The Wife’s Panties

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The water from the shower rinsed away the last bit of shaving cream from my lower stomach and upper thighs. My nether region was shaved bald and completely smooth with the anticipation that I would later ask my wife to take me into her mouth. She preferred that I stay clean shaven on all areas that she enjoyed kissing, so I did my best to keep her happy.

My time in the shower was coming to a close. I washed my hair, then my body, and shut the water off. I was relaxed from the heat of the water and I stood in place only for a moment before I reached up to open the shower curtain. The fabric, fixed by metal rings, slid across the curtain rod with that loud, sudden clatter that all shower curtains make. In habitual movement, I ran my hands over my face to push the water back with my short hair. It was quite a refreshing shower to say the least.

As I reached up to pull the towel of the ringed towel rack, I noticed something that I most certainly had not placed there. On top of my towel sat a pair of panties. I reached out to them and held them up in front of me about head high. I studied the thin black material only for a second before I saw the message written upon the steamed mirror. “Put them on.” The message was simply worded, but complex in content. “Put them on?” I contemplated. I thought about ignoring the message and getting dressed. Then I considered the two glasses of wine that my wife had with dinner and figured that she was feeling a bit naughty. I decided to see what she had in store for me.

I fumbled with the small bit of cloth set to cover my cock. As I held it up, it hung as a triangle from the string-thin waist band.

“Here goes nothing,” I thought as I lower the g-string and stepped into it with my left foot then my right. The material stretched as I pulled it up to my shins. I am a thin man, but the panties were still tight enough to force me to squeeze my knees together as a raised the thong further up my legs. The material, in all honesty, was soft and sexy in the strangest of ways as the fabric triangle covered my cock and the string to the rear made way into my ass.

I tugged at the waist band until it was straight and I looked down in awe. I saw my unit bulging at the material. The panties clearly were not made for a man to wear, but they felt good. I turned to the mirror and wiped away the steam in order to get a good look. The string waist band was high on my hips and the fabric front tugged my cock into me. I turned around to see that the rear string was gone from sight, but returned at the upper portion of my buttocks as it moved from vertical to the horizontal waist band. In an almost involuntary motion, I rubbed my right hand over the thong fabric and immediately felt my cock double in size. I had no idea that wearing something like thong panties could make me so horny; and horny I was. I was ready for my wife’s fun little plan, whatever it might be.

I opened the door to the bathroom and a sudden panic rushed over me. What if this was some horrible joke? What if a whole bunch of our friends were in the house waiting to pop out and see me wearing nothing more than my wife’s panties and a hard on? I was suddenly scared as a stepped away from the small room and walked down the hall to our bedroom.

“Babe?” I asked as I Taksim escort walked through our bedroom door. The entry way was unnervingly empty. I began to wonder where she was until I heard her call from the master bath, “Go sit down on the bed.” I smiled with a small sense of relief at the sound of her voice. I didn’t speak. I didn’t look into the master bath. I just walked over to the edge of the bed.

I placed both of my hands down and lifted my right knee to get onto the bed. I immediately felt how exposed I was in that little thong. I was not naked. I was worse off. I was exposed and feminized. It was the first time I felt how women must feel crawling onto a bed to please their mates. I was a little uncomfortable with that, so I quickly turned around and sat on the edge of the bed. I waited.

The wait for my wife was not long, but it was long enough to entice me to rub myself through the panties. They were amazingly soft and sensual against my throbbing manhood and I really began to enjoy them. I must have enjoyed them enough to where I missed that my wife had walked into the room.

“Do you like them?” she questioned. I was initially taken aback and swiftly pulled my hand away from my crank like a teenager being caught masturbating. I chuckled a little as did the wife.

“Yeah, I kind of like them…,” I began to look her over.

“What do you like about them?” she questioned with a smirk of devilish delight.

“They’re sexy,” I responded.

“How do they make you feel?” she inquired further. That question gave me pause, but only for a few seconds, before I answered, “Vulnerable.”

That must have been the answer that she was looking for because it made her smile a huge grin and gave her enough delay where I could look her over and take her in. She stood quite a bit taller than normal and I saw that she was wearing black, pleather shoes with six inch spikes. Her high heels forced her shins to stretch and her calves to tighten, and it made for the most amazing look at her legs. Her legs were wrapped tightly in fishnet stockings and led up to a tight leather skirt draped around her hips. The tanned skin of her stomach sat in contrast to the black leather and gave for a nice base where the bottom of her lingerie top sat. The lingerie top, nothing more than a bra accompanied by some additional lace, pressed her breast together in a way that nearly forced them to poor out into the open air. Her arms, rested at her sides as if to pose for me, led up to her slender neck. Her hair was pulled up, but loosely enough to where it framed her beautiful face. She was gorgeous by every definition. She was as sexy as I felt.

“Come here,” she whispered and motioned with her finger. I stood from the bed, still hard in her panties, and I walked to her. I wanted to dive into a passionate kiss, but she stopped me to stand in place. The palms of her hands pressed into my chest and I felt her soft skin rub over mine. She made way down over my stomach and down to my crotch. She inverted her right hand and slid it over my hard on outside of the panties. It felt even better as she did what I was doing earlier.

Then she raised her hands to my shoulders and turned me around. I felt her breasts push into my back as she reached under my arms. Taksim escort bayan Her hands found my chest and stomach once more until she slid both of her hands over my cock. She rubbed up and down slowly and I felt myself get even harder. She must have felt it too because she allowed the tips of her right fingers find their way into the waist band. I finally felt her hand against my bear skin. She rubbed me until I was ready to cum, then she stopped. “Fucking tease,” I protested and she laughed a little.

“Stay facing that way,” she said as I stood with my back to her. I began to wonder what she was up to, but did not have to wait long.

“Okay, turn around,” she commanded. I did so and was surprised once more.

She had pulled the bottom edge of her leather skirt up to her waist. Doing so, she freed an eight inch rubber cock that hung forward from a black, leather harness. She smiled as I looked down and I smiled back.

“What are you going to do with that?” I asked coyly. It would not be the first time she had taken some aggression out on my ass and I welcomed the role exchange.

Just as I thought I knew what was to come, she surprised me once more. She placed her hands firmly on top of my shoulders and pushed down forcefully. I provided little resistance as I fell to my knees in front of her. She had never done that before nor had I. It must have been the fact that I was wearing a thong and she was clearly in charge, but I opened wide and she pushed the dildo into my mouth.

“There you go. Suck my cock.” The playfulness disappeared from her voice as she commanded me to blow her. My mouth went up and down the length of her shaft as far as I could go, but that was not far enough for her liking. I felt her hand on top of my head and she timed my sucking to push my head down onto her cock. The tip of the rubber hard on hit me in the back of my throat and I gagged.

“Relax,” she softened a bit. Then she slowly pushed my head down onto her cock until the tip rested in the same spot. I gagged a little bit, but was able to relax and continue.

The taste of rubber filled my mouth completely and I felt her clench a fist into my hair. She pulled my head away and looked down to see that her cock was wet with my spit. She rubbed it at my face level and asked, “How do you feel now?”

With a mouth still full of rubber and spit, I swallowed and answered, “Like a slut.”

She smiled proudly, “My slut.” She had staked her claim and I was happy for that.

“Stand up, slut, and bend over the bed.” I did as I was told and bent over the edge of the bed. My ass was exposed to her and I felt a swift snap against my right ass cheek. It was followed by another and another until my ass stung red. Then her spanking slaps turned to soft, long strokes over my ass, up my back, and down the backs of my legs. She went from thorns to silk in an instant and I found that to be just as sexy as anything.

Her finger tips found way to the back of the thong and she traced my panties lightly. It tickled a little to be touched so lightly and I thought that the foreplay was over as she hooked her right thumb into the back of my thong. I felt her slide the rear string to the side and over my right butt cheek. She had all the access Escort taksim that she wanted to my hole. I expected her to stand up and push her cock into me, but she didn’t. Instead, she allowed the night of surprises to continue.

I flinched a little as she spread my ass apart and touched the tip of her finger to my hole. She circled my anus with her finger and I couldn’t help but relax to her touch. Suddenly I felt both of her hands on separate cheeks and she pulled them apart. Within an instant, she dove into me with her tongue. She licked in the same circles that she had traced with her finger just before she plunged into my hole as deeply as she could. She penetrated me with the forward end of her tongue, and licked, and teased in a way that she had never done before. I couldn’t stop the words from escaping my mouth. “Please fuck my ass.”

I still had not looked back to see what she was doing until I heard the lid of bottle of lube snap open. I loved to see her ready herself to fuck me, so I looked back. She dumped a handful of lube into her palm and began to stroke her cock. Then she poured some over my asshole and smeared it over me. She was ready as was I.

Her left hand fell to the top of my ass cheek and her right hand wrapped itself around her shaft. She guided the tip of her cock to my ass and asked, “Are you ready for it?” I took a deep breath in and exhaled fully. I was relaxed and ready.

I moaned loudly as she pushed the tip of the dildo past my rectum and fully into my anus. She was gentle at first and allowed my clenching to subside. She allowed me to get used to the presence of her rubber member before she slid the full length into me.

I felt her hips touch my ass just as she paused. My head shot up with the initial pain and she waited until I relaxed again. Chills went up and down my spine for a second as she pulled the full length back and returned it once more. I could feel my ass stretching open more to receive her as she repeated the motion. She moved slowly as I adjusted. Back and forth until I whispered, “Fuck me.”

The transformation was complete. I went from her husband to her slut as I begged for her to fuck me. She pulled her cock out of me to the tip then shoved back into me with her hips. The front of her hips slapped into my ass hard enough to make the bed rock sideways. She fucked me. She pounded me. Her strokes went from long and soft to swift and hard. She grabbed at the front of my hips and jerked back in time with her pounding. She slammed deeper, harder, faster, and finally she quivered. The slamming pressure of the harness against her clit made her cum as if she was blowing her load in my ass. The thought of her coming from fucking me was too much for me to bear.

“May I cum?” I begged as she continued to forcefully slide in and out of me. “Yes,” she answered with a purr, and I reached between my legs to grab my cock. My right hand clenched tightly into the sheets as my left hand slid into the top of my panties. I immediately felt how wet my panties were with precum and I slid my fist up and down my cock. I pumped my hard on as my wife continued to fuck my ass and the sensation was finally too much to take. I exploded into a hard and lasting orgasm as thick wads of cum covered my hand and coated the inside of my panties. I moaned and gasped with delight as my wife pushed a few more hard thrusts into my ass before she withdrew from me. She backed away to see her handy work lying over the edge of the bed and I simply melted as I crawled onto the bed still wearing the cum-filled panties.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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