Theatre Fun

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The theatre was dark with a single spotlight centered on the two figures on the stage. It was the final act, and Jayne realized with a start, that she had missed most of the dialogue that had passed between the actors. Instead, her focus had been on the slow rhythmic sound of Steve’s steady breathing and the warmth emanating from his closeness. The faint masculine scent of his body teased her and flooded her senses with intoxicating arousal.

She glanced surreptitiously at him. Her deep green eyes swept over his face then drifted down the seat, admiring again the strong line of his jaw, his finely chiseled features and his hard body clad in a tuxedo.

“Stop it Jayne!” she chided herself. “You’re acting like a school girl.”

Looking back towards the stage her mind continued it’s torturous debate. Yes, she was indeed behaving like a girl on her first date. This was so unlike her, not at all like the cool sophisticated woman she knew herself to be. It was not as though they hadn’t been out before. Since being introduced to Steve at a dinner party, they had chatted on the phone, had been out for lunch and had met for drinks.

He was articulate, intelligent and had a wicked sense of humor. Jayne sensed though, that underneath his smooth polish and charm, there was a deeply sexual and perhaps even ruthless side to him. She had learned that he was in the film and television business, and she wondered idly how many hopeful starlets he had fucked in his life. There was no doubt in her mind that Steve was a worldly and sexually experienced stud. Truthfully though, he had always behaved in a proper and gentlemanly manner with her; even when he flirted openly and undressed her with his dark intense eyes.

Jayne kept feeling that there was something different about this evening. From the time she had slipped in next to him at the back of the chauffeur-driven stretch limousine, she had felt an undeniable sexual heat between them.

Her mind wandered back to the intermission when Steve had walked over to the bar to fetch drinks. She had noticed the way his body moved and how the tailored pants fit snugly over his tight ass. Her breath caught sharply at the memory of the long lingering look he had given her and the way his strong fingers casually caressed her hand as she took the drink from him.

Jayne moved slightly in the seat, aware suddenly that she was feeling decidedly warm in her short black stretch velvet evening dress. She had chosen it carefully for their date. It was sexy but understated, showing off her curves and some cleavage, while leaving enough to the imagination. She crossed her long tanned legs and shifted restlessly, trailing a finger up to her throat where she felt her pulse point throbbing steadily. Then she let her fingers slide down, convinced that she would find a trickle of perspiration nestled between her exposed cleavage. The silky smooth skin between her breasts was dry, and she breathed a small sigh of relief.

Steve looked towards her and smiled. “Are you okay,” he whispered, his hand brushing lightly against her thigh.

“Yes,” she nodded, her skin burning from his touch.

A shiver passed through her as she imagined Steve touching her body, using his tongue to pleasure her and to lick sweat and juice from her private crevices. A vivid image of his turgid cock fucking her seared into her brain. Jayne needed him to pound her deeply, to use her, to pleasure her and she wanted to be the most alluring, exciting and unforgettable fuck that he had ever had. Her pussy throbbed excitedly as she felt a deep stab of desire and the unmistakable sensation of spreading moisture. Oh God, she thought, my pussy is seeping already! A sudden burst of thundering applause jolted her out of her thoughts as the curtain dropped and the show ended.

“I need to freshen up in the ladies room,” she said, as they stepped into the crowded foyer of the theatre. And regain my composure! She thought silently.

“Sure, meet me up front, I’ll have the driver bring the car around,” Steve replied, flashing her a slow sexy smile.

Cold water gushed over her hands and wrists as Jayne glanced at the reflection in the mirror. Her lustrous brown hair, flecked with natural red streaks cascaded around her shoulders. She barely noticed the wild fevered look in her green eyes and the deep red color that had flooded her full mouth. What was really difficult to ignore was the outline of her stiffened nipples poking obscenely through the sensuous texture of her dress. She ran her flattened palms over the top of the dress, straightening the fabric, but further arousing her already engorged nipples.

This gesture did not go unnoticed by an attractive blonde woman who was applying lipstick at the mirror across from her. Jayne snapped her purse shut, just as the restroom cleared and she walked towards the door.

“Excuse me, but can you help me?” the blonde woman called.

“Yes, what is it?” Jayne replied, mildly irritated at being delayed çukurambar escort further.

“I can’t seem to get this damn clasp closed!” she said, turning the open clasp of a pearl necklace to the front of her neck.

Jayne moved in towards the woman, took the clasp from her and concentrated on closing it. She could smell faint traces of a familiar fragrance drifting up from the blonde woman’s neck.

“Ah, you’re wearing the new Gaultier perfume, I love it,” Jayne said, finally getting the clasp closed and locked into place.

“And I love your hard nipples, they look good enough to eat…” the blonde murmured against Jayne’s ear.

Jayne stepped backward, momentarily stunned by the woman’s words.

“Look, I saw you and your hot, handsome date together,” the woman continued, ” And the two of you look so utterly fuckable that I’ve become aroused. I’m sorry but I couldn’t hold back confessing my feelings.” She grabbed Jayne’s hand and guided it under her own dress. “Here, feel!”

Without thinking, Jayne ran her hand over the damp crotch of the woman’s panties and involuntarily slipped a finger under them. She felt the moist matted curls, the swollen slick pussy lips and the wetness seeping from them. The woman let out a low throaty groan as Jayne’s finger probed.

“Why don’t you and your date take me home with you tonight and fuck me. I’ll pleasure you any way you wish. Please let me be your sex toy!” she begged, as Jayne removed her glistening finger from between the woman’s thighs.

Jayne felt her own pussy contract violently. She couldn’t believe how erotic it had been to feel the soft inside of another woman’s hot wet cunt. The smell of pussy juice lingered in the air and Jayne had to suppress an overwhelming desire to taste and suck her juice-coated finger. Thoughts and questions crowded Jayne’s fevered mind. Her body was responding to the brazen slut’s suggestion, but could she go along with it? What would Steve think? And, what if this was some wannabe actress trying to get a couch audition?

“Who are you! What’s your name?” Jayne demanded.

“Kim,” the woman replied, suggestively running her hands over the swell of her breasts.

“Are you an actress Kim?”

“Hell no, honey this is no act. I’m very hot for you!” she laughed throatily, “But if you must know, I am in sales and marketing.”

Jayne looked the woman over, appraising her closely. No, she definitely wasn’t one of those hopeful starlets, but she was sexy. She looked to be in her thirties, medium height with short well-cut blonde hair and blue eyes. Her low cut dress showed full rounded breasts and a firm toned body.

Kim moved towards Jayne and boldly ran her fingertips over Jayne’s engorged nipples. “Come on, you know you want this as much as I do,” she whispered. “I’ll make you feel good, as only a woman can, and we can fuck him together. Let’s do it please!” she urged.

Jayne hesitated for a moment faced with a dilemma. She was unwilling to share Steve , but she was acutely aware of the pulsing wetness and the familiar twinges inside her pussy. God, she actually wanted this! She needed this new experience, and she was certain it would please Steve. After all, she mused; it was a favorite male fantasy to have two women together.

Her mind was made up. “Yes, we can do it!” Jayne said, her head spinning with wanton desire, “But, we “entertain” Steve, you don’t get to fuck him. Do you understand that?”

“Mmm so we put on a show for him, and I get to fuck you, right?” Kim purred seductively.

“Yes,” Jayne replied firmly, the heat rising from her cheeks. She consoled herself with the thought that Kim would merely be their fuck toy. “Now let’s get out of here!”

Steve leaned casually against the polished exterior of the limo chatting to the driver. He smiled softly when he saw the two women approaching. Now this was going to be interesting, he thought, as he opened the car door.

“Steve, this is Kim. She is having car trouble, a leaking engine or something. Anyway, I offered her a ride home. I hope you don’t mind,” Jayne said.

“No, not at all,” Steve replied, looking Kim over as they slid into the plush interior of the limo.

Jayne and Kim settled into the spacious leather seat with their backs facing the closed wooden panel, which separated the driver’s cab from the rest of the car. Steve took the seat opposite them and removed his tie as he offered drinks.

“You may as well get comfortable, ladies, it’s going to be a long ride home.” He smiled and continued, “The driver mentioned that there’s been a serious accident downtown and the traffic has backed up heavily.”

Kim slipped off her high-heeled sandals and stretched her legs along the seat, lightly caressing Jayne’s thigh with her toes. Jayne shivered slightly, took a deep breath and looked towards Steve.

“So, tonight was the opening Premiere. Do you think the show is going to be a hot item?” she asked expectantly.

Steve demetevler escort sipped his drink thoughtfully. His mind focused on the two women before him. His eyes glinted and he chuckled . “Well, one never knows, only time will tell,” he said, his eyes locking with hers. “But it seems to show promise. It has an intriguing plot, great setting and an alluring leading lady.”

Jayne slipped her hand slowly up Kim’s creamy thigh, aware that Steve was watching her every move, his eyebrow slightly raised. “The leading lady is not very experienced though,” she said softly, her heart thudding in her chest.

“Sometimes, the finest and most revealing performances come from the inexperienced…” Steve said, huskily, his eyes locking with hers.

The sexual tension in the car was electric as Jayne moved Kim’s dress up to expose the blonde matted pussy hairs peeking through her black underwear. Overcome by the need to taste Kim’s moist cunt, Jayne hooked her fingers into the flimsy panties and ripped them off. She traced the outline of Kim’s wet swollen pussy lips nestling beneath a trimmed but full bush. Kim moaned deeply “Oh God, don’t tease me please!”

Jayne glanced towards Steve and watched the crotch of his pants strain against his growing bulge. Her own pussy throbbed wildly, as she slid her thumbs down the length of Kim’s wet slit and back up the inner lips, obscenely splitting Kim’s juicy pink wetness for Steve to see. She heard his sharp intake of breath. He was riveted to what was unfolding before him. Jayne could not believe that she was doing this and how utterly amazing it felt. She reveled in a sense of total uninhibited lust, raw passion and newfound power.

Excited by the knowledge that this was arousing Steve, she kneeled between Kim’s thighs and lewdly spread them apart, tentatively licking at the moist folds. Kim gasped as she felt Jayne’s tongue slowly dig into the hidden crevices of her cunt and lap. Jayne began to lick eagerly, with more pressure and she let the fullness of her tongue slide teasingly from Kim’s asshole up between her pussy lips to her throbbing clit.

“Oh fuck yes! That’s it!” Kim groaned excitedly, “Lick it, suck it good baby!”

Jayne continued her exploration, savoring the delicious taste and musky scent that was coming from Kim’s scorching cunt. She teasingly slipped a finger into each of Kim’s steaming holes while she captured Kim’s engorged clit into her mouth and began circling it with lazy strokes, then sucked it gently but firmly. This was the way Jayne liked to be eaten. Kim thrashed her head from side to side on the leather seat, moaning with pleasure.

“Fuck me, Fuck me!” she screamed, bucking her hips, and pressing her pussy hard against Jayne’s mouth.

Jayne looked up at Steve. He was sipping his drink slowly, watching her closely.

“Finger fuck her Jayne,” he insisted. “Push your fingers into the slut’s cunt and fuck her!”

Jayne slid two fingers deep inside Kim and immediately felt the ridged walls of Kim’s hot pussy gripping them. She thrust her fingers in and out, while still sucking on Kim’s swollen clit. Steve moved next to Jayne and pressed his lips to her ear. ” Go ahead and pound her,” he hissed. “Yes, that’s it, Jayne, fuck the shit out of the whore.”

Jayne gasped for air. Her mouth was buried in Kim’s sopping cunt, as she stabbed her fingers relentlessly into Kim. Steve’s crude language had aroused her to a new level of desire. Her own throbbing cunt screamed for release, as Steve’s words resonated in her ears.

“Fuck her like you mean it! She’s your bitch, Jayne, show the greedy cunt how you like to make use of nasty fucksluts like her.”

Jayne grabbed Steve’s hand and forced three of his thick fingers into Kim’s pussy alongside her own. “Come fuck her with me,” she gasped, her own desire threatening to overtake her. Kim’s cunt stretched obscenely to take the new intrusion as the two sets of fingers slammed into her hot sticky depths and massaged her inner walls. Jayne used her thumb to strum Kim’s clit while Steve shoved his thumb into Kim’s puckered asshole.

“God, this is so fucking erotic Steve, fingering her cunt like this, feeling you inside her,” Jayne moaned, as she watched the lewd display of carnal lust before them.

Kim began to shriek with delight. Her face contorted with pleasure as her pussy convulsed around the wet thrusting digits inside her, spilling cum onto Steve and Jayne’s hands. Jayne pulled her fingers out and pressed them into Kim’s mouth to lick clean. “Here, taste bitch!” she hissed, her own mouth seeking Steve’s cum-covered fingers.

Jayne licked Steve’s fingers clean and hastily unzipped her dress, letting it slide to the floor. Her pussy was on fire and she could no longer endure the waiting. Steve ran his hands over her firm breasts, and rolled the hard nipples between his wet fingers. A jolt of pure pleasure shot through her body.

“Steve,” dikimevi escort she panted as she freed his raging hardness from the confines of his pants, “I need your cock so badly, I need to cum! Please fuck me now, bury it inside me please!”

Steve pushed her head down towards his thick turgid cock forcing his hardness into her hot hungry mouth. Jayne wrapped her lips over the swollen head and used her tongue to trace the thick pulsing veins on his shaft. Steve let out a low guttural groan. His hands slid through Jayne’s silky hair as he thrust his cock deep into her mouth. She moaned, her mouth stretched to take every rock hard inch that she could.

“No! Not yet!” Kim wailed, as she tugged Jayne’s lace thong off. “I want you first Jayne, I want to bury my tongue in your delicious cunt, he can watch you cum and then fuck you!”

Exercising enormous self-control, Steve withdrew his cock from Jayne’s hungry mouth and undressed as he watched Kim’s hands caress Jayne’s body. Kim cupped Jayne’s pert breasts and sucked the nipples into her mouth until they were swollen and achingly hard.

“Your tits and nipples are perfect,” Kim said, as she squeezed them and rubbed them against her own larger breasts. Jayne moaned deeply. The lavish tit sucking had caused a deep glowing ache in her cunt and the sight of Steve slowly fisting his rampant cock, just out of reach of her mouth was driving her wild.

“Kim, eat my cunt now bitch!” Jayne demanded, as she writhed on the leather seat. She arched her back and pulled Kim’s head down to her throbbing pussy. Kim pushed her expert tongue through the drenched pink folds of Jayne’s smooth shaved cunt and lapped at her swollen clit. Jayne sighed deeply with pleasure. She had never felt a woman’s tongue inside her cunt and she luxuriated in this new sensation of a smooth mouth and soft lips eating her. Kim began a deep sucking action pulling Jayne’s clit into her mouth and nibbling it with her teeth, while Jayne gurgled and trembled with pleasure.

“Oh my God, yesss!” Jayne moaned, as Kim’s middle finger snaked into her cunt and began to move from side to side. Jayne opened her eyes and glanced over at Steve. His cock was tightly gripped in his fist, a small drop of precum glistening at its tip. Moisture dripped from the corner of Jayne’s mouth as she salivated. She wanted to taste him so much. She needed the sharp tang of his precum on her tongue, the creaminess of his cum in her throat.

Suddenly the sensations in her pussy changed as the warmth of Kim’s mouth and finger was replaced by something cold and foreign. Jayne sucked her breath in sharply as she felt Kim inserting the pearl necklace into the scorching hot depths of her pussy. The large round beads filled her tight tunnel with their cold smoothness and her pussy walls clamped themselves greedily around the hard milky jewels. Jayne trembled as the first wave of pleasure tore through her abdomen. She exploded in exquisite release as Kim hooked her tongue deep inside her cunt and lapped at her engorged clit while dragging the pearls out slowly one by one. The limo picked up speed as Jayne’s cunt contracted hard around the withdrawing beads. She gripped the seat and screamed with intense pleasure as her orgasm wracked her body.

Steve moved his cock to Jayne’s mouth. Watching her unbridled enjoyment had aroused him madly. He was dizzy with raw scorching lust. His cock was pulsing and his balls ached. He had to fuck her now. Jayne dragged the tip of her tongue over his bulbous cock head and finally tasted that taunting drop of precum. She changed position, pushing Steve onto the seat and turned to Kim.

“You have a good mouth and tongue, slut. I think I will permit you to suck him!”

Steve stretched out as Kim and Jayne placed their lips on each side of his cock and slowly began to slide their hot eager tongues over his swollen shaft. He growled as their wet mouths licked and lapped, gliding up and down and tracing the bulging veins. Jayne moved her greedy mouth up to the top of his throbbing cock and slid her lips over the entire head. She took him deeply into her throat, savoring each rock hard inch and sucked hard, while Kim let her tongue slide over the base of his shaft and onto his heavy balls. They worked together, teasing him with their oral skills. Kim moved her mouth up the shaft and Jayne, using her tongue, transferred Steve’s cock head from her hot mouth to Kim’s warm and waiting one. Kim latched onto Steve’s cock and sucked steadily while Jayne rolled his balls beneath her soft lips and licked and nibbled the soft skin between them.

Steve moaned deeply, enjoying the two mouths pleasuring him as each of them sucked and licked him in her own unique way. Their ardent mouths lapped and sucked every inch of his pulsing cock while their hands stroked his belly and caressed his ass. Steve felt the pressure building inside his balls. The tempo of the sucking had increased as Jayne and Kim passionately lavished his throbbing cock. Their mouths were close together fighting for possession of his throbbing cock head, both wanting to be the first to taste his creamy cum. Steve dragged his cock from their mouths and grabbed Jayne.

“It’s time to fuck the leading lady,” he growled, as he forced her down on top of him, impaling her on his achingly stiff cock.

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