What Have We Done? Ch. 03

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AN: Here’s the third and final chapter of What Have We Done?. I’m extremely thankful for everyone who read this and commented, or sent feedback. As always, thank you for reading, and please don’t hesitate to send any constructive criticism my way!


With careful steps forward they began dating.

Lilian was the one to point out how odd it felt, to be doing things backwards. First they slept together, now they were actually going out and learning something about one another. Katie had simply rolled her eyes and ruffled Lilian’s hair.

After nearly three months of dating, they went on their first group date with a couple of Katie’s friends. Friends that knew who Lilian was, but not the entire history. To say Lilian was nervous was a massive understatement. She fidgeted so violently on the drive to the restaurant that Katie offered to call the whole thing off. Lilian was able to pull herself together and they made it through dinner without a hitch. And a week later when Lilian had some of her gym friends over to meet Katie, they were so accepting and open to them that Lilian cried after they left.

Of course, not everyone was okay with their relationship, and both lost a few friends over it.

True to her word, Katie never left Lilian’s side, and they dealt with any fallout together. Lilian even brought Katie to her work’s fourth of July barbeque, no longer worried over what might happen, since they’d already shared their truth with anyone who needed to know.

Before long, the summer ended and as cooler weather blew in, Katie noticed a pronounced quietness in Lilian. At first this wasn’t alarming. Lilian was naturally quiet – still water runs deep and all that. The closer the end of the year came, however, the more Katie caught Lilian staring off into space, chewing her lip or fidgeting her fingers.

“Babe, you’re extra quiet tonight. Everything okay?” Katie dropped next to Lilian on the couch, tucking some of Lilian’s hair over her shoulder.

“Mostly. Just stressing over breaking the news to mom and dad.” Lilian pulled Katie’s legs into her lap and began massaging her calves to distract herself.

“Oh, Christ, thank you.” Katie flopped back onto the couch, arms tossed above her head. She basked in the focused pressure Lilian was using on her tight muscles, sighing in contentment.

“Mom and dad will be fine. We’ll approach them the same way we have everyone else, and if that’s the end of things with our parents, then so be it. We’ll have backup holiday plans just in case.” Katie looked along her body, watching Lilian process this.

“When did you become the smart one?” Lilian eventually asked with a smile.

Katie raised an eyebrow. “How do you know I haven’t always been the smart one, and simply played dumb to let you feel superior?”

Lilian gasped in mock outrage, pinching her thigh playfully. “How dare you. Just for that I won’t be sharing the ice cream.”

Katie stilled, narrowing her eyes at Lilian. “Excuse me?”

“You heard me. An entire carton of delicious, creamy, butter pecan ice cream. All for me.” Lilian moaned happily, the rich rumble fanning the heat that was always simmering deep in Katie’s belly.

“Rude.” Katie pulled her legs away from Lilian’s hands, unsurprised when her ankle was captured, long fingers wrapping around.

“You’re rude. Calling me dumb. The very idea.” Lilian didn’t hide the smile tugging at her lips when she pulled Katie into her lap, dropping a quick kiss to her forehead.

Katie pouted for a minute, arms crossing over her chest. She ignored the patient look Lilian was giving her, clearly waiting.


“Hmm?” Lilian asked, turning her head and touching her own ear.

“I’m sorry for being rude. You’re very intelligent.” Katie couldn’t quite keep a sarcastic inflection from her tone, and unfortunately for her, Lilian caught it right away.

“You’re such a little shit sometimes.”

“You love me anyways.” Katie reminded her, a slow smile spreading across her face.

Lilian matched her smile, warm hands slipping inside her shirt. “I do.”

Warmed by the simple affirmation, Katie rested her forehead against Lillian’s. “Lucky me.” She met Lilian halfway for a soft kiss. “I love you, too.”

They kissed around smiles and tender words until Lilian secured her hands under Katie and stood, carefully navigating towards the bedroom, ignoring Katie’s mumbled suggestion to turn out the lights. A knee on the mattress, Lilian gently laid Katie out, pulling away to look at her for a moment.

“What?” Katie asked, worried she had food in her hair or something on her face.

“You’re beautiful.” Lilian settled over her, already kissing a lazy path down her neck while sure hands bunched her tee upwards.

Fighting the blush burning her cheeks, Katie helped Lilian with her shirt, flinging it away blindly when warm palms cupped her breasts. Rough, calloused fingers plucked and twisted at her nipples. Katie bursa escort bayan bit back a gasp and made short work of the buttons on Lilian’s flannel, tugging the opened halves over her shoulders. Luckily, Lilian took the hint and sat back to shrug out of it, then went the extra step and swept off the white tee she’d worn underneath.

Sitting up, Katie unzipped Lilian’s sports bra and greedily cupped her breasts, going straight for her nipples and sucking with firm suction. She switched from one to the other, then contented herself with leaving light pink marks from her teeth anywhere she could reach.

A firm hand in her hair pulled her away, halfway through leaving a red hickey on the round curve of Lilian’s right breast.

“Lay down for me. I wanna taste you.” Lilian’s eyes were dark and hungry and Katie was more than happy to do as she said.

Scooting back under Lilian’s guidance, Katie lifted her butt so her pants could be dragged down and tossed away. She spread her legs wide with Lilian’s urging, lifting her hips in eager anticipation. The wet warmth of Lilian’s tongue was soft and sinful, dragging slowly through her, swiping fully over her clit. Reaching down, Katie tangled her fingers into the rich wealth of Lilian’s hair, more so she could touch Lilian than to guide her.

Soft lips wrapped around her clit. Gentle suction and a teasing tongue quickly pulled Katie to the brink, only to back away. Katie whimpered and looked down, meeting Lilian’s eyes and pouting at the damp smirk she was given. There was a short staring contest, a silent battle for dominance.

“Please, baby. I’m so close. Please let me cum.” Katie begged, shifting in the vain hope Lilian would touch her, or let her grind.

Lilian flashed a triumphant grin. “Fuck, I love it when you beg.” She tapped wetly at Katie’s pussy with two fingers, looking very pleased with herself. “You’re so wet. Think you can cum from my mouth, or do you need my fingers too?”

“Whichever, but please, please fuck me. I wanna cum!” Katie whined, tugging at Lilian’s hair.

“Oh, I’ll fuck you, don’t worry.” Lilian promised, finally, finally, putting her mouth back on Katie and flicking at her needy clit with a wickedly fast tongue.

Overwhelmed by the rapid onslaught, Katie cried out, thighs closing around Lilians head, hips bucking in an effort to get away, but also closer. There was time for one sharp gasp before Lilian’s focused attention flung Katie off the brink and into sweet bliss.

Only a handful of minutes had passed when Katie opened her eyes, body warm and relaxed in the rumpled comforter. She licked dry lips and looked around, finding Lilian still between her legs, head resting on her thigh watching her own fingers play with the mussed curls gracing Katie’s pubic mound. The twitch of Katie’s fingers in her hair pulled Lilian’s attention up her body, warm brown eyes meeting hers.

“Hey, you’re back.” Lilian’s smile was soft.

“Didn’t go anywhere. Just took a lil nap.” Katie detangled her hand from Lilian’s hair, smoothing it back from her forehead. “Gotta be well rested to take care of you, too.”

Lilian hummed noncommittally into her thigh, clearly not inclined to move. Katie raised an eyebrow at her, surprised.

“I’m good.”

“Baby -”

“I’m good. I promise.”

Katie sluggishly pushed up to her elbows, frowning. “Lilian, that’s not fair. I wanna -“

“I already came.” Lilian interrupted, blushing.

Katie blinked down at her, surprised. “What?” How long had she been blissed out?

Lilian took a moment to readjust her position between Katie’s legs, arms folded across her hips, chin resting on her forearms. “When you came I was grinding on the bed. Figured I’d keep myself worked up until you came, then had a chance to catch your breath, before round two. Only…I might have been, uh, overexuberant.” She blushed harder, tucking hair over her ears while she confessed.

“Fuck, that’s kinda hot.” Katie sighed, laying back again. She giggled at the way Lilian buried her head, warm breath puffing over her skin. “Are you embarrassed? Don’t be. If anything, you should come up here so I can clean you up.”

Lilian did as Katie asked, careful to avoid kneeling on her hair. Katie kissed her way up Lilian’s thighs, taking her time before burying her mouth in Lilian’s pussy.

It was a very long time before they went to bed.


A week into November, Katie came home to find Lilian staring off into space while a documentary played, ignored completely.

Taking off her coat and dropping her bag, Katie chewed at her lip, formulating a plan. She knew how much the upcoming holidays and inevitable coming out to their parents was eating away at Lilian. She was nervous too, unbearably so at times. Her own promise to Lilian was all that helped her push her worries aside. They would face this together, and she would not abandon Lilian. Katie took a deep breath, working out a plan. For tonight, bursa anal yapan escort she would do her best to distract Lilian, and wear her out.

Stepping lightly across the floor, heels sinking slightly in the soft carpet, Katie turned off the television, eyes on Lilian. “Darling?”

Lillian’s attention shifted to her smoothly, but the worried creases remained across her forehead. “Hey baby. I didn’t hear you come in. How was your day?”

Smiling softly, Katie bent to kiss Lilian, once to her forehead, and then on the lips. “Dull. Boring. I missed you. It’s torture when I have to be gone, knowing you’re here, all alone, all day.”

Lilian offered a soft smile. “I missed you too.” Her hand cupped Katie’s jaw, thumb sweeping over her cheek. “Have you eaten? I made salmon with wild rice and asparagus.”

Pressing a kiss to Lilian’s palm, Katie shook her head. “Not hungry for food.” She straddled Lilian’s lap and pressed close, knees sinking into the couch as she kissed along Lilian’s jaw.

Warm hands found her waist and smoothed down over her hips, a thumb fiddling with the side zipper of her skirt. “Is that so?”

Kissing the corner of Lilian’s mouth, Katie pulled away briefly. “Yes.” She whispered, rolling her hips against Lilian. Dark eyes met hers, hesitant and shy at first, a burning hunger sparking to life to match Katie’s.

In a move similar to their first time, nearly a year ago on their parent’s couch, Lilian slipped a hand along Katie’s cheek and into the thick wealth of hair piled behind her head, pulling Katie back down for a kiss. Katie melted against her, taken aback by the gentle touch and hungry kiss. She settled into Lilian’s lap, wiggling down just a little.

“What exactly are you hungry for tonight?” Lilian asked, nipping at Katie’s chin. The soft graze of her teeth excited Katie, no matter where they landed, and she had to fight a full body shiver. Instead she pressed her hips down into Lilian’s lap again and brought one of her hands up, guiding it to wrap around her neck. The instinctive pressure Lilian used to grip her throat was enough to send a damp rush spearing between her thighs. “Please?” She begged, watching as something shifted in Lilian.

Her grip tightened marginally, her eyes darkened, and her expression turned possessive. “You’ve been thinking about this, haven’t you. Daydreaming at work instead of doing your job.”

“Yes.” Katie gasped out, sagging into Lilian’s lap.

“You thought you could come home and get your needy little pussy taken care of, after neglecting your work?” Lilian pushed Katie off her lap, directing her to stretch out on her belly over Lilian’s thighs. The promise of what came next made Katie pant and whimper. “No. You need to be reminded that good girls get taken care of. Good girls who stay focused and on task.” Lilian rolled the tight skirt up around Katie’s waist as she spoke, plucking at the delicate lace that covered her rear. “You’re not a good girl. I can fucking smell you. Naughty girl, getting wet thinking about getting fucked soft and slow.” Lilian smoothed a hand over her ass, the warmth of her palm only exciting Katie more.

When the first slap landed, Katie yelped into the couch cushion, not because it hurt but because she nearly came. The anticipation had built until she was worried about leaking through her panties.

“No cumming. Take your punishment, be good for me.”

Lilian massaged the spot she’d slapped, gentle as ever. She delivered two more spanks in quick succession, careful to stroke the skin after. The heat of each impact was spreading, warming Katie’s belly and thighs, and adding to the slick heat spilling from her pussy. She endured a handful of spanks, squirming uselessly against Lilian’s thigh, her clit throbbing, pussy clenching around nothing.

Finally Lilian slipped a hand between her thighs, barely grazing the sodden lace covering her sex. Katie whimpered, arching back in a desperate attempt to increase the pressure.

“Patience. You did very well, don’t ruin it by being pushy.”

Katie struggled to stay still as Lilian traced light fingertips along the damp crease of her thigh, then tickled a short path down her thighs. She pressed her mouth into the couch to muffle her moan when Lilian squeezed her ass, spreading one cheek.

“Fuck, you’re wet.”

She didn’t bother hiding her whimper this time, turning her head to look back at Lilian, pleading. “Please.” She propped her hips higher, hoping Lilian would take pity on her and fuck her already.

“Uh uh, you haven’t been good enough to get any relief.” Lilian warned, squeezing her ass before pulling her up to kneel on the couch. “You took your punishment, but I think I deserve an apology. I shouldn’t have to discipline you, not when you’ve been out of the house and away from me all day. Don’t you think that’s hard enough for me?” Lilian raised her eyebrows, clearly expecting an answer.

“Yes ma’am.” bursa rus escort Katie answered dutifully, already knowing where this was going. It was a newer game they’d begun playing on days their work schedules misaligned, and after the spanking she’d just had, Katie was eager to show her appreciation. She squirmed, her warm ass resting on her cold heels, the long stilettos digging into the tender flesh.

“Then give me a kiss.”

Katie eagerly bent to kiss Lilian, gasping when a hot palm found her throat at the last second. Lilian didn’t stop her, just held the length of her neck as Katie closed the space between them.

Katie kept her kisses soft and almost chaste, simply pressing her lips against Lilian’s. She could feel a restlessness within Lilian and wanted to draw that out. The only way was to work Lilian up, let her lead, make her push things to the next level. Luckily for her poor, weeping, empty pussy, that didn’t take too long.

Fingers tangled into the sweat damp hair at the back of Katie’s head and sharp teeth found her bottom lip, sinking in with precise pressure. When she gasped at the delicious spark of pain, Lilian took advantage and licked into her mouth with an addicting hunger. Katie moaned and sucked at her tongue, shivering when the hand around her throat tightened to hold her still.

Lilian pulled away and stood suddenly, leading Katie from the living room to their bedroom, slapping the light on. “Kneel,” she ordered, pushing Katie back to her knees at the side of the bed. Katie went willingly, hands reaching for the sweats Lilian wore, tugging them down in one swift move. Normally, they’d lay down or one would sit on the edge of the bed, but Katie wanted her tongue inside Lilian now. She pressed her face into the lime green panties Lilian wore, mouthing at the gusset, impatient for a taste.

“Shit, you really are a needy little bitch tonight.” Lilian gasped, adjusting her hips so she could grind her clit over Katie’s upper lip.

“I wanna taste you. Please, let me lick your pussy.” Katie begged into the soft cotton.

“This is supposed to be an apology, remember? You left me all alone today, and I’ve missed you terribly.” Lilian met her eyes with a serious look, checking in to make sure their game was still going as she stepped back to remove her panties.

“I remember. I’m sorry I wasn’t home with you. I missed you so much. I couldn’t stop thinking about you.” Katie clasped her hands behind her back, a sign to Lilian that she was still very much on board with their game. She only had eyes for the thick curls Lilian had just revealed, a hint of pink amidst them.

“Then I expect to feel your remorse.” Lilian stepped up, a hand on the back of Katie’s head needlessly guiding.

Katie knelt there for an unknown time, doing her best to apologize through her worship. She nuzzled at the rich curls, ignoring how they tickled her nose and cheeks to enjoy the way Lilian’s scent was held there just for her. Kisses were pressed anywhere in her reach, along Lilian’s mons, thighs, labia, and deeper amidst the silken folds. Kisses to the swollen pearl of Lilian’s clit quickly turned into slurping suction, teasing the hypersensitive tip out of its hood. Katie periodically swept her tongue deep to collect the rich, warm taste of Lilian, once or twice getting lost in swallowing all she could gather. When trembling fingers swept hair from her forehead Katie looked up through her lashes at Lilian, thrilled to see her desire reflected back at her.

“Stand up.”

It took a full minute before Katie understood the hushed words, and another before she could bear to remove her mouth from Lilian’s pussy. She’d wanted to make Lilian cum, but had lingered too long, been too gentle. She began to apologize for that as Lilian helped her back to her feet.

“I can try again. I got caught up in how delicious you taste. I promise. I’ll make you cum until I’ve earned-“

“Hush.” Lilian pressed a single finger to her lips, using her other hand to unzip Katie’s skirt and tug it from her hips. “Step out. Leave your panties.”

Katie did as she was told, taking a deep breath to steady herself. She unbuttoned her blouse while Lilian neatly folded her skirt over the desk chair, slipping the opened shirt off and tossing it to the bed.

“Mmm, much better.” Lilian crooned her approval, eyeing Katie up and down. “The heels are a fucking nice touch.” Katie straightened her spine under the praise. “I think you’ve just about redeemed yourself. Can you be a good girl for me?” Lilian asked, reaching to take Katie’s mussed bun out, finger combing the rich honeyed waves.

“Yes.” Katie lifted her chin and snuck in a kiss to Lilian’s jaw. She stood obediently while Lilian retrieved the familiar leather harness and the new galaxy colored dildo they’d splurged on. Just seeing it added to the slippery mess between Katie’s legs. She licked her lips watching Lilian slide the harness on, buckling it with practiced ease.

“Pick a position.” Lilian ordered softly, tugging at the silicone cock.

Katie tore her eyes away, swallowing down the rush of saliva filling her mouth and turned to the bed. She bit her lip as she considered, stealing a glance at Lilian as she put a knee on the bed.

“C’mon, my good girl. Don’t keep me waiting.”

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