Tom , Marcus Three Way Two Ways


This is part of an ongoing story over multiple Categories with common characters.

I decided to go to Cup in Time 2 – Jason’s new place on the Southside of town. I had texted Cyndee and asked her if she wanted to come with me. Scott had said that Debbie would be working there and this would give her and Cyndee a chance to meet. I had been sucking Scott’s cock a bit, not like before as truthfully, I had too many dicks and had arranged for most of them to meet each other. This spread out the cock sucking, everyone was happy with it and I could actually get some work done. Like I had realized before, I could use a break.

Some of the time Debbie had been with Scott and I and sometimes she hadn’t. She was good with it just like Scott was when she would come over and fuck me while he was at work. They had a pretty good relationship. Anyway, Debbie had mentioned having threesomes in the past with girls so I thought, what the heck, let’s see where this could go.

“Hi Tom,” Debbie said. “Glad to see you here. First time at the new place?”

“Yep, first time,” I replied. “I’d like my usual. You remember Cyndee?”

“I remember you,” Cyndee said. “You used to work at the other place.”

“Right, now I’m here. You look familiar too,” Debbie said. “What can I get for you?”

As Cyndee ordered I noticed Jason behind the bar. Oh shit, I forgot about him and Cyndee being on the outs. He smiled at me and I walked over to him, giving Debbie my credit card to pay.

“What’s up man?” he asked while looking at Cyndee. I looked back and Debbie and they seemed to be smiling and chatting, no one else being in line. Looking back at Jason I said “Hope this doesn’t cause any trouble for you.”

He smiled and chuckled, “Cyndee? No, we’re good.”

As he finished saying it Cyndee walked up and Jason handed her a drink. She took it, smiled and said “Thanks babe. I’ll grab a table Tom while you two catch up.”

As she walked away I looked at Jason, he laughed and said. “I told you we’re good.”

“You fucking her again?”

“Yeah, you jealous?” he replied.

“Yeah that she’s sucking your cock and I’m not,” I said half-jokingly.

“There’s a storeroom back there if you’re interested,” he replied.

“Maybe next time,” I said. Took my doppio and turned to leave. “I’m glad you guys worked it out.”

“Me too,” he replied. “I’ll try and hook up with you soon, that good?”

“Oh yeah,” I said remembering how I loved fucking with Jason. He was one of my favs.

When I got to the table Cyndee handed me my credit card. “Did Jason tell you we ironed things out?”

“Yeah he did, I’m happy for you two.”

“Thanks, I appreciate that. Soooo, any luck on, you know, some pussy?” she said with a giggle. Cyndee always giggled when she said pussy; go figure.

“Maybe. What do you think of Debbie up there?”

Cyndee gave me a sideways glance as in “what the fuck are you talking about” and then looked over at Debbie who was smiling at us.

“She seems nice. Is she the one you’re thinking of hooking me up with; hooking us up with?”

“Yeah, maybe.”

“She a good fuck?” Cyndee asked directly. Cyndee never was one to beat around the bush.

I nodded. “Yeah a pretty good fuck. Experienced too,” I said.

“Looks kind of young, but if you say she’s good, I’ll believe you,” she said looking back at Debbie.


My phone went off. It was Debbie.

Debbie – She the one you told me about?

Me – Yep. Interested?

Her – She any good?

Me – Oh yeah, very confident and very pleasing.

Her – Yum. Foursome?

Me – Threesome to start. You good with that?

Her – If with you, even better. I could use some nice pussy, been a long time.

Me – She has a good one.

Her – I bet you know that for sure. Count me in; let me know when and where.

Me – Will do.

“That was Debbie,” I said to Cyndee holding up my phone.


“She’s interested. How about you?”

Cyndee turned around and looked at Debbie then blew her a quick kiss and a smile. “Oh yeah. Sooner the better too.”


A couple of weeks later I was sitting at Cup in Time 2 sipping my Carolans laced doppio and began thinking about how things had changed. Ben had gotten a scholarship to a college in Pennsylvania. We had a good time the last time he was around but that was months ago. Realistically I never thought I’d see him again Good dude, wished him the best.

Carl and Kathy had gotten married and they had moved to Colorado. I heard they had opened up a pot shop up there. Cyndee was glad to see her leave, never really ironed things out. I was happy for them.

Gary had gotten transferred out of state and we also had a good time before he left. Hope he was happy with himself and secure. He was a good cocksucker and I was sure he’d miss it if he stopped.

Kelly had called me and we got to talking. She said Leah and Susie had quit the biz and moved away. She said it was pretty common pendik escort and she thought they may have ended up together somewhere trying to live a normal life. She said Leah had gotten her degree and probably a job. I was surprised and didn’t know she had been going to college. Guess you never can know anyone for certain, only what they let you see.

Kelly also said Ellen had met some rich guy and taken off with him. They got married before she went with him back to Georgia. She said “Vegas is that kind of town” and she was getting tired of it herself, especially as she got older.

I was down to only nine cocks to suck locally, yeah I know, “only nine”, but don’t judge me. Lucky for me I still had Lori and Aaron, but many of the others had paired off so we weren’t sucking regularly. Like any friends, some were closer than others, some you just hit it off with. Bill, Nick and Henry were newbies; I had only sucked them off once and none of them had even sucked me and I wasn’t sure if they ever would. Truthfully I didn’t care; as long as I could suck them. Yeah; I’m a slut but a happy slut.

Anyway, I counted seven of my friends had pretty much left my life. Maybe I would see them again but one thing I have learned about life is you have to make the best out of every day.

And that’s what I was doing today. Debbie got off work and sat down at the table with me.

“I am so looking forward to this,” she said. “I haven’t had a good pussy to eat in I don’t know how long.”

“Well Cyndee is definitely good pussy. Ready to go?”

Scott and Debbie only had one car and since Scott was working tonight he had it. Debbie would usually take an Uber when that happened but since she, I and Cyndee were getting together I told her I’d give her a ride. She had brought a change of clothes and I had told her she could shower at my place.

As we got up to leave Jason motioned me over to him at the bar. “Tell Cyndee hi for me and if she’s interested I have a friend she might like to meet.”

Really? Ain’t nothing private in this town anymore? I nodded and smiled, said “Will do,” and left with Debbie.

We got to my place in around fifteen minutes. I had left Cyndee there to go pick up Debbie. When we got there Cyndee was sitting down watching TV.

“Hi Debbie, how was your day?” she asked.

“Pretty good but I think it might get a bit better,” Debbie replied with a grin.

“I’m sure it will,” Cyndee said. “I laid out a couple of fresh towels for you in the master bath. Also there’s some nice shampoo and conditioner if you want.”

Debbie said thanks and headed off to the master bathroom. I stayed behind and went into the kitchen to get some wine. I reached into the fridge, grabbed a bottle and turned around. Cyndee was all over me, big hug and long deep passionate kiss.

“I am so looking forward to licking her pussy!” Cyndee said with a giggle. She always was straight forward and I remember our first date; but that’s another story. “I saw you had the dildo and Mr. Pink already out. Debbie is going to love it!”

“She probably will,” I replied. I didn’t want to tell Cyndee that I had used them on Debbie before, just in case. “Why don’t you go in there and join Debbie in the shower?”

Cyndee smiled and asked “And then what?”

I smiled back and replied “I’ll give you guys 15 minutes then I’ll go in there and fuck every hole you two have.”

“Make it twenty,” she said and she smiled and headed off to the bedroom. Oh yeah, this was going to be fun.

Twenty minutes went by; okay actually eighteen but what the hell and I went inside. Debbie was on the edge of the bed, legs spread wide and Cyndee was on her knees between them. As I took off my clothes I could hear Debbie moaning. She looked at me with half closed eyes and smiled.

“Come join us Tom,” she said softly. She knew I would. I walked over to Cyndee and watched as her tongue slid up and around Debbie’s hard clit. Okay, it was hard to see but I caught glimpses as Cyndee worked her over. And now the long black dildo; I could see that as Cyndee slid it slowly in balls deep and then slowly back out of Debbie’s wet cunt. Debbie continued to moan.

I got up on the bed and knelt next to Debbie’s head. I slid a pillow under it and turned it towards me. She reached out, grabbed my really hard cock and shoved it into her mouth. Her mouth was wet, hot and hungry as I started to slide my cock in and out. My cock flexed as she swallowed, my cock gripped tight. In and out I slid, deep as Debbie could suck a good dick, and Cyndee picked up speed with the dildo.

Debbie began to whimper, her nipples rock hard. What was that a friend of mine had said? She had a NHO – nipple hard on. Suddenly she opened he mouth and let out a scream, “Oh fuck! Cyndee! Cyndee!” Debbie’s hips began to bounce up and down as Cyndee’s tongue locked onto her clit, dildo pumping even faster. I grabbed Debbie’s head and shoved my cock back into her mouth. I knew I wasn’t going sancaktepe escort to cum but I wanted her to feel me inside her while she came. Finally she pulled and pushed away, rolled to the side, breathing deeply.

“Holy fuck,” she said softly.

Cyndee got off of her knees and knelt next to Debbie, “You have no idea,” she whispered as she licked Debbie’s ear; Debbie flinching. Cyndee got up and went over to the drawer on the night stand, opened it up and pulled out the lube. I looked at her and her at me and smiled.

I went over to Debbie and pulled her back to the edge of the bed. “Oh fuck! No, no, wait,” she said, but that wasn’t going to happen. I spread her legs and went down to my knees as Cyndee lubed up the dildo. I kissed around Debbie’s wet lips, licking them occasionally as I moved around. Her clit was hard again, always a good sign, and I flicked my tongue across it and she took in a deep breath.

Cyndee handed me the dildo and I placed it at Debbie’s asshole, slowly rubbing against it. I ran my tongue up and down her juicy pussy lips, I swear she was so wet I wondered if some guy had already cum in her! I slid the head of the dildo into her ass.

As I was doing this Cyndee had got onto the bed and had straddled Debbie’s face, her cunt rubbing up against Debbie’s mouth. Debbie began to lick as Cyndee gave her words of encouragement and thanks.

By now I had slid the dildo in and out of Debbie’s ass a few times and she hadn’t complained so it was time to ratchet it up. I pulled her close and stuck the head of my cock to her pussy. I slowly slid into her, her tight pussy flesh wrapping around my cock. Wet, hot and grabbing, her cunt felt wonderful. Damn I love young girls!

“Oh yeah Debbie, that’s it,” Cyndee said as she began to grind her hot cunt down onto Debbie’s mouth. I looked over at Cyndee; she was rubbing her hard nipples as her eyes rolled back into her head. I knew she was getting ready to cum, not sure if it was her first tonight. That was one good thing about Cyndee; the more she came, the more she wanted to cum.

I grabbed Mr. Pink and put it on Debbie’s clit. Her hand was down there in a heartbeat, grabbing the vibrator from me. I thought she might toss it away, I was wrong. She hooked Mr. Pink onto her clit and started to moan again.

Here’s was this hot little thing with my cock in her cunt, a dildo planted deep up her ass, and a hot pussy grinding on her mouth. All that and she was working her clit with a vibrator!

“Oh shit!” Cyndee yelled, her hips grinding hard on Debbie’s face. She was cumming and cumming hard. Debbie started to buck her hips, I had a hard time staying in her; she was cumming too!

After cumming really, really fucking hard, Cyndee fell off of Debbie and onto the bed. Debbie lay back, tossed Mr. Pink away as I began to pump her harder and faster. The feel of the dildo on my cock, separated only by her hot, moist pussy was great, my balls starting to ache.

I have to admit, Debbie was one hot and eager girl, letting me bang her after she had already cum twice and cum hard. Speaking of which; I yelled and exploded into her. “Oh baby, oh fuck!” I shot three long hard spurts of cum; no make that four, into her, filling her up. I kept fucking her; she kept pushing her hips up against me. After a while I pulled away and sat back onto the floor.

Cyndee dropped down between Debbie’s legs and slid her tongue into her cum filled cunt. Cyndee made yummy sounds as she licked the cum from Debbie, then got up back on the bed. She pulled Debbie’s head towards her, went down, and locked her lips onto hers, my cum a gift to her as they licked and swallowed it all. Cyndee pulled back and we all sat, laid still trying to catch our breath.

“Holy shit,” I said to no one in particular. “You ladies are awesome.”

Cyndee sat up and leaned in next to Debbie who was also perking up. She laughed and they both looked at me, eyes flashing and with grins on their faces.

“Did you know that Tom likes it up the ass?” Cyndee said.

“Really?” Debbie replied. She sat up and reached for the dildo. “You mean cocks up the ass?”

“Oh yes,” Cyndee replied as they both got up and headed towards me. Each grabbed a hand and helped me up only to twist me and lay me back on the edge of the bed. “You like it up the ass right Tom? Especially when you’re getting your cock sucked, right?”

Oh fuck yeah, “You bet baby, you know me well,” I replied and spread my legs.

Debbie asked “Where do you want me…Cyndee?”

“Why don’t you sit on his face lover,” she replied and dropped to her knees, lubing up the dildo. “That work for you Tom?”

“You kidding me?” I replied. “Two lovely ladies with fantastic pussies that I can have? Do me any way you ladies want because I’m going to do you.”

Debbie smiled and climbed over my head, dropping her wet pussy to my hungry mouth. I could feel the dildo at my asshole, then inside of me. Cyndee pushed it in deep then şerifali escort slowly slid it out as her other hand took my cock into her mouth. She pushed the dildo back into me as her mouth went down on my cock. She slipped her tongue in circles around the head of my cock and then went down deep to my balls. Back up then back down, over and over. I licked Debbie’s pussy, running my wet tongue up and down tasting her moist cunt. I swore I could taste bits of my cum from before and it made my cock ache even more. Like Cyndee needed the help!

She knows her way around a cock and for that I will always be grateful. She pushed the dildo up my ass deep, balls deep. Then she pulled away, grabbed my legs and pulled them together.

“Keep your legs closed baby,” she said as she climbed up onto the bed. “Keep the dildo inside you ‘cuz I’m going to fuck the hell out of you!”

Mouth full of sweet pussy, I couldn’t say or see anything, but I felt Cyndee climb on top of me, straddle my cock and slip her wet cunt down my cock, reverse cowgirl from what I could tell.

“Oh yeah Tom, I’m going to fuck the hell out of you baby,” Cyndee said again almost confirming it to herself as she started to move up and down my cock. Debbie must have been watching as she started breathing heavy and said “That’s it Cyndee, fuck him good and hard!”

The two girls fucked me; yeah, they fucked me as I was pinned to the bed. Debbie was moaning again, she loved getting her pussy licked; never seen a girl that could cum so fast when having her pussy licked. Cyndee started fucking me hard and fast saying “Cum for me Tom, I want that hot cum in my pussy baby!”

So did I. I had already cum once and not long ago but Cyndee was on a mission.

“Oh Tom! Oh baby!” Debbie screamed as she started to cum, her tasty juice sliding into my mouth as she pumped and I licked.

“That’s it baby, that’s it!” Cyndee said loudly. I was pumping what cum I could into her hot cunt and as I did she pumped me harder. I had cum before and usually I wouldn’t have as much the second time but that thick black dildo up my ass kept me from clamping down and she emptied my balls. I dry fired, she kept fucking me, I wanted to stop and pull out, but…

“Oh hell, oh hell!” Cyndee screamed as her cunt squeezed my cock as she started to cum. She wasn’t going to stop and I couldn’t get out, it hurt but felt so good if that makes any sense. Bam, bam, bam, Cyndee slammed down on my cock until she finally fell off and onto the bed. My cock was throbbing as it slowly went down, drained and sore.

I looked over at Cyndee; Debbie had moved over to her, spread her legs and was licking; Cyndee half moaning, half crying in joy. Debbie pulled away and came over to me, wrapped her mouth on mine and our tongues met as we fought over the cum, my cum, that had filled Cyndee.

What was it about my cum that these ladies loved? Okay, I’m sure it isn’t just mine. As a matter of fact I had been with each of them and another guy, Jason and Scott, and yeah, we had swapped cum then. Oh well, I’m not complaining.

Debbie pulled away, I pulled the dildo out of my ass and the three of us lay back and tried to recover; again. After a bit I got up and went to the bathroom, washed off the dildo and when I came back the girls were gone?

I went into the living room, they weren’t there but I heard them in the kitchen. I went in and saw Cyndee pouring a glass of wine then one for Debbie. They were both naked, my cock was still tingling.

“Want a glass?” Cyndee asked.

“Yeah, please,” I replied. She poured me a glass and I took it, the three of us went into the living room and sat down. We talked a bit, saying how much fun it had been and that we should do it again.

“Oh yeah, definitely,” Debbie said. “You know Cyndee, I have a boyfriend, Scott; you may have seen him at Cup in Time. We could have a good time with him.”

“Oooooo,” Cyndee replied. “That sounds like fun. With Tom or without?” She looked at me to see my reaction; there wasn’t one and she smiled.

“Either way or both,” Debbie said. “Tom likes Scott. You should see how much fun they are when they suck and fuck each other.”

Cyndee nodded. “If it’s anything like I’ve seen him do before, I’m sure it is. Tom is a good cocksucker.”

“Say Tom,” Debbie said. “Can I get a ride from you? Scott’s still working and I told him I’d be home before he got there.”

I nodded and smiled, “Sure no, problem,” I replied. “You want one too Cyndee?”

“No baby” she said with a smile. “I want to stay the night and I already have permission.”

I laughed and nodded; I’d have to remember to thank Lori. “You are more than welcome to stay babe, more than welcome.”

We got dressed. I dropped Debbie off and Cyndee and I grabbed some In n Out before we got back to my place and did some more in and out.


“So what ever happened to your girlfriend?” Marcus asked as we lay in bed. “What was her name again; Cyndee?”

I looked over at Marcus and said “She’s still around.”

“You guys good?” he asked.

I laughed. “You want to fuck her, don’t you?” I asked knowing the answer.

Marcus smiled and replied “Well, yeah I do. You good with that?”

“Can I still suck your cock?” I asked.

“Fuck yes. Can I still suck yours?” he replied.

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