wife on college 5_(0)


It’s amazing how much my wife enjoys telling her sex stories! Here’s another one from her college days…….

It was 1980 and she was 19 years old. It was during the time when “Urban Cowboy” was all the rage. Bars were popping up with Cowboy themes (mechanical bulls, Western Dancing, etc). Where my wife went to college, these bars were just the local bars of the town. This caused there to be new found mingling of the students and the townies.

My wife and her friends started hanging out at one of the local bars. The 35 year old bartender took a liking to these coeds and would often set them up with free drinks, etc. My wife said he was very Tom Selleck looking (big moustache, open shirt, hairy chest, etc). Very different from the boys that she was friendly with. They chatted and flirted at the bar one evening as he was mixing drinks. My wifes friends told her “He likes you!”. She told him all about her classes and he told her that he had grown up on the Western Slope of Colorado and that his family had all been coal miners. He was like “Fuck that shit!” and had enrolled in college, gone for one year and had dropped out and became a bartender to make ends meet. And that he had been tending bar ever since.

He told my wife that he lived in a trailer outside of town. My wife (who has probably never even seen a trailer) thought that he was talking about a trailer that you pull behind car. She did not know about single wides and double wides. She started asking him questions about it and was REALLY surprised when he told her that it had a kitchen and Sex hikayeleri a bedroom and a living room. He asked her if she wanted to see it after the bar closed and she agreed. She went back to hang out with her friends but did not tell them her plan. She said that he waved to her pretty much the rest of the evening. After they had last call, she went back to the bar and sat and talked to him some more. Her friends decided to not wait and ended up leaving. After about 30 minutes, he said “Ready?” and they went and got into his Camaro. My wife was so impressed that he opened the door for her!

When they arrived at the trailer park, my wife was like “Oh, these look like little houses!” and he said “Yeah, what were you expecting?”. They parked out front and went inside. He showed her around and offered her a shot of tequila. They went into the kitchen and he poured two shots. He said to her “Wow, you are very brave to come to a guys home that you don’t know”. My wife said “I have seen you tending bar for the last week or so, I don’t think you are dangerous”. He then asked her “can I kiss you?”. My wife said “yes” and the little kiss turned into a makeout. He lifted her up and set her on his counter and immediately started unbuttoning her shirt. She helped him get her shirt off and his. He then undid her pants and slid his hand down the front and went right for her clit. She tilted her head back as he kissed her neck and fingered her. He then pulled her jeans and panties all the way off and dropped his pants and underwear. He asked her “You are Sikiş hikayeleri OK with this right?” and she said “Yes” so he slid his cock into her and fucked her on the counter top.

She said that it was totally different fuck than the ones that she got from her teenage boyfriends. He would pull his cock out and rub the tip against her clit. He would stop, go down and lick her pussy for a minute, and then stand back up and slide his cock back in. She began to orgasm when he was eating her and she grabbed the back of his head and just trembled. After she came, he stood back up and started to fuck her again. She said that he was fucking her really slow. Long strokes and he would talk. “Watch my cock slide into you” and she would lean forward and watch his cock slowly going in and out. “You love to fuck don’t you?” he said. She said “Yes”. They fucked like this very slowly she said for a long time never changing positions.

He then asked her “Can I come all over your tits?” (she was still wearing her bra btw) so he picked up the pace and she could feel him getting closer. He finally said “pull your bra down so I can see your nipples”. He pulled out and said “Jerk me off on your tits” so she held her bra down with one hand and grabbed his cock with the other and leaned forward. She said he was already coming so she just finished him off on her titties. She said her bra was a fucking sticky mess!!!

He then drove her back to her dorm, opened the car door for her and walked her to the front of the dorm. He gave her a goodnight kiss Erotik hikaye and asked if he could call her again. She said OK.

She said that they probably hooked-up 10 times or so after that. He would call her, come by the dorm and pick her up and they would head back to his trailer. He was the first guy she was ever with who REALLY LOVED to eat pussy. She said that up until that point, guys would lick her for a minute or two but then need to get their cock in her. They would sit on his sofa and look at Playboys and Penthouses together. He would lay on the floor and have her squat over his face and he would lick her pussy and asshole until she could not stay in that position anymore. He loved to fuck her with her bra on. He once asked her if she was fucking other people and she hesitated. He said “I don’t care, I am just asking”. So she told him that she had gone to a frat party the previous weekend and had ended up in some guys room for a quickie. She said that all he said was “Hey its college, that’s what you are supposed to be doing”. He asked her what happened and she just told him. “I was at a frat party and was drinking heavily from the keg. One of the frat brothers took me up to his room to show me his photo album (ha!) and we began making out on his bed and ended up fucking.”

I told her “Man, a 35 year old guy with a 19 year old girl? He hit the fucking jackpot!!!”. She said that he was always so nice to her. Always made sure that she got off several times before he came. She said that they never did anything but man-on-top (except for the kitchen counter one). She also never gave him head.

I asked her, “Why did you guys stop fucking?”. She said “I don’t know. We stopped going to that bar and then I just never heard from him again.”

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