“This is it.” I stepped into my bedroom, arms outstretched in a show of display. Lydia and Sienna, both followed me into the room. “This is the college apartment.” They both took a seat on my bed, their legs hanging off from the side of it.“This is a pretty good setup, Cade,” Lydia said while looking around. Sienna went over to close the bedroom door. I sat down in my desk chair with the back of the seat turned towards them.After the door had been closed, Sienna sat back down on the bed next to Lydia. The mattress bounced her up and down a bit as she landed. Both of them giggled. They seemed to be a lot more giddy than normal. Cheeky grins were stretched across their faces.“Did something happen?” I asked.They both looked at each other. “Not necessarily.” Sienna leaned back a little bit. “But we were wondering if you could do something for us while we’re here.”I cocked an eyebrow. Well, I did my best to cock an eyebrow. I’ve never been too good at it.Lydia still held that cheeky grin. “We need you to do something for us. Weston doesn’t seem to catch the drift that Sienna isn’t into him. So, we were thinking, what if Cade fucks Sienna?”My eyes were wide, not entirely sure of what I was hearing. Sienna was looking directly at me now, biting her lip, her eyes wandering a bit lower to the area that was covered by the back of the chair. “Excuse me?” I said.“You fuck Sienna,” Lydia continued. “I record it and Weston discovers it, not through us, and then he gets the message!”“But he’ll see me!”“No, he won’t,” Sienna chimed in. “Your face will be blurred or cropped out in some way.” She began to unbutton her shorts, slowly lowering them below her ankles. Lydia was getting her phone out.I stood up, hands out in front of me. “Whoa, whoa, whoa! What makes you think I’d just do this?” Lydia hopped off the bed, walking toward me. Sienna was still undressing. Her panties were off, revealing a well-trimmed reddish-brown bush.“Because,” Lydia started. “If you don’t, we’ll tell Weston you fucked Sienna. Knowing him, he’s quicker to rage than reason.”Sienna was fully undressed now. I forgot how tall she was. Standing up to my eyebrows, she wrapped her arms around me, pressing her body into mine. Her somewhat smaller, Bostancı Escort yet firm, breasts pressed themselves against my chest. Her hand wandered down to the bulge that had formed in my pants, aggressively rubbing it. I took in a deep breath.“Counter proposal,” I said. Sienna started to kiss my neck, gently biting my earlobe. I placed a hand on her buttocks, giving her a good squeeze. She let out a small yelp.“Do tell,” Sienna whispered as her hand fiddled with unbuttoning my pants. Slipping her hand down, to take hold of my firm pillar.“Sienna and I fuck like we’ve been discussing.” My hand that was on her ass, slipped between her legs, finding her warmth. She was already starting to get wet. “We have sex, and you don’t show Weston.” Lydia nodded with a smile on her face, waiting to hear the new part of the deal. “But, after Sienna and I are done. I get to fuck you too.” I pointed at Lydia.Her eyes were about as wide as mine, from when she gave me her proposal. “What?” She stammered out. Sienna let out a small giggle, stroking me, running her thumb along the head of my cock, making me squirm where I stood.“Cade, I have a boyfriend still! What makes you think I’ll say yes? The nerve!”“The nerve?” I asked. “You had the nerve to try and blackmail me into having sex with Sienna. Besides, if you say no, I tell Gunner that you came here to fuck me.”Lydia’s eyes were wide with shock, her mouth partially open from disbelief.“And we both know, he’s liable to believe me even if it isn’t true, because knowing him, he’s quicker to rage than reason.” A wry smile etched itself across my face. I could see the shock and awe in Lydia’s eyes. Not sure what to make of the situation now that I had turned the tables on her. She was stammering over her words, trying to get out a response.“Come on Lydia.” It was Sienna. She had gotten my pants and boxers off during that interaction with Lydia. She was slowly beginning to raise the shirt off my body. I continued to rub her womanhood, even managing to slip two fingers inside. Her knees quivered, grabbing hold of my chest to keep herself balanced. “You’ve told me before, you’ve wanted Cade to fuck you.”Lydia whirled her head around to Sienna. Bostancı Escort Bayan Pure anger rippled across her face. “Sienna, don’t you…”Sienna didn’t listen. “You told me about that dream you had about him.” My smile didn’t move off my face but kept getting bigger. Sienna was busy swirling my pre-cum around my tip, and along my shaft. “Don’t forget, I’ve heard you in our dorm room, mutter Cade’s name while you play with yourself; AND you told me that whenever you and Gunner have sex, you close your eyes imagining Cade. Finishing yourself off in the shower, thinking about all the things you want Cade to do to you, knowing Gunner can never satisfy you.” Sienna turned my face towards hers, kissing me hard. She pulled away, looking at Lydia. “Well?”Lydia was furious, embarrassed, shame even seemed to be scrawled upon her face as well. She took the chair I had been sitting in and sat down. “Fine.” Her tone was aggravated. “Let’s get on with it then.” She turned the camera towards us, letting us know it was rolling.“Fuck me,” Sienna said, biting my lip as she kissed me again.Placing both hands on her hips, I slowly backed her to the edge of the bed, where she and Lydia had previously been sitting. Our bodies were pressed up against each other, hands wandering the other’s body, exploring every curve, line, and plateau. Her legs wrapped around my waist, bringing me closer, my hips gently rocking against her in a light thrusting motion, smearing pre-cum across her belly. She broke away from our kissing, taking hold of my cock, and lowering it down to her soggy cave.“Put it in me,” she moaned almost desperately.I kissed her again. “Not like this.”Sienna drew her head back, looking a bit confused. Backing out of her leg’s embrace, I gently flipped her around, so her back was facing me. I could sense Lydia moving around the room with the camera to get a better angle. Pressing my dick up against Sienna’s ass, I turned her head back towards me. A smile was etched across her face now that she knew what I had meant. I kissed her, using a free hand to cup her breast, kneading it, pinching her nipple. A moan escaped her mouth as my other hand slithered its way down her stomach, Escort Bostancı past her small well-trimmed mound to feel her womanhood yet again. Her legs spread apart as I lined my hips up with hers. I felt her hand reach behind, taking hold of my rock-hard shaft, guiding it to her tunnel.Without any finesse, I rammed myself in.“Ugh!” She cried out.I rammed myself into her again. As hard as I did before“Oh fuck…” she breathed. Her hand reached back, grabbing a handful of my hair, bringing my face to her shoulder, where I kissed up along her neck. Sienna and I had fucked before in the past. It was at some Christmas party in high school, where we were both drunk, hardly knew what we were doing, and it was a blur. This was not. It was definite. Real. In the moment, and we were both taking it in. Making up for the vagueness of that night.“You like that?” I whispered into her ear. My pace was steady, each thrust as hard as the one before. She nodded her head yes. I know Sienna had gotten her way around with guys, and heard rumors that she liked it a little rough, but always blew them off, thinking it was just guys trying to sound badass after having sex. At this moment, she was proving them right.“Fuck me harder,” she moaned.Quickening my pace, I slammed into her harder, faster, my fingers digging into her hips as her moans reverberated throughout my bedroom.“Oh god! Yes, yes, oh my god, Cade, fuck me! Yes!” She hadn’t let go of my hair, my face buried into her shoulder as I drove myself into her again and again. I reached down for her womanhood yet again, using my fingers to rub the special nob of her clit. She let out a squeal, her knees dropping for just a second before regaining composure.“You like how I fuck you?” I growled. “You’re such a slut aren’t you? You like taking it like this, huh?” I continued thrusting. “You like getting fucked like this slut?” I had never really dirty-talked with someone like this before and was just seeing where it’d go. The only other sounds outside her moans and our dirty talk were the sound of our bodies slapping together in rhythm, as my pole dug into her hole again and again.She turned back and kissed me, moaning into my mouth. “Oh yes daddy, I’m such a slut! Fuck me! I’m such a fucking slut! I’m such a little slut! I’m your slut daddy! Fuck me, daddy! Fuck me, oh daddy yes!” My thrusts became harder as she said that, not realizing how much I enjoyed hearing it. I felt her walls tighten around my shaft, drawing it in. “I’m gonna cum, daddy I’m gonna cum!”

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