Tucker’s Studio Ch. 22


Ripped from the headlines! Did you guys see the news story a few months back, when a California high school got in big trouble for allowing a porn movie to be shot there?

As usual, all people and places are fictional. All characters are over eighteen.


The Dimpled Boy

“Holy shit!” Kelsey chuckled, breathing hard. “You’re fun Josh! Wow!”

The redheaded coed porn star was on her back, in all her naked glory, on the top bunk in a friend’s room down the hall from hers at the dorm.

“Where’d you learn to fuck like that?” she said, still catching her breath after some doggie action that was nearly epic in intensity.

“You and Hannah,” he said, panting warm breath out of a wide smile. “I’m a fast learner I guess.”

“I guess there’s been plenty of parties for you to practice. You seem to be at all of ’em.”

“Why wouldn’t I be?” he said, stating the obvious. “You guys are just…oh my God, these past two semesters have been like a dream. You gonna marry me so we can do this forever?”

“Ha! You don’t wanna marry a porn slut, do ya?”

“Fuck yeah!” Josh said. “And I want the wedding to be a big fuckin’ orgy party.”

“With your parents and aunts and uncles and stuff?”

“Oh,” Josh said, thinking it over for a moment. “Yeah, lets do it! It’ll be fuckin’ crazy!”

“Those fuckin’ dimples kill me,” Kelsey said, her blue eyes twinkling as she looked at Josh’s smile. She rolled on top of him, sat up and slipped his cock back in for more.

“God you get hard easy,” she said. “Fuck! Your cock’s as nice as anybody’s, you know that?”

She put her hands on the ceiling, the stretch lifting her big tits in a marvelous way, and rode Josh to a sweaty finish.


“So I got this friend Josh, at school, and he’s like porn crazy,” Kelsey said to Tucker at the studio one day. “He’s always videoing stuff at our parties, and havin’ his friends video him doin’ stuff. I know he’d like freak if he could be in somethin’ real, like here. I didn’t say anything to him ’cause I wanted to ask you first.”

“I already got two college aged guys,” Tucker said. “But you think he’s good? You sorta know what we look for around here.”

“Yeah. Well, he’s really cute, and his cock’s super nice. And he gets hard really easy. I think maybe he’s hard all the time,” Kelsey laughed.

“With you in his dorm I can kinda understand that,” Tucker chuckled. “What about his parents?”

“They know. I mean they know he posts stuff all over the web from the dorms. He got in some trouble, but I think they’re used to it now. Doin’ something more professional wouldn’t surprise ’em I don’t think.”

“What did you have in mind? Just havin’ him do a scene with you? Or with somebody else? Like I said, I don’t really need another steady guy his age.”

“Yeah, that’d be cool! Anything! He’d love it!” Kelsey said. “He’s crazy about orgies, but I don’t know if you wanna get into somethin’ like that. Maybe just a scene with Molly? He’s got a thing for this professor of ours. She’s got big tits and looks kinda like her. God, this is so cool!”

“Yeah, we could do that,” Tucker said. “Let me think it over. Maybe we can do somethin’ interesting.”


A week later, just before midnight, Kelsey was in the dimly lit faculty lounge with Kyle, her Digital Illustration professor. She was cuddling with him on the old leather couch after a half-hour of frantic, partially-clothed fucking. Her gaze drifted around the room, taking in all the beautiful details of the old-world wood paneled walls and the beveled glass chandelier.

“I’ve got a favor to ask,” she said. “You can say no. I don’t wanna get you in trouble.”

“Like you haven’t gotten me in trouble already,” the married man smirked.

“Tucker — my boss — was hoping to shoot some scenes here maybe. In one of the classrooms. It’d just be like the opening scene, before the sex happens. I saw a film crew in the architecture building a few weeks ago, and I was wondering if you know anything about it. Getting to do it I mean.”

“He’d need to get a permit, I’m sure. I don’t know though, I don’t think they’d be happy about a porn producer shooting here.”

“They wouldn’t know, would they? It’s just T.S. Productions. They wouldn’t know it was porn. And we’re not gonna be fuckin’ here, so…”

“You’re gonna be in it?” Kyle said, looking surprised. “Shit Kel!”

“Me and Ryan, and my friend Josh from my dorm. And two of the people I work with at Tucker’s. They’re gonna play the professors. It’s gonna be fun!”

“Jesus! You are a crazy little girl!” Kyle said. Kelsey giggled when he wiggled her big tits. “I’ll look into it if you want,” he said, “but your boss is going to have to get the permits.”

“Yay! Thanks!” she said. “Just for that you get a double dose of me tonight. Is your wife expecting you?”

Kyle’s cock was already swollen, and he slipped into Kelsey missionary style. He didn’t want to talk about bonus veren siteler his wife.


“How long are you guys gonna be at this do you think?” asked the laconic intern from the facilities department.

“Two, maybe three hours,” Tucker said. He set down the aluminum camera cases he was carrying and looked around at the grand old classroom. The walls were a mix of stone and dark wood-paneled wainscoting. Four leaded glass light fixtures hung from the coffered ceiling. The windows were leaded glass too, but colored — a shade of brownish blue down low, with wavy clear glass up high. It was probably a spectacular room on a sunny day, Tucker thought, but it was equally wonderful on that moonlit night.

The intern didn’t seem happy to be there, but Tucker didn’t have time to think too much about it. Kelsey, Josh and Ryan brought in more cases, followed by Jamar and Dave pushing a wheeled chest full of heavy tripods and light stands. Marsha and Molly brought up the rear with some of the lighter things. Jamar and Tucker started setting up while the others made another trip out to the van for the rest of the gear. It took an hour to get things ready to go. Tucker was sweating, feeling the pressure as the unhappy intern watched.

“You know, I’m gonna have to up my estimate,” Tucker said to the young man. “By the time we do our scenes and break all this down, we’ll be at least another three hours. Maybe four. We’re good for six max, right, according to the permit?”

“Is that what they told you?” the intern said. “I can’t really stay that whole time. If I leave and come back at…2 AM, does that work for you guys?”

Tucker looked at his watch. “That’s perfect my man,” Tucker said. “We’ll be packing up about then.” The intern left without another word, leaving Tucker and the gang alone in the quite old room. “Maybe we can do a little sex here after all,” Tucker said. “What do you guys think? Too risky?”

“Yeah, we can do it,” Kelsey said. “Me and Kyle, we kinda do it all the time here, down on the first floor. There’s a cleaning woman, but the doors lock, and she’s…we caught her listening. She does it a lot I think and she never said anything about us to anybody.”

“I think it’d be hot to do at least a little of it here,” Tucker said. “It’d be more interesting than what we were gonna do back at the studio. I expected windows you could see through, but nobody can see in these. Are all you guys cool with it?” he asked the gang.

“Ready to do some fuckin’ Joshy?” Kelsey asked her friend. She gave his crotch a little squeeze for emphasis.

“Yeah,” he said nervously, glancing across the room at Molly. She was helping Jamar test a microphone and she got a tingle when she saw the cute young boy look at her the way he did.

“What’s the worst they can do, kick us out, right?” Dave said.

“Yeah, let’s go for it,” Tucker said. “I wish we had a couch or somethin’ though.”

“There’s a study lounge down the hall,” Kelsey said. “There’s lots of furniture there.”

She and Josh and Ryan left in search of a couch while Tucker and Jamar finished wiring up the microphones and cameras. Molly slipped out of her jeans and pulled on a corduroy skirt. Marsha helped her get dressed.

“Wow!” Marsha said. “That fits you nice! How do you keep that ass? Mine gets bigger just driving past the bakery.”

“It’s not too tight?” Molly asked, twisting to look at the backside of the knee-length garment.

“Are you kidding? That’s hot,” Marsha said.

Molly pulled the matching jacket on over the white blouse she had worn with her jeans, and put on the pair of nonprescription glasses they’d picked out back at the studio. Suddenly she was a college professor. Molly unbuttoned the blouse, putting her deep cleavage at center stage with her white lace bra peeking out, and slipped on some brown high heels. Suddenly she was a smokin’ hot college professor.

Dave’s was an easy transition. He already had the graying hair and the graying beard. All he needed to do was pull a rumpled tweed sport jacket over his plaid shirt and jeans. Marsha put a pen in his pocket, fixed his hair with her fingers, and placed a pair of fake glasses on top of his head.

“No wonder the girls like you,” she said, fingering one last piece of hair into place. A quick memory of how nice they’d fucked each other that afternoon with his bartender friends threatened to derail her thoughts.

“Holy shit! You guys look awesome!” Kelsey said, snapping Marsha into the present.

Kelsey held the door so Ryan and Josh could bring in the couch. It was well worn, but would do the trick. Tucker had them place it near the window, with the nice old leaded glass for a backdrop.

“Whattaya think Joshy,” Kelsey said. “Does Molly look good enough to eat?”

Josh stood silently, taking in the sight of Molly in her teacher clothes. He was speechless, so Kelsey turned the screws a little more.

“I happen to know she likes to be eaten,” bahis she said, smiling at her tongue-tied friend.

“Kelsey! Don’t scare the poor boy!” Molly said. She went to Josh’s side and put her arm around him, looking up at the tall lad. “God, those dimples are just…”

“Aren’t they the cutest?” Kelsey smiled.

Josh looked down into Molly’s fathomless cleavage and wondered if he was in over his head. I’m supposed to fuck her, he thought to himself, with all these people watching? This is nuts! I’ve never even been with a real woman before! Just crazy girls!

“All right everybody, the clock’s ticking,” Tucker said. “Let’s roll, okay. I need three students at the table. Molly, you ready?”

“Ready boss,” she smiled.

“All right, just like we rehearsed it this afternoon everybody. Roll cameras,” Tucker said.

The camera was on Professor Molly, her nice cleavage on display as she leaned over the table, checking the work on Josh’s paper.

“That’s it. You guys are getting it now,” she said. “Let me see yours Ryan.”

Josh giggled. “She wants to see yours,” he said, elbowing Josh as the two of them looked at Molly’s pendulous tits.

“You guys,” Kelsey said disgustedly. “You’re always fuckin’ horny.”

“Language Kelsey!” Molly said. “That’s what we’re learning here. Fuck is a very specific word. It should be thrown around unless you mean it.”

“Like what, Professor? Doesn’t “fuckin’ horny” mean something? I mean it’s a figure of speech, right?”

“Well…yes, but…well…fuckin’ is a regional dialect. I much prefer fucking.”

“Do you?” Kelsey said, sensing her teachers vulnerability. “So you like fucking? If I was to write something like… “I want to feel a cute boy fucking me doggie style, with another boy’s dick in my mouth”…would that be correct?”

“Well, yes,” Molly said. “Or you could say, I want a cute boy to fuck me doggie style, with another boys dick in my mouth. But I really like cock in that instance — I want a cute boy to fuck me doggie style with another boy’s cock in my mouth. I like it better that way.”

The professor’s face was blushing bright red, and she fanned herself with Josh’s paper. She liked being forthright with her students about real-world questions, but things were going a little too far, especially since it was Josh and Ryan at the table, the two male students she’d been most attracted to that semester.

“Do you really like it that way Professor Molly? Because they’re both ready for you,” Kelsey said. Her hands were in the boys laps, massaging their lumps. “They’re so big and hard. They’ll be too much for just me later.”

“Kelsey! That’s…inappropriate…under the circumstances,” the professor said. She pulled at the front of her blouse, pumping some cool air in. “Maybe we should take a break.”

“Yeah, I think we all need a nice change of pace,” Kelsey said. She slithered off of her chair and had Ryan’s long cock in her mouth quick as a wink.

Professor Molly let out an unintended whimper when she saw what was happening. It had been a while since she’d had sex, and Ryan’s cock was just so…wow, is what it was. Just so wow!

Josh pushed back his chair so his hot teacher could see the big lump in his pants that he was massaging. The look in his eyes said everything that needed to be said. Professor Molly went to her knees and had his hard flesh in her mouth a moment later. Josh had to think about the time he had to clean a smelly disgusting dumpster, lest he cum instantly, deep in sexy Molly’s throat.

“Oh God!” he said, when Molly’s big, beautiful eyes looked up at him. “Fffuuck!

He was deep in her throat again, about ready to call for mercy when she pulled off and stoked him, wet and slippery in her hand.

“I always had a feeling you boys would be fun,” Professor Molly said. “There’s one or two each year that catch my eye, but nothing ever happens.”

“You could make it happen Professor,” Kelsey said. “You’re so hot! Everybody’d want to.”

“That’s…dangerous,” she said, plunging her head down on Josh again, engulfing every millimeter of him.

“It’s fun to be dangerous,” Kelsey said as she stripped off her shirt and bra.

“What are you doing?” Molly asked, with shock in her eyes. “We can’t do that here!”

Kelsey was on her feet, striping off her jeans. A moment later she was naked, riding Ryan on his wooden chair.

“Fuck yeah!” she yelled as her hips swiveled and his long length filled her full.

The sight inflamed the lust in Molly, and her head plunged down on Josh again, more voraciously. As she slurped she slipped off her jacket and unbuttoned her blouse. The gauzy white garment floated down her arms to the floor and she reached behind herself, releasing her big tits from her sexy little bra. She’d been furiously sucking Josh’s cock through the whole endeavor, and it finally popped out of her mouth. She sat back and looked at him with wild lust written all over her deneme bonusu face.

Josh couldn’t believe the sight of her. Huge tits, proud and firm on her heaving chest. The biggest areolas he’d ever seen, with hard nipples sticking out an inch in front of them. And that smile on her face! She was the most beautiful woman in the world!

Slowly and carefully she undid the laces on his shoes, took them off and pealed off his socks. She lifted his legs and placed a bare foot on each of her tits. Her beautiful smile grew bigger and she giggled as she tickled the soles of his feet with her dazzling nipples. His jeans were already around his thighs, so they came off easily. As he whisked off his t-shirt Molly stepped out of her skirt. She left her panties on — white ones, with a little pink detailing.

She glanced over at Kelsey, still riding her fully clothed boy, both of them closing in on something big.

“I’ve never had a naked boy in my room before,” Molly said to Josh. “I guess I need to take advantage of it, right? Do you want me to take advantage of you Josh?”

He was reclined as far as he could in the small wooden chair. Molly bent at the waist and sucked his upright cock into her mouth again. She let it pop out, took Josh’s hand and led him to the couch.

“Fuck me good Joshy,” she said as she stripped off her panties and climbed onto the couch on all fours. “Fuck me so good I’ll think about it everyday when I’m in this room with my class.”

Josh knelt behind her and sunk his young cock into the velvety warmth of her forty-eight-year-old pussy.

“Oh God!” he said, loud and staccato as the intense sensation hit him.

“You like my pussy Josh?” she purred. “You like teacher’s pussy?”

Tucker gave Jamar a cue to zoom out and frame a wide camera shot that showed the door, and Dave made his entrance.

“Molly, what the fuck!” he said, just as Kelsey had a shattering orgasm. He stood stunned, letting the craziness of the scene sink in. “You can’t do this!”

Molly looked horrified, but there wasn’t much she could do. She and Josh just froze, with his cock deep inside her, like a wildly inappropriate sculpture from the art department.

“Professor McQueen!” Kelsey said dreamily. Her body was still moving on Ryan as the last of her orgasmic tremors dissipated. “Oh my God this is so awesome!”

She climbed off of Ryan and sashayed her stunning nakedness toward the gray-haired professor. He stood still as she approached, like he was caught in her energy field and couldn’t move. “You know I think you’re the hottest,” she said matter-of-factly.

He let go of the door and its closer clicked it shut. Kelsey took the dumbstruck man’s hands in hers. Her tits squeezed together a little bit between her arms, making the big things look positively massive. Her nipples were in full ‘high beam’ mode.

“You’ll play with us, won’t you?” she said.

“Molly?” he asked, tearing his eyes from Kelsey’s perfect little body.

“Don’t ask me,” Molly said. “I’m already in the shit. You might as well wallow in it with us. If you want to.”

Her hips had already started to move a little, and she groaned when Josh pressed himself balls deep again, tight against her ass.

“Come on,” Kelsey said, casting her big blues up at the professor. “You’ll fuck me, won’t you?”

“God help me,” he murmured.

“Cut!” Tucker said. “That was awesome people. Awesome awesome. Let’s take a break and move some cameras around.”

“A break?” Josh asked, still in mid-fuck behind Molly.

“Yeah honey,” she said, “Just pull out and let it cool down. Don’t worry, there’ll be lots more.” She turned and sat next to him. “I promise to wear you out,” she said, giving him a sly smile and a nice little kiss. “You did great so far honey. Tucker, you should hire this kid,” she yelled across the room. “Hey Marsha, bring a towel for him will ya?”

Josh felt odd sitting there on the couch naked with Molly, with another attractive older woman heading toward him.

“I got him all sticky,” Molly said as she took the towel from Marsha. “Isn’t he cute?” she said to her. “Don’t you love the dimples?”

“I do,” Marsha said, with a sexy little smile.

She watched for a minute as Molly cleaned off Josh’s cock, admiring the boy’s smooth-skinned body close up for the first time.

“Don’t ya love the energy these young guys have Marsh?” Molly said to her. The cock she was cleaning was hard again by the time she finished. “God, he could just fuck you forever with this thing.”

Josh looked embarrassed, and Marsha was too, so she retreated. “You want a robe Josh?” she asked as she left.

“Uh…no, I guess not,” he said. Everybody else seemed to be sitting around naked, so he thought he should too.

“Good boy,” Molly said. “Bodies are beautiful. No need to keep covering ’em up.”

She kissed his dimpled cheek and reclined against the back of the couch, with all of her voluptuousness on full display. Dave sat down on the other side of her.

“You look so handsome!” Molly said, kissing him on the cheek too. “How come you never wear that at home?”

“It’s kinda old,” he said, looking at the sleeve of the tweed jacket. “I didn’t even know if it still fit.”

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