The Visit

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The darkness enveloped her car like a thick, black fog. Her headlights only illuminated about ten feet ahead of her and that was even with the brights on. She watched the white line on the right to keep her following the curvy country road. Lisa was going out to see him, her boyfriend, or was he her lover? Both names fit, but at the same time they really didn’t. She didn’t travel out to the country often except to see Dennis. Unfortunately, she was a city girl, though she pretended she was country by wearing jeans and boots non-stop.

He wasn’t really ‘country’ either, even though he lived out there. He’d originally come from an even bigger city than the one she came from, transplanted to the country all the way from Los Angeles, California.

She liked seeing her man, but at the same time she didn’t like it. She loved being with him, but she didn’t like the trip out there and the obstacles she had to overcome to see him.

She had to take the highway and driving that way it really wasn’t that far. She didn’t mind driving the highway, since she drove it each day to get to college. The hard part was after she got off the highway. There was a small ‘in town’ area that consisted of a few fast food stops, a grocery store, gas station, and the Indian reservation gambling hall. After that she was off to the country roads and that was the unnerving part.

On this night the sky was overcast, so there as no moonlight to guide her and not even a single star. She’d seen memorials placed on these back roads, probably because someone had underestimated a tight curve and ended up crashing with fatal results. She feared becoming one of those memorials herself.

The trip through the country roads was one of the problems with going to see him; the other problem was her parents. She lived with her parents by happenstance and not by choice. She couldn’t very well tell them she was going out to spend the night with her boyfriend because they would flip out. Actually, they didn’t even know that she had a boyfriend.

She had learned that her parents didn’t like it much when she was dating because they wanted her to concentrate on her studies and her future career. When she wanted to go out and spend the night with Dennis she would tell her parents that she was staying at her best friend’s house. Even though she was way too old to be having sleepovers, they seemed to believe the lie.

She thought that maybe her father suspected something, but he never said anything about it. Her father was sometimes more understanding about relationships if it didn’t seem to interfere with her life plans. But, her mother was the chaste one that believed that her daughters should be the same way as well, so the lies were really for her mother’s benefit to spare the feelings of being a failure at motherhood in teaching her daughter her values.

She didn’t like lying to her parents. She was too old to still be lying, but she felt that she had no choice. During this relationship it had gotten to where she had been spending every weekend at her ‘best friend’s house’. She had to put a stop to that so she wasn’t lying all the time and also so she could have some time to herself to pursue her real passion, which was writing. Right now she was fulfilling her parents dreams for her because they didn’t view writing as a practical career.

If it were up to her she would write nonstop until she was discovered. The course she was studying in school was computers and at least that was of some interest to her. Unbeknownst to her parents, she had selected one elective class, creative writing, unrelated to her major and she looked forward to this class every day.

In a couple of months, if her plans went her way, she wouldn’t have to lie to her parents anymore because she would be moving to her own place. She constantly fantasized about having her own place and being truly independent. It would be wonderful to go where she wished and do what she wished and not have to answer to anyone about it. Also, she felt like once she moved out she’d have more time to concentrate on writing and also be able to manage her life and her relationship much better.

Her boyfriend always whined when she couldn’t or wouldn’t come out to see him. She really wanted to see him, but it was just all the difficulties that got in her way. She’d broken up other relationships because the men had failed to realize the difficulties she had. Instead, they just wanted to gripe and complain and tell her what to do. But, her current man was a lot more understanding than the previous men had been and since she’d been able to feel more connected to this him, it was a very good thing. She knew that once she had her own place a lot of the difficulties would go away and perhaps their relationship could become stronger.

As she drove concentrating on what street signs actually existed out there to make sure she’d make the right turns, she became lost within her own thoughts, which, inside her head, could Porno 64

sometimes be a dangerous place. She thought of Dennis and his brown hair and hazel eyes. He wasn’t really tall, but not what you’d consider short either. She considered herself to be kind of tall for a woman, standing at 5’8”, and she could look him directly in the eye when they were standing face to face, though it was a bit funny looking when she wore heels and she was taller than him.

There were things he did that sometimes got on her nerves, but he was a very sweet man that seemed totally devoted to her. For the last month or so she’d been trying to figure out if she was in love with him. He’d professed his love months ago and had been very patiently waiting on her since then. It was hard for her to tell if she was truly in love with him because she’d been burned very hard so many times that she was beginning to suspect that she didn’t know what love was until it was taken away. When you feel a sour burn after a relationship has crashed and dies, then you know it was love. She didn’t want to wait for the sour burn to know if she was in love with her boyfriend because, unlike others, she didn’t want this relationship to end. If the fates said that there was no chance for her relationship, she hoped that it wouldn’t end anytime in the near future.

She thought maybe all that was enough to prove that she was actually in love, but she couldn’t be sure. Maybe the reason she couldn’t bring herself to realize that she was actually in love was because that meant telling him and once that was done she couldn’t take it back. It’s like when you are ‘in love’ you are supposed to compromise and ride out your problems together, but she feared that if she admitted her love for him then she wouldn’t be able to turn tail and run if one of them screwed up somehow.

Also, she might have a slight fear of commitment and, to her, saying ‘I love you’ was just as scary as saying ‘Till death do us part’. It just meant you were in love and determined to see the relationship through. Also, she was afraid that she’d get into something that she couldn’t get herself out of.

Finally, as she drove, she thought to herself, ‘Why am I agonizing over this, it’s not like he’s going to leave if I don’t say those three little words.’

Dennis was being very patient to hear those words and she knew that he loved her, so for now that was enough to satisfy. With that thought firmly planted into her mind, the onslaught of confused thoughts and feelings seemed to disappear and her thoughts just focused on her boyfriend and only that.

She thought about Friday and how they’d met for a lunch date and how the despair had registered on his face when she had told him that she wouldn’t be able to see him that weekend yet again. It had been six weeks since they’d had some quality time together; it had been just too difficult for her to get out and see him. When she saw his face and expression of grief, the guilt of it all tore a hole through her. She chastised herself when her mind’s voice spoke up and griped about how she wasn’t willing to sacrifice for this man that she obviously felt something for, but there wasn’t a lot to do about it. If she told her parents, she’d get berated, with a lot of assumptions and accusations. It seemed that’s what always seemed to happen when she was in a relationship.

Also, telling her parents wouldn’t mean she’d see more of Dennis; in fact it would probably be less, since they’d know about the boyfriend. So, no way would they accept the story of her staying at her friend’s house. Even though she was at the age where she shouldn’t care about what her parents thought, she knew that if she told them she was spending the night at her boyfriend’s house her mother would just have a heart attack. Her father, while a bit more understanding, would become pissed at the stress that she was causing her mother, so it was a no win situation.

Well, soon enough she would have her own place then there would be no more guilt burrowing in her gut. She just hoped they could hold on long enough for her to get her own place, and then things would be all good.

She had surprised Dennis tonight by calling him and asking if he felt like shopping. He didn’t think that he’d hear much from her this weekend, much less see her on Saturday night. They hadn’t been together for six weeks and during that time she’d gotten horny of course, but at the level that she could easily take care of it herself. But Friday night she’d gotten extremely horny. She was so horny that she nearly tried to go out late on Friday, but then she’d found out he’d gone out with is buddies since she wasn’t coming over.

On this night she’d called him early to make sure he didn’t have any plans, though even if he did she would have just had to go where ever he was and fuck his brains out right then and there, no matter where. Luckily, he had no plans and was just sitting at home being depressed.

She Konulu Porno decided to go out under the lie of going shopping. She commonly went shopping late at night to the twenty-four hour stores like Wal-mart; it was just less stressful at that time. She really did need to go to the store, but she decided to combine that with a little interlude with her boyfriend.

When she was all ready to go, she called him. When he answered she talked quietly so that her parents wouldn’t hear.

“Hey you,” he said.

He knew it was her by his caller id, plus he’d programmed his cell phone to ring in a certain way when she called so he’d know it was her even before looking.

“You wanna go shopping with me tonight?” she asked.

“Ahh….Yeah sure I guess. Are you going to stay the night?” He asked with a slight note of hope in his voice.

“Nope, I can’t because I’ve got some class work to complete tonight, but I figured I’d come over and we’d drive to the store together.” She said.

“Well, I guess so. I’ll start getting ready, take a shower and all,” he said.

“Go ahead with the shower, but you don’t have to rush about getting ready because I figured that we’d sit and talk a bit first then we could go to the store.” She said. Of course, she had no intention of talking.

“Okay, yeah sure, that sounds great,” he said sounding a bit unsure.

As soon as they had hung up she was on her way out to see him, leaving her parents a note saying she was out shopping. Finally she was pulling up into his driveway. He greeted her at the door and she followed him into his bedroom, the place they seemed to spend most of their time together.

When she saw him at the front door her heart skipped a beat. He was standing there in just his jeans looking like he just threw them on after his shower. His chest glistened with water droplets. She saw his nipples standing erect against his chest because of how cold it was out tonight and she couldn’t help but remember how his nipples were just about as sensitive as hers and how he liked it when she twisted and pulled on them.

She followed him to the bedroom and he sat on the edge of the bed. She announced that she had to use the toilet, but what she didn’t say was that she had to use the bathroom because the wetness between her legs was beginning to flow down her legs and she needed to sop some of it up with toilet paper and probably ring out her panties at the same time.

After she came back from the bathroom she walked over to him and stood between his legs while he was still sitting on the bed. He grabbed her about the waist and pulled her close.

“I’m so glad you came over, though I do wish you were staying the night,” he said with a pout.

She ran her fingers through his thick hair that was already completely dry, even though his body was still damp. His deep hazel eyes held her in their gaze; she thought she could stare into his eyes forever. The youngness of his face almost made her forget that he was nearly eight years older than her, but just looking at features, they seemed like a perfect age match.

“I wish I could stay the night too, but I just can’t,” she said bending down to greet his lips with hers.

The moment their lips pressed together he gently covered her mouth. There was warmth in their kisses, which was just a taste of passion buried inside yearning to be released. He fell back on the bed, pulling her with him, and she couldn’t help but giggle when she fell on top of him, her breasts crushing against his broad chest.

Their lips continued their sensual pressing as their tongues twined together. They kissed for the longest time, as if they couldn’t get enough of each other, and savored the tastes of the other’s mouths a bit longer. Finally, hands began to travel as their lips stayed connected in that erotic union.

His hand reached up and pushed away the heavy black sweater she was wearing and began caressing her with slow trails of his fingertips, causing her body to break out in goosebumps and shiver under his gentle touch. He couldn’t caress her fully because of her bra strap got in the way. Usually he was quite skilled in the art of bra unhooking, two fingers, snap, it was undone, but this time around the hooks seemed unwilling to open even with his most determined efforts. Eventually, the hooks released, and she grabbed the back of her sweater and with a bit of his help pulled it up and over her head. Once the sweater was off, the bra slid down her shoulders revealing to him her hand sized breasts with dusky mauve nipples already standing erect from her urgent arousal.

He pulled himself and her up higher on the bed and their lips reunited, while his hand traced delightful lines up and down her backside. Finally, he separated from the sweet taste of her lips and gently nudged her face to the side. He buried his face in the soft hollow where her shoulder met her neck and left suckling kisses Porno İndir there. As he teased her neck with his mouth as he inhaled her scent, a mixture of her perfume and the smell of her hair products.

She moaned out when his kissing trail came around to the front and tickled the hollow of her slender throat. She pushed herself up on her arms to get away from the erotic torture of his mouth, but he saw it as an opportunity as he took one of her dusky nipples into his mouth. He hungrily incased her nipple within his mouth and his tongue danced and teased around the fleshy jewel as she moaned out, her body quivering.

She felt a tingling sensation shoot out as his tongue teased her nipple and the tingling seemed to spread throughout her body in an electric current, igniting her arousal. Since she was straddling him she couldn’t squeeze her legs shut, so she could feel the wetness in her sex building up, preparing for the moment when he entered her. She was so turned on that it seemed that the tingling from her nipples had centered right between her legs, causing a burning need for orgasmic release. She began to gyrate her hips as if making love. He met her with his own hips and she could feel the hardness that was ultimately trapped within his pants. In effect they were clothes grinding and it was getting her nowhere toward the large orgasmic sonic boom she was craving.

While devouring her nipples, he’d given her several mini orgasms that left her even more aroused and deeply yearning for the big on to come. She couldn’t take it anymore so she decided to concentrate her attentions on him. She suddenly dived her face into the side of his neck, leaving the same trail of suckling kisses that he’d left on her and, with her mouth, worked her way from his neck down to his broad chest.

She sat up still straddling his middle and she began to trace sensual trails down his chest with the tips of her fingers and her fingernails. He sucked in a deep breath of air as her finger teasing traced the waistband of his jeans.

She could feel the hardness of him increasing possibly painfully, and she knew that he couldn’t take her teasing much longer. Next she decided to lie on top of him and continue tasting the salty male flavor of his neck. She pressed her self against him, allowing him once again to caress her backside. She licked and kissed on his neck, but then she got a bit carried away and sucked a tad too hard on one side. He let out an arousal filled moan so she figured she was doing something right, but when she let him loose from her powerful suction she turned his head to look at her work. What she saw was on very large, very red hickey.

“Ooops,” she said, holding her mouth with an expression of feigned innocence.

“Is it big?” he asked.

“Um huh,” she said nodding her head.

“Yeah, it does hurt a bit.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry, it’s a good hurt.”

He pulled her to him and his lips lightly touched her ear, sending electric current though her body.

“I’m yours to do with what you will. I’m yours,” he said in a light whisper.

She looked into his eyes and upon finding the sincerity within them she claimed his lips with hers and forced her tongue into his mouth to tease and taunt him sensuously.

She eased herself up off of him a bit so she could again access his pants. She hovered herself above his knees sitting on her knees and letting her hands attack the fly of his pants. She was careful to not catch the zipper on anything valuable. Finally, she released his erection from the bondage of his pants. She didn’t have to release it from his underwear since he rarely wore any.

She wrapped her hand around him, feeling the heat of his arousal. Excruciatingly slow, she began to stroke the length of his steel hard shaft. She couldn’t help but grin as she watched his face contort into expressions of long awaited pleasure. She stroked up and over and back again in one continual stroke; never did her hand leave his cock.

He moaned out just as she squeezed a few droplets of pre-cum out of the tip. She massaged it into him when her hand went over the head in the up stroke and then going straight into the down stroke. She continued to stroke him as she got off and sat at his side on the bed.

Once in a comfortable position, without notice she knelt down, and opening her mouth she took the whole of him within her moist orifice. He moaned out long and deep and she thought that if he hadn’t had some control over it that it could have erupted as a scream of passion.

She pressed her lips around him and began to stroke him with her mouth. Her tongue twisted and teased all parts of his shaft; at one moment she pressed her tongue hard against one side as she slid her mouth upwards. With that motion he almost lost it completely. He continued to moan as she continued to stroke him a few times and he felt as if he might cum, but he held on because the feeling was too good to lose.

Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore. He needed to be inside of her, to have her surround him.

“I want to be inside you, now,” he said, in a near breathless voice.

She released his hardened member from her mouth and looked up at him, wiping the saliva from her mouth.

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