Worst Roommate Ch. 03

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Recap from Part 2: Three guys live together as roommates in the area around a big US city. One, the main character Mike, ends up having a no-touching masturbation session with Elise, his friend/roommate’s (Sean) girlfriend. Not ending there, the next night Elise snuck into Mike’s room after Sean passed out drunk and gave him a blow job after which he went down on her – mutual satisfaction. The last words were her asking if they had time to fuck.


We both decided there wasn’t enough time to fuck. Sorry readers. Mainly because we’d taken up a bit of time swapping fluids, buckling knees, and curling toes. After Elise pulled her shirt back on, she perched up on her toes and kissed me while her hands fondled my hardened cock a bit – feeling her quake in orgasm had got me going.

“Goodnight. Thank you Mike… until next time.” With a wink, she was out the door and silently closing it behind her (for some reason the door decided to not squeak this time).

I would have stared at the door longer than usual if I hadn’t felt a cold breeze on my dick and noticed she’d purposefully wiped her hands off on me. Was she marking her territory? Regardless, I rubbed another one off then quickly passed out in bed.

I didn’t see Elise for a few days after that. She might have been around at the house, but between meeting up with other friends or doing my own thing in my room after work, I had no contact.

Wednesday around 3pm I got a text from Elise asking if I could stop by after work to help move some furniture with her roommate. When I asked about Sean, she mentioned he was staying at work later because of a client call (which actually sounded about right for him on Wednesdays). I told her I could be there by 6pm or so and then I put it out of my mind.

When I got to her place, I parked a couple houses down the street – only open spot – and knocked on the door. Elise opened it a couple seconds later looking slightly disheveled and was a bit out of breath.

“Hey, thanks for coming. Lemme just clean up a bit then I’ll let you know to come up.” Elise then jogged upstairs and I heard one of the doors close.

Looking around the place it seemed pretty clean and organized. Usually when I’ve been over before, Elise and her roommate, Sara, have things scattered everywhere. Clothes, hair stuff, yoga mats, and usually a few plates/silverware. Maybe the two of them cleaned up for whatever was being moved.

“Ok, come on up!” I heard shouted behind a door.

Walking up the stairs, I rounded the corner and looked down the hallway to three rooms with closed doors. I know the second floor had a full bath and two bedrooms. Figuring it was Elise’s room we were moving something, I went to her door and opened up.

There weren’t two roommates in her room. It was just Elise – who was laying on her bed naked pumping a slender pink dildo in and out of her pussy.

“Whoah. Um, Elise, this… uh… this isn’t what I expected.” I was still in the bursa eskort bayan doorway with one hand on the doorknob just staring open-mouthed.

“Well, duh. I can’t just call you and tell you to come fuck me. I have to lure you in. You’re too nice to willingly do this,” she said this all matter-of-factly while still slowly pumping. “But now that you’re here, come over and fuck me.”

My resistance was gone. Over past couple days, I couldn’t get her off my mind. We’d masturbated in front of each other, she’s swallowed my load twice, and I’d gone down on her to orgasm. It was a terrible situation, because she was Sean’s girlfriend. But, it wasn’t like this was originally my idea. And I wasn’t going to stop this train.

Walking forward I began taking off my clothes as she smiled widely and lay back fully with her eyes closed. Elise was in the middle of the bed on her back, knees bent, and feet planted firmly on the sheets. After I was naked as she was, I knelt on the bed in front of her and grabbed her hand which was still slowly pumping the dildo. I pulled her hand, and the dildo, away and out of her pussy. As soon as I grabbed the toy, she let go and put both hands on her breasts.

“Oh, condom?” I asked her while still holding her soaked pink toy.

“I’m clean and on the pill. You can use one if you’d like, but I guarantee I’ll feel better without one.”

Clean, her – clean, me. On pill – no baby. I figured why not. So I palmed the dildo and transferred some wetness to my dick. Scooting forward, I lined up with her already wet and open lips, but didn’t push forward.

I figured I’d let her be the one to make the actual move, “you made the call, you guide me in.”

“Mmmm, with pleasure,” she moaned as she reached down and grabbed my dick. Elise stroked it a few times before lightly pulling me forward and lining it up against her hole. She then rose up, wrapped her right hand around my neck, and pulled me down to her. As our faces got closer and closer, while she drifted back to the bed, my dick slowly sunk into her body. Smooth warmth wrapped around my head, then my shaft, and continued to pull me into her steaming pussy. Meanwhile I got to watch from inches away the look on her face as I sunk in further. Her mouth opened, eyebrows rose up, then she closed her eyes and leaned back with a low rumble of a moan.

As I bottomed out in her, after what felt like a minute of slow pushing, her eyes opened and she looked into mine. I placed my hands on either side of her waist with her legs trapped above my arms, feet in the air. Once in position, we closed the gap and kissed. Tongues swirled and lips met repeatedly as I slowly pulled out until my head was just inside, then continued the glacial pace as I sunk back in.

Repeating this process, we began to kiss a little less and soon we were just breathing and moaning inches from each other. One of her hands was stroking/scratching the back of my neck and gripping my hair, bursa merkez escort while the other hand would roam my back and ass – pushing and pulling in time with my thrusts. Each time I was fully in, I would hold it for a second and try to rub my pelvis upward hoping to make at least a little contact with her clit.

After a couple minutes of this, she pulled my head forward into her neck and lightly moaned, “just a little faster. But stay slow, this feels amazing.”

With a smile, I picked up the pace slightly. Her legs were hooked in the crook of my elbows since I was still planted on my hands almost laying on top of her for leverage. Although possibly uncomfortable for her, the position kept her wide open for my full thrusts. With my head buried into her neck, I picked back up my routine from Friday night: kissing under the ear, under the chin, middle of neck, collarbone, then her shoulder.

I kept up my focus on the kisses, watching her face shift emotions and feelings, the way her neck muscles strained when her head moved, and the jiggle of her breasts when our bodies met on each downward thrust. Focusing on this helped me keep from thinking of ending things too early. I luckily haven’t had to worry about ending prematurely, but this felt amazing and I knew with enough thrusting, enough of her little moans and coos, and enough of her tight wet pussy, I’d be blowing soon enough. My main goal was for her to finish first – that’s always been my goal with a girl.

“A little faster?” I whispered into her ear.

“Only a little, but push harder. Grind my clit.”

I’m good at following directions. So a sped up slightly, but definitely pushed down further when we met. As my balls met the bottom of her pussy, I would roll my hips and pelvis upwards.

“Fuck. Yes. That. More.” She grunted this out and her breathing began picking up speed.

With my hands holding me up and unwilling to re-position since she was sounding close, I kept up the thrusts and moved my head in front of her and started kissing her. Each slam down, she would break the kiss and breath heavily before resuming kissing. Her arms had wound under mine and were holding my shoulders from the back – pulling me tighter in the kiss.

Soon enough she broke the kiss and her head tilted back. Elise’s hands let go of my shoulders and reached up grasping the sheets around her head. With my head free, I leaned up a little and watched her breasts sway as I kept thrusting. Each wiggle coincided with the juicy ‘fwup’ of us slamming together. I unintentionally began speeding up so I could watch her breasts bounce even more.

“Uhn, uhn, yes, yes. Almost… almost there. Oh god, don’t stop.” She moaned this out loudly as her eyes were still closed and head tilted backwards almost facing the headboard.

This increase in her volume actually helped me stem the tide of spilling at that moment. I began thinking, “Well, she just got loud. bursa sınırsız escort bayan I’m guessing her roommate isn’t actually here since she wouldn’t so blatantly try and fuck me with Sara around. I wonder how loud she usually is when she doesn’t need to keep quiet? I’ve never heard her and Sean going at it except for once or twice when the door wasn’t shut all the way.” These thoughts pulled me away from the sensations a bit and I began thrusting even faster and harder.

My increase pushed Elise to the edge. “Fuck yes. Fuck me fuck me cumming. I’m cumming. Uhhhgggg god.” She arched her back and pushed her hips into mine – slamming me deep. We weren’t quite thrusting anymore, just keeping up slight humping motions – grinding into each other. As much as it was a relief to not be thrusting, her pussy was contracting like a vise on my dick. It felt amazing. Mid-orgasm, Elise’s hands switched from gripping the sheets tightly to wrapping around each of my arms.

“MMmmmm, yes. Just… just hold on a second.” She moaned as her hips began to settle back on the bed.

Taking this moment, I rested on my elbows to give my arms a bit of a rest and buried my face in her neck while catching my breath.

“Want to do something fun?” She asked me after a few more seconds.

Pulling myself up to look at her I said, “Sure. What’re you thinking.”

“I want you to jack off on me. Cover me. Stomach, tits, face – whatever you want. I need to do laundry anyway and it would be so hot.”

She hadn’t even finished saying that before I had pulled out and was stroking over her. Elise giggled and rose up onto her elbows – slightly elevating her breasts and stomach above her pussy.

“Ten points to Gryffindor if you make it in my mouth.” Elise opened her mouth and kept it open.

The Harry Potter reference did it for me. Two more strokes and I was firing off. The first blast shot forward and landed in between her breasts and into the dimple below her neck. The second splattered onto her right breast before trickling down her stomach. After the second blast she sat up a bit more and I moved closer. I was only a few inches from her mouth, but the third shot hit the top of her lip – splattering her cheek and a little bit went into her mouth. The fourth was the bullseye. I watched it jump into her mouth and land on her tongue. After which I pulled her head forward and she wrapped her lips around my head for the remaining dribbles of cum.

“What’s that, 13 points?” I asked her.

With my dick still in her mouth, I heard a snort followed by a forced swallow. She let me dick fall away and she fell back to the bed laughing. “Hahaha, sure, we’ll go with 13.”

I watched as she used her left hand to scoop the cum off of her cheek and push it into her mouth. Then my eyes lingered upon her neck, breasts, and stomach which had splatters of my milky-clear cum. With my eyes roaming her body, I watched her hands trail down and begin rubbing my jizz into her skin. Soon enough her stomach and breasts were glistening a bit.

“Close your mouth – you’re about to drool.”

Laughing at her comment, I closed my mouth and looked at her big smiling face. Then I looked down at my dick before back to her eyes.

“I don’t think we got your sheets dirty. Care to try again?”

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