You Let Me Ride You

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I’ve been waiting all day to see you. I just snuck out of my dorm room in a short black dress. It barely covers my ass and I’m not wearing any panties. It’s pitch black and freezing. My nipples are hard and visible because I’m not wearing a bra either. My heart is racing. I’m afraid I’ll get caught and not get to taste your cock tonight. I see your car in the back parking lot. I tiptoe so no one hears my heels clicking against the pavement.

I open the door to the back seat of your SUV. When I see you, my pussy immediately gets wet. It’s dark but I can see you’re wearing gym shorts and a beater. I see your muscles flex as you sit up straight in your seat.

I straddle you and lean in for a kiss. Everything about you makes me wet. My dress is pulled up and you are gripping my thighs.

“I’ve waited for this all day. I want you so bad,” I moan.

You grab my ass and squeeze hard as you pull me against your cock. I can feel you getting hard as you push against me. I pull the neck of my low cut dress to the sides, showing you my big tits. I offer one to you and you lick my nipple before sucking more into your mouth. I moan and grind against you.

“Show me how bad you want me,” you say.

I knew exactly what you meant. You have me trained so well to give you what you need. I pushed myself onto my knees, letting my tits graze your face bursa eskort as I got off of you. You give me the look you give me when I’m being bad. You know I like it when you play with my tits. My pussy tingles as I remember the time you allowed me to cum while you fucked my tits. I kneel on the floor in front of you. I spread my legs and arched my back, just like you had taught me.

You pull out your cock and stroked it for me. I start to lick your cock to get it nice and wet. I put my mouth over you and sucked up and down. I do it again taking more and more in. Your cock is so big and it is hard for me to swallow all of it. Finally my throat relaxes and I can take all of you. I suck your cock hard and roll my tongue as I take more of you in my mouth. My pussy gets so wet when I suck your cock. I want you so bad and I lean in when I come up so my tits press against your balls. You let me do it a few times before you grab my hair and push your cock deep into my throat. You hold my head there for a while and I lick your cock while you are in my throat to say I’m sorry. When you let my head go I suck with more intensity and persistence.

I know you like to cum in my throat and I know you don’t have much time away from her. I can taste pre-cum and I know I’m doing it how you like. When I look up at you I can see that you are staring bursa escort bayan in the rear-view mirror. You have me suck your cock on my knees with my legs spread so you can see how wet I get.

You reach down and squeeze my tits. I moan on your cock and suck even harder. Now I can feel my wetness dripping down my leg. You grab my chin and lift my head up. I look up at you as I rock up and down, thinking about you taking me from behind. I can see you’re watching me in the mirror, but I can’t help it.

“Get back up here,” you command.

I’m confused but I sit back up and straddle you again. I can feel your cock against my pussy and I grind on you. I’m trying so hard to “accidently” slide onto your cock. You watch me, torturing me. I push my hair back and squeeze my tit.

“What do you say?” you ask.

“Thank you.” I moan.

“Do you want my cock in that wet pussy?” You ask me.

I fall into you and nuzzle your neck. I nod my head yes. I need it so bad I feel I might cry. You grab my head and make me look at you.

“What?” You ask as I grind against you harder.

“I need it so bad. I’m so wet thinking about riding your cock.”

I feel your cock pulse underneath me and I moan. You slide your hand in between us and I rise up to my knees. Your finger lightly slides down my pussy görükle escort and I moan loudly. You stick you finger inside of me and I immediately start to fuck against it. I have completely lost control and I am about to cum. You take your finger out and make me suck it. I stare at you and hold onto your hand as I suck your finger in and out of my mouth. I feel you cock pulse on my pussy again and it almost sends me over the edge.

“You think you should get to cum?” You ask me. “You think you deserve it?”

I shake my head no as I suck on your finger. You position your cock in between my pussy lips and hold it there. I don’t dare move. You let it rest there as you grab onto my hips. You don’t make a move for what seems like forever. Then you push me down hard onto your cock.

“You can cum,” you say.

Before you are completely in, I cum on your cock. I moan and grind against you as you go all the way in.

You don’t let me rest and grab my hips pushing me back and forth and up and down. I already feel like I will cum again. I lean away from you and start to fuck you. I increase my speed as I ride you. I grab my tits and rub them for you. You pull me back to you so I can bounce up and down on your cock. I hear you growl and my pussy tightens around you. You suck my tit and start to fuck me back. You grab my other tit and squeeze hard.

Just as I am about to cum you groan and force me hard onto your cock. I feel you fill me with your cum and it makes me cum again. I’m breathing hard and whimpering when I feel you tap my ass. As I slide off of you I feel a pulse in my pussy thinking about our next time together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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