All Day All Night, Maryanne


On a recent trip to the Caribbean I experienced a mind-blowing incident which I will remember the rest of my life. On our first night, after a nice meal at the resort, my husband had to prepare for a presentation he was giving the next day. I decided to go to the bar for a drink and see what the resort’s night life was like.

The area was crowded and the dance floor was packed. After finishing my favourite martini I made my way to the floor and began to dance by myself. I often dance alone and enjoy the music and the fact of not having to cater to anyone else. When I opened my eyes there was a black man dancing opposite me. He was young and somewhat muscular with a clean shaven head and wearing a black Tee-shirt, which was as tight as his jeans.

He smiled when we made eye contact and although I kept my face solemn I did nod slightly. His eyes dropped from my face to my chest. I had decided to wear a white tube top, which had slipped down during my dancing, exposing more of my breasts than I had intended. I looked down and pulled my top up slightly. He smiled as he again glanced at the cleavage of my 38D breasts, which over the last few years had sagged from their original 36C. I exercise regularly and have kept my tummy flat and my butt, although sagging, is still able to turn heads.

The stranger on the dance floor spoke, but the music was too loud and I did not want to engage in conversation. I closed my eyes and raised my arms in the air allowing myself to get lost in the music. I was in a trance and when I eventually opened my eyes the black stranger had gone. I stayed another hour and enjoyed another martini. Most of my time was spent fencing off the unwanted advances from would be Don Juans until I had enough and made my way back to my room.

I passed the spa, which to my surprise was still open so I wandered in and decided to book a relaxing massage the next morning. My husband would be away and I certainly deserved a little pampering. When I entered my room I realized how tired I was and quickly joined my husband who was already asleep.

We relished breakfast together on the balcony, as we overlooked the crystal blue ocean. My husband left and I decided to shower before my spa treatment. I made my way to the spa and checked in. Everything was carefully explained by the pretty attendant and I was escorted to a locker room, where I was asked to remove my clothes and wear the soft towel the woman handed me. I was told to then walk along a hall and go into room four. I did as I was told and as I entered the room I could see where the spa fee was being spent. The room had only three walls. The fourth was open and faced the warm Caribbean water. The wooden floor ended where the beach began and the cloth covered walls made for a very relaxing environment.

A small table was the only furniture in the room and I sat on it, while I enjoyed the view. A moment later the door opened and an attendant entered. “My name is David,” the man said, softy. I smiled and was shocked when realized he was the same man on the dance floor the night before. It seems he recognized me as well and smiled softly. After a few questions I quickly learned that he was employed as a masseuse, but lives on the property and was enjoying a night out the previous evening.

He requested I lay face down and asked if I wanted a gentle or a hard massage. I told him I wanted to get rid of some stress and he told me to leave it to him. I felt his muscular hands knead my calves and my feet. Immediately I felt the benefits of his expert hands as they worked hard to relax my tense filled muscles. He applied lotion to his hands and then rubbed it into my upper legs just above my knees. I sighed as I relaxed and he began to work on my shoulders. I opened my eyes and embarrassingly found myself staring at his white shorts, which were just as almanbahis adresi tight as the jeans he was wearing the night before.

Shamelessly I found myself imagining what the rather large bulge looked like, but it was well hidden by the tight white material. I relaxed as his hands moved across the tight parts of my back and legs. He massaged my thighs with expertise and I was not sure if I was imagining it or was he actually sliding his hand higher with each movement. I realized it was not my imagination when I felt his fingers, ever so gently and only momentarily, brush against my womanhood.

I wondered if it was an accident, but assumed it was not when it happened a second time, this time slightly more deliberate. I assumed he was testing my reaction. If I became upset he would be able to explain the action as accidental, if I said nothing he could continue. I was shy and nervous, but said nothing. A third touch, which seemed to last longer, sent a pleasant shiver throughout my body.

He asked me to turn over and I wondered if I had imagined his advances. I did make certain the towel covered my breasts and private area. He began to massage my shoulders and I must admit, the action felt fantastic. A moment later I felt a slight breeze across my breasts and I realized m towel had been pushed lower. “You have fantastic breasts,” David said. I was flattered, but also nervous and unsure of how to react.

My mind raced into fear when suddenly I felt his large, warm hand on my breast. He began to massage it and squeeze the softness, going far beyond what a normal massage should be. I felt comfortable and had no fear of this tall black man who was now touching my breasts in a most intimate manner. I shivered when he squeezed my nipples and by the way in which his hands moved I knew this was not his first time.

He pushed his hands further along my body caressing my tummy. I quivered at his touch and wondered when he would stop. Slowly he moved his hands further, pushing my towel lower as he went. I knew, by his touch, that he was nearing my most private area and I heard him moan softly when his hand touched my recently waxed mound.

At the same time he leaned forward and his bulging white shorts now hovered over my forehead. I closed my eyes, mostly from embarrassment, but managed a few glances. A moment later I felt his forefinger touch my love button. I moaned from the pleasure his touch brought me, which seemed to encourage him to go further. I felt his finger reach around and probe my opening. At the same time his penis, still hidden in his shorts was pressing against my nose and cheek. I could not believe this was happening, but I opened my mouth and nibbled at the material, feeling his muscle below.

He must have enjoyed my action for he pushed further and entered my moist hole with a sudden fury. I moaned and squirmed slightly overtaken by his movements. I love to have my woo woo touched by anyone or anything. I usually masturbate 3 or 4 times a day and use a butterfly with a remote control for those times when I can’t touch myself, but require satisfaction. Quite often you can see me sitting in a Tim Horton’s, drinking a tea with my eyes closed as the butterfly doing its work.

“Do you not find your shorts are a little too tight?” I asked, boldly, not sure what would possess me to suddenly be so aggressive. He lifted his body and I watched as he slipped his hands along his waist and down the sides of his legs, sliding his shorts with them. I was shocked when I looked up. There, only centimeters above my face hung his perfect penis. He slowly returned to the position of satisfying my needs, this time allowing his exposed penis to fall freely on my face.

I have been with a few black men and found it to be true about the size thing. From a satisfaction perspective size makes little almanbahis adres difference, in fact it can hurt if forced too fast, but from a visual I must admit I was immensely turned on staring at his member, which was now directly above me. It began to grow as he fingered me and I moaned. His testicles rested on my forehead and his penis had grown the length of my face. I made appoint to measure that distance later and I did, only to confirm that it was 22 centimetres. Wow, that’s nine inches.

As David continued to finger my pussy I opened my mouth and protruded my tongue as far as I could, touching the end of his penis. He moved slightly allowing me to actually form my lips around his dark head. It tasted sweet and the drops of pre-cum created a new wave of excitement to race throughout my body. After a few minutes David moved to the side of the table and lowered his head over my groin. I anxiously waited with anticipation and when his tongue began to flick my clit I quivered with ecstasy.

I turned my head on its side and opened my mouth. He slid his cock slowly between my lips and began to push it deeper into my oral cavity. I thought I was going to choke. Not only was his black cock long it was thick as well. I thought the corners of my mouth were going to rip as he began to increase his thrusts, as he fucked my face. It only took a moment and I could feel the climax rise within me. I usually squirt when I’m fingered hard and this was no exception. My orgasm came and I could feel the love juice shoot from my puss. His cock was thrusting in and out of my mouth as he swallowed my juice while I came.

He pulled his penis out of my mouth and I looked down at him. He stood totally nude and looked like a god. “Take me from behind,” I said. “Fuck me as hard as you can.” he helped me from the table and turned me so I faced it and he was behind me. Gently he pushed my back and I rested my torso on the gurney. I felt his hands on my hip sand suddenly felt the tip of his love muscle penetrate my opening. He pushed gently and his large cock easily slid into my wet hole.

I screamed from pleasure and told him to fuck me hard. He pushed as far as he could and I thought his head would pierce my stomach. “Hurt my tits,” I screamed, partially dazed by the pleasure I was experiencing. David reached around me and took hold of my breasts. He squeezed hard as he continued to pump my vagina. His finger and thumb expertly pinched my nipples causing a pain which only heightened my pleasure. “I’m cumming!” I screamed and he rammed his cock in and out of my cunt, as hard as he could. I expected him to cum as well, but. He held off as I reached my second orgasm. I felt my cum ooze around his penis and when I slumped he pulled out.

He lifted my legs and placed them on the massage table. He pulled me to the end and held my legs in the air, as I lay on my back. Slowly he pushed them back and in the air. My knees were almost beside my face and I was not sure I could take his thick black cock again. My pussy was sore and I think he gathered that because I felt a strange sensation, which took me a moment to comprehend. He was poking my bum hole with his finger.

After a moment or two I relaxed my sphincter and he removed his finger. He lifted it toward my face and told me to lick it. As disgusting as the action was it heightened my level of excitement. I knew it was wrong and I was bad for wanting to suck his smelly finger. I closed my eyes and he put it deep into my mouth. Hungrily I sucked on it and was suddenly shocked when I felt the head of his cock penetrate my bum. He was slow, as he knew it must be hurting me. His fat cock head was now inside my anus and he continued to push.

I begged him to stop and told him how much it hurt, but he continued to push. I could feel tears streaming down my cheeks as he pushed the entire almanbahis adresi length of his cock into my bum hole. Once it was in he pulled it back, an action which hurt even more. I have been fucked in my back before, but never with a cock this large. My husband, who is about eight inches, is narrow and there is little discomfort when he buggers me.

David began to push a second time, this time more forceful than before. “Stop, please,” I begged him. “It hurts so much.” Tears were now flowing freely from my eyes, but instead of stopping he pushed harder. The pain was excruciating and he suddenly grabbed my nipples. Not only did he pinch them he pulled hard. I thought I was going to scream from pain and between my bum and my breasts I was in severe agony. David began to fuck me faster and just when I thought I could not take any more he began to finger me. I could not believe how good it felt. I have experienced pain often during sex at the BDSM club, butnot to this degree.

He was now fucking my ass hard and fast and had inserted four fingers into my cunt. I could not believe the feeling and when I looked at the wild, savage fire in his eyes I was turned on even more. With his other hand he squeezed my breast as hard as he could and I stared into his eyes as he performed this evil, taboo act on my timid flesh.

“Cum, bitch!” he yelled, as he continued to finger fuck my puss and cock fuck my bum. “Make your cunt spit, while I fuck your virgin ass!”

The words excited me to the point of orgasm and for the third time my puss spat its love juice from its hole. I was ripe and ready and this time my cum squirted forward against his stomach. He stopped fingering me and I could feel him pull his cock out of my ass. He moved to the side of the table and grabbed my hair. Viciously he pulled my head to the side and pushed his cock into my mouth. Hungrily I parted my lips and took his shaft as far as I could. Just when I thought I could take no more he pushed further. I felt myself gagging and was going to regurgitate any second.

“Suck my cock,” he shouted. “Suck the cock that I just pulled out of your stinging ass. Gag on it bitch! Puke all over my cock.” His filthy language was a turn on for both of us and I felt as if I was about to vomit. His long, hard cock went deeper down my throat and I could feel it stiffen. He held my hair as he used my face as a cunt to satisfy himself. A moment later I felt it. His legs shook and his stomach tightened. I knew he was cumming. His cock went rigid and he paused for a split second. Finally, as I felt I was going to pass out, it happened. His long hard cock aerated with a force that would shake the island. He shouted from pleasure and then I felt it. A huge gush of semen squirted from the hole in his cock and slithered down my throat. He continued to pump my face while his cock spat its love juice into my stomach. It seemed like an eternity until he relaxed and pulled his penis from my mouth.

He slumped and looked at me. I stood quickly, tears running along my cheeks. He led his tired body slump onto the bed. I grabbed the towel and quickly wrapped it around me. I ran from the room, realizing how sore I was. I walked quickly, so as not to attract attention and stopped at the hot tub outside of my cabana. The water was steamy and I quickly stepped in. I was grateful that the resort allowed nudity, as I did not want to put any clothes against my sore vagina and bum.

I regurgitated several times and tasted his cum as it rose in my throat. He must have been holding his juice for days, I thought, because I cannot remember the last time I swallowed so much semen. Slowly my body began to soothe as the soft, hot water caressed my agony. I stayed in the tub for an hour and then made my way to my room. I crawled into bed and immediately fell asleep.

I woke an hour later feeling refreshed and wondering if I had imagined the entire ordeal. I reached down to my woo woo and slowly fondled it. The feeling was that of comfort, as I relived the past events. I felt a tingle and decided another orgasm was in order.

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