Valentine Ass

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Look at them. The Valentines. They are heart-shaped being penetrated in love by Eros, by stiff, prong-ended, hard arrows – flared on the end, tapering to a shaft. The butt is likewise heart-shaped. So we love to penetrate them with a stiff, prong-ended, hard arrow, flared on the end, tapering to a shaft.

Yes, look at them. So similar.

Women love it doggie-style – on their knees, face down, their Valentine backside up, taking cock up their cunt. They say the penetration of their twat is deeper that way. It feels better. The dick going way up in them. [Aaaah, I love to reach around and pleasure their clit, toy with their titties, nipples, feel their belly, furry pubes while fucking them from behind, my taut lower abdomen – six-pack, thighs smacking against their butt (Valentine) cheeks, the backs of their thighs; kissing, Etiler escort licking their neck, shoulders, back.]

Some resist though the prong up their anal orifice.

But look at it. It is a Valentine – a flower, puckered rosette to be opened, pleasured. If loved right they will ask for it.

The question asked of me by a lover once was: “Have you ever had sex with a man?” Hesitant to say yes, I paused. She then asked, bluntly, “Have you ever had a cock up your ass?” I paused again.

Then she asked, “Will you fuck me in my ass?”

Without a word I withdrew my cock from her cunt. I painted it up and down in her crack – the cleft of her Valentine – while she held her fleshy, smooth cheeks apar. Slowly, lovingly, I put my knob end – wet from her sucking me, the flowing juices of her hot Beşiktaş escort box, my pre-cum as we were fucking – to her crennelated hole – her flower.

She pushed back onto me, grunted. I felt my helmet breach her anal sphincter, my rod slide up her rectal channel – tighter, than her also tight, wet, gushy pussy. [The tightness is a factor of the girth of the cock and the sleeve of her cunny.]

“Oh, fuck,” she breathed. “Fuck my ass!”

The pleasure was so great. Both of us were near weeping. We fucked, rocked, rolled together.

She pleaded with me, “Oh please fuck my asshole. Fuck it good. Shoot your cum in me, in my loving hole. Finger my cunt. Twiddle my clit. Feel my hard nipples. Kiss my back. Yeeeeah, fuuuuccck my ass.”

“Unnngh, unngh, unngh,” I groaned, driving my pole back Taksim escort and forth in her hot, tight receptacle. “Oooooh, ooooh, gonna cum, cum. Ahh so good.”

Doing all that and finally grasping the sides of her Valentine butt, I worked my cock in her pulsing channel as she came, flooding my hand with her woman juice. She slammed back against me, driving my tool way up in her.

My fucking cock stiffened more, hardened, swelled thicker, lengthened. Bolts of hot cum, creamy, slimy shot deep into her bowel. She rode me through it. Then she rolled over, sliding me out of her Valentine flower. She grabbed my shank, brought her lips, tongue, mouth to it, cleaned me fresh from her pulsing, gaping back hole.

I raised her legs, opened them wider with her help, pushed them back. I licked her slimy pussy; tongued her taint, her gaped anus, sucked my cum from the puckered flower of her Valentine ass. We enfolded into a 69, kissed, licked, sucked, stroked, fingered. We fucked again, first in her eager box, then again in the third hole she had yielded to me in our Valentine’s Day love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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