Working For Mr. Goodsmith Ch. 02

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The secretary smiled knowingly as Ashlyn walked out of the office, still straightening her hair and clothes.

“Good first day?”

“I think this job is going to suit me very well, Miss Clement.”

“Please, call me Eva.” She stood and walked over to Ashlyn, the muscles in her lithe legs tightening as she did so. She glanced at the translucent sheen of come on Ashlyn’s chest and neck, “We ought to get you cleaned up before you leave the building. Come with me to the ladies’ room.”

Ashlyn nodded and followed her down the hallway and into a giant, plush restroom. Once inside, Eva stopped abruptly and locked the door behind them.

“This job can be easy and rewarding, Miss LaRouche –“

“Ashlyn is fine.”

” — Ashlyn, but I know full well the stresses inherent in tending to someone else’s…demands. It leaves little room for you to explore your own personal interests.”

Ashlyn could still feel the thin bead of her juice slipping past her panties, she was still so horny.

“Too much stress results in poor work, so its part of my job to assure that you get the relaxation you require between sessions with Mr. Goodsmith.”

The implications of the secretary’s words shocked and excited Ashlyn, “Eva, I understand what you mean, I think, but…I’ve never…”

“Been eaten out by a woman? Then this is going to be a really great first day for you.”

Eva pushed Ashlyn back onto the sink counter and pulled her skirt up, running her fingernails across her skin as she did so, giving the girl goosebumps on her legs. Ashlyn spread her knees apart and Eva clasped her thin panties with her slender fingers and pulled them down and off. Ashlyn’s glistening muff was in full view, her lips full and her clitoris hard.

“Oh, you want this so bad, huh?”

“Uh-huh!” was all Ashlyn could whisper. The older woman got on her knees in front of Ashlyn and gently kızılay escort blew cool air over her hot snatch. Ashlyn whimpered and squirmed.

“And I know Mr. Goodsmith is opposed to vulgarity, but I want you to know that whatever you want to say or do is fine…with…me” She said the last words airily, her breath cascading over Ashlyn’s pussy. Suddenly, unexpectedly, Eva’s long, red tongue slid from the bottom of Ashlyn’s vagina to the top, the tip of it flicking her clit with a flourish.

“Fuck! Oh fuck!” Ashlyn whispered.

Eva moaned as she put her mouth over the girl’s sex and worked it with her tongue. It did laps around the outside of her pussy, delved firmly and deep into it, circled her clitoris and ran up and down the length of her opening.

Ashlyn’s legs trembled and she put her legs around Eva’s head, her high heels clicking against each other. She pulled the secretary’s hair, pressing her mouth harder against her twat, grinding away the sexual tension built up with her encounter with Mr. Goodsmith. She imagined it was his mouth on her now.

Eva, in the midst of Ashlyn’s squirming, unbottoned her blouse and slid it off her shoulders. She wore no bra and her tits stayed suspended in the air like a defiance of gravity. Eva looked up at Ashlyn from her lap and their eyes locked. Eva pulled back and, cupping her right tit in her hand, rubbed her erect nipple against Ashlyn’s red hot clit. She gasped and moaned and writhed on top of the counter.

“Oh, you like that, huh?”

“Shit! Uh-huh!”

“You’re into kinky shit, huh? You’re a little slut aren’t you?”

“Yes! I’m a little slut!” Eva’s long fingers slid deep into Ashlyn’s wet pussy. Ashlyn bucked and pressed harder into her.

“You want me to fuck you with my mouth?”

“Ooh yea…”

Eva dipped her face between Ashlyn’s thighs again and began mopping kolej escort up the girl’s juices with her tongue. Her chin was dripping with sweat and come, her right tit shining from the moisture. Ashlyn had unbuttoned her blouse and was kneading her breasts with her hands and pinching her nipples with her fingers. Her head was tilted back against the mirror and her firm tits pointed up at the ceiling as she played with them.

Eva’s tongue sent lightning bolts that erupted Ashlyn’s clit with pleasure. Her nipples ached from her unconsciously pinching them harder and harder as she got closer to climax.

“Yes! I’m a slut! Fuck! Oh yea!”

Eva suddenly stopped and stood up, her tits brushing against Ashlyn’s legs as she did so.

“Turn around Ashlyn.”

Not wanting to stop, wanting only to come finally, Ashlyn jumped off the counter and turned around, facing the mirror without question. Eva bent her over the sink until her tight ass was in the air and her tits were pressed against the startlingly cold tiles of the counter.

“Please, Eva! I need to come now!”

Eva smacked Ashlyn’s ass with the palm of her hand. The smack echoed in the lavish bathroom and there was a red handprint on Ashlyn’s right cheek. She did it again, cupping with her palm the full, supple bottom of the cheeks. Ashlyn gasped and moaned with each spank. Eva slid her hand between Ashlyn’ s legs and, from behind, began rubbing her clit with her fingers while she squeezed Ashlyn’s firm buttocks.

“You like that?”


The site in the mirror was what finally drove Ashlyn to climax. Her tits were pressed up against the counter, her back arched and her ass pointing upwards — if only Mr. Goodsmith was here to pound her from behind right now! Eva’s tits bounced as she worked Ashlyn’s clit with one hand and her own with the other. She ran her pink tongue over ankara escort Ashlyn’s ass cheeks and bit them with her teeth. Both women moaned and writhed in sexual absorption.

“I’m gonna come! I’m coming!”

Eva’s fingers circled Ashlyn’s clit ferociously as she screamed out in the echoing bathroom. She spread her legs and pressed her pussy into Eva’s palm while her body was wracked with orgasm. Eva slid her fingers deep inside herself and watched the young girl’s body go rigid then limp with climax. Ashlyn collapsed against the sink in a sweaty heap, sliding slowly to the floor since she couldn’t move her legs. Eva stood above her, her legs spread, her tits protruding, and her fingers still working her clit. The air in the bathroom was warm and smelled like women.

“I understand,” Eva whispered between moans “that you’re to meet with Mr. Goodsmith tonight at his apartment.” Ashlyn was still so rocked by her orgasm she didn’t respond. “You had better go get ready then. And wear black. Something easy to take off.” Eva’s moans became more frequent and prolonged. Her eyes glossed over and her back straightened. She was about to come, too.

Ashlyn regained control of her trembling body and knelt before the woman. She grabbed with both hands Eva’s tight behind and pressed her pussy against her wet mouth. Eva’s eyes widened and she gasped in air as Ashlyn began working her clit with her mouth. She was already so close to coming that she simply grabbed Ashlyn’s hair and held on, letting the younger girl do the rest of the work. Her ass clenched in Ashlyn’s hands and she came, hot juices dripping onto the girl’s face and sliding down to her tits. Eva moaned quietly as she came, her fingers buried deep into Ashlyn’s blond hair.

Ashlyn looked up from the bathroom floor and smiled, her face and breasts shiny with wetness. “Looks like we’ll be working together from now on. It always pays to take care of your coworkers.”

“You are a little slut. Come on, get up. You still have a lot of work to do.”

With that the two women dressed and washed, Ashlyn’s mind returning constantly to the day she had just had and the night she had waiting ahead of her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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