Tony Ch. 3

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“Are you okay?” Tony was standing there in a pajama bottom. My heart was still racing, my body not only moist with the oils Roberta had rubbed in me but also a thin sheen of sweat. I knew I must have looked flush. I looked down at his crotch, the loose fitting pajama revealed a faint outline of his young cock hanging down his right thigh. That cock was mine.

I stepped into the hallway and looked down the stairs at the first floor. “Where are the girls?” I asked him.

“My guess is they’re still going at it, thats how I left them.”

“So you were jerking off for them?” I was a little jealous.

“No. I was kind of hoping I didn’t need to do that tonight,” he said it with a certain shyness that made him look so sexy.

I pulled him into the room and I sat him on the bed. I told him he wouldn’t have to jerk off as long as he was staying here. He looked up at me and asked if he could see my body…naked. He said he’d been imagining it for days and it was torturing him. I smiled, let my robe drop to the floor and stood there for him to see. He told me how beautiful I was and how I was so damn sexy. He told me my breasts were perfect, better than he imagined and he told me I had the ass of a goddess as I turned for him. “But that fiery red bush… I have to taste you.”

I lay on the bed next to him and we started to kiss. His naked, muscular chest pressed tightly against my hard nipples felt better than anything I had ever known. He kissed down my neck, around my ears (which drives me insane) and down to my breasts. “Mmm…vanilla” he said as he took my nipple back into his mouth. I was pressing my heated crotch against him as he spent what felt like an eternity sucking and nibbling my hard buds until I felt my own wetness soaking my thighs. As he kissed down my belly he gently eased me onto my back and I went eagerly…spreading porno my thighs, showing him my wet, pink flower.

He was young, but he knew his way around a woman. Of course, his tongue being the first to ever touch my center didn’t make me the most qualified judge but a woman can tell these things. Earlier, when Roberta’s gentle fingers touched me, it was the most pleasure I had ever felt. That was no longer true, not by a long shot. Tony’s tongue licked me all over, next to my lips, the area between my vagina and my anus, then my anus. My tight little hole was always neglected and I never realized the pleasure it could send right to my pussy. I was leaking so much fluid I worried I may need an IV before the night was through.

My first orgasm was big, but he kept his mouth locked on my clit, a finger in my pussy, and then he slid one into my ass and I exploded. I made a noise loud enough to wake the dead before realizing it and turning my head to finish screaming into my pillow. My body thrashed violently from side to side, I remembered thinking I had lost complete control of myself, my body, my emotions. I had become pure sex as I came.

Tony slid up my body and kissed me as I came back into this orbit. My breathing was quick and short. I tasted myself on his tongue as we kissed, he seemed to be trying to reach my tonsils with his tongue. He smiled at me and brushed my hair from my eyes, “was that okay?” he asked with boyish innocence and I giggled. He smiled. “Can I make love to you now?” was his next question. I felt his hardness pressed against my thigh, he was so huge. I looked him straight in the eye and told him no. I wish I could describe the look on his face. I waited a moment before adding “but you can fuck me” and I smiled, so did he.

I’d like to say that after not having been fucked by a man in 6 years and the man who anime porno was about to now had close to 10″ of hard cock, that I was tight as a virgin. That wasn’t the case though. My pussy was so wet and so ready that he met little resistance as he slid it in. He did take the time to tell me how wonderful my pussy felt. My hands were around him, gripping his buttocks, pulling him. I wanted him to know it was okay to fuck me as hard as he wanted. “That’s it, baby…fuck me. Fuck me with your big cock,” the words even surprised me, not usually being one to curse. Tony seemed to like it though.

He fucked me hard and fast for 10 minutes and I came again, intense, body shattering like the previous one. He told me he was going to cum and I told him to keep fucking me and to shoot his cum into my pussy. I told him I wanted to feel him explode inside of me. After another half dozen strokes I got what I asked for. The feel of his hot jizz blasting against my womb triggered another orgasm in me, albeit not as intense as the first two he had already given me. He stayed on top of me and we kissed until I felt him soften and slip out of my soaked pussy. God, that was sooo good.

He was laying next to me, and we were both trying to recover. My body was so drained, I never felt such exhaustion and total bliss. He whispered in my ear something about me being the most incredible woman on the planet and I had to suppress a laugh. If he only knew of my plight, of the sexual repression I had allowed myself to be trapped in for so many years.

“What a mess” I said as I touched his soft penis. Even soft it hung there, probably 5 or 6 inches long. I scooted down the bed until my face was level with his crotch and inhaled the musky smell of our hot fuck. His cock was shiny and still wet with a combination of our juices. I began licking arap porno his hairless balls and eventually made my way around his entire crotch. He rolled over onto his back and relaxed as my tongue, in particular hurry, licked him clean. Of course what was a soft cock when I started had grown to its full size and as I had done in the gym, I found my jaws stretching to take in the purple head. I worked on him until I felt he was getting ready and I stopped. “Is there something you would like? something special?” I wanted to give him whatever he wanted.

I was grateful when he answered. Grateful that he didn’t want to fuck again because I was sore and spent. “Your tits are so amazing. Can I slide my cock between them for a little while?” “I’d love that” I said and laid down as he straddled my chest.

Tony slid his enormous cock between my oversized tits. They were well lubricated from oil and sweat and he was able to fuck me as he did my pussy not too long ago. I held my tits together tight and made sure I had a free finger to stimulate each nipple. He was moaning softly and that was turning me on again. I knew right then that this 19 year-old man/boy was ruining me for any future lovers. I had seen men with huge cocks in videos or in my husband’s gay magazines, but to have one here pleasuring me was beyond words. My mind was my erogenous zone this time as I became increasingly horny. When Tony reached back and touched my pussy I came almost immediately on his probing fingers.

I bent my head forward, wanting his cock in my mouth again but he was content on fucking my tits. I did manage to get a quick taste of his head every time it poked through. When his cock exploded, all over my face, into my hair and on my tits and the pillows, I felt myself drifting off. It was sheer exhaustion, and shear bliss as the lights seemed to become blurry and my world started to spin in a blissful free for all.

I looked over my shoulder, and there in the bathroom doorway was Roberta, her hand in her panties. I wanted to call out to her but I just tilted my head back and I was asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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