Young Woman’s Secret Ch. 02

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As they’d agreed the prior evening Bill arrived at Sue’s apartment at noon on Saturday. This was going to be their first of many routine milkings.

As he waited for her to answer the door Bill smiled at his incredible fortune. He’d met and established the start of a romantic relationship with an intelligent attractive and very busty woman. On the prior evening which had been their third date, she’d shocked him by revealing that she was lactating for pleasure- having given up her baby for adoption. She shocked him again by inviting him to suck on her breasts and suggesting a titfuck to relieve his cock. They’d done both. He’d loved having her big nipples in his mouth and she’d orgasmed wildly. He’d then buried his cock between her soft breasts- climaxing all too soon but with the expectation of repeat performances. Following that incredible session with her tits they’d agreed that he’d regularly extract her milk- not every time she needed relief but for about half of them.

This unbelievable hook-up had all come from a random meeting in a local bar. The woman’s tits had caught Bill’s eye and he’d worked his gentlemanly best to get friendly with her; more specifically, he’d made a huge effort to talk to her face and not stare at her bust. His efforts were rewarded and in due course he had learned Sue was much more than tits- her intelligence and personality were great. While very classy, Sue also had a sexual heat that had been disclosed gradually over their first few dates. All in all she was just about his fantasy woman.

One of Bill’s first assessments of Sue’s fully clothed body had been that she had a build like the tall svelte but top heavy ‘Barbie’ doll. Having now seen her naked and having appraised every inch of her body Bill understood that she was curvier than Barbie. Incredibly her extra flesh and muscle made her sexier than the iconic doll.

Actually, her overall great body was somewhat wasted on Bill. He was a tit man. She’d seduced him with her breasts and most of his attention remained focused there. To Bill the shape of Sue’s breasts was perfect. Their placement on her chest and their blend of perk and hang was ideal. She had large prominent nipples centered in well placed, circular areolae- another aspect of Bill’s fantasy woman. Adding her current kinky lifestyle of lactation for personal and sexual reasons made Sue simply too perfect.

Sue opened the door and greeted him with a big smile. “Right on time,” she said. “I’ll take that as enthusiasm which I guess is somewhat of a job requirement- I wouldn’t want to feel I was forcing you to suck on me.”

Bill entered and Sue gestured for him to follow her to her bedroom. She surprised him by saying, “Before we get down to business I thought we should talk for a minute. It’s occurred to me the schedule we agreed to last night might be a bit too much. I wanted to discuss this now so that neither of us thinks it reflects on our performance.”

“Okay. I’m not sure I understand but are you cancelling our arrangement? That doesn’t make any sense- we both enjoyed yesterday- a lot.”

“No; I mean yes, of course we enjoyed it. I’m just thinking our weekend schedule of three milkings a day will have us spending most of Saturday and Sunday together. Maybe we’re not ready for that and should cut down our ‘together’ time. Perhaps tomorrow and each of the days next weekend we should only do two milkings- dinner and bedtime- leaving each of us to spend most of the day on our own.”

Bill hesitated but then said he could see her point. Neither of them had been in a relationship lately and each had gotten used to lots of alone time. He agreed that they should do as she suggested for Sunday and but wanted to leave the schedule for the following weekend unchanged for the moment. She nodded in agreement.

Sue then added, “I was also thinking that my proposal to substitute a blow job for a titfuck each weekday morning might seem a bit stilted. I’m not very experienced with my mouth but I’m eager. I assume it would be okay with you if I work on my oral technique from time to time rather than just on the weekday mornings. In other words, let’s be a little more random in how I get you off.”

Bill smiled broadly and replied, “Okay, I can live with that. Your tits are incredible but no guy can ever refuse a blow job.”

Sue started to pull her shirt off which Bill took to mean she was done talking. He could feel his cock starting to harden with what that meant. He reached for his belt while his eyes stared at her chest which would soon be exposed. The shirt was lifted further and Bill was rewarded by the sight of the upper half of Sue’s breasts overflowing from her bra. As Sue threw the shirt to the side and noticed his intense look she noted, “This bra is one of my smaller ones. It’s a DD but from a different manufacturer. I shouldn’t wear it but it’s always been a favorite.”

Bill said, “Well, it is clearly too small- it looks like you’re trying to punish your bursa escort bayan breasts. I like the look of you overflowing but it must be uncomfortable. Maybe this afternoon we should go shopping. I’d love to buy you some new bras to properly cradle my new…err…friends. If I’m going to take care of their needs I think I should dress them in nice lingerie for the times they’re resting.”

Sue removed her skirt as she replied, “That sounds nice but you’re going to be disappointed in what’s available in the larger sizes. Even without milk tits like mine need more support than the frilly sexy bras you’re probably imagining. The manufacturers know that and offer bras that support- not bras that tease.”

“I understand but I’m sure we can find something that fits and is sexier than you think. I happen to think nursing bras that have an access panel for me to get at your nipples could be sexy. If the bra fits right I’d assume you could also wear a lower cut style- something that allows me to enjoy your beautiful mounds. It’s not all about frilly.”

“Okay, perv. Put your mouth where your mouth should be. Drain me well and maybe I’ll fit into a sexier bra.” Sue reached back and removed her bra. Bill’s eyes stayed glued to her chest as he finished removing his outer clothes. The comforter on the bed had already been removed so Sue simply reclined on her right side on the bed. She brought a hand up to caress her left breast from below in an offering gesture to Bill. From their brief time together she’d already learned how to play to his obsession with her tits. She lifted her breast gently being careful to leave the nipple exposed. She knew this was the perfect invitation to what she wanted from him. Her breast was heavy with milk and was starting to leak in anticipation of his mouth and she was sure his cock was throbbing with lust too.

Bill dropped to the bed and quickly used his tongue to clean up the milk that had seeped from Sue’s offered nipple. Pulling back an inch or two he said, “Have I told you how fantastic your breasts are? I’ll try to be gentle and reduce your discomfort but I really want to grab you and suck hard on your big nipple… it’s so sexy.” His mouth enveloped her nipple and began to suck.

Even though she was expecting his mouth Sue gasped as she felt him latch on. The suction was not gentle but that was fine. It felt great. Her arousal increased rapidly as she felt him establish his rhythm of sucking and then swallowing. The sucking felt wonderful; sensing that her milk was being swallowed by her lover was very intimate. Together the sensations were highly erotic and soon had her excitement building. Sensing his lust as he drained her was contagious; she loved that her swollen tits excited him so much and having the pressure relieved felt great. In a short while she was nearing orgasm.

Sue’s hands gripped Bill’s head to hold him in place as her body writhed with passion and she pressed her chest into his face. He could read her excitement from her firm grasp. Her heavy breathing also reflected peaking arousal. All of a sudden her body was shaken by a huge climax and Bill felt his head first held more tightly and then pushed away. He resisted her push for a few seconds but then allowed her to have a moment’s peace.

Assuming that her left breast was close to empty Bill rose and gave Sue’s thigh a gentle push indicating she should roll over. She followed his lead and moved to position herself where he had been- now lying on her left side. This elevated her right breast for better access by her human milking machine. Bill quickly walked around the bed and lay down in the area she’d vacated. Her breast had obviously been leaking as there was an overall wet sheen to the taut skin. The nipple looked even bigger than her left had been. It looked red and swollen- almost as if the milk was about to burst out. It was more than ready for his mouth but he looked up to her face for a moment to see if her orgasm had resolved enough for her to enjoy him sucking on her again. Her eyes met his and she smiled sweetly as she pushed her chest out to signal his welcome. She then whispered, “Is that too subtle? Be a little more gentle but give me another climax like the last one. I could get very used to this.”

Bill moved in and buried her wet nipple in his mouth. The milk started spurting into his mouth immediately and he had to swallow more quickly than he’d expected. This threw him off for an instant but he soon established the sequence of suction and swallowing that he wanted. As he thought about her nipple he was excited by the thought that it had practically exploded into his mouth. He loved that she had been so ripe with milk. He was also turned on by his role. He was the hero – relieving the pressure and about to give her sexual gratification. His cock throbbed in sync with her arousal. His ego swelled with his ability to soon bring her to a second explosive climax.

Sue’s breast was only gorukle escort partially drained as her excitement grew dramatically. She tightened her grip on Bill’s head and her breathing became ragged. Bill was sure his milking task wasn’t done so he continued at his measured pace- determined to both empty her and bring her off. He enjoyed her arousal and knew he was performing well. Sue uttered various gasps and moans interspersed with a simple ‘yes!’ repeated often. Bill sucked harder- determined to drive her pleasure. A short high volume squeal seemed to mark the peak of her journey. The orgasm was so strong that Sue’s body froze and she stopped breathing. Her hands held Bill’s head in a death grip.

Bill didn’t stop. He kept sucking and swallowing in his same rhythm but with somewhat stronger suction. He knew Sue was overstimulated but she was powerless to stop him. She still had milk and it was his job to drain it even if she wanted to be left alone. After several more sequences of suction Sue started pushing his head away but he held his place. There was a risk she’d be angry but his mind was clearer than hers; the milk needed to be extracted.

Sue struggled for another 20 seconds but then surrendered to his relentless suction. After another two minutes she was fully drained and Bill released her now deflated breast and allowed her to roll onto her back in total exhaustion. Sue lay there breathing heavily. She sighed and said, “I guess we didn’t discuss who was in charge and you decided it was you.”

“I had a job to do. It wasn’t done so I didn’t stop. Since your mind and body were not functioning completely I took charge. You can expect the same in the future,”

“Oh my, I seem to have created a monster. Err… I think I like you controlling my tits. They did need to be drained. They need your discipline and it’s erotic to surrender control of them to you. I would have wimped out. I’d then be uncomfortable in two hours and off my schedule.”

Sue paused and then said, “I’m feeling a little more randy than usual. Lie on your back and I’ll show you what my fingers and mouth can do. Constructive suggestions are welcome.”

Bill noted for the first time that Sue had long delicate fingers with relatively long fingernails. He concluded that he hadn’t noticed her nails before since she only wore neutral colored polish. He visualized her nails coated in bright red on his cock and felt it twitch in response. He’d have to subtly suggest a new color for the future but for now he simply watched as Sue lay next to him and reached for his cock.

She had an incredibly delicate touch. While it felt great he pushed up seeking more contact. She pulled away slightly saying, “I like to tease. You can manhandle your cock on your own time if you want but my light touch will get you to the same place with lots more pleasure on the trip. I hope that’s okay.”

Bill gasped as she squeezed his shaft briefly and then ran a finger lightly up and down his aching shaft to punctuate her statement. A verbal response was apparently expected so he said, “If I control your tits I guess you should control my cock – touch me as you wish but I’m very pent up.”

“Now you know how my tits feel every few hours.”

Sue dipped her fingers lower and cradled his balls. She smiled and whispered in a sexy voice, “You do feel quite tight. I haven’t touched your balls before but I assume your scrotum isn’t usually all taut. Perhaps I should suck on you to relieve the pressure like you do for me.”

She then slid down on the bed so that her face was near his groin area, adding, “Very nice. I haven’t checked you out up close and personal before. It’s nice to see the hard thing that’s been spewing all over my tits. I’m looking forward to a more intimate relationship with this sexy muscle.”

Her mouth soon descended over his cock and her tongue explored first the shaft and then the head. Bill realized that she hadn’t touched his cock before except with her tits and being in her mouth was certainly more intimate. The wetness of her mouth started him visualizing how her pussy must feel and his whole body twitched with excitement. He knew she’d ruled out vaginal sex for now but it was certainly something to think about.

While her mouth worked his cock her fingernails lightly scratched over the surface of his balls and then cradled them. Bill’s hips came off the bed and his whole body was taut with excitement. Sue had been too modest about her oral skills. Her mouth felt fantastic. Bill wasn’t sure what she was doing but he knew his cock wasn’t going to last very long in its hyper-excited state. He warmed Sue that he would soon be cumming and she grunted an acknowledgement but stayed where she was. Within another thirty seconds Bill was shooting his pent up load into her mouth and she was swallowing every drop.

Sue stayed in place on his cock but stopped her tongue work knowing he was overly sensitive. After a bursa merkez escort bayan bit she carefully withdrew- returning to take two small licks where some cum remained on his shaft. Bill loved the gesture and marveled at the woman’s ever-surprising sexual side. His last girlfriend was quick to go down on him but wouldn’t think of swallowing. Spitting out his semen always conveyed that she thought blow jobs were disgusting. Another prior friend would blow him if he asked but make him feel guilty for asking. In contrast Sue seemed to have oral talents and no hang ups about pleasing him. Adding those elements to her fantastic tits made her simply too good to be true.

“You obviously have much more oral expertise than you led me to expect. You’ve now given me the impossible task of routinely having to decide whether I’d prefer to enjoy your breasts or your mouth on my cock.”

“I don’t recall offering a choice. If I’m in control of your cock I’ll decide where to make it happy on any given occasion. Depending on my mood sometimes I’ll enjoy overwhelming your cock with my tits- other times I’ll use my mouth. Sometimes I like to see the fruits of how my tits have devastated you and sometimes I like to internalize. I trust you’ll be happy with whichever decision I make.”

“Yes dear,” said Bill sheepishly – pretending to be the humble subject of a dominant mistress while they both knew they were equals in and out of bed.”

Sue noted that she needed a shower and invited Bill to join her. He was thrilled to be able to see and touch her body when neither of them had pent up needs. His hands were all over her and he repeatedly told her how great she looked and felt. She was surprised when told this was the first time he’d felt her whole body but immediately realized he was right. While they had known each other for only a brief time their shared breast obsession had brought intimacy very quickly- but it had been, limited intimacy. He’d served her breasts’ needs and she’d let him cum on her tits. She felt very close to Bill but somehow wasn’t ready to have vaginal sex with him yet. She felt that would be too slutty.

Sue realized it was odd to be showering with a man she barely knew after they’d each had great orgasms and yet assert some moral high ground but that’s how she felt. Her breasts received and gave sexual pleasure but that was less intimate than having a cock penetrate her. She had hopes for a long term relationship with Bill; perhaps she’d loosen up her moral standards in a week or two. Then again, she wanted him to obsess about her breasts- not her pussy.

For Bill the shower was a huge turn on. He’d showered with a girl before but she hadn’t been built ‘better than Barbie.’ Bill smiled at coining a new phrase to describe Sue’s body- a phrase he wouldn’t dare say out loud. Her tits were truly spectacular and her overall body wasn’t far behind. Fondling her in the shower was giving him a rare chance to run his hands all over her- with shower gel adding to the sensuality of the touch. He’d fantasized about doing this very thing with dozens of women he’d seen in naked photos but this was real and it was better than he’d ever imagined.

As his hands caressed Sue’s tits from behind Bill reflected on their variable size and feel; currently they were at the smaller and softer end of their range since he’d just drained them less than an hour ago. He imagined how they were gradually swelling with milk; the thought caused his cock to stir. There was something hugely erotic about her breasts swelling from very large to huge. He preferred fondling the softness associated with their drained state but loved the massive size, taut skin and neediness of her tits fully swollen with milk. Those were the tits that needed his mouth and were anxious for the sexual pleasure he’d deliver.

Having his hands and mind stimulated caused Bill’s cock to become fully erect- a fact not lost on his shower partner as his shaft rubbed against her ass.

“Nudging my ass isn’t going to get you invited there anytime soon,” said Sue. “Didn’t my mouth just take care of you?”

“Obviously, your mouth was great. Seeing and feeling your body has my cock thinking it’s ready again but my brain understands the wisdom of pacing myself. If I let my cock decide on things my body would be dried up like a corn husk by bedtime. My cock will have to wait until your next milking. For now we’re going to get dressed and go bra shopping.”

The couple finished their shower and got dried off. While Sue dried and styled her hair Bill went on the Internet in search of local shops that featured bras in larger sizes. By the time Sue was ready he’d found two boutiques that seemed promising and one store that might be a long shot. He decided they’d visit the long shot first but didn’t tell Sue anything about it.

Using the car’s GPS Bill navigated to a store in the wrong part of the city that catered to exotic dancers and sex workers. As they reached the street Bill explained, “Don’t be shocked at our first stop. There are two nice lingerie stores on my list. I included this one with the thought that it probably offers sexy bras for large busted women. The bras might be too extreme for everyday wear but we won’t know until we look. Keep an open mind.”

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