Twin Troubles Pt. 01 – The Favor

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“Please Sis! You know I would do it for you!”

“Bullshit. Remember Tommy Johnson?”

“Yeah, but he was a total asshole. You and I both know it.” I couldn’t argue with that. But this was different.

“But what if she wants to kiss me or something?” I loved my sister but come on, there were some lines I couldn’t cross.

Trinity laughed, then coughed, almost hacking up a lung. “So, what if she does? You get a free meal, you get a kiss, you drive home. Come on, Dee. Please?” I hated when she did that. Trinity looked so pathetic that I had to say yes.

Even though we were twins and looked so much alike that even our parents were fooled sometimes, there was one major difference between us. Trinity was a dyed-in-the-wool lesbian and I was straight as an arrow. Of course, I was the only one she confessed that to.

We’d moved out of our parent’s home and into an apartment in the city as we were both attending the same university. We were lucky as daddy said he would pay for everything, even our utilities, as long as we kept our grades up.

Trin and I still were the best of friends and often confided in each other. I was between boyfriends as she was right about Tommy. He had been an asshole, trying his best to get me and my sister in bed together with him to fulfill some idiotic fantasy. Even if I had been into girls, there is no way I would sleep with my sister.

I sighed. “Fine. But you owe me like super big for this.” Trinity squealed and tried to hug me but I held her off. “Don’t…don’t get me sick.” I said, backing away a little.

“Oh yeah. Sorry.” Trin replied, blushing. “But thank you, thank you, thank you!” she said with all the enthusiasm she could muster. She and this mystery chick had been talking on some site for about a month now. The woman, who’s name was Ashley, had agreed to have a nice sit-down meal at Sensuelle’s, a fancy French restaurant. It was all that Trinity had been talking about. Then she got sick.

Instead of cancelling and rescheduling like a normal person, my sister was desperately trying to convince me to go in her stead. I said yes because I really did love my sister and I also love French cooking. Besides, how hard could it be, I rationalized to myself. Just go, make small talk, eat your dinner and drive home. Alone. Sexually frustrated.

I shook my head at the thoughts entering my brain about the last time I’d gotten laid and drove to my sister’s, well my, appointment. If there was one good thing about Trin getting sick was that at least she had the good grace to do it before her hair, makeup, and mani-pedi appointments. I have to admit that it did feel good getting pampered like this. Focusing on the pleasure of being dolled up instead of the date tonight let me relax and enjoy myself.

When everything was finished, I looked freaking fantastic. Trinity and I had been blessed with good genes from our NFL football playing father and our NFL cheerleader mother so to say I turned more that a few heads strutting back to my car, putting a little swagger in my step, made me feel a little bratty and a lot like a tease.

“Ah, you bitch! You look fantastic!” Trinity exclaimed when I walked in and showed her my new makeover. I smiled at the compliment but then softly said that it would be her turn to look this great next time.

When it was time to get dressed, I put on my sexiest lingerie; a black lacy satin bra which on could clearly see my nipples and a pair of matching thong panties in which one could clearly see that I kept my pussy devoid of hair.

“Geez, Sis!” I exclaimed when Trinity showed me the little black dress that she’d picked to wear. After donning it, I shot my sister a scathing glance as the dress showed a ton of cleavage, barely containing my breasts, and ended well above mid-thigh. Black stiletto heels and a matching Versace purse completed the ensemble. If I was going out on a date with a dude, he would be putty in my hands, I thought to myself as I did a pirouette, checking myself out from all angles.

“You owe me, Trinity.” I said, right before heading out to the car.

“Uh huh. Have fun Duella.” Trin replied, looking forlornly at me. I sighed, realizing how much this meant to her and how very disappointed she wasn’t the one going.

“Don’t worry, Sis.” I said, clutching my purse. “I’ll make a great impression for you. And I promise I won’t have a good time.” Trinity smiled a little sadly then let out a massive sneeze before groaning and climbing back into her bed.

When I arrived, the valet took my keys to park my Audi, getting an eyeful as I exited the car. I’d arrived a little late, traffic being somewhat heavy. Crossing the threshold, I was immediately impressed. I’d been to many fancy restaurants in my time but this one had been carefully designed to give the diners a measure of privacy while looking open and airy and not the least bit ostentatious.

The hostess was a rather dignified older woman who smiled warmly while also checking me out. After giving my rus escort name, she led me through the dining hall to a rather secluded table in near the back. Thanking the hostess, I approached the figure that was already seated. When I got close, the woman I assumed was Ashley stood up, smiling, and took my hands, touching my cheeks to hers.

I tried to be smooth and confident but honestly, I was speechless and stunned. Ashley was one of the most beautiful women I’d met. My only thought was “No wonder why Trin is upset!”

“You look amazing, Trinity. The pictures you sent me don’t do you justice!” Ashley’s voice cut through the fog in my brain.

I stood there, trying to speak again. “Um, thanks. You…you look fabulous!” I replied, hoping I wasn’t sounding like a damn idiot. I wasn’t lying. Blonde hair, cut short pixie-style, a white dress that left as little to the imagination as mine did contrasting beautifully with her tan, and a diamond necklace with matching earrings completed her ensemble.

Ashley came over to pull my seat out for me. I smiled demurely with a soft “Thank you.” and sat down, trying my best to mentally prepare myself for this evening. I took a deep breath and a sip of water, chiding myself for acting like a schoolgirl on her first date and remembering that I was straight, not at all into women, even ones as breathtakingly beautiful as Ashley, with her piercing blue eyes, her luscious, full lips, breasts that seemed large for her frame but still fit her perfectly, long, honed legs…

“Trinity?” Ashley’s voice again cut through the fog in my brain.

“I’m sorry Ashley.” I replied, smiling. “You’re just, I mean, well…”

Ashley let out a giggle. “If it makes you feel any better, you’re having the same effect on me.” I blushed a bit hearing that, looking down at my plate, grateful when the waitress arrived and handed us our menus along with a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne. When my eyes widened at the sight of the very expensive drink, Ashley winked at me and said “I remembered, all right.” taking my look of shock as her remembering what my sister loved to drink.

Food was ordered and Ashley and I made small talk. I admit that initially I’d been overwhelmed at her beauty and the fact that I was on a date with another woman but by the time for the dessert course, she and I were chatting like old friends. Trin had talked about her so much that I felt like I knew her anyway and I could fake being my sister pretty good. Then it happened.

I was about to take a bite of my Crepe Suzette when I felt Ashley’s bare foot caress my calf under the table. I want to say it was the fourth glass of wine or the delicious dessert that made me gasp and close my eyes, letting out a little, mewling moan.

When I opened my eyes again, Ashley was beaming and gave me a cheeky wink. Again, I felt my face go flush as my body betrayed me, moving my leg slightly to give her better access to my inner thigh. When Ashley glanced down at my chest, I knew without looking that my nipples were poking out the front of my dress.

Dinner was finished and Ashley didn’t even let me see the check as she handed the waitress her credit card. “Well, Ashley, I have to say it was a most enchanting night.” I said as we waited for the waitress to return.

“Thank you, Trinity. Of course, it doesn’t have to end. I have an even nicer bottle of wine back at my room.” Ashely replied with that pussy-melting smile of hers. I tried to think of a reply that would get me out of going back to her place. Then I made the mistake of losing myself in those eyes of hers.

It was an almost out-of-body experience for me when I heard my voice say “Yes, I would love that.”

Ashley rose elegantly from her chair and helped me up, lightly holding on to my elbow as she guided me to the front door. Her car, a custom Bugatti, was already waiting for us at the front. “Honestly Trinity, I don’t think that it’s a good idea that you should drive but if you’d like to follow me, that’s fine.”

Rationalizing to myself that I’d had several glasses of wine and that Ashley was probably right that I shouldn’t be driving, I easily slipped into the passenger side of the car, making sure I got my keys from the valet though. Plus, I figured that it wasn’t everyday one got to ride in a Bugatti!

Ashley was the perfect lady, keeping both hands on the steering wheel even though my dress had hiked up when I sat down, exposing most of my thighs. My phone buzzed and I glanced at the text. Of course, it was Trinity asking how the night was going. I replied that it was going fine and for her to rest.

“Let me guess, your sister?” Ashley said with a giggle.

“Yeah, Trin, er, just checking up on me.” I replied, hoping Ashley wouldn’t catch my little slipup. I did notice an almost imperceptible smile on her lips but chalked it up to alcohol and the night.

On the elevator ride up from the private parking garage to her apartment, Ashley leaned back against istanbul bayan eskort the far wall, looking me over. I know I should have felt at least a little self-conscious but I found myself posing for her without looking like I was posing for her; shifting from one foot to the other so my ass flexed, twisting a little to show more of my boobs. Again, I chalked it up to alcohol and the night. I just kept saying silently “One drink, not to be rude, then head on out.”

We both took our heels off as soon as we entered Ashley’s apartment. I was a little surprised at how it looked. All night, Ashley had been showcasing her wealth; the costly French restaurant, the Louis Vuitton dress, the Bugatti, the expensive bottle of wine. But, in contrast, her apartment was rather sparsely decorated. Nothing was cheap, of course, but nothing was overstated. It felt homey, relaxing.

I sat down on the couch, curling my feet under me and watched Ashley press a button on the wall. Instantly, the lights dimmed a little to a soft, golden glow and smooth jazz filled the room from unseen speakers. My eyes were definitely not on her ass as she bent over, selecting a bottle from the wine rack and two glasses.

“Here’s to a wonderful night.” Ashely said after she sat down facing me, our legs touching. We clinked glasses and I took a sip of a delicious cabernet. We sat in silence for a bit, her arm resting on the back of the couch. I’m not sure why I started to lightly caress it with my fingertips. I thought to myself that if I were with a man, we’d probably be already fucking, if not finished by now.

My horniness was rising to uninhibited levels. Ashley was watching me and my eyes met hers. I felt myself put the mostly empty glass on the coffee table and she did the same. I want to say that my brain was screaming at me that this was leading up to sex and to leave but it wasn’t. I wanted this as much as she did.

Ashley made the first move, leaning in slightly. At that moment, I decided to go with it, wherever it may lead. Closing my eyes, I leaned toward Ashley. I only tensed for a second as our lips met. The feeling was similar but different than a man’s kiss. Softer, gentler.

Opening my eyes when Ashley pulled back, we both smiled at the other. “You sure?” she asked and I nodded, unable to speak.

Ashley stood up, holding out her hands to help me rise. We kissed again before she led me to her bedroom, Ashley let the artificial lights of the city outside illuminate us as she, standing behind me, lowered the zipper of my dress. I let it fall off me, pooling at my feet as she undid my bra, then lowered my panties, rubbing her hands down my legs as she did.

Her touch was as soft as her first kiss. There was no hurry, no urgency to get to the sex, in Ashley’s movement. It was if every kiss, every caress, every movement was to be savored. Her fingertips were electric, causing me to gasp as her well-manicured nails lightly dug into my skin.

When I was nude, Ashley drug her nails up my body, then walked around to stand in front of me. I bit my lip, wanting this, wanting her but still as nervous as I was when I first lost my virginity. In essence, I thought to myself, this was losing my virginity again. I could never go back to who I was if I went through with this.

I reached out and lowered the straps on Ashley’s dress, guiding it off of her body as she undid her necklace, setting on the nightstand. Taking a step back, I just admired her beauty, her body only covered by her lingerie. She let me drink in all I wanted, then turned around as I reached out, allowing me to undo her bra. Ashley was wearing a thong as well and I couldn’t help but let out a mewl of desire at the sight of her beautiful, bared buttocks, my hands cupping and feeling the softness of her ass cheeks. Then I knelt down and lowered her panties, caressing her legs as I did, just as she’d done with me.

When Ashley was naked as well, I stood up and for a moment, we both just gazed at each other’s bodies. My mouth went dry at the sight of the beauty in front of me. It was me who made the next move, stepping forward to press myself against her. Ashley wrapped her arms around my waist, cupping my ass as I gently gripped her shoulders.

The kiss was long and lingering. Ashley’s lips tasted of fine wine as I opened my mouth, inviting her in. When our tongues touched, I couldn’t help but let out a throaty moan. It was almost too much for me. The softness of Ashley’s skin beneath my fingers, her naked breasts pressing against mine, our hardening nipples rubbing, her electric touch causing goose bumps to rise wherever her fingers brushed against me, her kiss, soft and tender. All of it combined to cause whatever inhibitions I had left to flee from me. We never stopped kissing as we laid down on her bed.

There was a brief moment of hesitation on my part. Not for wanting this but because I knew Trinity would be super pissed off at me. I’m sure she thought that it was safe to ukraynalı escort send me on a date with Ashley because she knew that I wouldn’t be tempted. I whispered, “Sorry sis.” to myself as I reached out and touched Ashley’s boob.

This must have been the signal that Ashley was waiting for. Taking charge of the situation, she rolled me onto my back and, using her lips and fingertips, touched every part of my body. Well, every part but the ones that I was getting desperate for. Starting at my right ankle, her nails drew faint lines in my skin all the way up my leg. Slightly spreading my legs in anticipation, Ashley instead moved to my left leg, doing the same movement, this time slower.

All the while, Ashley was kissing my neck, lightly biting my skin as she moved ever closer to my heaving chest. Again, I mused that this never happened with college guys. The few that I had sex with were aggressive, squeezing my tits as they mashed their lips against mine, spreading my legs wide with their knees as they line up the head of their cock to plunge deep inside me, their grunts of passion echoing in their dorm room. Then it was over. Sometimes I came, most times I didn’t.

Ashley was different, though. She was intentionally building up my passions. I was feeling the stirrings of an orgasm building inside me and she hadn’t even touched my pussy or breasts yet!

Just as I was about to scream out for Ashley to please touch my cunny, my eyes flew open as a fingernail grazed my clit. Time stopped for a second as the tingle coursed through me. Then she did it again. It was such a simple move, barely scraping the most sensitive part of my body but it was driving me wild.

We kissed again as I felt Ashley running her fingers through my slit, coating them with my wetness. When she plunged her index and middle fingers inside me, I finally found out what my sister had been trying to tell me. When Ashley’s fingers curled up and tickled my g spot, the dam burst inside me as it had never done before.

I clenched down, barely aware that Ashley was still kissing me. It was like I was on a rollercoaster without a safety bar, holding on for dear life as another orgasm crashed through me.

Finally, I collapsed onto the bed, unable to move. With one more light kiss, Ashley removed her fingers from my pussy, gathering up my cream as she did so. Even that small touch caused me to tremble, my clit still supersensitive. Through half-lidded eyes, I watched as she licked one finger clean, then brought the other one to my mouth so I could taste myself.

I’m not sure how long I laid there but when I was able to finally move, I reached up and pulled Ashley to me in another kiss, then gently rolled her over onto the bed. She was smiling, watching as I maneuvered my body so that I was kneeling beside her. I wanted to give to her all the pleasure that she’d just given me but I was unable to know where to begin.

“Hey, it’s okay.” Ashley whispered, her hand touching mine. “Just do what comes naturally.” I nodded, took a deep breath, slowly exhaling.

“What would I do if I was with a guy in this situation?” I thought to myself. I would rub his chest as I played with his dick. So that’s what I did. For the first time in my life, I reached out, cupping another woman’s breast in my hand as I trailed my other hand down her stomach, running my fingers through the soft, downy fur of her Mons, then feeling the wetness of her pussy.

Ashley let out a contented sigh, a pleased look on her face which emboldened me to continue. Leaning down, I captured a nipple between my lips, lightly coating it with saliva as I ran my tongue over it. Feeling her breathing quicken ever so slightly as I did that, I started picking up the pace with her pussy, using the same moves on her that I used on myself when I masturbated.

Switching to Ashley’s other breast, I moved so that I was between her legs, moving my fingers up and down her slit, from her prominent clitty down to the puckered ring of her ass. She let out a low, long moan as I scraped my fingernail up her slit, dipping it ever so slightly into her before tickling her clit as she’d done to me.

I did this several times while kissing my way down Ashley’s body. We both knew where this was going, my head between her legs, my mouth on her pussy. I thought I would be squeamish at the idea of eating another woman out but the only feeling going through me was one of anticipation.

Removing my hand from between Ashley’s legs, I laid my body flat on the bed. I used my fingers to pry the plump lips of her pussy apart. For a moment I gazed at the sight before me, never having been this close to another woman’s most intimate area before.

Even in the darkened room, her wetness glistened in the little light filtering through the window. I thought I would be repulsed by the scent but I wasn’t. It was heady, fragrant like a perfume of bottled lust. I heard Ashley gasp as I used my tongue and, for the first time, tasted another woman’s juices. At that moment, I knew in my heart it wouldn’t be the last time either.

I took my time, running my tongue up and down Ashley’s slit, pushing it into her hole as far as it would go, whipping it back and forth against her clit when I sucked the little nubbin between my lips.

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