Zoha’s Day In


“We won’t be back ’til much later, sweetie! Make sure you eat up before going to bed!” came a voice from downstairs as the front door clicked shut.

Up in her bed, Zoha ‘okay’d’ in acknowledgment without shifting her focus from her book. She didn’t mind- or care- whether her parents went out because it had become a habit for them. She could take care of herself well enough, and apparently her parents knew that. It was for the best though. It would be difficult to masturbate with them in the house, especially since she tended to literally scream with pleasure everytime her digits went deep into her pussy lips. And she was very horny at the moment.

For the next ten minutes she tried to focus over her book, barely taking in any meaning from the same lines she kept reading. Finally, she threw away the book with a sigh- she didn’t want to turn into a nerd- and peered through the bedside window onto the street outside.

It seemed like it was going to be another fantastic day with the sun shining just enough and a breeze rustling the leaves of the palm trees. This was a day that deserved to be spent taking a stroll along the road.

But Zoha couldn’t go outside today; she had a much more pleasurable task at hand.

After making sure that the house was safely empty apart from her she went to the cupboard where she kept her DVDs and took out her ‘Avengers’ disk and slid it into the laptop’s port. The movie started immediately, but Zoha skipped the first twenty minutes of it that would usually have been necessary for people who were watching the movie. Zoha, however; didn’t care about the movie’s plot, she’d played it with the hope of getting off to the hot bodes and faces of the male cast.

Pausing the movie before what she thought was a part with a lot of ‘body time’, she got up to make herself more comfortable. Her hands reached up to untie the ponytail holding back her brown, waist-length hair onto one side of her hair, allowing it to cascade down her back. She pulled up the hem of her top and over her head. It was a cute Escort top, but a bit too small for her, showing her midriff and hugging her breasts tight enough to show off her perky nipples. She wore tops like this around her house, and secretly liked the way her dad stared at her, far too often and far too long to be innocent glances. Smirking, she pushed down her short shorts and the lacy panties that covered her crotch. Now fully nude, she strode to the mirror and admired her body. Not a single blemish disrupted her soft, pale skin. She was definitely one of the sexiest girls in her college, although granted her breasts weren’t as large as some of the other bitches’, her good height and pretty face had boys all around eyeing her and- she was pretty sure- jerking off to her in the bathrooms. Her boyfriend was truly a lucky bastard.

Ugh. Why was she thinking of him all of a sudden? Nearly a year together and he still hadn’t gone to second-base with her. She would have thought that now that they both were legal he’d have fucked her already, but he was still too scared for that.

“The little wuss. Well, it can’t be helped right now. I’ll just have to dump him if he can’t grow any balls.”

She turned back to the bed and sat down to her movie with her legs spread wide, giving her hands space to move over to her pussy. It was warm and already wet. She clicked the play button and started stroking up and down her pussy with one hand while the other grabbed her breast. It didn’t take her long, what with being already horny as hell and Chris Hemsworth’s muscles seemed to flex with every word he said, to insert two fingers in and finger-fuck herself. She was screaming loud, but what did she care if the neighbor heard? The old man would probably jerk himself off listening to her anyway.

Just as she added another digit inside her warmth did she have a thought that made her stop her actions. Taking her fingers out and giving them a quick lick clean, she got up from the bed again.

“Shit, I almost let myself go there. I still have to search the room before I can cum.”

The room in question was her parents’. A morning when her dad had gone to work and she woke up surprisingly early, Zoha had passed the room to hear her mother’s moans sounding clearly through the- unfortunately for her- thin walls, and a buzzing noise that had got herself as excited in her nether regions as hearing her mother masturbating only a few feet away from her. She’d planned to see what had made her mother scream so loudly and had planned this expedition for the next time her folks went on an outing.

So this was Zoha’s mission while she was home alone: search around her parents’ room until she found what she was hoping lay hidden and use it to have the best masturbation session yet.

Or so she hoped. Her stomach had other ideas.


It had been two hours since her parents had gone and she now realized how hungry she was. Taking a detour to the kitchen downstairs and picking up a bottle of nutella, she made her way to the room. Part of her was worried that their room would be locked, but thankfully it wasn’t.

Her parents’ room was exactly how it always was. Organized and tidy on her mom’s side; cluttered on her dad’s. She obviously didn’t need to search in her dad’s mess, her parents had an unbreakable rule about keeping their things to themselves. She began opening drawers and cupboard doors, looking under pillows and between various bras, every once in a while licking a spoonful of nutella. As time went on, her arousal made way to frustration and she started being clumsy and scattered everything around haphazardly. Finally, in a desperate last effort, she opened up the small cupboard behind the bed that she always assumed was empty. And there it was; a black duffel bag full of things that looked a lot like…

“Wow, mom! That’s a lot of dicks!”

And in a way it was. Toys of all colors, sizes; and texures?- Zoha felt each of them in her hand- were in the bag. Her mom definitely had a wide collection. She spent the next ten minutes inspecting the various dildos- “and vibrators!” she thought- while her pussy juices were pooling on the floor.

“Finally I can give myself a good fuck. Thanks mom,” she said, grinning.

Choosing a vibrator out of the mass, Zoha brought it to her nose and sniffed it. It smelt salty like her juices; they were her mother’s!

Groaning from the burst of arousal she got from this thought, she switched the vibrator on and shoved it inside her. She was so wet that it went in quite easily.

The pleasure was an explosion that rocked Zoha to her core. She had once fucked herself with a drink bottle- because she had been horny as fuck and wanted to be fucked with something bigger than her fingers- and that experience was nothing compared to right now. Wave after wave of pleasure was washing over her and she was bucking wildly. A hand went to grab her right breast and twisted the nipple hard before going to the other to do the same. The other hand snaked down to her clit and rubbed at it harshly. A while passed with the vibrator inside her pussy and a massive orgasm built up in the pit of her gut. But Zoha couldn’t get enough. Her breasts were now sore from the pressure of her hands and as her orgasm came nearer her free hand flung wildly for something to touch. It fell on the jar of nutella and in the crazy moment before she came, she reached inside the jar, scooped up the chocolate and smeared it all over her chest. The next second she was riding out on the best orgasm she had ever had. It lasted for over a minute and, drained of all energy, fell unconscious on the floor, naked and with nutella all over her breasts.

Twilight had fallen when hazel eyes fluttered open. Zoha’s first thought as she propped herself on her elbows was that she was hungry. Fortunately she had an ample supply of nutella- literally- on her and she licked off as much as she could, sucking off the rest on her fingers after mixing it with her cum. Her next thought, as she started getting wet again and selecting another toy from the duffel bag, was that she would definitely get her boyfriend to fuck him soon or break up with him and date a stud.

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