The Truck Driver


I always wondered whether or not I would truly enjoy seeing my wife with another man. I knew that mentally it excited me, but if it were to really happen, would I be able to handle it afterwards? I guess the answer is yes, as I am sharing this story and we are still happily married…

Even though I am only 30, when I was younger, I always had fairly liberal girlfriends. So when I met my wife and later married her, it was a constant frustration for me as she was not as open to some of the sexual positions I had grown accustomed to in my younger years. It probably took about 2 or 3 years before she would try the things I thought were important in a relationship, such as blowjobs and fucking from behind. And when she finally got more comfortable over time, these things didn’t happen as often as I hoped they would.

Nonetheless, things would soon change. Little did I know that a vacation would change her forever! And little did I know it would be with the help of a complete stranger…

So there we were, stranded on the side of the highway at 7 o’clock at night. The traffic was so scarce, that we thought we were going to have to sleep in the car for the night. We were getting a bit hungry, and all we had in the car were 24 Vodka coolers we bought before we left home. We had a cell phone, but it was completely dead thanks to my wife not charging the battery that morning like I asked. We figured that because it was a holiday weekend, most people were already where they needed to be, and weren’t traveling the highways.

We started drinking the Vodka coolers as there was nothing else to do or eat. We needed something in our stomachs, even though we knew they would go straight to our heads with no food to eat with them. Nonetheless, we each had about 6 or 7 over the next hour and a half. Now it was starting to get dark. The odd car went by every 15 minutes or so, but nobody was stopping, not that I would have either. But to our eventual surprise, along came a big rig truck with no trailer on the back. We could tell that he was slowing down, and he ended up stopping about a hundred feet ahead of our car, not even taking the time to pull off to the side of the road.

Both my wife and I ran up to the passenger side of the truck and I climbed up the foot rails and starting talking with the truck driver through the window. He asked where we were headed, and I told him we were not from around here and just need to get to a hotel for the night, and get our car towed to a service station to be looked at. He told me that he could drive us to a town just before the turn-off to his destination. He said he couldn’t call on his CB radio because it broke the day before. Given that we were desperate and had been waiting almost 3 and a half hours with no other offers, I agreed and he unlocked the door and we climbed in. It was only about 10 minutes later that things got strange.

The truck driver started asking my wife weird personal questions, who not wanting to offend the generous driver, answered to the best of her ability, without sharing too much information. I noticed her looking at me a couple of times as if to say “does he really expect me to answer that?”, and yet after some silence, she surprisingly did. My guess is that she didn’t see the harm as we would never see this guy again anyway, and he did not even know our names (not to mention she was ¾ drunk from the Vodka coolers). I myself didn’t even feel the need to stop the guy as my own mental state was less than perfect.

And then it happened! He looked my wife dead in the eyes… “Has your husband ever made you cum so hard it gushed out of you”? My wife looked over at me with shock and a little bit of fear, and before I could even say anything, the truck driver said “I’ll take that as a NO”!

“It’s possible for all women to do it you know” he said as he sat back in his seat.

“I don’t care. This is an inappropriate conversation to be having” my wife replied.

“I’m sorry, but aren’t you just a bit curious how it would feel?” he asked.

At that point the truck driver sat forward and looked at me. He could tell his question had ME curious, even though it appeared to offend my wife. And unfortunately, my wife could tell was curious too.

“Are you actually interested in what this guy is saying?” she asked me with a strange look on her face.

“I would be lying if I said no.” I replied. I thought a slap across the face would soon follow. But to my surprise, she just stared at me for a moment and then turned to the truck driver.

“I’ll play along with you idiots” she told him. “So what’s your secret for making a girl cum?”

“You’re not listening” he told her. “It’s not just a regular orgasm, you actually squirt cum from your pussy.”

“That’s impossible, girls don’t cum like that!” she replied. “Guys blow their loads because they have balls!”

That’s when I piped up. “I think she’s right. Women don’t have the equipment to make cum, so there is no way they can squirt. You have been watching too many fake porno movies dude.”

“I don’t pretend to understand it, I just know it is possible because I have made lots of women do it” he replied.

That’s when he pulled the big rig over to the side of the road. My wife began to laugh and asked him “Are you pulling over to demonstrate, or to pee.”

My mind was racing a mile a minute. I couldn’t believe she asked him that! And I couldn’t get the images out of my head of my wife cumming so hard that she would milk all over the place! My cock was rock hard as I thought about it. She could tell by looking at me from the corner of her eye that I was aroused. My heart was beating louder than the radio, waiting for the truck driver’s response.

“I’d gladly demonstrate but I’ll need a volunteer” he said with a serious look. The truck driver peered over at me and he could tell I wanted her to do it, but at the same time he could tell that I was afraid of the process, and how I might react. “And just so you know, it’s all in the hand… I don’t need to fuck her…” he told me, trying to set our minds at ease.

I could tell my wife was pondering the situation. And to this day I’m not sure if it was the alcohol, her knowing I was excited by the idea, the fact that she did not have to have sex with him, or a combination of the three.

“Alright hot shot” she said, “Show me!” She gave me a look as if to say “you asked for this, I hope you can handle it…” Then the truck driver turned toward me and leaned against the driver door. He told my wife to turn around and lean her back against him. Now we were getting somewhere. I felt a little sick inside with the anticipation. I looked at the truck driver, as my wife was lying against his chest, both of them facing me. She was slouched down a bit and he had his arms around her chest. By this time it was very dark out, but the moon was bright and the dim interior lights of the cabin were more than bright enough for the pending show.

He started to move his hands down my wife’s chest and over her tits. He kept working them down and used his left hand to tug the front of her pants upward. My wife was wearing gray cotton stretch pants that were tight on her legs and ass, but stretched more than enough to let his hand in. I was on the edge of my seat, not knowing whether to stop them or let them continue. It’s a good thing we were both drunk or I probably would have lost it.

With his left hand holding her pants away from her pussy, his right hand had swept down across her pubic hair, and even though I could not see his hand anymore, I could tell his fingers had entered her. She began to move around a little as he rubbed her clit. He was clearly skilled with his hands, and you could tell my wife thought so too. She began moaning a bit, and the crotch of her pants was getting a little wet with her juices. All I could see was the shape of his fist under the front of her pants as the stretchy material conformed to the exact shape. He continued moving his hand up and down, in and out.

My wife was trying to hide from me the fact that she was enjoying herself. Even though she was drunk, I could tell she was worried about my ability to cope. But she soon gave in to the pleasure, and could no longer spare my feelings. She started licking her lips, biting her bottom lip, and moaning deeper and deeper, the same way she did when I was screwing her in our bed at home.

She put one of her arms above her head and reached behind the truck driver’s neck. She was bracing herself for the ride. I decided I wasn’t getting a good enough view at this point and put my hands on her hips and started to slide her pants off. I pulled them down to her ankles so she could spread a bit more. And with that the truck driver’s left hand was free again. After he got it wet from her pussy, he moved it slowly up to her tits, leaving a glistening trail of wetness I could see in the dim light. He continued up her neck, over her chin and slid his middle finger into her mouth. She started licking and sucking his finger as if it was a cock. I was hoping she was imagining my cock not his.

Then the truck driver said “It’s time…” And he started moving his hand differently in her pussy. My wife started moaning and bucking her hips violently. I could tell she was on the edge.

“Oh my god!” she screamed. “That feels so good!” and she used her free hand to grab the truck driver’s wrist and started thrusting his fingers into her pussy.

“I found her g-spot, and that’s the secret” he said to me. “I could make her cum right now if I wanted to.”

“Make me cum, make me cum now” she moaned. My wife and I didn’t even notice during her thrashing that the guy had undone his pants and zipper.

“But what do I get?” he asked her. “Shouldn’t I get something out of this?” He was starting to rub his cock against the cheeks of her ass and her inner thigh as she laid sprawled across him. Occasionally I could see it poke up between her legs. It was getting covered in her juices. I bet it felt like he was fucking her, even though he wasn’t. My wife reached between her legs and starting grabbing at his dick but she was still bucking up and down from the pressure he was putting on the inside of her cunt with his fingers, and it slipped from her grasp each time. She knew he was in control. But he remained good to his promise, as he hadn’t fucked her or even tried to. He had a lot more control than I would have in his shoes.

My wife was seriously enjoying herself now. He kept bringing her to the edge and then easing off a bit. It was driving my wife wild. I got the impression that she would have let him do anything, even things that she wouldn’t let me do! And a few minutes later I realized I was right!

“I’ll do anything if you just let me cum!” she moaned and whispered over and over. They were now talking as if I wasn’t even there. “Just finish me off p-l-e-a-s-e!” And with that, he really started flicking his fingers in her pussy. I could see her skin rise in the front of her pussy and it looked like he was going to poke through from behind her pubic hair. She was still thrusting his hand in and out, and his cock was still popping up now and then between her legs. With each downward rub I knew he was sliding his dick through her ass cheeks, simulating the feeling of a fuck. Her juices were providing the necessary lubrication.

All of a sudden my wife looked at me with a face I have never seen before. It was a face of extreme pleasure and fear of the unknown. She pulled his hand out of her just in time for the milky white flood of cum to pour out of her. There must have been a quarter gallon of cum gush out of her with quite a bit of force. It went about 3 inches in the air and some landed on her pubic hair. The rest ran out her pussy and down the cheeks of her ass and thigh, covering his dick with white slime. I actually came in my pants from the sight of it all.

And then I realized he knew what he was doing all along. He had my wife lean against him for a reason. Once her milky cum covered every inch of his average sized cock, he slid it upwards and rubbed it on her clit. She went wild again and some more cum flowed out of her. On his down stroke, you could tell he was going to take his reward. His cock came back upward against my wife’s anus. The head of his penis pushing against the opening of her ass. The white slime served its purpose and his cock broke through with little effort. My wife moaned deeper than I have ever heard. This was a new experience for her as she never let me enter her ass. Her eyes closed and she started taking deep breaths.

The truck driver pumped her ass only 5 or 6 times before pulling his cock out. You could tell her tight ass was too much for him. She reached down in front of herself and grabbed his cock with her hand and began to jerk on it. It only took 3 or 4 strokes and the guy blew his load into the air His cock was pointed up and towards the two of them and his load landed mostly on her stomach, but the first shot actually went up past her face and drops of cum were on her cheek and neck. He used one of his hands and scooped his cum from her stomach and slid it up her chest, over her tits and into her mouth.

I was mortified. If I was lucky enough to get an occasional blowjob from my wife, she never swallowed my cum. She always pulled away just before I blew my load. And yet I was watching another guy fuck her in the ass followed by her swirling his load around in her mouth before swallowing it down. Licking each of his fingers clean.

She clearly had the biggest and longest orgasm of her life. But more would soon follow as I learned the technique soon afterwards. From that night onward, my wife did anything asked. I controlled her by not letting her cum until I was getting what I wanted, each and every time.

My only recommendation to those of you who learn to make your wives or girlfriends squirt cum is to make sure you have a spare set of sheets ready for when you are done!

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