The Teacher Ch. 05


The Teacher: Chapter Five
The Party

Eve had just gotten a call from Tommy requesting they meet in her apartment regarding a “delicate” matter that didn’t involve their escort agency. Eve was caught off-guard and had no idea what he had in mind. Let’s find out what this is all about ….

The buzzer rang 45 minutes later and Tommy was in my flat explaining the situation.

I offered him a drink. He took a beer. Tommy sat down and said, “Eve, I had to come here to talk with you because if Barb finds out, she’ll go ballistic. It’s a very private matter.”

“So what is it?

“I’m giving a bachelor party for, Bobby, a high school buddy of mine who is getting married next month. A bunch of the guys from high school are coming in for the event and they want something very special for Bobby. They are depending on me to make the arrangements. I’d rather not do this but your name came up so that’s why I asked you to meet me here.”

I didn’t like the sound of it and said, “So?”

“It turns out that Bobby is kind of obsessed with you. He owns every video that you’re in. We talked it over and the guys think you would be the best gift for him.

“Gift? What do you mean ‘gift’?”

“We want you to entertain him … like you entertain your regular clients.”

“Why not run it through the agency and pay me the regular rates?”

“Well, that would involve Barb and this is a party, which is not our ordinary policy. We don’t book parties and Barb made that clear from the start. So, we need to work around her. The other thing is, your primary responsibility is to service Bobby but you will be entertaining the group as well.”

“You mean they will watch me fuck Bobby, right?”

“Yes, they will be in the room. We don’t know if he wants you to fuck him given the fact that he has bride waiting for him. He might get a little nervous doing it in front of his friends. We just don’t know.”

“OK, so I’m to seduce the guy and then see what happens which might be to screw him in front of everyone at the party.”

“That’s about it, Eve. Look, the only difference here is your audience is live and in person rather than in the privacy of their home watching you on TV … same idea but more personal. For showing up and doing us a favor with Bobby, you get $1,000 and I get no cut. It’s 100% profit for you.”

“What about your friends? Don’t they want a piece of the action as well?”

“Could be. I don’t know but that is up to you. If you want to earn more and satisfy a few of the guys, they pay $400 for taking a shot at you. It’s $400 whether it’s a blow job, pussy, or anal. If you think about it, you could earn up to $3,000 on this one night.”

“So where will this party take place?”

“Right here in your apartment.”

“Oh I see. You already told the group that I’m the girl you hired,” I said dripping with sarcasm.

“No, not really. I told them it was a great idea because you’re the best!”

“Flattery will get you everything you want Tommy so count me in. When is the party?”

“It’s next Saturday night at seven. It’s a surprise so Bobby won’t know. I’ll take care of the drinks and cater the food. Be sure to wear your sexiest babydoll. “

I agreed to do the party because Tommy would be there and I trusted him. Also, I had the cops’ phone number in case the party got out of hand. Earning a couple of grand closed the deal.

The week prior to the party was busy. We were filming “The Principal.” I had many more lines to learn than normal so I was home doing my homework when not on the set. Actually, some scenes were taken right in my apartment when the mother and principal were enjoying each other’s company. That’s a little understated butit doesn’t really need much in the way of explanation.

There was a new actor with whom I had never met before. His name was Fred and had the most unusual cock. It had a rather decidedly upward bend when he was hard. I learned to appreciate the crooked member because it hit all the right spots in my vagina. I especially loved the feel as it hit my G-spot making the whole experience more than an acting job. There were several re-takes because we flubbed our lines once in awhile but the main attraction in the story, sex, went off without a hitch. We’re professions, right?

During this video, I was laying on my back with my head over the edge looking up at the principal’s hard dick. He wanted me to deep throat. The scene went something like this with me as “Erica” and the principal narrating:

By this time my sex organ was stiff. Erica (the mother) noticed. She said with a sexy smile, “Looks like you’re ready for another round.” At that point I might have been a little too rough when pushing her down onto the bed.

“Lay on your back with your head over the edge.” I said rather forcefully. “I’m ready for some deep throat action.” She moved to follow my directions. I added, “You got a toy or should I go get a banana?” In the dresser drawer, she pulled out a glass dildo 8 inches long. Her pleasure Escort bayan toy was slightly curved and beaded looking like something that obviously had given her hours of solitary joy. She handed it to me without knowing what I had in mind.

With her head looking up at me and over the edge of the bed, I approached her spreading my legs so my thighs were on either side of her head. This put her mouth between my legs. “Lick my balls,” I demanded in a gruff voice. She took hold of my stiff rod and began licking and sucking, then engulfing my smooth balls into her juicy mouth. Erica was very experienced at this. She had either seen a lot of porn flicks or had fucked a lot of guys.

“Suck my cock,” I instructed. As she put my engorged member into her waiting mouth, I reached between her legs and inserted the glass toy into her slippery twat. At first she was tentative about swallowing a piece of meat as large as mine but soon my cock reached the back of her throat. Pushing in harder hoping to force my cock down her throat, she began gagging, gasping for breath, so I backed out. We tried again and this time with more luck. As she began to swallow my erection, I could see her neck beginning to swell. She needed to catch her breath again so I pulled back. Little by little she was getting familiar with the deep throat feeling and she was able to take me all the way down with only my balls hanging over her face. Meanwhile, I kept working her toy, slipping it in and out of her pussy. Erica was salivating all over my cock and balls so it was time for one more perversion. I had her stand at the edge of the bed bending over with her tits touching the silk sheets hoping to enter her asshole from the rear. As she bent over spreading her legs, I could see the glass toy still plugging her glory hole. First, a few of firm spanks on her ass cheeks to give them heat. She then accommodated me by spreading those rosy cheeks and held them apart so I could easily find the target. The head of my penis was still dripping from saliva as it began penetrating her tight round hole. Inch by solid inch my cock entered her secret passage way. The feeling of hardness from the glass in her neighboring tunnel was sensational Eventually I had worked my way all the way into her tiny ass moving slowly at first but then with a much more rapid motion. She squealed with delight as I rammed her without mercy while she took hold of her toy to pleasure herself. It seemed she was being fucked by two guys, just like in her video. Just as I was about to unload my spunk into her butt hole, I grabbed her tits and held them tightly, then emptied my creamy liquid deep inside her rectum. At that point she let out a blood curdling scream that made me think she was in pain but in fact, she had just finished another gigantic orgasm.

From this, I learned to deep throat without nearly gagging myself to death. The position apparently matters! Anyway, we wrapped up our work late Friday and went home for the weekend. For me, the weekend meant another job.

The maid was in Saturday morning making everything look neat and tidy and in the early afternoon, Tommy brought beer and wine. The catering service arrived around six and the boys started showing up at seven.

I was dressed in an oversized flannel shirt that covered me just below the ass. I wore no bra or panties and the shirt was unbuttoned half way down the front. Tommy introduced me to the guests. First was Tony, then Ryan, followed by Tiny, Stud, and QB. There were a couple more but I can’t remember their names. Oh wait … there was Stan and Copper. Bobby checked in last at about 7:30 and to his surprise, I gave him a hug and a deep kiss with my tongue down to his tonsils.

“Welcome Bobby,” Tommy announced. “This is your date for the evening and we think you might recognize her. She’s anxious to please you in every way you might desire.”

I felt like the sacrificial lamb ready to be slaughtered.

Bobby stood there wide eyed and speechless. Finally he said, “Oh shit. I think I need a beer!”

Bobby stood six feet tall and was average looking. There was nothing about him that stood out except his dick. It definitely stood out … about 7 inches of prime meat. The guys at the party sure were good beer drinkers. They all got a little loud after about an hour of drinking and joking around. A few grabbed my tits and one guy tried to finger me but I told them, no, I was here for Bobby. It was then that I excused myself and went into the bedroom changing into that alluring see-through babydoll. When I rejoined the party, the boys let out a holler like they were at a rodeo and immediately pushed Bobby to the front of the crowd. I went into action lowering his pants and briefs. He seemed to be a little nervous with all of the attention from the audience but soon warmed up to the affection I was showing his private parts. At first I stroked his shaft bringing it to attention then sucked him until I tasted his pre-cum.

“Bobby,” I whispered, “Show me how this tool Bayan escort of yours works.” I led him to the loveseat, rolled a rubber sock over his now very hard joystick and sat down with my legs spread wide open. It was a wordless invitation. The men in the room roared their approval. Bobby pulled off my g-string sticking his head between my legs and his tongue in my gash reaching up to wrap his hands around my tits. The lingerie was in the way so someone behind me pulled it over my head. With sounds of encouragement from his friends, “Come on Bobby. You can do it.” and “Fuck the little cunt,” he finally entered my moist tunnel. As his excitement increased, so did his thrusting getting rougher with each stroke. He banged into me with great determination, his lips suckling my nipples adding to the pleasure I was feeling deep inside me. With all the drinking, the cheering, the fucking, I was really getting into it. I had my legs up in the air and far apart so everyone could appreciate the show. We reversed positions and I rode him cowgirl. One of the guys said, “Turn around so we can get a look at your tits.” Keeping Bobby’s swollen pole still inside my sopping slit, I quickly turned to face the audience. It seemed to be request time. Next they shouted, “Bobby, fuck her doggie.” Bobby obliged and soon I was face down on the loveseat with my boobs swinging like a pendulum and Bobby boring into me. “Give her a facial, Bobby. Show us what you got!” came the banter in the room.

Bobby could no longer hold back. He flipped me over with my ass on the floor and my head leaning on the loveseat. With wild eyes and a red face, he came up to me holding his swollen meat and said, “Open wide, bitch,” in a gruff voice just before splashing my mouth and face with an amazing load of cum. Everyone cheered Bobby’s eruption as if the man had just made the winning touchdown. Someone yelled, “Swallow it Cuntry Girl.”

“Bon appétit,” quipped another.

Gulp … and it slid down my throat like oysters on the half shell. I hadn’t noticed it before but Tommy had been recording the whole thing on video. It was something for Bobby to cherish in the years to come.

The guy they called QB handed me a towel so that I could clean off gobs of gooey semen dribbling down my face. One shot had hit me in the eye and that really stung. Thanking QB, I ran to the bathroom to properly cleanup and fix my hair that looked like I’d come in from a hurricane. I figured my performance at the party was pretty much over. It wasn’t.

Leaving the bathroom, I was met with three hungry men. They threw me down onto the bed and the loud mouth, Stan, yelled, “Copper, slap the cuffs on her!” The guy they called “Copper” was a large black man that must have played football at some point. He pulled my arms back and handcuffed me. At the same time, someone that I couldn’t see, put me in ankle cuffs with a bar spreading my legs far apart. I was shackled, nude and exposed. Ryan turned me over and fastened a collar around my neck. It had chains with nipple claps. At first the claps stung my nibs but eventually it didn’t feel too bad. It only hurt a little if I moved my head pulling on the chains. By now, more guys joined the festivities.

I turned to Tommy and said, “Tommy, make them stop. This wasn’t what we agreed to.” He just shrugged as if to say there was nothing he could do and turned on the camera. With this, “Stud” turned on a wand with a large ball at the end. Every time it touched the nipple clamps, it sent a shock through my nipples and upper body. The longer the touch, the more shocks and more pain. Stud wasn’t satisfied torturing me on my tits so he moved to my clit shocking it until I started to cry.

They weren’t finished with me by a long shot. Tony brought in a black box with wires and a plug. The plug was forced into my pussy and all I could do to defend myself was bend my legs. Tiny, who must have weighed 300 pounds said, “We’ll take care of those legs, bitch,” and tied them down to the bed. The plug in my cunt felt good at first. It had a pulsing throbbing feeling but as Tony turned the knobs on his black box, the feeling became more intense. “You love this, don’t you slut,” he growled. Soon the plug inside me began to burn and I yelled out in pain. I thought to myself, “So this is what BDSM is all about and it isn’t fun.”

The boys had their cocks out masturbating while watching me stuggle. “OK, guys, she’s had enough foreplay,” yelled Stan. Everyone laughed. “She’s all yours!” They kept yanking on their dicks and lined up to get a turn at me. There were a half dozen hard pricks ready for act two. Stan was first. He yanked out the pulsing plug and plunged his cock into my sore snatch pounding at me until he came loading me with his spunk. Next was Tony who didn’t last long but had a lot to offer when it came to volume.

“Tommy,” I cried, “At least make them cover their pricks.” He just shrugged that shrug again. Then it was Tiny’s turn to rape and plunder, then Ryan and then, I was about to pass out when Escort I heard a commanding voice say, “That’s enough men! The party’s over. Everyone out! Go home to your wives and girlfriends. You have 2 minutes to clear out.” It was QB who had not joined the “gentlemen” in the bedroom.

QB, the gallant guy who gave me a towel to wipe my face was to be my knight in shining armor. It was strange but everyone froze. I wondered why anyone would pay attention to him. QB had a sense of authority about him that none of the others had. In fact, in a few minutes I was released from bondage with only Tommy left in the apartment. I was furious.

“Tommy, you bastard. You knew they were planning this and didn’t help when I was in pain.”

“Eve, I thought that was all part of the act,” he replied as if he actually expected me to believe it.

“You fucking pimp. You knew I wasn’t acting. You kept filming with that damn camera instead of stopping them.”

“OK, I got a little carried away but it was all in good fun.”

“Fun? You call that fun? Give me a break. It was rape. Those sons of bitches raped me.” I was so fucking mad, I couldn’t think straight. “I quit, Tommy. I’m through.”

“You can’t quit, Eve. I’ve got this video of you that I’m sure George would be interested to see … that is, seeing what you do after hours. Moonlighting in your own private videos won’t go over so well with George.”

“Get the hell out of here before I call the cops.”

Tommy laughed. “The cops were already here today, babe.”

Holy shit. That guy, “Copper” was one of the guys that is supposed to protect me. Talk about ironic!

“Trust me, Tommy. This isn’t the end of it. Watch your back, friend. Oh, one more thing before you have to leave,” I said sarcastically. “Who is QB? He is the only one of your friends with any sense of honor.”

“Turn on FOX at noon tomorrow. You’ll see him. He’s number 8.”

“Get the fuck out!”

“See ya around my little princess,” he sniped.

“Screw you!” I shouted and slammed the door in his face.

I had no plan but something had to be done about today. In time, I’d find a way to avenge this wrong. “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” I think I heard my mom say that when she threw my dad out after Mom caught him screwing my best friend from high school.

I tuned on the game after it had started. The score was Home team 7, Broncos 3. In the second quarter the Broncos were driving and I caught my first glimpse of number 8. the Bronco’s quarterback. I should have guessed. My attention was on the man, not the game so I don’t know who won. After the game, I went online to the Bronco’s website and sent QB a fan mail. I wrote about watching the game and thanked him for helping me at Bobby’s bachelor party, signing off as “Eve.” It was a guess but he probably knew who I was even though everyone called me by my screen name. Two days later I received a reply.

“Hi Eve, nice to hear from you. I’m back in Denver. Sorry we had to beat up on your home town team Sunday. Hope you have recovered from the party. I apologize for not stopping it sooner. Please trust me on this but I had no idea what the guys had planned. Anyway, if you need to contact me for any reason, here is my cell number. Take care …… QB”

I texted him later that day and wrote, “Thanks for the e-mail, QB. There’s no one at this point that I can trust more than you … Eve.” That was the start of daily text messages with QB and occasionally two a day.

My last video, “The Principal,” was being edited and George promised to have it on the market within a week. I called Barbara and said I was down with the flu and asked that she not schedule any clients for at least a week. It gave me time to reflect on Saturday’s gangbang and plan my revenge. It worked out even better than I could possibly have hoped!

QB asked if I would like to watch a game at Sports Authority Field. I didn’t know where that was but thanks to Google, it turns out to be the new name of the Broncos’ home field in Denver. The idea of getting away to Colorado was what I needed. An opportunity to hook up with QB was exciting so I said sure, even though I knew nothing about football. It was basketball that I had followed in college, especially the players. QB said he would leave a ticket at the box office, Gate where there’s a taxi stand. He would meet me there one hour after the game. The game was a week and a half away giving me plenty of time to make plane reservations and to put my plan in action.

“Hello, may I speak to Mayor Johnson?” I asked after dialing his private number.

“My I ask who’s calling?” came the reply.

“Yes, this is Eve.”

“Just a minute, Eve.”

There was a bit of a wait before the Mayor finally answered. “Eve, how wonderful of you to call. Did you change your mind about the private secretary job?”

“No Mayor, but I need a favor … a big favor.”

“Anything for my St. Lucia. What’s up?” he said with a chuckle.

“Well, I ran into a problem that needs to be rectified.” Then I told him the details of Bobby’s bachelor party and asked him to use his clout to close down the escort agency. I also mentioned Tommy’s threat to blackmail the Mayor if he caused trouble.

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