The Surprise


Part 1

“Pet, 5 pm, tonight, The Keep, our usual room. You will NOT be late or you will feel the consequences.


p.s. I have a surprise for you.”

zach read the note a few more times his body shivering in response to Her words.

A surprise. His heart beat faster at the thought. Maybe She will let him pleasure Her with his tongue or his cock. Maybe She will let him cum. At that thought his cock throbbed already beginning to harden as he pictured his Mistress’s soft, bare pussy, wet with Her juices ready for his mouth.

He moaned loudly, the note clenched in his fist, his breathing ragged as his legs gave way and he slumped to the floor.

It had been such a long time since he had been with Her as She had been away on a business trip. Now She was back and soon he would be in Her presence. A surprise. He couldn’t get the thought out of his head as his mind whirled with thoughts of what it could be.

He glanced at the clock checking the time. Three hours until he was once more at home in Her arms. What would he do to fill the time? Looking at the note once more he slowly stood and made his way to his bedroom, sat on the bed for a moment wondering what to wear. He jumped up and rummaged thru his closet finding Her favorite shirt, the blue silk one with the full sleeves and the tight, soft slacks. The ones that She said made Her want to run Her hands over his ass and crotch. He felt his cock throb again as he felt Her hands grab his ass cheeks and he bit his lip to stifle another moan, laying the clothes neatly on his bed.

He moved to the bathroom undressing as he went then looking into the full length mirror he ran his hands over his body feeling the places where the hair was beginning to stubble. He turned to the closet and pulled out the enema bag. He hated it but he knew She wanted him spotless inside and out.

After cleaning himself out twice he slipped a new blade into his razor and began to shave. He paid particular attention to the places he knew she would inspect. Finally looking in the mirror once more and running his hands over his body again, he istanbul escort was satisfied with the smoothness of his skin.

Standing there he wrapped his hand around his hard cock moving it up and down closing his eyes to the feeling and pretending it was Her hand. His other hand move to his balls squeezing gently and pulling down on them. He gasped at the sensations that coursed through him and his hand began to move faster on his hard cock. Opening his eyes he watched as a drop of precum detached itself from the head and dropped downward slowly stretching until it snapped and plummeted to the floor.

“Oh God! What was he doing?” He snatched his hand away as he heard Her voice in his head.

“Slutboy, You will Never play with my cock or balls unless I command or give you permission. They are Mine and I will know if you have teased or pleasured yourself. You will NOT cum with out my permission or the consequences will be dire.”

zach shivered in trepidation as he remembered the time he had flaunted Her words. She had known and he had suffered severely. Stepping into the shower he turned it on letting the cool water turn to warm then hot as it cascaded down his body. He scrubbed every inch until it began to redden and then shampooed his hair three times so it would glisten and shine for Her.

Turning off the water he stepped from the shower and toweled himself off.

Checking the mirror one last time he smiled to himself as he moved back into the bedroom.

He glanced at the clock and was shocked to realize it was almost 4 pm. He hurriedly dressed, pulling on his slacks without his boxers because he knew She hated to slip Her hand into his fly only to find boxers blocking Her way. He grinned again as his cock throbbed feeling Her cool fingers sliding around him.

Before zipping up he splashed a little of Her favorite cologne on the insides of his thighs and genitals, the rest he splashed on his face. He knew She didn’t like the smell of sweat that She didn’t cause. Paying close attention to detail he ran a comb through his hair making sure it fell the way escort bayan She liked it. Donning his shirt he left the last three buttons open

knowing She enjoyed seeing his smooth chest.

One last glance in the mirror to insure that everything was in place he eagerly slipped on his shoes grabbed his keys from the dresser and headed out the door. The drive wasn’t a long one but with traffic starting to build, as well as the bulge in his pants, he didn’t want to take any chances.

The Keep had at one time been a very large, two story warehouse, what it had housed zach never knew and didn’t care, what it housed now was an ultra private BDSM club. As he pulled his car into the parking lot he was always pleasantly surprised at the modern façade of its exterior. He expected to see a medieval castle similar to the ones he had seen in his college texts on medieval architecture. But the owners had decided to keep it modern and inconspicuous. The only thing distinctive was the pearlescent navy blue marble plaque with the distinctive gold lettering that proclaimed “The Keep” and under it “Private Club.”

As he parked and got out of the car he was pleased to see that he was twenty minutes early. The doorman nodded him in recognizing him as a regular. As he entered the lobby the scantily clad slave girl behind the desk smiled shyly and handed him the keycard to their room along with another note. He smiled back and thanked her.

The inside of The Keep was as tasteful as the outside. The ground floor consisted of the bars and dining area, public rooms where entertainment was held, and some small playrooms. The upper floor consisted of private rooms that were leased annually.

zach climbed the circular carpeted stairs and made his way through the maze of hallways to room 1M. Opening the door he noticed that the table that usually rested against the wall was pulled under the chains hanging from the ceiling. He shivered as he moved across to the bed and sat down to read the note.

“Remove all your clothes, which had better not include underwear or else, and be in position facing Kartal escort the table with My cock hard. I want to see My lovely slutboy ready to pleasure Me when I enter the room. There will be a thorough inspection so you had best be smooth and clean or punishment will surely precede your surprise. MH”

As the words of Her note filtered through his mind it was Her voice he heard and his breathing grew rapid. He put the note aside and as he began to unbutton his shirt he became aware that the room smelled of Her. Her perfume, Her scent, Her essence and his cock which had started to harden throbbed against the material of his trousers. He removed his shirt and kicked off his shoes, then stood and let his pants drop to the floor. He quickly gathered his clothes, hung them in the small closet and placed his shoes neatly side by side.

He noticed a smaller table laden with their toys as he turned. A thrill of pleasure rippled through him as he crossed to see what was laid out. His cock jumped to see several different sized butt plugs among the array. His nipples ached as he ran his fingers over the clamps and his balls tightened as the ball separator caught his eye.

“Oh Mistress,” zach thought “You will surely push my limits tonight.” His body shivered with delight as his eyes scanned the floggers and paddles laid out in front of him. He smiled as his cock throbbed harder and looking down at himself he knew he was ready to kneel submissively before Her.

Moving to the center of the room he dropped to his knees, spreading them as wide as he could. He put his hands behind his neck and glanced down once more to make sure he was hard enough for Her. When he lifted his eyes all he could see was the big table with the chains hanging from the ceiling. He closed his eyes and let his mind ponder on what She would do to him on that table. He heard himself whimper as he felt the imaginary paddle slam against his ass sending pain and pleasure through his body.

His eyes snapped open. She was here! She was behind him, he felt Her eyes move over him and he instinctively straightened his already straight back and his cock jumped uncontrollably.

“My Pet.” She whispered softly and zach moaned as Her velvet voice flowed over him.


End of Part 1. To be continued??

If you enjoyed this please let me know.

Thank you,


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