750 Word Challenge – Accepted

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Copyright (c) 2019 James Miehoff, All Rights Reserved.

This work may not be published whether for fee or free without this copyright.


She ran through the night in the moonlight with just a leather collar around her neck. She could tell she was being followed, but that was what she wanted. She had a need and part of her need was racing towards her like the wind. She knew he was there, even though she hadn’t caught sight of him yet. She could hear his footsteps and he stalked her, always staying in the shadows.

She caught sight of her pursuer and started to run. It always felt so exciting to be the object of someone’s desire. But she never wanted to make it easy, so she ran as if her life depended on it. Away across the grass she ran. But, before she knew it, a shadow came out of the darkness on her left. She was dainty and he was much bigger that she. As he easily slammed her to the ground, the thought, “He is fast, I’ve never been caught this easily before,” went through her head.

She alsancak escort bayan lay almost stunned for a moment savoring the smell of the grass in her face while he came around behind her and positioned himself to get ready for action. The scent of her enticed and excited him and his cock began show signs of life.

Her captor said nothing and expected nothing from her but her body. He reached out and grabbed her roughly about the waist. There was nothing of romance here, just need. His need and hers.

She lifted her hips to help him mount her when she felt the blunt end of his engorged penis pushing on her tight entryway. Howling she pushed back on him as he thrust into her. Not caring about the feelings of his partner, he pushed his prick into her. Not gently or slowly, but fast and rough. She howled again at the pain. He made not a sound.

Pausing for just a moment to savor the feelings as he bottomed out inside her, her captor then began to piston his prick in and alsancak escort out his prize like a machine. He hunched himself over and grabbed her hips so there was no possibility of escape. Not that escape was on her mind. Filling herself with him was all she could focus on. That was her need.

Gradually, her pain gave way to pleasure as he stroked in and out faster and faster. As he stroked, his prick continued to grow in length and girth. The strokes grew longer and more frantic until he was shoving completely into her on the down stroke and pulling completely out of her on the upstroke. She began to push back on him once she was able to match his rhythm. There was nothing more in this world for her then filling herself.

At last, his howl of pleasure was immediately followed by the feeling of his seed blasting inside her. She joined his howl and pushed back on him to eke out a little more pleasure before he was done. But alas, all too soon, he stopped, and then pulled out and they were escort alsancak momentarily only connected by a thin thread of his semen connecting his maleness to her femaleness.

She lay there momentarily and felt him try to lick her briefly before he mounted her again. This time he was not as rough but no less determined. He gripped her hips and bent to his task.

This time he went for slow methodical strokes pushing deep inside her and pulling all the way out before thrusting deep inside her again. The strokes were even more machine-like than the first time.

By this time, both of them were panting from the effort and just as it seemed like the second effort was going to be for naught, a growl came up from deep within him and burst forth as a howl of triumph as his seed splashed inside her once again. He held her hips and savored the feelings as his prick softened and slipped out of its own volition.

She whimpered at the sudden void but he did not respond.

Climbing off of her, he backed up and began to clean his groin. Satisfied at last he stood looking at the full moon, now high in the sky.

She got up and tried to nuzzle him, but he wanted no part of it, instead turning and walking away.

Dejected she did the same, each of them walking their own way once more, tails high and wagging.

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