I was so flustered with running for the train, and finding what looked like the last remaining seat, that I didn’t notice that the young woman next to me was crying. But those airline seats create a certain intimacy, and you can’t help noticing your neighbour’s behaviour.

What do you do if tears are running down her cheeks, though, and she is womanfully striving not to sob aloud? I debated whether it would be more considerate to respect her privacy or to say something. I said, ‘Excuse me, but I can’t help seeing you’re upset. Would you like to talk about it? Or shall I mind my own business?’

The young woman grabbed my hand, gave rein to the sobbing and was unable to speak for a time. Then she said, ‘I just had to go. There was nothing else to do.’

I waited for more, but gave her hand a squeeze. She went on, ‘He kept wanting something I couldn’t do.’ I stayed silent and she continued, ‘Well, it wasn’t that I couldn’t. I wouldn’t, and he said in that case I was useless.’ She stopped.

‘So you had to leave,’ I said. She gulped and nodded. I asked her, ‘Do you have somewhere to go?’

‘I came away with nothing,’ she said. ‘Just my handbag and laptop. I was hoping my brother in Leeds might let me stay. But his mobile just goes to voicemail and he doesn’t answer my texts. I think he may be away.’

‘What about your work?’ I said.

‘I can do that anywhere. I’m a freelance editor. Just need an internet connection.’

There comes a point when you ask for a name. She said, ‘Pamela,’ and asked for my name. ‘Norma Jane,’ I said.

She squeezed my hand, let go and said, ‘Thank you for speaking. I feel better now.’

Of course, by the time we were nearing my station later I had offered to put her up while she got organised. She had by then been pretty frank about her recent experience. ‘We met on-line. Through work. He was looking for someone to index a book and we got talking. Then we met and fell in love. Well, I did, anyway. So I moved in with him, and I thought we were happy. But then he kept wanting – ‘ She stopped and lowered her voice. ‘Well, I’ll tell you. He kept wanting to go up my bum.’

‘But you didn’t want that,’ I said to keep things going.

‘No. I told him when we got together I wouldn’t do that, but we could make love in other ways. And we did.’

‘But eventually that wasn’t enough.’

My car was parked at the station, so we were soon home, and I began to cook an evening meal. She sat at the kitchen table, and I could now get a good look at her. She wasn’t beautiful, or pretty, but she was attractive. She was medium height, very dark, with wide brown eyes and long brunette hair. Her lips were lush and kissable. She realised, of course, that I was rather staring and smiled a little nervously. I thought I had better come clean. ‘You’ve noticed me studying you. Well, you’re very attractive and I’m bisexual, so I can’t help responding. But I didn’t ask you here to hit on you, I promise.’

She said, ‘Thank you. I think you’re very attractive, too, and I should tell you I fancy women as well as men, though I’ve had very little experience.’

No more was said on the subject while we ate, drank coffee and made up my sofa-bed for her. She tried contacting her brother again, without success, and she took first turn in the bathroom and went downstairs to sleep in the sitting-room. I called down to her, ‘If you need anything or feel upset in the night, don’t hesitate to wake me.’ Then I got into bed.

But I couldn’t sleep for thinking of that sexy, appealing woman just a few feet below. Especially as it was many weeks since my last sexual encounter, with a pleasant but not very adventurous man. He had made me come several times efficiently, but it had been rather mechanical. I felt more than ready for the greater intimacy of a woman’s fingers and tongue. But I was determined not to proposition my guest, so I called some erotic art on my tablet, that being the nature of my work, and caress my erecting clitoris.

Then I heard her climbing the stairs. She hesitated outside my half-open bedroom door, but, seeing the light was on, she knocked. ‘Can I come in?’

I slipped the tablet under my pillow and pulled the duvet over my chest, as I always sleep naked. ‘Please, come in,’ I said.

She was wearing her tee shirt and black knickers, but no bra. Her breasts were not large, but were shapely, with the big dark nipples clearly visible. ‘Can I talk to you?’ she asked. I patted the bed beside me and she sat down. She smelled delicious, a blend of sweat, some perfume or other and a suspicion of sexual arousal, though it was more male than female. My fingers were resting still on my clitoris and it was hard not to close my eyes, breathe in that cocktail of odours and bring myself off.

‘I think I may have given you the wrong idea about me,’ she said.

‘What do you mean?’

‘The reason Derek wanted to do that.’

‘Yes?’ I asked.

‘That was the only way he could get inside me.’

‘You mean -?’ I was beginning to guess.

‘I bomonti escort was lying down there thinking about you, and I just wanted to be with you.’

‘I was lying here thinking about you,’ I said. ‘I’m so glad you came up. Would you like to get in bed with me, if you don’t mind me being naked?’

‘I would love that. But I know you can love women, and, you see, I’m not quite what you may expect.’

I said, ‘I’ve just been working that out.’

‘And you don’t mind?’

‘You’ve got me curious, Ms Pamela,’ I said. ‘Surprise me.’

She stood up and pulled off the tee-shirt. ‘I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours,’ she said, giggling.

They were as beautiful as I had guessed they were under the fabric. I pushed down the duvet and she gazed at my tits. They are not especially large but they are firm. She licked her lips. ‘May I?’ she asked, and pulled the duvet to my feet. The smell of my aroused pussy was evident. She sniffed it eagerly and gazed at my fuzz, in which the pink of my half-open vulva was showing. ‘Lovely!’ she said.

‘Take off those knickers. I want to see,’ I said.

She turned her back and stripped them off. Her bottom was delightful. Quite large and rounded, deep buttocked, wonderfully female. ‘So far so good,’ she said.

‘I can see why Derek wanted to fuck your arse,’ I said. ‘It’s magnificent.’

She turned round, and there was what I had been expecting. A cock. Her pubis was bare and from it rose her half-erected penis. It was so slender, the tip just peeping out of the tight foreskin. I loved it. ‘You see? Perhaps you’re shocked? Shall I go away?’

‘No, no,’ I said. ‘Lie down. Let me hold you. I love those tits, and that cock is sweet. Can it cum?’

‘Oh yes, it cums and cums,’ she said. ‘Derek wanted me to put it up his bum, but I wouldn’t. He liked to suck it and toss it off, though.’

She lay down and I took her into my arms. We kissed a long time, tongues exploring, our hands fondling each other’s breasts. I sucked her nipples and she gasped with pleasure. She licked mine and I felt that wonderful inner glow as if the whole breast were tingling with warmth and fullness.

Her cock was rigid now, tapping my thigh as she made involuntary little thrusting movements. I urged her onto her back and studied it. It was not long, perhaps five inches, but it was very thin, no thicker than my thumb, the thinnest tool I had ever seen. The head was wider than the shaft, with the foreskin still half covering the glans, the tip poking shyly out, a drop of moisture oozing from its little opening. It looked like a tulip before the flower blooms. I longed to take it into my mouth, and to take it into my vagina.

‘Can I suck it?’ I asked.

‘Please. But I shall cum if you do it too long, and I want to lick your pussy. I want to make you come. And I want to go inside you and come. I’ve never cum in a woman, or a man come to that, but I so much want to cum in a woman.’

‘You shall, then, darling, you shall,’ I said and slid my lips over that sweet tulip bud.

She shuddered and thrust a little. The cock jabbed inside my cheeks, its slim rod sliding over my tongue. I gripped it with my lips and she said, ‘I’ll cum if you go on.’

‘Would you like to?’ I asked.

‘I want to cum inside you,’ she said. ‘Please, can I cum inside you?’

‘Of course you can.’

She withdrew from my mouth, urged me onto my back and opened my legs. My pussy was well greased, the lips parted, and she pushed her tongue between them and slid it up to my erected clitoris. She nibbled it gently and pushed two fingers into my vagina. It was my turn to say I would cum. Then I said, ‘Come into me now, darling. Slide that lovely little tool in and cum when you’re ready. I’ll probably cum, too.’

She climbed between my thighs and felt for my cunt with the tip. It poked a couple of times within the inner lips and then glided in. I could scarcely feel it at first, it was so much thinner than the cocks I had taken before. But I could feel it at the cervix. And I was so happy that I could give this person her first time in a vagina and the joy she was expressing. ‘Oh, that’s wonderful,’ she said. ‘I knew it must be lovely, but never dreamed it was so lovely. It’s so hot and wet. It feels perfect. It’s just meant to go there.’

‘Cum, darling,’ I said, ‘Cum when you want. I’m ready. My cunt wants to drink your cum.’

‘Yes, yes!’ she said, ‘It’s starting to come. Oh, it’s cumming. Here it comes! Take my cum, darling.’ I felt the tool stiffen still more, and as she forced in the last fraction of an inch I sensed the spunk jet within, four or five times. And then I came. It welled up inside me, as if beginning in my bottom and spreading through my whole body. I felt as if every organ was climaxing at once. My vagina seemed to flex and pulse.

She cried, laughed, licked my breasts again and again, tried to stay inside as her cock relaxed and slid out, dribbling, onto my thigh. ‘Thank you, thank you!’ she said. cihangir escort ‘That was so wonderful.’

We lay in each other’s arms, stroking backs and bottoms. I told her, ‘That was the most satisfying orgasm I’ve had in months. Your pleasure gave me such joy I came all over.’

‘I’m so glad. It was the most satisfying I’ve ever had. I didn’t know it could be like that.’

‘You must have masturbated.’

‘Oh yes, often, and I like it, but it’s nothing like as good as cumming inside you.’

My curiosity had been earlier aroused, of course, and now I asked her to tell me about herself.

‘I was always small, and rather plump as a young boy, with a big, round bottom, and I wasn’t much interested in sport or fighting or mechanical toys. I wasn’t interested in dolls or girl’s stuff, either, though I did like dressing up, and usually dressed up as a girl. My parents are artists and rather unconventional and they had no problem about how I behaved or what clothes I wore. They didn’t notice, either, that my testicles didn’t come down. Had you noticed I don’t seem to have any balls? Well, I do have them, but they’re still inside me. They don’t have any trouble cumming, though! I don’t know how fertile I am, but the cum always looks a bit thin compared to Derek’s. I like it they don’t show. It makes me more like a woman. I think of myself as a woman with a cock, you see. When I was sixteen I started the hormones. My parents are quite successful, so they were happy to pay for the treatment. If I wanted breasts and a female bum that was fine with them. My body soaked up those shots like it was just waiting for them, and you can see the result. I’m twenty-two now, and I feel I’m just getting to be myself. And making love with you brought me into my gender. My cock is a clitoris that comes, is how I feel.’

That’s so moving,’ I told her. ‘I think that’s wonderful. A clit that cums. Yes. I want it to cum, again and again, in me, on me, everywhere.’

‘I could always cum two or three times with Derek. I didn’t have much experience before him. I was waiting to be ready for sex, I think. I did have a couple of times with a woman, just with lips and hands, and I did go once with a transsexual, but she wanted to do anal intercourse and have me do her, and I didn’t want to. I loved tossing off her enormous cock, but that wasn’t enough for her.’

Her tool lay small and limp now on her thigh and I burned to erect it and make it spurt. ‘Can that clitoris cum again now or soon, darling?’ I asked. ‘Can I make it hard?’

‘Oh, yes, please. I love when it starts small and grows hard and goes on to cum. I love to watch it cum. That’s the best part of tossing off.’

‘Then I’m going to toss it off, starting with my mouth. I love sucking my juice off a cock.’ And I took that tiny penis between my lips and tongued it gently. It began to stir and slowly grew in my mouth. The sharp, special vaginal taste was inflaming. I stopped, took away my lips and said, ‘That’s so exciting. It gives me a sense of power, of being able to give.’ I took it, semi-erect, back into my mouth and sucked. Then I took it out and licked it, like a lollipop. She began to breathe deeply and to thrust her hips. I slipped a hand under her bottom and squeezed the cheeks and lifted them to help the thrusting. ‘That’s nice,’ she said, ‘I can feel it starting to cum. It’s coming from under your hand. When you squeeze it feels as if your squeezing the cum from my balls, as if they’re in my bottom.’

‘Ah,’ I said, taking my mouth away, ‘You’re going to cum. I can feel your tool getting harder. You’re going to cum, aren’t you, darling? Tell me you’re going to cum.’

‘Yes!’ she said, ‘It’s cumming, it’s cumming from inside my bottom, deep inside.’

‘We’re going to watch it,’ I told her, putting the cocklet back between my lips and taking hold of the shaft below the tulip head. I worked the shaft until the moment was right, then took away my mouth and worked the foreskin over the glans.

‘Here it is,’ she gasped, ‘It’s here. It’s here.’ And a jet of semi-transparent jism shot out and dolloped onto her breasts. The tool convulsed and another jet followed, and then three more, diminishing in volume. She squealed with joy.

Quickly I threw a leg over her, sitting on those beautiful tits and squirming my bottom into her jism. I wanted to feel that warm slippery cum-splattered nipple in my anus. I pushed my pussy towards her. ‘Lick clit, lick it!’ I commanded and she bent forward and her tongue sought into my vulva, found the clitoris and licked, and I came and came, wriggling my bum on her bosom in ecstasy.

Then we slept in each other’s embrace.

When I woke I had a longing for something more but I didn’t know what. Then I realised, but thought it would probably not be possible, given what Pamela had said.

She woke and we kissed, gently at first, then harder and harder, and began to caress each other, slowly at first, then more urgently. The scent of our sex intoxicated us. kurtuluş escort We breathed it in. She sniffed my pussy like a connoisseur sampling wine. I licked that delicious little tool till it bloomed again. I said, ‘Why wouldn’t you let Derek fuck you or fuck his arse?’

‘It just seemed wrong,’ she said, ‘But I think it was because I wasn’t really in love with him. He was the first man to pay me attention after I had got my tits and bum, and that made me go with him, but I held back a little, too.’

I said, ‘Pamela, I loved it when you came in my cunt and I want you to do that again and again. But I want you up my bottom, too. I want that so much. It would be even more intimate, you see. It would be what you wouldn’t do with Derek.’

‘Oh yes!’ she said. ‘I want to do everything you want me to do.’

‘You’ll need to have a pee first, and so will I, to be practical.’ We went to the bathroom.

Back on my bed, I knelt and she stroked my bum-cheeks. ‘Go in my cunt and get your tool good and slippery,’ I said. ‘Reach in and collect it on your fingers and put it on my anus.’

When she slid into my cunt we both nearly came, but she drew out again, anointed me with love-juice and put the point of her penis against the opening. ‘Push,’ I told her, and that lovely tulip slipped in a little way.

‘It’s so tight,’ she said. ‘Is it hurting?’

‘No. It feels good. I want it all the way in. Push in slowly. Oh yes, that’s lovely. I can feel it going deeper. It’s wonderful having my butt against your tummy. Are you all the way in yet? Yes, I can feel you must be.’

‘It’s lovely,’ she said. ‘I just love being in there, and holding your cheeks. I feel I’ll come without moving at all. It’ll just happen, as if you’re sucking the spunk out of me.’

‘I think I can cum if you move a little. It could happen if you shoot your spunk.’

She withdrew almost all the way, the bulb staying just inside, and then drove slowly back inside. ‘I can feel it starting,’ she said. ‘It’s coming from deep inside me. I can feel it in my own bottom. It wants to pour into you.’

‘Yes, pour it in, darling,’ I said, gasping as the little tool-head moved inside me. ‘If you cum I’ll cum.’

She withdrew and slid in again two or three times. Then she began to pant and pushed all the way. ‘Lovely, lovely,’ she gasped. ‘It’s cumming, cumming!’

And I felt the tool swell and jerk, felt the spunk spring and instantly lubricate the cocklet, so that it slid a little as I tensed and gripped in my own tumultuous orgasm, which went on and on, as my rectum pulsed and seemed to suck.

Eventually we fell on to our sides and lay breathing hard, with her still inside. After a while she shrank and slid out, and I turned over to watch the cock shrink till it was only an inch or two long and lying slackly on her thigh. It was completely flaccid, and I wanted to suck it, to bring it erect again. But at this point we both realised we needed breakfast and a shower, and I needed to go to work.

We were glowing with well-being and joy after washing and replenished our energy with a hearty but healthy meal. We kept stopping eating to kiss, caress each other and look into each other’s eyes. As the hostess and the older woman (I am 38), I pressed her to stay at least another night, to help herself to what she needed, to use the wi-fi connection, and I would be back in the evening. There was no need to agree what we’d do then.

My heart was already beating fast and my knickers already damp when I arrived home. Pamela was in the kitchen, preparing a meal. We embraced and kissed, ran hands over breasts and bottoms, but decided not to feel each other up. We had the whole night before us and could go slowly, relishing each moment of our time together. Starting with the soup, salmon and sorbet Pamela had provided.

Like a married couple, we asked about each other’s day. She had found it difficult at first to settle in my study with her laptop, her system being so full of our love-making, especially as some of it was new and doubly moving. I told her about my work, as an art gallery assistant. Where I am the specialist in ‘erotic art,’ which is to say paintings, sculptures, videos and performances with sexual content. They are on show in a separate suite, to which access is restricted, for instance to exclude those under eighteen. I also often record these items, on whichever media I think fit, for sale over the internet.

Pamela expressed much curiosity, and I explained that, following on from my doctoral thesis on the subject, I am especially interested in items at the interface of ‘mainstream’ art and the erotic. What are the criteria for determining which is which? Is Giorgione’s Venus high art? Yes! Is it also erotic? Oh yes. How could a painting of a woman with her fingers holding her pussy not be? What about Velazquez’s Rokeby Venus, perhaps the most beautiful bottom ever painted? High and erotic both. I showed examples on my tablet, and we both found them arousing, adding to our desire for each other.

As we cleared and stacked the dishwasher we kissed and cuddled. Then we went up to my bedroom, and stood quite still for a while, arms loosely round each other, looking into each other’s eyes. We were seeking, awaiting, the emotional-sexual communion which would enable us to connect. And we knew when we were ready.

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