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It’s been almost a month since the surgery. A surgery most men dread but still get everyday of the week. Since the vasectomy Jim’s sex life has been lacking. He didn’t know if it was a side effect of the surgery or just reluctance to get back in the saddle. Either way his first encounter would have to be gentle. After almost a month without an orgasm, Jim was more than ready for a testicle shattering ejaculation. Sue had been very understanding but Jim could see that she was in need of passion. Jim knew that there were plenty of ways to sexually satisfy Sue until he was ready to get back in the game. However, like the philosophy of most men, the definition of intimacy included a male ejaculation. On this evening, Sue was taking a hot bath. She had a few lit candles around the tube and soft music playing in the background. Jim felt terrible about just sitting in the next room channel surfing. During the search for another crime drama or sporting event, Jim paused on a soft porn program. Jim normally preferred hard core but the passion being exhibited on the screen would be a perfect way to ease back into the groove.

After a few sexy scenes, Jim realized that he had been massaging the bulge in his boxers. The scenes he was watching were erotic and created new titillating ideas. Jim turned off the TV, gathered a few “items” and prepared the bedroom for passion. The comforter was turned down and the lights dimmed. Jim planned another use for that can of whipped cream used for desserts. He also located and strategically placed Sue’s coveted glass cock. He then prepared himself mentally for a nervous and greatly desired sexual encounter. One last detail, would Sue be in the mood for passion? A bottle of wine might do the trick. Jim collected two glasses, the only bottle of wine in their possession and a throw pillow. Taking into consideration Sue’s activity and the mood, Jim thought the proper attire would be his birthday suit.

Jim entered the bathroom and observed Sue sitting in the tub with her head propped against the wall and a wet cloth across her forehead. The atmosphere had been pre-set with the candles and music. He was going to complete the incomplete setting romance novels often lament. Sue removed the cloth from her forehead, sat up in the tub and the width of her eyes definitely indicated her surprise at his lack of clothes. The soapy brazzers water running off her perky breasts and dark nipples was all the evidence needed to convince him he was doing the right thing. Once her initial shock subsided, Jim handed her a glass and poured the wine. Using the throw pillow, Jim sat beside the tub and began discussing how happy he was to be with her. They finished the wine but the mood was too perfect to end just yet. Jim replenished her bath with warm water. Jim then used the face cloth to sensually bathe her upper torso with the warm soapy water. They looked lovingly into each other’s eyes as the cloth trailed across her neck, shoulders and breasts.

This was a technique never practiced by Jim. The reaction displayed by Sue’s nipples gave the green light for the events to follow. Sue wanted to express her gratitude for the special attention so she requested he stand and place one foot on the opposite side of the tub. Jim’s genitalia were dangling like mistletoe during the holidays. Sue soaped her hands and gently cupped Jim’s jewels while massaging soap across his stiffing tool. Sue realized there was apprehension but her tender touches soon eased his concerns. A quick rinse and Jim’s package was ready for her playful tongue. While cupping his balls and controlling his shaft with a delicate grasp, Sue tickled the tip of his cock with her tongue. Little by little she took more of his hard inches into her mouth. She repeated the familiar motion until Jim could see the end in sight. The thought of exploding into the back of Sue’s throat was overwhelming. Just as long as it had been for Jim, Sue had been without having her secret spot penetrated. Afraid that the evening’s event would be concluded, Sue decided to stop and coax Jim into bed. Unbeknownst to Sue, she was going to be sexually spent by night’s end. Jim played along with Sue’s coy behavior, helped her out of the bath and gently patted her female frame with a towel. Jim wrapped the towel around her shoulders and blew out the candles.

Upon entering the bedroom, Jim positioned her where he had strategically placed his props. Jim stood behind her kissing her neck while lifting her breasts and pinching her nipples. As his kisses moved to pleasure the other side of her neck, his hand slid down her body seeking her clean shaven, womanly split. His fingers fumbled about cuckold porno until her natural lubricant made them noticeably slippery. He turned her around and placed his moistened fingers on her lips. As she began licking his fingers he leaned in and both their tongues enjoyed her nectar. Sue then rubbed her leg against Jim’s swollen third leg as if to remind him to use everything available to him. Jim knew he had to get control of his passion or all his plans would be gone along with the fluid from his loins.

Jim asked Sue to close her eyes, assume a doggy position on the end of the bed and be patient. Sue assumed he was going to enter her from behind. They had never started like that before but she assumed that it would make it easier considering it was his first attempt since the surgery. In anticipation of what was to come, she complied with Jim’s request. Jim quickly grabbed a nearby stool, slid it up to the bed, reached under the bed and grabbed the can of whipped cream. Jim squirted a small mound onto Sue’s sphincter. The cold surprise caused Sue to jump and look back. Jim smiled and instructed her to return to her position and relax. Jim took a moment to admire his work and savor his thoughts. Jim used one hand on each plump, butt cheek to achieve a maximum spread. The sight of his bent thumbs on the edges of her anus and the whipped cream inviting him in made this the most erotic action he had ever attempted. Jim moved in and felt his tongue pierce the whipped cream and settle on the ridges of her anus. With the taste of the whipped cream and her boisterous moans, Jim couldn’t help but to continue his endeavor. Jim began licking, kissing and sucking on the entire area as if it were a rare melon. When Jim came up for air, he looked around her apple bottom and saw Sue’s forehead buried into the mattress with her nipples dragging on the sheets. That level of pleasure was rarely seen. So, Jim squirted another helping of whipped cream and dug in. During the second helping, Jim could feel Sue relaxing her buttocks and allowing him in. During a darting and probing motion with his tongue, Sue could be heard reaching a climatic stage two consecutive times. Jim licked away all the dessert cream and guided Sue to lie on her back to catch her breath.

Jim placed her feet on the edge of the bed and spread her legs. czech porno He peeled back the lips covering her sweet spot and saw wetness he had never seen. He then reached down and collected her glass cock and rubbed it against her clit. Sue was too exhausted to ask questions about him using her clear dick. Jim used the tip of the aid to massage her clit and encircle the entire entrance. After spreading her juices across artificial cock, he slowly inserted it. Working it from every angle with one hand and massaging her shaved mound with the other. Twisting, pulling and pushing the aid while watching her juices smear across the glass dick. Jim then used the thumb on his other hand to stimulate the engorged, pink tip. Observing her response, Jim decided to bury the entire six inch tool into her. With one hand, he was able to hold the glass cock in place and insert a finger into her anus. He then maneuvered himself so that with the other hand he could expose her clit and use his tongue to dance across it. Sue arched her back and grabbed a fistful of sheet. Sue became quite vocal making it easy to keep up with and manage her orgasms. After her second orgasm, Sue sounded exhausted and relaxed enough to be mounted for the final event.

Jim discarded the glass cock and positioned his throbbing penis for entry. Still concerned about his stitches and not wanting to end the evening in pain, Jim decided to proceed with another surprise. Jim began stroking himself over her stomach. Sue could only muster enough energy to rub his leg with one hand while still quivering from multiple orgasms. It wasn’t long before Jim could feel a tingle in the head of his penis. Sue could hear Jim reaching his climax so she raised her head and urged him on. Yes, yes, she whispered. Come on baby, shoot it. Jim took one last grunt, tilted his head back and his long seen fluid splashed across her stomach pooling into her navel. Sue reached up and with a loving touch, rubbed her hand across Jim’s hand that was occupied squeezing out the last drop. Sue then massaged his liquid passion across her stomach and breasts.

Unconcerned about anything else, Jim collapsed onto his side of the bed. Sue then adjusted herself onto her side. Sue then curled up against him, laid her head on his chest and gave Jim her highest praise. Jim smiled, placed his arm around her and warned her that things are going to be wild when he is 100 percent again. That was the first time in almost a month they slept in each other’s arms. The last things Jim remembered before drifting off were her soft skin and being surrounded by the aroma of their passion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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