Ultimate Humiliation Ch. 03


Cara is so looking forward to her third visit to The Dungeon Room. She spends all week planning her schedule so that she knows there will be no interruptions come next Saturday.

She has selected the school uniform shop where she needs to be the school clothes, and is really looking forward to doing that this afternoon. She wants to pick out the nicest uniform she can find.

Thoughts of her last visit remain constant in her mind. She still can’t believe she has turned from a normal hard working girl that only has occasional straight sex, to a sex nymphomaniac with the wildest fantasies.

Cara picks up her handbag and heads out the door for her visit to the uniform shop which is only a few minutes away.

She finds a park close by, and heads towards the shop, stopping outside the window to admire the selection of uniforms on display.

Heading in through the doors she feels the warm air from the heating hitting her. It is quite cold outside and the heat is a nice addition.

Cara starts to wander around the store when a female assistant walks up to her, “may I help you in any way, or is there anything in particular you are looking for”? she asks.

Emm, yes, I want a nice short school skirt and a white blouse. Do you have a good selection for me to choose from? “yes, definitely” replies the assistant, follow me.

They both walk towards the end of the room where Cara immediately sees a large selection of white blouses and skirts. These look lovely Cara

Yes, there are some really nice blouses here Cary replies.

The assistant picks one off the rack and holds it out in front of Cara,

This one looks real nice, and then holds it up against Cara’s front.

Cara looks at the blouse and feels the fabric. It is a beautiful soft but crisp white poly cotton, buttoned up the front with short sleeves and a round Peter Pan collar.

Cara definitely likes the look of this one and asks if she can try it on. “Oh of course you can, but would you like to select a skirt to go with it first?” asks the assistant. Yes, that’s a good idea Cara replies.

The assistant selects a lite blue pleated skirt. Very very short. Hands it to Cara and tells her that she thinks this is going to look so sexy on her.

Cara turns to the assistant and without thinking says “how do did you know this was for me?” Oh, I just guessed from the way you were looking at the uniforms. Sorry if I have embarrassed you, replies the assistant.

No that’s ok Cara says, and heads towards the changing cubicle.

A few moments later she has the blouse on and is just fastening up the skirt when the curtain gets ripped open. How is it going? the assistant asks as she stares at Cara. Oh, you look so so sexy in that uniform. Her eyes wide open and smiling as she made that statement.

Really, does it really look sexy Cara replies?

Oh yes, believe me, you look great.

Cara turns to the mirror and can’t help but admire how nice her uniform looks. She runs her hands over the white blouse enjoying the feel of it. Memories of her school days come rushing back to her just as the assistant steps into the cubicle


Cara senses there is a little more to the assistant’s interest than normal. She turns back and faces the assistant only inches away from each other.

Without any spoken words the assistant places her hand between Cara’s legs and runs her finger up her inner thigh until it touches Cara’s panties where she can feel a slight wetness.

Do you like that? she asks, Yes, that feels really nice Cara replies.

Cara steps back a little and sits up on the stool in the corner.

Would you like me to continue asks the assistant.

Oh, yes please. and as she says that, Cara leans back and opens her legs wide and lifts up her skirt so that the assistant can see her white panties now looking very wet between the legs.

The assistant kneels down in front of Cara, takes hold of her panties and starts to pull them down.

Cara can’t believe this is happening and puts her hand on the assistants head pulling it down towards her pussy.

The assistant pulls the panties down to Cara’s ankles and puts her hands on the inside of her thighs then spreads Cara’s legs wide out and holds them there.

Then, with Cara’s assisting hand places her face right into Cara’s pussy. Cara leans back into the corner trying to move her butt a bit further out towards the assistant. Her eyes rolling in pleasure as she feels the moist warm tongue teasing around her then slowly being inserted inside her pussy.

Her tongue pushes in and around with a quick licking motion up over her clitoris.

God this is so erotic, and Cara takes both of her hands and places them behind the assistants head and pulls her face deeper into her pussy. She is almost smothering her while doing this.

The assistant doesn’t seem to mind as she continues to tongue her way around Cara’s pussy making Cara squirm like a snake on the stool.

Cara immediately starts to cum and doesn’t want to stop it.

She Kadıköy Öğrenci Escort continues to pull down on the assistants head as she feels her tongue pushed hard against her clit which makes Cara squirm even more. Then she feels the assistant’s finger slowly and gently penetrating her anal area.

Oh my god, Cara can’t contain herself and screams for her to “push it in” please push it in.

The assistant continues to slide her finger deep inside Cara while still tonging all over her pussy.

Cara screams out in joy as she squirts into the assistant’s face, still holding her face tight into her pussy.

She looks at herself in the mirror admiring her white blouse and seeing the assistant stuck there between her legs.

The assistant then pulls her head away licking Cara’s inner thighs as she moves back into a standing position.

Smiling at Cara, she just looks into her eyes and says “is there anything else you would like today mam”. Cara can’t believe this.

There she is sitting with her legs spread out on a stool in a school uniform shop. An assistant has just given her the best oral sex in her life while being fingered in her ass.


“Um, no, that was just brilliant, thank you”.

Cara stands up, pulls her knickers up and swishes her skirt back into place.

Still blushing from the experience, they both exit the cubicle only to notice several other people in the shop all looking at each other giggling and smiling.

Cara blushes even more as she now realizes they have just all witnessed the sound of everything going on in that cubicle. Then she realizes that she is still standing there in her school uniform. A grown up woman.

Oh god, what are they thinking.

She steps back into the cubicle, changes back into her clothes and exits to the counter where she pays for the goods, smiles at the assistant and tells her that she may come back for another visit.

“I would like that”, the assistant replies, smiles, and Cara leaves the shop walking past the other customers who still have smiles on their faces.

Cara feels so so embarrassed as she exits the shop, and hurriedly returns to her car.

Getting back to her apartment she takes the white blouse out of the bag and puts it in the washing machine and then hangs the skirt up in her wardrobe ready for Saturday.

She makes herself a coffee, sits back and relaxes in her sofa chair staring out the window thinking about that unexpected and exhilarating experience she has just had.

Feeling exhausted from the experience, Cara falls asleep and awakens about an hour later.

She hears the dinging of the washing machine telling her the wash is finished. So she gets up and takes the blouse out and puts it into the dryer.

About twenty minutes later she sets up the ironing board and gets her blouse. She wants to make sure it is pristine for Saturday, so she takes special care and attention ironing the lovely white blouse so that there are no wrinkles or creases at all to be seen.

Finishing off, she hangs the blouse up next to her short skirt, stands back and thinks to herself that all is done, and now only have to wait for the weekend.

She is already feeling horny again just thinking about everything. So she lays herself back into the sofa chair, lifts her skirt and places her fingers inside her panties and starts to masturbate herself.

She cums incredibly quickly this time. Probably because of the day’s events, and her mind racing while ironing her crisp white blouse.

She leans back into the chair and falls into a deep sleep feeling so much satisfaction.

Saturday arrives, it is mid-morning and nearly time for Cara to head off to “The Dungeon Room” for her third session.

She decides to dress into her uniform at the apartment, and cover herself with a long coat for the journey.

She dresses in her very short skirt which only just sits below her arse. Skimpy white panties, white ankle socks and black shiny shoes.

White blouse tucked into her skirt, she brushes herself off in the mirror once again admiring her sexy school girl looks.

She dons her long coat and heads off out the door with such excitement.

As she walks along the footpath towards her car, she can’t help but feel so sexy having the school uniform on under her coat.

All the other pedestrians have no idea as they walk past her.

That alone makes Cara excited even more as she nears her car.

Ten minutes later she arrives and parks. Stepping out on to the pavement she heads towards the large double doors. This is something she is becoming accustomed to now.

She pushes the doors open and steps inside greeting Julie, the receptionist.

Cara, you better be quick,go straight into the school room, your late.

Cara hurriedly takes off her long coat exposing her beautiful uniform to Julie, who clearly likes the look of Cara.

Cara always looks incredibly sexy no matter what she wears.

Cara rushes to the school room door, opens it Kadıköy Çıtır Escort and steps inside.

“You’re late” comes a loud angry voice.

It is the headmaster standing there in his long black cloak.

“Get in here now and take your seat girl” he shouts once again.

Cara moves over to a chair next to three other girls all sitting there in their lovely short skirts and white blouses.

They turn and look to Cara as if to say hello, but that is interrupted by the sound of the headmaster’s cane smashing down on his desk.

“Pay attention you girls”. “You are here to learn, not to admire each other”.

All four girls now sit straight up in their chairs looking at the headmaster. He is tall, approx mid 50’s and pretty mean looking.

Standing in front of the girls holding the cane in one hand and tapping it into the other, he ommands the girls to keep quiet until spoken to, and to pay attention at all times.

If you don’t, he says, you will be severely punished. And with that, he walks back around to behind his desk.

He then pulls down a display board which has a variety of symbols and pictures on it.

The girls notice these pictures and sketches are of the human anatomy. Not mathematical equations as it is supposed to be.

“Right, girls”, the headmaster shouts. Your maths teacher is away today, so I am going to run this class and have decided you need to know a little about human sexual behaviour.

The girls giggle a little while looking at each other.

Again there is a loud slam on the desk from the head master’s cane.

“Be quiet” he shouts.

Standing in front of the display board, he commences discussing the various parts of the body, pointed to the diagrams as he goes.

Neither of the girls are in the least bit interested in this, and start to fidget.

Several minutes go by with the girls starting to feel a bit hot. The heaters are going and there are no windows open.

Cara looks over to her right and notices one of the girls has her hand under her skirt and looks like she is playing with herself.

Just then, the headmaster screams out at her while banging his long cane once again onto the desk.

“What on earth are you doing girl, get up here now” he shouts.

The girl quickly pulls her hand from under her skirt and stands up, walks around her desk and over to the front of the head masters desk.

“Stand there at attention, and don’t move”.

The head master walks slowly around the girl with a stern growly look on his face.

He lifts the cane up slightly and runs the end of it up in between her inner thighs raising it until it reaches her pussy.

The girl tries to squirm and goes to push his cane away when the head master slaps her hand with the cane and tells her to “keep still”.

She places her arms back down beside her and stands totally still.

The head master continues to move slowly around her and once again moving the cane between her legs. This time he pushes the cane through her legs and lifts it up into her pussy, nearly lifting the girl up off her feet. He is clearly enjoying what he is doing to her.

He runs his hands over her long sleeve white blouse, continuing to run his cane up and pushing it in and out between her legs.

The girl then starts to slightly crouch as if to allow him further access.

Cara thinks to herself “she is really enjoying that”, and she too starts to feel a little excited.

The head master then looks to the other girls and says “right, what you are about to witness is the punishment you can expect from now on if you do not obey me”.

He then turns to the girl and commands her to move over to a chair at the side of the room.

“Stand in front of that chair, and do not move”.

The girl stands facing the chair and dares not move. Her arms down beside her and legs together.

The head master moves over to her where he puts his hand behind her head and tells her to lean right over until her head touches the seat of the chair. She does this, bending over as far as she can to the point she nearly tips over. Her backside is sticky high up into the air due to her over extended position.

“Right, stay in that position girl” he commands.

He then steps back, lifts up her short skirt and places it up over onto her back exposing her short skimpy black panties.

“Spread your legs apart” he calls out.

The girl slowly moves her legs out to the sides and bends her knees slightly. Her backside is so tight and sticks into the air.

Cara loves this scene, and starts to place her hand under her skirt and runs her fingers down into her pants.

The head master takes a small step back, raises his cane slightly and brings it down with a swishing sound and smacks it directly across her buttocks.

The girl winces and shuffles as she feels the stinging of the cane over her backside.

The cane is raised into the air once more, this time a little higher, and again you hear the sound of the swish Kadıköy Elit Escort as it rushes down and smacks into her tight buttocks once again. This time the sound is louder as he has put much more force into his swing.

The girl cries out in pain and tries to move, but the head master grabs her and forces her back down into the over- extended bent position.

He rips her panties down to her knees exposing two long red welts on her backside.

That really must have stung Cara thinks to herself.

Cara has never been into anything like this. She does not like pain, and doesn’t like to see other people in pain. But somehow, this is different.

Cara is getting so worked up and excited with what is happening in front of her she can’t help but finger herself hoping nobody else will notice.

Turning her gaze once again to the poor girl getting a right caning, she sees the head master again running his cane up between the girl’s thighs. This time he is applying much more pressure.

The point of the cane is now clearly touching her pussy.

The site of her red backside with welts is quite erotic to Cara, but she can’t help but feel sorry for her.

The headmaster steps closer to the girl and puts his hands up under her. He is partially blocking the other girls view, but they can clearly see the girl being slightly lifted into the air as he starts to masturbate her in front of the class.

The girl bends further over and spreads her legs apart more and assumes a more squatting position.

She is definitely enjoying the experience bestowed upon her.

The head master becomes more aggressive in his movements with the girl being pushed forward with every thrust of his hand. She pushes back towards him with her buttom still red and raw looking.

She then takes her hands and places them on her buttocks; spreading herself wide open for him to explore her even further.

As she thrusts back and forth pushing her buttocks into him as he tries to finger her, and then takes his other hand and fingers her anal area.

He then turns aside, stands up for all to see the exposed red arse.

She relaxes for a moment, and then he takes one hand, spreads his fingers placing one finger in each of her orifices.

She cries out and pushes herself against his fingers as he slides them in and out in full view of the class.

Cara is so worked up she is fingering herself quite frantically now, as are the other two girls.

The headmaster undoes his trousers, and lets them drop to the floor. He takes his cock and places it directly in front of her anal passage. Slowly he inserts it into her as she once again pushes back against him.

You can see he is completely and fully inserted inside her anal passage right up to his balls.

They both thrust against each other, moaning with pleasure.

The headmaster starts stroking the back of her neck with the end of the cane as he continues to thrust into her.

You can hear the squelching noise from their fluids with each motion getting faster and faster until you here the girl scream out with pleasure.

She has cum first, and the head master goes faster and faster until he too explodes.

They both continue a gentle back and forth motion while they both wind down with their pleasurable experience.

Then he slowly withdraws from her letting the fluids drop to the floor.

He pulls his trousers up and fastens the buckle. Leans over and pulls the girls panties up around her backside and then pulls her skirt back down.

He tells her to return to her desk immediately.

The girl stands up, brushes her skirt down and straightens her blouse and walks slowly back to her desk.

She looks over to Cara and sees her playing with herself, and asks the teacher “why is she allowed to do that when I got punished?”

Cara quickly takes her fingers from within her and pulls her hands back up on to the desk.

Too late. The headmaster sees what she is doing, slams his cane on to her desk narrowly missing her hands.

“Get up here girl” he shouts in her face.

“How dare you do that”.

“Get here now and stand straight”.

Cara trembles as she pushes back her chair and starts to walk to the front of the class.

She knows what is coming next, and thinks to herself, “I don’t mind the fucking and playing, but I don’t want the cane”.

She stands there pleading not to be caned, but her words are falling on deaf ears.

The headmaster commands her to take all of her clothes off and lay them over her desk.

But she hesitates for a moment, just long enough for the teacher to grab her arm, turn her towards him where he commences undoing the buttons on her blouse.

As he undoes the buttons and starts to pull the blouse from her shoulders, he thinks to himself how lovely the crisp white blouse feels.

He gets turned on with the look of a nice sexy school girl in short skirt and white blouse.

He then places her blouse on the desk, tells her to remove her skirt and panties which she does.

She is now standing completely naked in front of the class. She feels the cane being run up insider her legs from behind. She looks down and sees the end of it protruding from under her. Then it lifts up into her crack where she lifts herself slightly up on her toes.

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