Wedding Day Fantasy


“I do,” Dan said with enthusiasm as he gazed into the eyes of his beautiful bride. He was full of joy and love.

He didn’t really hear the minister’s next few words. He was admiring his new wife. She really was a wonder. She had got him back on track; helped him get off drugs, get a job, get some decent friends. She was a wonderful woman who was kind and considerate. She also had a pretty face and a lovely curvy body; she was sexy.

Everyone cheered and clapped as he leaned in to kiss the lovely Josie when instructed to do so by the minister. Her full lips were always a pleasure to kiss. He was a happy man.


The next four hours were a pleasurable blur of photos, congratulations, amazing food and dodgy speeches. Dan really could not wait to get Josie up to the bridal suite. Her figure hugging wedding dress was driving him wild; making him horny as hell.

He knew he had at least another six hours to wait. He took another sip of champagne as the party started. Josie was off chatting with her girlfriends; they were laughing a lot; she looked completely happy.

God, I am horny, Dan thought. How am I going to last? He thought briefly about quickly popping to the toilets to jerk off but he did not want to waste his first married juice on a toilet bowl.

In a weak moment he thought; I could really do with a line right now. He was a little annoyed with himself. He was about to put the thought out of his mind when he saw something that almost made his heart stop.

There across the room was the most stunning woman he had ever seen. She was subtly waving at him. He could not believe what he was seeing. He had not seen this woman for over four years.

Last time he saw her he was snorting coke off her perfectly enhanced tits; she was an old fuck buddy / drugs buddy of his. He had not seen anyone from that part of his life for over three years. What was she doing here? The question scared him.

She could tell Josie stuff that would destroy their fledgling marriage before it had started. But why would she do that? They had parted on good terms and there was never any commitment between them anyway. It was not really what she knew that scared Dan; it was the temptation she posed.

The woman waving at him was, by a long way, the hottest, sexiest, most beautiful woman at the reception. Jodie may have been beautiful and sexy but she was no where near this woman. The blast from the past was thinner, taller, prettier and curvier (helped by her enhanced DD tits) than Josie. Every straight man who saw her wanted her; hell, she was hot enough to turn most gay men straight.

Dan could already feel a stirring between his legs. He was a little annoyed with himself.

She was beginning to attract quite a bit of attention so she quickly made a little signal to bakımlı gaziantep escort Dan that only they would understand and then she left; whilst about twenty men checked out her amazing ass. The signal was an old hand signal that she and Dan used to use; fancy a line?

Dan was torn. He was proud that he had been fully clean for over two years but he was so tempted. He truly loved his Josie but he knew that one line with this woman from his past would inevitably lead to some of the best fucking of his life; it always did; she knew exactly how to use her perfect body.

The mental turmoil was causing him to get angry. How could he be considering cheating on his beautiful Josie before they had even consummated their marriage? But the old demons of the past were winning out. The memories of the amazing times he had enjoyed whilst high on coke with this woman were too much to resist.

He slipped out of the room to follow her.


He was already feeling a mixture of incredible guilt and intense excitement as he saw her waiting for him. If possible she looked even better than last time he saw her. She smiled at him and without a single word she turned and walked off.

Dan followed whilst checking out her ass. The way it moved when she walked was enough to give any man a hard on; Dan certainly had one.

He followed her all the way to room 213. Once inside she finally spoke, “Ready for some real fun?” Her voice was like honey; it made Dan even harder; it brought back so many sexy memories.

For now Dan’s guilt had been placed to one side. He was just horny and excited now, “Fuck yeah.”

She walked up to him and threw her arms around his neck and kissed him gently. “You know the rules. Get naked first. Everything is better when we are naked.”

She let him go, smiled at him and undid the button behind her neck. When she let go her sheer silk dress shimmied all the way to the ground leaving her completely naked apart from a pair of shiny black six inch stilettos. She was even more breathtaking than Dan had remembered.

She had long black hair that cascaded over her perfect perky breasts. She had a stunning hour glass figure with unbelievable legs. Somehow she managed to be very thin yet very curvy and sexy at the same time. Her skin was a beautiful olive tone.

Dan almost fell over in his rush to get his clothes off. He was just pulling his pants down when he heard a noise. “What’s that?” he asked in a panic.

The naked beauty before him just smiled, “Don’t worry. I just brought a friend along. Three is always better than two.” At that moment another stunning naked woman walked into the room from the en suite bathroom. She had a similar amazing body to the first woman but was shorter bakımlı gaziantep escort bayan and had blonde hair.

She walked straight over to Dan and kissed him whilst grabbing his cock with one hand. Dan welcomed her tongue into his mouth and explored her soft ass with one hand and her equally soft tits with the other.

After a few blissful seconds she pulled away. Dan feasted his eyes on the two most beautiful women he had ever met. All thoughts of Josie or guilt had completely gone. His libido had full control now.

“You ready?” The blonde asked?

“Oh yeah.”

The blonde girl lay on the bed with her arms out stretched and her legs apart. Dan really wanted to fuck her hard.

The other girl got a small baggie of white powder and prepared a small line of it on Blondie’s perfectly shaved mound. She then stepped away; making room for Dan.

He got on his knees and lowered his head down to this goddesses most private area. He could see she was wet and he could smell it. It drove him wild. He was sure his cock was going to explode.

He held one nostril closed as he sniffed up the line. Then he began licking the wet pussy as the elation set in. He practically devoured it. Gently biting her lips and sinking his tongue in deep and playing with her clit; everything was a blur of sexiness and elation.

Blondie sounded breathless as she said, “Feed me your cock big boy.” Dan did not need asking twice; he was desperate for release.

He went to the other end of the bed and fed his rock hard nine inches into Blondie’s mouth. She immediately put her arms around him so she could grab his ass and pull him close. She was deep throating him and it felt amazing.

Dan grabbed her ample tits as his cock was getting sucked. He knew he would not last much longer; the first time he was going to cum as a married man was going to be down Blondie’s throat; not what he expected when he woke up that morning.

Just to make sure he could last no longer, the girl from his past was snorting a line off Blondie’s mound before devouring her pussy.

God this was sexy. Dan felt on top of the world.

He was getting real close; Blondie’s deep throat technique was amazing. Her nails digging into his ass cheeks just heightened the sensation.

Suddenly Blondie began to moan loudly. Then her body started to shake. She was cumming hard. This sent Dan over the edge and he shot load after load down Blondie’s throat.

She swallowed it all as she orgasmed. The other girl did not stop working on Blondie’s clit until she had finished cumming.

Dan finally stopped squirting his seed down Blondie’s throat but she continued to suck. He was hornier than he had ever felt. He had just had the most escort gaziantep bakımlı bayan amazing orgasm of his life and it obviously was not over yet.

Blondie bought Dan’s softening cock back to life before the other girl said, “Dan, you lie down now.”

Reluctantly he removed his cock from Blondie and lay on the bed just where she had been.

Immediately Blondie climbed on top of him and straddled Dan’s face. She sat on him; her ample soft ass pushing into his face; offering up her gushing pussy to his mouth. He accepted and lapped up her juices as he felt a line of coke being prepared just above his cock.

Blondie was rocking her pelvis back and forward; fucking his face; as she leaned forward to snort her line.

Once snorted she leaned back in ecstasy. Dan could hardly breath but he was happy. He continued to devour Blondie’s sweet wet pussy; he loved the taste of her.

He could feel his cock was rock hard and needed attention. Almost as if she had read his mind he felt the girl from his past climb on top of him and lower herself onto his cock.

Her warm wet vagina enveloped his throbbing cock. He could not believe that he had two of the most beautiful women in the world riding him at the same time.

His cock was being ridden hard and fast; and so was his face. He was close to cumming again as the two girls kissed each other passionately whilst playing with each other’s tits.

All three were riding high with drug enhanced elation and sexual desire.

Dan felt his second orgasm building as the two girls began to moan. They stopped kissing and began shouting as all three of them exploded into super intense orgasms. Dan almost choked on Blondie’s juices as she ejaculated so much into his mouth.

The other girl’s body shook with a ferocious intensity as Dan filled her with his seed.

After a few more seconds of pure carnal pleasure they all collapsed on the bed.

They all lay there breathless for a few minutes before one girl said, “You had better get back to your new wife.”

Dan looked at the clock. He had been gone for about an hour. Shit! How was he going to explain that.

He went to the bathroom and washed the smell of Blondie off his face and then got dressed.

The two naked beauties stood by the door for him. They both kissed him on his cheek and said, “Happy wedding day big boy.” He left the room and never saw them again.


He rushed back to the reception and went straight to Josie.

“Where have you been? I haven’t seen you for ages, husband.” She kissed him sweetly.

Dan was glad she was not mad or suspicious. He felt guilty but it did not take away from the fact that he had just had the best sex of his life on his wedding day; a threesome with two amazing beauties. And to top it all he would get to make love to his gorgeous Josie in a few hours time.

He knew he was a complete bastard but it had been worth it. He just smiled at Josie and said, “Oh, just mingling. Catching up with old friends.” Not a complete lie he thought.

“Oh okay.” She smiled at him and started chatting to one of her bridesmaids. She was the happiest girl in the world today. And Dan was the happiest man.

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