Waitressing at Oktoberfest

Non Nude

It was Oktoberfest at the Deutschland Club in Seattle in 1985. Do you want to hear about how I got fucked that Saturday night?

I was eighteen years old, taller and bustier than most girls my age. I hadn’t planned to waitress, but Inga Schneider, who was in my drama class at Roosevelt High, sold me – even though of course it was against the labor laws.

“Come on! It’ll be great. My sister did it last year.”

“But I’m supposed to go to a party that night in Queen Anne. Brian’s bringing the new Depeche Mode album. Can’t you ask Jennifer?”

“Her family’s going to Portland for the weekend. And this pays eight bucks an hour plus tips! Don’t you know how fabulous you’ll look in a dirndl?”

When I squeezed into my green-and-gold Bavarian costume, I had to admit that my tits looked absolutely stunning, pushed up and out for everyone to admire. And I enjoyed pushing through the crowd with those huge steins of Hefeweizen, rubbing up against men and women alike, feeling hands reach out to subtly caress and squeeze me as I leaned over tables. I’d played with my cunt in the changing room at the back before coming out, and all the attention was making me wild.

At a corner table, a guy who was a dead ringer for Ryan O’Neal in his late 30’s addressed me in German. He was sitting next to his busty, dirty blonde wife, who wore a red dress and black strappy heels with a gold doubleheaded eagle necklace. She was a few years older than him.

“I’m actually Irish,” I said with a laugh. “Surprise!”

“I bet you’re full of surprises,” he said. “Hey, don’t you go to school with our daughter Hannah?”

Now I recognized him. They owned a Chrysler dealership on Aurora Avenue, and they’d been seated in the fourth row when I appeared in Fiddler on the Roof the year before.

“Uh huh. You’re not going to tell the manager, are you?”

“What, that you’re eighteen?” said the wife. “No fear. You’re very mature for your age. Extremely striking.”

Neither of them looked much like Hannah, who was short, pale, studious and sweet.

I felt color coming into my cheeks as the wife gave me the once-over. Inga was on the other side of the crowded room, talking to someone at the bar.

The husband said something I couldn’t hear over the oompah music, and I leaned in. “Sorry?”

His hand nestled on the small of my arap escort back, and gently glided down to my ass. I didn’t move away, and my anus and cunt twinged with excitement. “Could you bring us another basket of pretzels?”

“Certainly.” I turned, making sure that my full, young ass brushed right against his cheek, right in front of his wife. I glanced back over my shoulder and she gave me a devilish smile. Mmm. What was going on here?

When I came back with the pretzels, he pressed a ten-dollar bill into my hand. “Keep the change.”

“Why, thank you.”

“So what are your plans for next year?”

“I’m off to college.”

“Hannah’s looking at UCLA or USC. How about you?”

“Staying in town. The University of Washington.”

“I bet you’ll be very popular on campus with the boys and girls,” said the wife. She looked me straight in the eye, took a sip of her beer, and licked her lips.

I felt my body heating up and my nipples standing out against the dirndl fabric.

“Can we chat a little more?” said the husband. “We have a little proposal for you.”

“I’d love to chat,” I said, repositioning my body so I was right in between the two of them. I could feel the wife’s heavy tits brush against my thigh. Yes.

A flash of excitement ran through my head. I’m an exhibitionist, and I suddenly felt this desire to do something really obscene. Lift up my skirt in front of everyone at Oktoberfest. Take a pretzel, break it into two, and put it inside my cunt. Grab an empty stein, squat, and fill it to the brim with my piss while people cheered and masturbated for me. Being the complete centre of attention…

Then I was back. “I’m sorry, can you repeat that again?”

“We’re selling the dealership this summer,” said the wife. “We’re planning to move to Los Angeles so we can be close to Hannah for college.”

“And what that means is that we’ve got inventory galore to unload,” he said. “I won’t bore you with the details, but I’ve got a 1983 Imperial LeBaron that I need to get off the lot ASAP. Conflict of interest situation. In fact, I need to move it so badly that I drove it here to Oktoberfest tonight.”

The wife chuckled. “What do you think about that?”

I was a little confused. “I don’t know. What should I think?”

She put her red fingernailed-hand escort arap on mine. “My husband and I both agree that car would look a lot better with you in the back seat and him on top of you.”

“And let’s put it this way,” he said. “If you want that car afterwards, it’s yours. Might help out a little with your tuition fees.”

I gasped and my eyes widened. I was so fucking turned on by what they were saying. That was a $7,000 car. Part of me had always fantasized about being so desirable that I got paid for my sexual services – and now it was right there in front of me. But I didn’t know how to react.

“Is this OK? You’re married.”

“We’re in the lifestyle,” he said. The music got louder as a traditional dance began next to the stage.

“He means we’re swingers,” the wife told me. “Have you ever been watched while you get fucked before.”

“No – but I’d love to.”

“I knew it! I knew you were a proud slut just like me,” she whispered. “There’s something in your eyes.”

She showed me the tip of her tongue between her teeth and I mirrored her gesture, maintaining unbroken eye contact. My hips were squirming. It looked like I was swaying to the music, but really, I wanted to get fucked by Hannah’s parents.

“When’s your next break?” the husband asked me.

“In about five minutes.”

“Join us at the very back of the parking lot. License plate 954-ZXX.”

It was a misty October night, but after telling Inga I had to go out to grab something at the corner store, I located the LeBaron with ease.

There was no ceremony, no prelude. I climbed into the huge back seat where they were waiting and we all started kissing. Three tongues intertwined with saliva, loud moaning, me half their age and grinding my cunt into his hard thigh. He reached around and placed both hands on my ass, squeezing me hard. With unabashed hunger, the wife reached crudely inside my dirndl and pulled my right tit out.

“Do you want me to suck on this?” she said. It wasn’t clear if she was asking me or him. But without a word, I pushed my nipple into her mouth and she sucked it hard, sending shudders of pleasure right through me as if she was eating my clit. My cunt was dripping

“Oh yeah, I want to get fucked now,” I told them. “I’m so hot for it.” I pulled arap escort bayan up my dirndl and showed them I’d taken off my lace panties before coming out here. My hairy bush was all ready to get penetrated. I got on my hands and knees on the leather upholstery with my back to them, spreading my legs wide enough that they could see my asshole too.

He unzipped and pulled out a rapidly stiffening erection, while the wife hiked up her dress to expose a hole in her pantyhose and started crudely rubbing her labia and clit.

“Fuck her good,” she told him. “You always talk about how much you want teenage pussy. This is your chance. Give it to her good. Make her earn this car.”

He penetrated me nice and deep, thrusting right up against my ass, hands clamping my thighs. The wife moaned with enjoyment as she frigged herself and watched my fuck show. She was touching my leg, stroking it, loving it.

“How does it feel to have my husband’s cock inside you?”

“I’ve only been with a few guys…and this is the thickest fucking cock I’ve ever taken,” I gasped. I closed my eyes and stuck out my tongue, just relishing the sensation of getting fucked and watched.

The wife knelt on the floor just below me. She kissed me and fondled my tits – both fully exposed now – while I braced myself against the rear, taking his cock deep and listening to her filthy talk.

She told me they were looking forward to hosting orgies at their new home, and since they didn’t know a lot of people in Los Angeles, it would be perfect. “We’d love to have you down to visit. Hannah’s old enough to know now, but she’s not right for this lifestyle. But you are.”

I grunted and gasped now as his cock stiffened inside me. “What do you want to do? Tell me the truth!”

He picked up his rhythm and leaned down close to my ear. “I want to have you at an orgy on a Saturday night while Hannah is out with her classmates. I want to fuck you in Hannah’s bed and have my wife lick the cream out of you while people watch. Would you do that?”

“Yeah. I’d love to do that.”

As soon as those words came out of my mouth, he let out a hard yell and began shooting his load into my cunt. Fucking incredible. Creaming and creaming. The wife’s hand was a blur on her unshaven cunt and she creamed from my words too. I was dimly aware of someone else passing outside the LeBaron as we orgasmed in a group, which made it even better.

I made $53 including tips at that Oktoberfest event. (Inga made $37.) I sold the car for $6,500 and graduated from the University of Washington almost debt-free. And yes, I did pay a visit to Los Angeles. But that’s another story.

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