Used by a Stranger at the ABS


I discovered my neighborhood ABS when I was 18 years old, still living with my folks. My body was hairless; I was a tightly muscled but thin kid all of 5’6″, and just 125 pounds. Anyway, every week or two, for the couple of years, I would sneak out with some excuse, and walk down the street to the XXX store there in Cocoa Beach. I still remember the feeling that would come over me. It was like my whole body was buzzing in anticipation. I usually went in and watched dirty movies alone, jacking off and spurting my clear white cum into the corner of a dark, smelly video booth. Some of the booths had holes in them and sometimes I got really good blowjobs from strangers that could make my whole body shake. Almost every time that happened a man’s voice would thank me and tell me what a great cock I had. I had no idea. Sometimes I would even play with a cock that came through the hole, trying to jack it off, but I was very shy about it. I even tried to suck a few but they were always too fat for me to be very effective.

Anyway, one night I arrived about 10pm wearing a t-shirt, cutoffs and a pair of thongs. I did my usual walk around; looking at magazines and checking out the videos, (mostly the pictures). When I began to feel horny and my cock began to swell, I went through the curtains into the back where the booths lined the walls on both sides. I loved the sound of the videos playing and the smell of cum; so nasty.

That night I walked down the hallway looking for a booth. There were several other men milling around whose eyes I avoided. I decided on one with a hole on one side, just in case I got feeling really dirty. I might get a blow job and I knew that if a cock came through this night I would probably try to suck it. I stepped into the booth and turned around to close and lock the door when a muscular older man, about 6’2″ opened it and quickly stepped inside. I was so surprised I just stared up at him as he locked the door behind us.

He turned to me and just reached for my crotch. He began rubbing me and I began to harden instantly. I reached down and rubbed him back. What else could I do? His cock felt much bigger than mine. (Mine is about 6 inches and not very fat). It was so hot. I’d never been in a booth with another guy and didn’t know what to do next. He did, though.

He sat down in the chair and started undoing my belt. I just watched and felt his hands jerkily unzip my pants, pull my cock out and begin fondling me, slowly jacking me off. My cock got harder and a big drop of cum appeared on the tip. He leaned forward and softly kissed it and licked off the cum. Then he started to suck me little by little, slowly taking more and more of it into his mouth. I just stood before him and let him suck me. God, it was so good. I let him lift my T-shirt up and off of me. He rubbed my back and chest while he sucked; pinched my nipples softly while pulling me to him so that my cock went deeper into his mouth.

As he was sucking my cock into the back of his mouth he started rubbing me up and down my legs and squeezing my ass. I realized he was pulling my pants down, still sucking me, and now rubbing my bare ass with both hands, pulling me in and out of his mouth. I heard myself moaning and closed my eyes. Without letting my cock drop out of his mouth, he pulled my pants all the way down to my ankles. I could tell he wanted me to lift a leg so he could pull them off. I couldn’t believe it as I let him take them off me one leg at a time, letting my slippers fall off as he did so, until I was completely naked in front of him. The realization made me shiver for a moment and I felt dizzy.

He really began running his hands all over and I felt him spreading my ass open and closed while he sucked me, pulling me into and out of his mouth. It all felt so good. His finger started to find my ass hole and he started tickling it, poking his finger in a little, still sucking my cock. Gees. I was just letting him do it. He took his mouth off of my cock and started licking my balls and my inner thighs. His foot nudged mine, encouraging me to spread my feet farther apart. I did. He spread my ass cheeks open more and started sticking his finger in a little deeper. I heard myself moan out erzincan escort loud. With his other hand he reached down and undid his belt, unzipped his pants and pulled out a fantastic hard cock. I stared down at it. Like I said, it was much bigger than mine, longer and fatter.

I reached down and held it, squeezed it and rubbed it up and down. He moaned really loud and asked if I liked his cock. I mumbled, “Yes, I do”. He said. “What?” I said, “Yes. I like your cock”, louder than I intended. He moved my hand away and started sucking me again, pulling my cock all the way into his mouth, into his throat, and he held it there, swallowing deeply in quick pulses…making my cock jump and twitch in his throat. Then, letting my cock slide slowly out to stand rigid in the air, he slowly turned me around and started kissing my butt, while one hand reached around me and jacked me off. When his tongue started licking up and down my ass crack, I couldn’t believe how it made my cock twitch in his hand. He could have made me cum right then but the way he controlled the tempo kept my horniness at its peak. As he licked my asshole and stuck his tongue in and out, he kept stroking me slowly, stopping when I seemed too close.

Then he stood up, still rubbing my cock, and stepped forward, making me move into the corner of the little booth. He pushed me into the corner, really, and that’s when I got my first thought of what he wanted to do next. I’d never been fucked before and if he hadn’t made me so fucking horny I would have said no way. But he kept rubbing my cock, and he started kissing my neck, breathing hot against me. Then I felt his cock touch my butt cheeks. It was so hot and hard. Then he began to slide it between my legs, all the way through, like he was fucking me. I looked down and could see the huge head as it pushed my balls aside. I reached down to feel it. It was hard as a rock and felt so big. He paused and pulled a tube of lube out of his shirt and I knew he was spreading it onto his cock.

He started muttering almost unintelligibly about how hot my ass was and swearing and moaning, calling me a fuckin’ slut, a tease and a whore. I was pinned against the corner of the booth when I felt him rubbing his now slick and super heated hot cock up and down my ass crack. His left hand came around and started rubbing me again, only this time his hand was lubed up and he began stroking me harder. With his right hand he guided the head of his slick cock against my asshole. I was so scared, yet so horny I was literally shaking. He kept muttering about what a hot little fuck I was and breathing heavily onto my neck and then he started to push his cock into me. I whimpered something about my first time and he said not to worry, he’d take it slow.

And he did. He stroked my cock more lightly and a little slower as he pushed the head of his dick into my ass. Fuck. It seemed to audibly pop when the head passed the ring of my very tight little asshole opening. And he waited. It hurt but I couldn’t stop him. I was his at that moment. My asshole squeezed tight on the end of his cock. God, I felt so nasty, a fucking little dirty guy about to be fucked….I was shaking so hard. He muttered something and started to pop the head in and out of my ass. Every time it popped back in, I moaned. He gave me another inch. I tried to tiptoe above it, but he was so tall. Fuck! It was so big. He pushed in and pulled out again and pushed it in again. He seemed to do it about five times at each depth, to help me loosen up. God, even as I type this my cock is beginning to drip.

Within a few minutes he had half his dick up my ass. It was torture and pleasure. I realized that I had spread my legs wider and was beginning to push back. That’s when he called me a “nasty little shit” and said he was going to fuck me. I was still scared but couldn’t help myself from pushing against him. I wanted to feel all of it in me, if that was possible. He said, “You like my cock in your ass, don’t you, you dirty little fuck?” I whispered, “Yes…” He asked again loudly. I actually said “YES, I like your cock in my ASS!”, right out loud. I’m sure anyone in the booth area could hear me.

That’s erzurum escort when I remembered the hole in the wall. I looked over and there was a pair of eyes watching. Crap, I was about to be really fucked and someone was watching. He glanced over, too, and said my ass was so pretty it was made to be watched. It must have excited him too, because he began to shake. His cock began to twitch so hard in my ass, swelling and seeming to lift me up, just halfway in. Then I felt him grip my hips with both hands and he began to push the rest of his dick in my ass. I thought he’d go slowly like he had before but he was too fucking horny and lost all control.

He shoved my hands over my head against the corner walls as he pushed me hard into the corner, and took three or four strokes to fuck his cock all the way in. I mean, all the fucking way in! I was his. He held it deep inside and waited for my reaction. I began to spasm on his cock. I couldn’t control myself and started shaking on him while my hard dick just bounced around in the air in front of me. Then he called me a fucking nasty bitch and pulled his cock out to the fat fucking head. When I moaned he called me a slut and started to fuck me in and out, fuck, in and out…harder and more selfishly. At first there was pain but it was part of the moment. I was helpless as he fucked my ass, knowing I was being watched by another stranger and there was nothing I could or wanted to do about it.

In and out, short strokes, long deep strokes. He just kept fucking me and muttering about what a nasty fuck I was. I was shaking and pushing back, making his dick go all the way in. I heard the face at the hole begin moaning and knew he was jacking off watching us. Then this man with the awesome cock who was fucking me said he was going to cum in my ass. Fuck! He was going to cum in my ass! His breath, hot on my neck came in pants and moans and I knew he was about to cum. Fucking me, in deep, shoving me against the walls, Then he thrust really hard, all the way in and cried out, “Fuck, fuck, I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

I felt the head of his cock grow bigger and felt it rapidly twitching deep in my ass, each twitch seeming to lift me higher. He was holding me up in the air, held up by the length and depth of his cock. Then I feltwq the whole shaft pulsing as he started to cum and in my mind I could see it squirting into my asshole. Then, with my hands above me on the wall and his hands holding my hips while he pushed and fucked every drop into me, my cock just started squirting over and over into the dark space of the booth’s corner. I was crying from pain and pleasure as my cock came without even being touched. I was the one muttering now as he kept fucking in and out and my cum just kept squirting. I heard myself shouting, “Fuck me! Fuck me! I’m cumming! Oh fuck!” I never came so much before. God, his cock was hard enough to keep fucking me while I came and beyond. I was lost, impaled on his fantastic, long and fat cock. As my squirting and moaning subsided, he slowed his pace as I shuddered to the end of my orgasm. He moaned loudly and started to pull it out but I told him to “wait, keep it in me as long as you can and hold me tight against you.” He did, breathing hot and heavy on my neck as he continued to roll my hips on his super hot, sloppy wet cock.

It was then that I turned to look again at the hole in the wall and wondered if our friend came, too. I had to know. I felt the cock in my ass shrinking and slowly it plopped out by itself. My ass felt so empty. I could feel the lube and his cum dripping out of my ass and down my inner thighs. He turned me around to face him and began rubbing my wet cock and telling me how hot I was. I could have gone home happy then but I had to see who was in the other booth. I dropped down on my still shaking knees and looked though the hole.

What I saw was a very long, maybe 8-9 inch cock. It was skinnier than mine, maybe only an inch and a quarter across. My booth buddy came closer and started rubbing my still wet ass and balls from behind. It still felt so good. He said it was his friend who was in the booth next door watching us and asked if I liked his eskişehir escort cock. I didn’t know what to say but as his hand reached farther under me and started rubbing my cock again, I knew I was staring at the perfect cock for me to try deep sucking. I was mesmerized.

He asked me again if I liked it and I moaned, “God, yes.” My partner reached over to the hole and stuck his fingers through. I knew the sign and what was coming next. I was thinking about what to do when my buddy told me that I had to suck his friend off. I would have been able to make that decision myself but I had no will of my own. Then the cock began dancing towards the hole.

It was looking at me, coming to me, expecting me to suck it. I was trapped by my own passion and the hand rubbing my cock. Fuck. Nothing I could do. As it began to come through the hole I stared at it. I reached over and started to squeeze it and rub my hand up and down. My buddy said, “Open your fucking mouth and suck it!” It was a command. I had to, you know? I began to lick the head, a head that was just barely fatter than the thin shaft. I was tentative and slow. It was thrusting, trying to get me to take it inside my mouth. I did. I started to suck on the head and then let it slide in about four inches to where it touched the back of my mouth.

Buddy was getting impatient and told me to “Suck that fucking cock”. I started going up and down about four to five inches, almost gagging. Buddy muttered something angry and told me to relax my throat and then he held the back of my head with one hand and pushed me toward the hole. The cock backed up for me, (thank god), but Buddy held my face against the wall. The cock started to fuck my face like Buddy had fucked my ass, slowly, a little at a time. It paused to let me breathe and then pushed again. In a few minutes I had about six inches in me, then seven, then eight, slowly fucking my face deeper and deeper. I could feel it filling my throat as it went where no cock has gone before.

These two guys were quite a team. As the cock began to pick up pace I felt Buddy’s hand stroking my dick up and down. I think he’d put more lube in his hand because it felt really good. I realized I was totally hard again. The man behind the wall began fucking faster and when he cried out, “Oh Fuck, That’s it, this is it”, and felt pubic hairs on my lips I knew it was in all the way. I was dizzy. I was totally his fuck hole. Buddy held my face against the wall as the cock kept going all the way in and all the way out, pausing to let me breathe. Then we heard him say, “Fuck, this kid is hot, I’m going to cum soon. Um-m-m-m-m… take a deep breath, Now…now, Now!” I breathed deep, held it, opened my throat as wide as I could and he started. I knew this was it and with Buddy holding my head there was no way I could do anything about it, anyway. I didn’t want to, either.

His strokes were so long that I was able to suck on the head for just a moment before he shoved it back in. It seemed to go on forever. He just kept fucking all of it into my throat. Then he began to pound on the wall with his hands and I knew it was time. It was. The first squirts came onto my tongue and then he shoved forward. Gobs of cum were squirting out as his dick pushed all the way down my throat. I could taste it as he fucked deep and held it all the way in, jerking and twitching his cum as deep as he could. Buddy was still holding my face tight against the hole and jacking me off and the taste of cum was too much. I started to shake again even as this beautiful cock was cumming down my throat. My body was bucking around and I came again, unable to pull away, my throat was just fucked and I just twitched and came and tasted cum and kept cumming. I felt like I’d levitated and stretched out to let him fuck my mouth.

He slowly pulled out so I could take a breath and then he slid his softening cock gently in and out while Buddy was milking the last drops of cum out of my dick onto the floor. Then he let go of my cock and my head and I collapsed against the wall, staring up at the semi-hard cock still pushed through the hole. I took it once more into my mouth and sucked on it like a baby with a bottle, loving each little pearl of cum that seeped out. I was unbelievably at peace.

That night is still the hottest memory I have of a now very fulfilled and diverse sex life. I still jack off when I think about it and will probably do so right now as I read it over. I hope you enjoyed my story as much as I’ve enjoyed telling it.

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