The Slavescapades Ch. 05


The door closed behind them, and the Master and Cassie were gone, for two whole weeks. He was whisking her away to some far flung exotic place, and had left Morgan and Alexis at the house. Alexis’ invite had been cancelled for she was ill, and Morgan assumed her invite was still in the post, or some other unseen place. Still, with Alexis in bed, Morgan had the whole house to enjoy.

She knew what she wanted to do with her time too. These two weeks would give her chance to make Forbes realise he wanted her. The car had barely started down the gravel driveway as Morgan marched over to Forbes and pressed up to him. She slipped her hands down to the front of his trousers and undid the buttons.

He gripped her arms and pushed her back. “I’ve already told you girl, I’m not fucking you.”

Morgan smiled sweetly, “Who said anything about fucking me?” and shrugged off his grip. She pulled his trousers open, reaching inside to lift out his cock. He allowed her to, staring at her as she dropped down onto her knees and eagerly took his rapidly hardening penis into her mouth. He placed his hands on her head, but let her move at her own pace, only gently grinding into her as she sucked on his hard member. She ran her tongue against the sensitive tip of his cock, running her tongue in slow circles, getting closer and closer to the tip. Forbes let out a low moan, gripping her hair, then he pulled back and out of her mouth, stroking his cock while his spare hand pushed his trousers down and lifted his balls for her. She willingly took them into her mouth, sucking on them gently while she looked up at him.

Forbes stared back down at her, rubbing his cock with his hand while he let out another moan, then he stopped, grabbing her hair and yanking her head off of his balls, holding her at arms length away from him. “What do you want slut?”

Morgan squealed lightly as he gripped her hair, trying not to let her weight rest on it while she squirmed, staying on her knees under him while she looked up at him. “I want you to fuck me, whenever and however you want, all the time. To degrade and humiliate me. Please Forbes.”

Forbes looked down at her, pulled on her hair and threw her to the side. He pulled up his trousers and returned his rod hard cock to his pants, then turned back to her. “Come with me then girl.”

Without another word, he turned and went down one of the corridors. Morgan picked herself up to follow him, hurrying to catch up as he lead her down to threw to the staff quarters. She hadn’t been down here before, and when he led her through into a room off the corridor, she was suprised to find it was a bedroom. “Oh” she let out briefly, as Forbes closed the door behind her.

“Sit down.” He commanded, and she cast about briefly, before noticing the pair of chairs in the corner. She sat down, and he sat down on it’s fellow. “I wanted to do this privately you see, out of the rest of the staff’s sight.”

Morgan nodded, though remained silent, waiting for him to go on. She didn’t have long to wait.

“I will agree to your terms, but on four conditions. And only on those four conditions.” He paused briefly, allowing her to nod again, then he continued. “First I wish to see if you deserve it, and shall issue a few challenges to you sometime over the next few days. If you pass, then I’ll agree.”

Morgan couldn’t supress a grin at that, very eager to prove her worth to the old man. She nodded her agreement quickly, allowing for him to continue.

“Second, no one must know. Not the other girls, nor the staff. I do not wish to lose my job over this. So you must continue in the service of your Master.” Forbes let his eyes wander over her, trying not to look too lustily over her as his eyes stopped at her breasts, her nipples hard and visible through her shirt. He could bet she was sopping wet under her skirt, and his dick hardened painfully again in his trousers in response to that thought. She nodded in agreement again. “Third, should you pass, you must obey my every command. And fourth, you may no longer pleasure yourself.”

The fourth one he threw in for a little fun. The little tart needed something taking from her. “And less forcefullness from you. I want my little whore demure and subservient.”

Morgan Maltepe Ukraynalı Escort nodded eagerly for the final time, happy to agree with each of his conditions, even the last. While she did enjoy fingering herself in the tub, she would happily give it up for some dirty and nasty satisfaction.

Forbes stood up, “I will find you for the first challenge later” and dismissed her with a wave of his hand, though paused as she got up to go. “Ah Morgan, until your Master comes back, I wish for you to wear the leather strips around your breasts and a thong at all times.”

Morgan left his room, getting a few steps away from his door, before she bolted, running down the corridor into the foyer then making her way to her room to get changed straight away.


Morgan could barely sit still waiting for her first challenge. She mulled over all the possibilities, preparing herself and anticipating it eagerly. She ended up unable to sit in her room any longer, and instead took a stroll around the house. She decided that she wasn’t looking for Forbes, she was merely hoping to be found by him.

Going back down the stair case, she crossed the foyer and went into the lounge. She was just about to sit down when she heard an ‘Ahem’ and froze in place, looking around for the source. She found it over by the door, hidden in the corner and waiting for her. She stood back up, but stood still, waiting for him to speak. He came over to her, holding his hands behind his back while he let his eyes run over her once more, lingering on her hardening nipples.

“Thanks to your little display the other day, I already know you can take a huge cock, but I’m not afraid of a repeat demonstration. Turn around.” He waited for her to turn around and then moved up to her, standing right behind her. He reached down to her thong and pulled it aside, then pressed the tip of the frighteningly think dildo he had been holding behind his back to the lips of her cunt. Morgan stood as still as she could as the head slid inside her, then shuddered as the remaining length was pressed into her, inch by slow inch. This one was larger than the one she had used on the fucking machine, and she could feel her cunt walls stretching around her, painful but satisfying. Her cunt lips closed around the end of the dildo and Forbes drew his hand away.

“Arms behind your back dear.” Morgan put her hands behind her, holding her wrists close together, and hid her smile as he bound them together, for she had a penchant for being tied up. Forbes ran his hands against her ass cheeks, making Morgan shiver, then bent over forward a little as he pulled her cheeks apart to inspect her asshole.

Following this inspection, he lifted a second slightly smaller dildo and pressed it, unlubricated and dry, to her asshole, working it in roughly. Morgan fidgetted ever so slightly, then did her best to relax, to make it easier for him to penetrate her with the big plastic cock. It eased it’s way in, unbaringly slowly, until Forbes stopped, leaving the last inch jutting out of her, keeping the entrance of her ass and her cheeks spread around it.

He ripped one side of her thong, then just let it hang there, and stood back to admire his work. She stood with her legs still slightly apart, waiting again for him to speak.

“I like you this silent, girl.” He let out a chuckle, then gave her a quick and firm smack on the ass. “Alright girl, I’m leaving. You have to come and find me, and during that, you mustn’t let either of those fall out of you. Got it?” He didn’t even wait for her nod, just simply turned and left, leaving her standing there with her hands behind her back and stuffed with dildos.

She leant over a little, easing the pressure of her anus, then she began gingerly walking out after him. She pulled briefly on her wrists, finding them tight and uncomfortable, then grinned, leaning over at the door to pull it open with her mouth on the handle. As she opened the door, she was met with Edwards, who raised an eyebrow at her. Remember Forbes’ rule of secrecy, she smiled politely and shrugged. “I got a little bored.” Edwards merely nodded, staring at her as she left, making her way through the foyer to the kitchen. He did something Maltepe Üniversiteli Escort of a double take in suprise as he spied the end of the dildo hanging out of her ass.

She scanned about in the kitchen, only slipping her head in so that the chef wouldn’t notice her, only to find no one was in the kitchen anyway. She sighed and turned around to leave, when a hand came over her mouth. She let out a mini scream into the hand, then her world went black as something was placed over her head. The hand then receded, and moved to strike her behind. She then heard footsteps again, and a soft chuckle. “Still have to find me girl.”

Morgan stood still for a moment, then followed after the direction the voice had come from. She pressed her side against the wall to help guide her, walking carefully so not to lose the dildos inside her. She moved down the corridor, back to the foyer, then went across to where she thought the lounge was. She pushed the door open, and stood there, then left. She then turned and went to the stairs, very cautiously climbing them. At the top of the stairs, she made her was through to the bedrooms, carefully pushing each door open, then stepping inside.

In the third on, the hand grabbed her again and shoved her to her knees, then onto her front. She felt someone pressing something around each of her legs, then footsteps away from her again. Morgan lay still briefly, then started pushing herself up. Except this time she fell over again. Her legs had been hobbled together, with a short bar between her knees. She let out a little sigh, then carefully got onto her knees, then onto her feet, making very small steps out to the door, and then back out of the room.

She had barely made it out of the room when she was grabbed again. The hand came under the hood on her head, and forced her mouth open, then shoved a gag inside. The hand receded, then she felt it pressing against her cunt. She felt the fingers fiddle around against the dildo briefly, then it began buzzing inside her. She was then let go of again. “I expect you in my room imminently.”

Then footsteps led away once more, leaving Morgan standing there. She let out a moan into the gag as the vibrator shook in her cunt. She stood there for a few more minutes, writhing in pleasure and pulling on her bindings, before she snapped back into focus, mumbling “shit” into her gag. She then started forward again, heading in the direction she believed Forbes’ room lay in, leaning on the walls to guide her. As she reached the steps, she very gingerly started down them, stumbling once and squealing in fear. However, she made it to the bottom safely, letting out a long moan as she had gone down, for she had tensed up harder around the dildos, making the vibrations worse on her.

At the bottom, she closed her eyes in the sack, and envisioned where everything was, then set off towards the servants quarters. Careful of going in any rooms that weren’t Forbes, she counted in her head the doors she could feel as she went passed, then stood outside the one she believed was his for a few moments, uncertain and scared.

But as another wave of moans broke out of her, she gathered her courage and pushed her chest against the door, pushing it open. She entered gingerly with bated breath, which she exhaled upon hearing Forbes say “Well done girl.”

She smiled under the bag, then blinked against the light as the bag was suddenly removed. Behind her, she heard him lock the door, and she stood still, trying not to writhe as the dildo vibrated in her cunt. He reached up to pull the gag out of her mouth, down between her legs to remove the metal bar, then up into her cunt and ass to pull out the dildos. He did it very quickly and succinctly, and she shuddered at the sudden cold in her wide open vagina.

“Get on the floor, on your back with your hands under your ass. Bend your knees and lie your legs flat against the ground.”

Morgan went down onto her knees immediately, as Forbes walked out of her sight, spreading them apart and laying down between them, leaving her cunt wide open, while she shifted her bound hands under ass, so giving her hips a little more height.

“You did very well in that challenge. Now this Maltepe Vip Escort one simply relies on your subservience. You have to take everything I give you.”

Morgan nodded again, then opened her mouth as he advised her too. Forbes reappeared, this time carrying a large glass, full of some white substance. He stood at her head, and held the glass over her, tipping it, letting a thin stream of the liquid fall into her mouth. As soon as it hit her tongue, she knew it to be cum, cold though, and certainly wasnt surprised, leaving her mouth open as he tip more into her, then shuddered as he moved the cup over, letting it drizzle down over her body, over her neck and collarbone, then down over her breasts, to her stomach and then finally over her thighs and cunt. He emptied the glass on her, and then grinned, allowing a brief “Swallow, and don’t move” as he went over to the dresser.

Out of the dresser, he pulled out a long riding crop and turned back to her, barely giving her chance to recognise what was in his hand before he brought it down, cracking it on her inner thigh. She let out a low scream, to which Forbes responded with another crack of the whip. He then lifted his foot, and placed it on her throat, pressing down on her neck, as he brought down the whip again. This time, her scream was dulled by his foot on her throat, and he struck her again.

Struggling for breath, she tried to remain still and silent, though each strike of the whip illicted a whine or squeal out of her, and his hits grew harder and harder. The next dropped down on her breast, hitting her directly on the nipple. She couldn’t help the noise that came from her, and Forbes scowled, pushing down harder on her neck. She couldn’t breathe now, and yet she stayed still under him. She took three more strikes in silence, and then as her surroundings grew dim, he took his foot off of her.

She gulped in some air, and shuddered as he reached down, slapping her hard across the face, knocking her head to the side. Scrunching up her face as he cheek burned red and hot, she then turned to look up again, opening her mouth once more. Forbes chuckled at his, and allowed her a “Good girl” as he threw the whip to the side.

Morgan heard him unzipping his pants, and then heard him as he said “look up here girl”, looking up at him and his dick, as he stood at her side. It wasn’t even erect, puzzling Morgan briefly, then he gripped his dick and started urinating on her. He ran his stream over her thighs and cunt, focusing on her wide open hole briefly, then directed it over her stomach and breasts, his urine mixing with the cum from earlier. Morgan, while unused to such a practice, did not move a muscle, and left her mouth open for him, even as the stream was directed to her face and over her hair, closing her eyes reflexively and was then treated with his urine landing in her mouth. He focused the last of his stream into her open mouth. She held there, fighting back at a gag of disgust, until she felt the stream recede, as he shook the last few drops onto her. She heard a second “Swallow it…” and she complied straight away, swallowing his hot urine, coaxing away from her need to gag. She then opened her mouth again, and lay there waiting.

Forbes laughed as she opened her mouth again and looked over her cum and urine soaked body, spread out for him on the floor. He stepped back and sat down. “Alright girl, you pass…”

Morgan broke into a smile, though remained where she was until she was ordered otherwise.

“I hope you had an idea of what that means. I now expect you to do every single, little thing I ask of you, or I will immediately inform the Master that you approached me, trying to sell yourself for favours around the house and money.” Forbes smirked and leant over, eyeing her. “So, even when you get over this little itch you needed to scratch at, you’re still going to have to satisfy my every whim, from now til I get sick of you. So good job girl, it’s too late to change your mind, you’re mine now.”

Despite the brief terror that flitted over her at his words, she felt her cunt heat up, desperate to be used in the way he’d described, she arched her back and lifted her hips a little, waiting for him to continue, watching the huge malicious grin on his face. The stayed there in silence for a little while, then he stood.

“Okay whore, I’ve got work to do. So, I want you to lay there completely still until you’ve dried off. Then you will take a cold bath.” He stood up and went to the door, casting one glance back at her. “We start tomorrow.”

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