You Like Watching Girls Play?


I walked in the door, put my keys on the table and closed the front door.

“Honey, I’m home!” I shouted out and listened for the customary reply from the lounge but instead it came from somewhere else.

“I’m in here baby.” I heard her soft voice coming from the bedroom. I slipped my bag off my shoulders and walked into the bedroom.

There she was, sitting on the bed, wearing nothing but thigh high black stockings, a black chiffon and lace baby doll which parted just below the bra part of the top and slowly opened wider to just above her hips, showing a sliver of smooth flesh and her belly button and finally a small black G-string with ties on either side of her hips and a visible lace embroider pattern on the black material.

Once I managed to regain some sense of brain power I also noticed that the tub chair, usually in the corner of the room had been moved to the middle of the room in front of the bed.

“What’s all this?” I started to enquire but before I could say another word she had hopped off the bed, standing directly in front of me and was silencing me with her finger on my lips. The finger moved behind my head as her hand started to pull me to her mouth as she kissed me. As her lips touched mine, my eyes closed as always as I felt the warmth of her tongue against mine but this time I also felt her other hand firmly grasp my crotch.

My stiffening cock was instantly hard to her forceful touch and firm massaging. When the kiss broke she looked into my eyes and whispered, “… I thought so.” before removing her hand from my aching hard cock.

She started undoing the buttons of my shirt and when finished with the last button on the front of the shirt, pulled it off of my shoulders and half way down my arms, trapping my arms with the shirt and brought her hands back up my arms and ran her fingers over my chest, her nails leaving slight red marks over my chest and my cock straining ever harder against my pants as her nails ran over my nipples and down my stomach.

She undid my belt, the button and zip of my pants Escort Bayan and pulled my pants and boxer shorts down in one motion, releasing my cock into the early evening air, the pre-cum drops rolling from the slit at the top of my shaft and down over the purple swollen head.

She undid the buttons on the sleeves of my shirt and pulled the shirt off of me and pushed me back into the tub chair. She sat down on the edge of the bed and undid my shoes, took them off, followed by my socks, my pants and boxer shorts.

She tossed the clothes on the floor and looked into my eyes, letting her glance slide down my chest to my throbbing cock and then back up to my eyes again.

“Stay right there!” she whispered and then stood up in front of me. Her nipples were hard and although not visible through the bra covered material of the baby doll it was quite evident they were pushing against the material.

She cupped each breast with a hand and squeezed her breasts towards each other, her B-cup breasts formed a deep cleavage as she pushed them together while apparently massaging them while holding and squeezing them together. I noticed the clasp between the cups had popped off through her hands bringing her breasts towards each other and when she started releasing her squeezed breasts she pulled the baby doll off, revealing her swollen nipples, those very nipples I loved sucking on while making her moan.

She slid the shoulder straps off of her arms and let the baby doll fall to the ground and then turned around, bending at the waist and slowly pulled her G-string down, letting me see her ass and pussy close up, being able to see and smell how wet and aroused she was.

She let her G-string fall to the floor and then turned around and hopped onto the bed and sat facing me, her legs spread, showing off her smooth shaved wet pussy, glistening in the light of the room. Her back was propped up against a collection of pillows she had arranged beforehand so that she was comfortable.

She reached down with her one hand and started to gently touch herself as she looked at me, “So… you like watching girls play with themselves do you?” she asked as her other hand reached up and pushed a button on the TV remote.

The screen flickered to life with one of my porn movies being displayed. It was a lesbian seen with two girls playing with one another.

I could feel my cheeks burning as I blushed and I am sure my cock’s hardness was dwindling. I was embarrassed, feeling like a naughty boy who had just been caught masturbating to a girly magazine. We have been together for years but we have never spoken about, let alone watched porn together.

It is strange, I think all men know that all women know guys watch porn, but often it is a topic of discussion that never comes up between many couples and for the topic to come up like this, Oh my God, I was mortified.

She laughed. Even though I was sure my cock was seriously limp by now with the embarrassment the sound of the porn movie playing in the background, with the girls moaning and here sitting in front of me, my very own girl playing with herself, my hard-on was raging more than it ever had before. Her eyes were still on me, her hand still openly rubbing her clit, her fingers diving in and out of her slick pussy, the pleasure of her own hand visible on her face.

“So… show me what you do when I am not around and you are watching girls like this?” she said in a naughty voice. I must have looked shocked at her words because it made her giggle and say, “Don’t tell me you watch to get hard and then do nothing?”

Her encouragement was enough for me to, without even realising, start stroking my thick cock. My eyes darting backwards and forwards between her face and her hand which was more and more frantically working on her clit and pussy.

“Do you like watching me?” she said softly, my eyes were on her hand rubbing herself when she asked and without looking up I said yes.

My own stroking had slowly become faster and faster and this fixation of mine was making her giggle again. She stopped moving her hand and then got onto her knees and spun around, bending over and parting her legs a little, enough for her to slide a hand holding a vibrator to her pussy.

Her head was lower on the bed so she could see between her legs, see my face as she slid the toy over her lips and then allowed me to watch as it disappeared between the folds of her womanhood.

I gasped as I watched her play with a vibrator, one I did not even know she had, watching as she pleasured herself while watching me stroke my cock, rhythmically, in time with her thrusting hand pushing her vibrator in and out of her.

She suddenly pulled the vibrator out and held it out towards me, “You wanna taste it?”

Her question had hardly left her lips when I moved forward and sucked on the tip of the vibrator, tasting her gorgeous sent on the plastic toy.

“Seeing you are up, why don’t you put that cock of yours inside me, it feels better than the toy in any case?” as she let the toy go and steadied herself on her arms. The invitation was ever so briefly out there when my hands were on her hips and my cock was slowly pushing inside of her. This was the first time I realised exactly how wet and excited she was, and vice versa I guess as a moan and “Fuck you are big!” slipped out from between her lips.

I slowly slid my cock in and out of her, slowly building up speed as I pounded her. I saw her head come to rest on the pillow, looking directly at the TV, the porn scene still playing in the background.

I fucked her as hard and as long as I could and when I could hold back no more, I gripped her hips tight, thrusting my cock as deep inside of her as I could go and felt how my cock erupted, shooting stream after stream of my hot cum inside of her. My orgasm was not alone I felt her squeeze my cock and moan loudly as she came and apparently the actors in the porn scene were joining in our ecstasy.

I collapsed onto the bed and she fell into my arm. ” I think we should go through each other’s collection, judging from this one, you seem to have a pretty good taste in porn… for a guy” she whispered before switching off the TV and snuggling up in my arms.

The end.

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