Alexis: I Thought I Knew Her

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I had known Alexis for years; we had practically grown up together and hung out a lot, though we were never romantic.

She was just a fun girl to be with, a little tomboyish back in the day even through high school and college, a trait that belied her great looks.

Alexis was hot, and though she was only 5’2, she had a firm, round ass, big boobs, long dark hair and expressive blue eyes.

There were times I had thought about screwing her back then, but she was a friend, and hard as it was, I pushed it out of my mind.

When she had gotten a job in another state when we were 21, we lost touch other than the occasional greeting card and even less frequent telephone call.

So I was surprised when I heard she had returned back home after being gone about six years; it turned out she had lost her job due to downsizing and though she had gotten another position here at home, it was part time and she was barely making ends meet.

Still, given her bubbly personality, Alexis seldom complained about her diminished situation. She just would find a way to try and change things.

We did play catch up and resumed hanging out like we did in the old days; outside of being a little older and more responsible, Alexis was still her hot and vibrant self.

Neither of us were seeing anyone, so there was no partner around to complain about how much time we spent together.

She had gotten another job a few nights a week, though she didn’t get into what it was being outside of a job in “entertainment.”

I figured she’d taken some club job or something, and didn’t press further. We’d been friends long enough for me to figure if Alexis wanted to tell me about it, she would.

Nor did I tell her about me checking out the back page ads of the weekly trade paper and hiring escorts who advertised on them at times when I’d get horny and stroking off just didn’t cut it.

Looking back, I figured the fantasy of banging Alexis never went away, because the girls that appealed to me the most were busty brunettes just like she was.

On the night to be outlined in this story, Alexis had gone to her second job around three thirty and for some reason, I had been feeling horny.

I had been scanning the ads as usual when I came across “38D Brunette Offering Fun and Fantasy.”

Though there had been no phone number in the ad, there was an email form to send for details and appointment to “Crystal,” so I fired off a response with an email address that I used for these kinds of things.

Crystal emailed back almost immediately, saying she did have appointments open that evening, and gave me her going rate.

It was a little higher than I usually paid, but I figured that she was going to be worth every nickel. Besides, I had a raging hard on and no other outlet to relieve it.

As I did before to avoid curious stares of nosy neighbors when I hired hookers, I booked a motel room for my appointment with Crystal, emailing her back with the motel and my room number. She would be arriving at seven.

I had taken a shower almanbahis adresi and put on only a pair of boxers, stretching out on the bed to wait for her to arrive, watching a good porn movie on TV in the meantime.

I was now relaxed, engrossed in the movie, which had a scene happening of two women doing 69 by the swimming pool when there was a knock on the door of my room.

My girl had arrived, I thought.

But when I answered the door, we both got the shock of our lives.

“Crystal” was my longtime friend Alexis!

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed. “Michael?!”

“Alexis? THIS is your second job?”

I looked around and then pulled her into the room. “Your second job is being a hooker?!”

“Don’t stand there and judge me and make it sound so dirty,” she snapped. “It’s helping me pay the bills. I make more in a week screwing a few horny freaks than I do in a month being a glorified secretary. And what are you doing hiring women for sex anyway? It isn’t like you would have trouble getting them without paying for it.”

“Well, I guess I’m not always the type women want.”

She sat by me on the bed. “Really, Michael, you an attractive, sexy man. If you’d quit being so shy, you wouldn’t need to hire women to get laid.”

“Perhaps I need to work on that then,” I nodded. “So tell me….how did you get into this? What made you want to do it?”

“Well,” she smiled a little. “I saw the ads too, especially what some girls were making a night. I needed the extra income and I love sex, so I pretty much decided to earn a few dollars doing what I had been giving away for years.”

“But aren’t some of those guys…..creepy?”

Alexis nodded. “I’ve had a few weirdos, but as long as they pay me, I try to get through it. I’ve even gotten faking orgasms down to an art.”

“You pretend to cum?”

“God, Michael, you make it out like it’s an unpardonable sin. If you’ve seen some of these freaks I had to screw, you’d fake it too.”

“So…if you don’t mind me asking, how many guys have you done, you know, to get paid for it?”

“Just a few regulars so far,” she replied. “The first one today was from the assistant dean over at the university. I’ve had him before. He’s about fifty years old and likes to have me dress like a schoolgirl with no panties under my skirt. Then he’ll bend me over his desk, flip up the skirt, and smack my ass while screwing me from behind. He’ll usually cum about ten minutes afterwards.”

“Jesus,” I said, making a face. “Guess you aren’t kidding about freaks.”

“Hey, he pays me five hundred dollars in cash each time, probably so wifey doesn’t find out he’s banging a twenty seven year old hooker over his desk. Then after he cums, he’ll pull my skirt down and say ‘You may be dismissed,’ before he goes and flushes the condom.”

“Five hundred bucks for ten minutes to get your ass beat while he’s fucking you doggy?”

“Yep. And if you think that’s weird, there’s the father and son act that are big shits at one of the department stores. Dad is the owner, and sonny boy is some almanbahis adres executive. Anyway, I get to go up to the old man’s office once a week, where he wants to get a blow job while he watches sonny boy fuck me. I’m not big on threesomes, but it’s fifteen hundred dollars each time I do them.”

“Fifteen hundred bucks?!”

“Five hundred for each guy, plus a five hundred dollar tip. Sometimes two thousand when they both want to cum all over me.”

“What, these guys who do this crazy shit don’t get laid enough at home?”

“Michael, these higher class guys are total sex freaks. And most of the men I see usually are married. If they were getting enough pussy at home, they wouldn’t need ME.”

“Aren’t you worried about….” I began.

“I keep a very good supply of condoms,” she finished, smiling. “Believe me, I can be assured I’m not the only chick these guys have paid for sex. And besides, the only way most of these older guys can get a younger chick to fuck them is to pay for it.”

She then gave the name of a local news anchor and asked me if I knew of him.

“Yeah. Why?”

“He’s one of my regulars too. He comes off all conservative on TV, but in reality, he’s a total sex fiend too. He’ll call me up to this fancy hotel, where he’ll fuck me in almost every imaginable position, then when he’s just about to cum, will pull right out, rip off the condom, and then blows his load on my face and tits. I figure he’s paying me five hundred bucks and I can take a shower afterwards, so what the hell.”

“And you like that?” I asked. I’ve seen cum shot facials in movies, but never figured someone like Alexis to be into that kind of thing.

“I’m not crazy about it, but it’s a job,” she replied. “And speaking of job, do you still want to go through with your appointment? You have an awful big tent in those boxers.”

Now how can a guy turn down having a hot brunette in his room, even if it was an old friend?

“Yes, you may,” I answered. “Do whatever you like, baby. I’m all yours.”

I stood up and dropped my boxers. I’m hung like a horse, and her eyes registered a bit of delight as she looked at my cock.

“Wow, Michael,” she said approvingly. “I always knew you had a certain sexiness to you, but I guess nature really blessed you in places I never knew about!”

Alexis then dropped to her knees, slowly licking the base my cock, moving toward the tip slowly. She was barely touching the head and her tongue slid around it before her lips slid down until they were past my cock head.

Her hand slid over my shaft, stroking my cock in time with her sucking, before she gulped down my entire meat, performing deep throat on me before finally coming up for air.

“Your cock feels so good in my mouth, but I don’t want you to cum since you haven’t been in my pussy yet,” Alexis purred.

I reached over for my pants to find one of the condoms I had brought with me, a usual habit of mine when I hired escorts, but she stopped me.

“Oh, God, Michael, do me bareback. Please? I need to be fucked with something almanbahis adres natural, not covered with a rubber.”

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Yes. I want to feel your big dick inside me. A good fuck between friends. Please?”

It was a wonder I didn’t cum right then, seeing Alexis in her naked glory on the bed, legs wide open, and all but begging for it.

I lifted Alexis’ legs up over my shoulders, stroking her thighs, and asked, “How do you want it, baby? Tell me what you like.”

“Do whatever you want. I just need you to fuck me.”

“I thought you’d never ask,” I panted, before I pushed my cock deep into her cunt over and over again. Alexis groaned, telling me how good I felt inside her and what a great fuck I was, how I was the only guy that had really made her cum, her pussy gripping my tool.

I kissed her deeply again, taking her legs from my shoulders. Alexis was almost limp from the multiple orgasms (which by now I knew she wasn’t faking those), looking up at me with total lust in her eyes while I was still thrusting into her and trying to make this last as long as possible.

Alexis dropped her head back, thrust her hips back against my cock, gyrating and reaching for her clit at the same time. It was so hot to watch her rub her little bud as I slid in and out of her cunt, but there was something else I wanted to do.

Pulling out of her hot pussy, I turned her over and positioned the head of my cock against her hole, pushing back into her as my hands grabbed her hips , and resumed thrusting, picking up speed as I went along.

“Ohhhh God, Michael, I love this so much!” she said, pushing back toward my throbbing cock until her cunt was grinding onto my pelvic bone. She was so hot and deep, and she resumed work on her clit as I thrust into her, pulling her hips toward me as I thrust in and out of her pussy harder and faster.

“Oh yes, harder, Michael, fuck me harder,” she pleaded.

Alexis grunted and sighed as she pushed back toward me again, just trying to hang on as I slammed into her faster and faster, her pussy gripping my cock as she came again and juices coated my cock.

My balls started to tighten, and I could feel the heat rising as my dick swelled inside of her. It was only a matter of time before I would blow a load.

“I’m close, baby,” I told her. “I’m getting ready to cum.”

I began to pull out, but Alexis stopped me.

“Cum in me, Michael,” she hissed, looking back at me. “I want you to cum in me.”

Hearing that, my cock exploded, filling Alexis’ pussy to near overflowing with hot cum, setting off another orgasm, both of us groaning as we came together.

As my cock slipped out of her, she collapsed on the bed, I stroked her back lightly, running my hands up into her hair as we caught our breath before I lay beside her.

“Now that’s what I call getting my money’s worth,” I said, praising her. “I never thought a five hundred dollar fuck could be so hot.”

“Five hundred?” Alexis grinned over at me. “Baby, this one is on the house. And the next time you get horny, you know my number.”

Yes, my friend is a hooker. But I think now I’ll be able to get used to it, since it’s our little secret, and I’m the only guy she’ll do bareback…and free of charge.

What are friends for?

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