion.”

“So, moved,” Hanna said as they walked out.

Karen knew that she had to move quickly to bed one of the boys so the others would believe that it could be done, and to have faith in the project.

Sunday, found Karen at the Fredericks of Hollywood store in downtown Dayton. It had been a long time since she had purchased “Hunting Clothes.” Two hours and five hundred and forty dollars spent later, she walked out with three outfits that showed all of her tits except the nipples. If she bent over in these outfits, the boys will know if she shaves her pussy or not. That night she did.

Hanna’s Billy was her first target. He would be at “Blarney Castle” Monday night watching “Monday Night Football” on their big screen TV. She parked in the dark corner of the parking lot. It took just a moment to let the air out of a tire. She had timed her arrival so that she walked in just as the teams trotted into the locker rooms at half-time. She watched as Billy and the other got up to go use the rest room.

When Billy returned, she went up to him. Standing close to him so he could smell her perfume, she said, “Could you help me. I need a favor.” As she said it, she put her hand on his arm.

Billy responded, “Well, ya, sure, what do you need?”

“My car is in the parking lot. When I got out, I saw that the left rear tire is going flat. Could you change it for me?”

“Be happy too.” Turning to his friends, he told them, “Hey guys, this lady needs my help. Be back in a while.”

A voice could be heard saying, “Oh, ya, sure, You’ll be back?” Then some laughing.

Karen was a woman that knew just what affect she had on men. She smiled to herself as she thought, men are men, even at this age.

After the tire was changed, she got very close to Billy. Knowing that his room mates were all inside “Blarney Castle, she whispered to him, “Can you take me to your place? My old man is drunk. I need someone to sit with and hold me.” Five minutes later, she was sitting on Billy’s couch. “Drink?” He asked.

“How about a half a milk glass of vodka on the rocks?”

Billy’s eyes got wide. “Straight?”

Billy stumbled over himself going to the kitchen to get her drink, as well as one for himself. Karen thought, wryly to herself, I am scared. It was one thing to plan this, but is something else all together to be with a six foot two, two hundred and ten pound nineteen year old who is going to explore all your limits. Donald, her husband was a gentle, slow lover that brought her to orgasm before he even thought of entering her. When Donald cum, he was done for the night.

She drank down the presented drink. “Please hold me, Billy.”

Awkwardly, Billy slid across the sofa till he was next to her. To himself he thought, Jesus, look at those tits. She is as old as my Mom, but unless I’ve got this all wrong, I am going to fuck this tooo nnnight! Ya!

Karen let her head rest on the sofa, as Billy softly kissed her neck, while drinking in her scent. Another kiss on her cheek. Yet another on her forehead. His mouth found hers, and his tongue explored her mouth as hers flicked his.

Faster then Karen imagined he would, Billy reached around her to lower her zipper and unhook her bra. In a moment, she was naked from the waist up. She opened her eyes as he pulled back to stare at her breasts. Karen closed her eyes, and let her head fall back as Billy’s mouth found her left breast. All she had to do now was let nature take its course. After ten minutes of kissing and having her breasts rubbed, Karen felt herself getting very wet. Billy lowered the zipper to her skirt. Karen took his hand away. Standing, she took off the skirt, revealing her clean shaven pussy.

Taking Billy’s hand, she led him to the bed room. Billy undressed. He never took his eyes off her body. To control thing, Karen altıparmak eskort kissed him, rubbed his stiffly erect cock, and told him to lay on his back.

There was a reason for her madness. She had to hook this boy. Had to make him want her again and again.

Donald had told her a hundred times that the changes to her breasts from breast feeding her children made her even sexier because instead of firmly staying in place, they now freely swung in huge arcs when she rode him; a sight that would turn any man on.

For just a couple minutes, she gently licked Billy’s cock. A deep French kiss, and then her pussy was lowered slowly onto his thick cock. Till now, it was all business. A charade. She had watched for and noted Billy’s every reaction to be sure to provide just the right response to keep him on the path of “Amenity Project.”

His warm cock pushing the walls of her cunt apart brought a sigh, as her eyes closed. Oh, God, she thought. This is more then a duty. I love it. Her hands went to her hips, and her pelvic gyrations begin in earnest. Her first orgasm came on immediately. As she came off the high of it, she looked at Billy. His eyes were wide. His hands were on her ass. His mouth opened, “Oooohhh, Yaaaaa,” he moaned, as she felt his cock pump his cum into her.

Four minutes later, he was hard again. Without asking, he rolled her onto her back. Her legs were lifted and held over her head by his arms. Karen’s eyes glazed with lust as his throbbing beet red cock slid into her cunt. Fast and hard, he pumped his ass up and down as well as side to side.

“Oh God, Oh, Ohoooo, Ohoooooo” Karen whispered as she cum, with Billy pumping hard and fast. As her pussy tightened Billy’s balls tightened, his cock enlarged. He pumped his sperm into her.

Twice more, they were joined in the breeding ritual.

Then, it was time to go.

Karen knew that two days a week Billy was at his apartment alone all afternoon. “Can I come see you this Wednesday at one PM?”

“Oh, I would love that.”

Karen kissed Billy and left. When she got home she phoned her three conspirators. Her message was short. “Hi, From nine-thirty until eleven I was engaged in the “Amenity Project.” It was a productive evening. I am to continue working on it this Wednesday afternoon.

After Hanna hung up, she sat and considered the implications of Karen fucking her son tonight. She shrugged as she thought, It is for his own good; thank you Karen. I had better get busy. I am to do Karen’s son, Jimmy.

Hanna was just a little thing, with no tits. She was a jogger, who kept herself in good shape. She was picked to fuck Jimmy first because he was a part time trainer at “Goldman’s Gym.” She was so nervous in her car on the way to Goldman’s that she almost threw up. It was a pure act, when she ask Jimmy to show her how to use the training equipment, after she had signed up for a membership. She smiled. She used every opportunity to touch him she could. Finally, the last of the other customers left. It was closing time; ten PM. They were the only ones there.

Boldly, she put her arms around his neck and kissed him, as she said, “You were so wonderful teaching me how to use the equipment. You are the most attractive man I have been around. Hanna’s hand went to his cock, which she rubbed. Jimmy was not new to this game. Several of the housewives that frequented Goldman’s had come on to him. When a house wife comes on to you, he knew that it is a sure fuck.

Pausing for just a couple seconds, he thought; skinny little thing, with no tits. Sort of old, but nice looking. What the hell, she is a free fuck.

Knowing the exercise room had no windows, and had several thick pads, she moaned, “Take me to the exercise room.”

It was the last thing either of them said for over an hour. Jimmy picked her up and carried her. Once inside, he striped her, and flung off his body suit, revealing a magnificent body. Hanna had hoped that Jimmy would be a slow, cautious, gentle lover, since she had a small pussy.

He lay on her, covering her whole body. He took her head in both hands and gave her a kiss. She could feel his erect cock rubbing across her pussy which was exposed because his legs were between hers, forcing them wide apart. Hanna shook with apprehension. A thick long finger was inserted in her pussy. Jimmy knew just where a women’s G spot is. As he stoked it, Hanna’s ass begin to rise, and fall. Her breathing became ragged. Her little pussy begin to feel so, so good. As her orgasm was just starting, Jimmy pushed his cock into her. It completely filled her. Her pussy clamped hard on his cock, as he rode her as only a young man can.

By 10:30, Jimmy had fucked her three times. Hanna’s pussy was sore. She sure as hell was not going to tell Jimmy that. She had actually cum three times. Her little ass was flying to meet his, all the while. No man, especially Jimmy, was going to think of Hanna Jurasek as just a dead log to fuck. After he cum each time, she latched her nilüfer escort mouth onto his cock, to keep him handy for the next fuck. It was a good thing that her husband was out of town. Hanna got home at just after one AM. She now had a report about the “Amenity Project” to pass on tomorrow. Jimmy? Well, day after tomorrow, they had agreed to close Goldman’s again.

Vicki asked Walter, Sara’s son, to clean her windshield, when he waited on her at the Exxon station. Her legs were wide open, skirt was way up, and there were no panties hiding her just shaved pussy. Walter took a lot of time cleaning the driver side windshield. Vicki smiled when she observed the bulge growing in his pants. When he returned with her Visa charge slip, she beckoned him closer. With his face close to hers, she whispered to him in a sultry voice. “I love to fuck. Is there someplace that you can take me to show me just how good a fucker you are?”

Vicki was surprised that he maintained his cool as he calmly told her; “Honey, my address is 6000 University Way, Unit 405. How about four this afternoon?”

Vicki pulled her tank top down to reveal her left tit, as she said, “I’ll be there.”

Till that time, Vicki had fucked twenty-two men. Since she had married, she had been faithful. She considered that she was still faithful. This was a duty. At four, she walked into Walter’s apartment to find that there were all four of the boys that rented the place there. Damn it, they were supposed to be in class.

Walter took her into his bed room. Walter was an experienced fucker. He used her hard and fast. She had played the slut. Now, she was for the first time going to be one. After Walter had fucked her long and hard twice, he got off the bed and went to his door.

Looking at Vicki, he said, “You said that you love to fuck.”

Then to the other guys; “Okay Guys. Come in and fuck her”

Vicki knew that if she resisted in any way that it would break her cover. Not only must she fuck these guys, but she had to do it in such a way as to convince each one that she was worth having her come back, as she must, if she was to save Walter. For the next three hours she put on the greatest performance of her life as a “Woman that loves to fuck.”

Two things dawned on her. She was committed to being ganged fucked by this group a couple times a week, and since all the boys were GM students that she was saving an additional three boys. She had quite a story to tell the others that night. It was Karen who pointed out to her that not only was she to be gang fucked by Walter and his friends, but they would want to gang fuck the other two mothers when they contacted him, as well. “How did they treat you? Will we be okay?” Karen asked.

In a soft whisper, Vicki answered. “I enjoyed it Karen, a lot.”

Sara was assigned to fuck Vicki’s son Josh, first. Sara was a beautiful Jewish gal with a body that was made in heaven. She had a Doctorate degree. She was assigned Josh because Josh’s mother, Vicki, had no idea what made the boy tick. So his reaction to either the college girls or one of the mothers seducing him was completely unknown. He was a 4.0 student, with a photographic memory. He was quite, soft spoken; a gentle boy in every way.

Sara found him in the library, his favorite hangout.

Sara was a short woman. She was a little heavy at one hundred and fifty pounds. She was one of those women that looks better naked then dressed. “Built like a brick shit house,” men would say if they saw her in a bikini. Her C cup tits were perfectly formed.

“Hi, could you help me find the book by Dr. Ruth Batter. It is titled, “Sexual satisfaction for the Housewife.”

Ten minutes later. Sara had it in her hand. “Would you be so kind as to review it with me?”

“Yes,” he answered. His eyes were on hers. She knew that he knew that something was up. Something was amiss. Instead of maintaining her charade, Sara played a hunch. This boy, she correctly reasoned, would detect a lie. So, she told him the truth; all of it.

“So, my Mom is going to fuck three guys in exchange for me being fucked to save all of us?”


This was a very bright young man. He asked, “Will all you women enjoy being fucked?”

Sara smiled as she answered, “If the man is careful and considerate, the answer is yes.”

“Okay, then, I will fuck you,” Josh said.

“Do you have someplace we can go?” Sara asked.


“I do. Come with me.”

Sara took her to her family cottage on the lake. It was remote. Soon, they were naked on her bed. Sara was pleased that he was a wonderful slow, gentle lover. Simply stated, Josh was the most considerate, intelligent, gentle lover that she had ever experienced. She knew that her life was forever changed. This boy could have her whenever he wanted her. “Amenity Project” was now fully implemented, but the plan called for the three Moms to fuck each boy to keep them occupied.

It was time consuming and risky for each women to individually locate, and seduce the three boys assigned to her. It was Vicki, that came up with a perfect solution. The next time each of the boys, except Josh, met with the Mom that he had fucked, there were three women there to greet him, with the explanation that the other two had heard of how great a fuck he was and wanted to play with him too.

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