When It Rains


It’s six o’clock and I’m still waiting on my five o’clock appointment. I hate doing business with people that don’t know shit about being on time. It makes me feel like I’ve been stood up and in this case I basically have been. Just when I grab my bag to go my client is walking in.

“I apologize for my tardiness Ms. Piedmont.”

“You’re an hour late Mr. Thomas, that is way beyond tardy. This is unprofessional and I can’t have that in my business.”

“I understand that ma’am and I should have called. Please give me at least ten minutes to win you over.”

Although I don’t appreciate him having me wait, I’ll still give him a chance. I motioned for him to lead the way into the dining area of the hotel. He walked over to a secluded booth in the corner so we would have enough privacy. It took him a little longer than 10 minutes, but it was a good presentation nonetheless. He packed up his things and left, while I stayed behind for another drink. I picked up my bag and started walking towards the parking lot. I’m not even halfway to my car when it starts to pour down raining.

I finally reach my car and I’m drenched. My red peplum shirt and black pencil skirt is clingy to my body. The little bit of makeup I have on is smeared across my hazelnut skin and my hair is no longer in the neat ponytail I once had. It’s all frizzy and just looks a mess. Anyways I’m ready to get home and out of these clothes. I try to start my car and and nothing happens. I try it again and the same result. FUCK!! I left the light on and drained my damn battery. I go to call Triple A and great the that battery on my phone is dead. I punched my steering wheel in frustration and laid my head back on the headrest. There was a tap at my window. There was a woman standing there with an umbrella. I opened my door slightly.

“Is everything okay?”

“No, my car won’t start and my phone died so I can’t call anyone.”

“Come with me.” She opened my door wider and held the umbrella over me so I wouldn’t get wetter than I already was. I locked up my car and huddled under the umbrella with her as she led me back into the hotel. We got on the elevator and she pressed the button for the penthouse. Who is she to have the penthouse all to herself? When we walked into her apartment, I spotted a fireplace and immediately went over to get warm.

“That’ll only make it worse hun. Here, strip and put this on.” She handed me a big tshirt and a pair of socks.

“Where is your restroom?” She pointed in the direction of the restroom and I left to get out of my wet clothes. When I came out she was wearing a pair of black short shorts and a sports bra. I hadn’t really looked at her until now. She looked to be about 5’6″with this phat ass and thick long legs. Her hair was brown and came down to the top of her shoulders. She had almond shaped dark brown eyes and warm caramel skin. Her breast wasn’t as big as mine, but they were plump and she had a pair of full lips that would have any guy begging for some good head.

“Gimme your wet clothes and I’ll dry them for you.” I handed her my clothes and took a seat on the couch closest to the fireplace. She came back with a glass of wine.


“Your welcome. My name is Kymona (Kih-mo-na) by the way.”


“Yes, I’m mixed with chinese and jamaican. xnxx I guess my parents thought it was okay.”

“Oh okay well my name is Jazmine,but I prefer to go buy Jazz.”

“Nice to meet you Jazz.”

“Same here and thanks for helping me. I’ll be sure to call Triple A first thing in the morning and get out of your way.”

“There’s no rush hun, trust me.”

For a while we sat in silence. There was a hint of seduction in her voice when she said that and the way she was looking at me didn’t make it any better. If I didn’t know any better I would say Kymona was attracted to women. I finished the last of my wine and sat the glass on the floor. I remembered my charger in my purse and found the nearest outlet to plug in my phone. I could feel her eyes burning a hole in me every time I made a movie. Finally she broke the awkward silence between us.

“Who you like to come to my room and watch some TV?”

“Sure, I’ll take a little more wine to please.”

She grabbed the bottle of wine out of the kitchen and led the way to the bedroom. I sat on the edge of the california king size bed while she sat up against the headboard. She flipped through the channels unto we both agreed on Law & Order SVU. Everything was quiet until a loud thunder sounded throughout the room and lightning struck causing the power to go out.

“Ooh shit!!” I screamed.

I heard Kymona giggle through the darkness. “You okay Jazz?”

“Yeah, I just hate this kind of weather. It still scares me a little bit.”

“You’ll be fine. Come follow me.” I felt her hand on mind as she led me back out to the front where the fireplace was still lit. “Sit here, I’ll be back.” She left and came back with two blankets and a small portable speaker. She laid one blanket on the floor for us to lay on and the other one was covering us. She played soothing R&B music from her phone through the portable speaker. Seeing as we had nothing else to do, we talked and got to know each other. The conversation was going well until thunder roared again causing me to cuddle closer to her than I intended. So maybe I was more than afraid, but who cares? I looked up to see her brown eyes peering into mine.

“Sorry I didn’t mean…” she cut me off.

“It’s cool. Can I ask you something?”


“Have you ever been with a woman sexually?”

“No. Never even thought about it. I mean what kind of satisfaction can come from someone that has the same thing as me?”

“Sensual, stimulating, mind numbing satisfaction.”

“Are you a lesbian?”


“Uhmm I think I should go. No offense to you it’s just something I’m not trying to get into.” Just when I was about to move, the sounds of thunder sent me back into her arms. This time she grabbed me by my waist and wrapped her left leg around my right. She looked into my eyes again this time with more seduction than before. Her hand moved up from my waist and grabbed the side of my face. She gently pecked my lips and pulled me in closer.

Words can’t explain this vibe that you’ve given me baby

Above every ocean higher than a soaring place

Is where you’ll find me and my baby

Just like the stars in the sky, I hope you know you shine so bright to me

My only wish before I die, is that you able to spend your bakire porno life with me

Tink’s song lullaby starting blaring from her speakers. She was singing my exact feelings at that moment. Her lips were so soft against mine. I pulled away to speak.

“Kymona I shouldn’t do this.”

“Sshh. Just try it with me tonight Jazz and if you not feeling it I’ll stop.” With that said she went back to kissing me. This time I kissed her back and I felt the tongue ring that I hadn’t noticed before. Unconsciously my hands wrapped around her waist and travelled down to that round ass. She slowly positioned herself on top of me and I wrapped my arms around her neck to deepen the kiss. I swear it was nothing like how I kissed my ex boyfriends in the past. She actually took her time with me. She sat up and told me to take off the t-shirt she had given me. I did as she asked. For a while Kymona glared at my body and it made me feel a little self conscious at first. She leaned forward removing my bra straps and twisting the back of my bra to the front to unclasp it, all while glaring into my eyes. She gently pushed me back and got up to take off my panties. I was fully naked and feeling very vulnerable to a complete stranger.

There’s something in this liquor

The air is getting thicker

I can’t help but to stare at you, oh yeah, girl what did you do?

Tell me what did you slip up in my cup?

Girl, cause I want you, oh yeah

I had a little bit too much girl, so come over here

Chris Brown couldn’t be anymore right at this moment. The air had gotten thicker and I feel like I could barely breathe. Kymona ran her gentle hands against my body starting from stomach and working its way up to my perfectly shaped D-cup titties. She brought her index finger up to my lips.

“Open your mouth.” I did what she asked. “Suck on it.” I slowly sucked on it and her twirled my tongue around it. She bit her bottom lip and moaned in satisfaction. “Damn baby I didn’t realize your sexy ass dimples until now,” she said while removing her now wet finger from my mouth. She stood up to remove her clothes. I don’t know what came over me but I leaned in to kiss and lick on her inner thighs. I look up to see her seductively licking her lips. She came back down and kissed on my neck. The kisses trailed down from my neck to her kissing my nipples. Eventually I could feel the rapid movement of her tongue ring increasing on my nipple. She repeated this same step to my other nipple. All I could do was toss my head back in ecstasy. This shit was feeling so damn good. Her mouth travelled down to my stomach. She continued until she was down to my inner thighs. I was anticipating her next move.

“You ready, Jazz?”


Before it her tongue ring made contact with my clit. She alternated between kissing and sucking it. My back arched off the floor and my hands went to grab for her hair. She grabbed my thighs and pressed them to the floor to keep me from closing in on her face, it’s a good thing I’m flexible. Her tongue slid from my clit and made its way deep in my pussy. I was wet when we first started so I know whenever she got done her face would be soakin’ wet. Her long lashes fluttered as she looked up while tongue fucking my pussy.

“Oh my god Ky. bedava porno Baby wait a minute.” I could barely catch my breath.

“Feels good don’t it baby?”

“Mmmm yesss baby yesss.” I started to grind my pussy against her face. This was the best head I had ever gotten. Within seconds she switched it up and I felt her insert two fingers in my pussy. Her thumb was rubbing my clit and she used her other hand to caress my stomach and occasionally pinch my nipples. I swear I never felt so much pleasure at one time in my life. Kymona increased the speed of her fingers. My mind was in haze and I felt like I couldn’t take it anymore. I tried to scoot away from her and escape her fingers.

“Where you going Jazz? I know you ain’t running from me?”

“oooohhhh shiiiiittt baby hold on. I can’t…oh my god.”

“You can’t what boo?” She came pulled me up to kiss her. As her tongue invaded my mouth I could taste some of my pussy juice that was leftover. That shit turned me on even more. In the heat of it all I threw caution to the wind and finger fucked her pussy. I mimicked everything that she was doing to me. She moaned against my lips and gently tugged at my bottom lip with her teeth. I broke our kiss when I took her nipple into my mouth. They were the perfect size for sucking on.

“Yesssss Jazz, just like that baby. That shit feels so good.”

You feeling my body, you making me naughty, I’m doing everything I don’t do

It must be the weather that brought us together cause baby, it just makes me want you

Oh up under me especially when it’s thundering

Said that I was done, but it’s crazy what we do when

Tink was right. Had it not rained and I wasn’t caught up in the position I was earlier, I may not have gotten the chance to experience this beautiful night. Kymona was bringing the true freak out of me and I was enjoying every second of it. I continued finger fucking her pussy and I reached around to smack that juicy ass of hers.

“Ooh FUCK!! That shit turns me on. Do it again please.”

“You like me smacking ya ass Ky.”

“Yesss baby.” I felt myself getting closer and closer to my climax. I need to cum NOW!! I guess Kymona was feeling the same as me. She stopped fingering my pussy and starting scissoring me. I could feel her clit rubbing against mine as she grinded against me. My right leg was up on her shoulder and I got a perfect view of her ass. I smacked her ass again only to make her speed up. I could hear the wetness from our pussies kisses each other.

“Fuck fuck fuck…I’m bout to cum. Don’t stop, make me cum baby.”

“Pull my hair Jazz.” I did what she asked and that seemed to turn her on more. She started kissing on my leg and clawing at my thigh. “Shit I’m cumming Jazz, I’m cumming. Fuuuuuccckkkkk!!” She squirted all over my pussy. A few seconds later I was creaming all over hers. She sat on top of me a while causing our juices to mix. She eventually collapsed on the floor next to me, still shaking from her orgasm. I leaned down far enough so I was able to lick our sweet mixture from her pussy. Her body jerked at the contact of my tongue. I went back up to kiss her and let her taste our creation. I smiled at her showing my perfect dimples slightly impressed by my actions. She covered us up in the blanket and held me as she drifted off to sleep. The only sounds to fill the room were the crackling sounds of the fire, thunder here and there, and the light snores that escaped Kymona lips. I buried my face in the crook of her neck and whispered, “I hope it never stops raining.”

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