The Sexy SIL Ch. 04


Swati is a schoolteacher, just like Sunita is. And hardly a couple of days after our marathon at Mina’s farmhouse, she called me up from her school in the evening.

“Hi May,” she greeted me. “I’ve missed the bus. Could you pick me up?”

I could hear noises in the background. I smiled to myself. I mean, how can you be so innocuously simple?

Radha’s bosom pal, Mina was visiting with her husband and their pals, so the farmhouse was out. Radha also had some work to be finished and had to stay at the office with Dilip.

To add to this was the presence of my younger sister, Sheetal and her husband, Uday who had come visiting. Uday had a few seminars in the city and Sheetal hadn’t visited us for quite a while now. Though I could have easily managed to get away from home, I did want to spend some time with Uday and Sheetal. Moreover, Sunita had insisted that I stay back at home with Sheetal when Uday would go out for his seminars.

“After all, I have to go to school. I’ve no leave left for now and you can always manage to postpone your visits to your clients,” Sunita had announced.

It was the same with Swati. Her husband was away on one of those usual tours. That guy was hardly home for a week in a month – that is, if he was lucky.

“Hey, that’s great. Where will you be waiting?” I spoke into the mouthpiece, glancing at Sheetal.

I detected a kind of an excitement in Swati’s voice. “I’ll be right at the gate.”

“Be there in fifteen minutes,” I told her.

“Who was it?” my sister asked me, looking up from the newspaper.

Sheetal looked up at me after dragging her eyes away from the TV. Uday had left for work in the afternoon and Sheetal was watching some dumb soap. Sunita, of course was at school.

“A pal of mine. He’s got some inside dope on my competitor. Hope its enough for me to cut him down on the quote I’ve to give tomorrow.”

It’s strange how excuses and justifications come so easily when you need them.

“What time will you be back?”

“A couple of hours at least, perhaps. I’ll give you a call before I leave from my pal’s place.” I replied, already slipping on my shoes. “Why?”

“I’m thinking that perhaps I should go visit your in-laws. As it is, I’ve some time on my hands and Sunita told me she isn’t likely to return before six in the evening. Or maybe I’ll just ask your in-laws if they did like to come down here.”

“Sure thing, baby. Tell you what, just give a ring to Sunita at the school and let her know about your program as well as mine. I’ll take the spare key. If you go over to the in-law’s place, just pull the door and remember to turn the latch, okay?”

Without waiting for a reply, I walked out, feeling on top of the world.

And yes, I was feeling horny too!


She was wearing a green sari and matching blouse. It was the teachers uniform in that school. She was standing under a huge mango tree by the side of the gate when I drove up. A couple of kids were chatting with her.

She wished them goodbye and hurried over to the car. She banged the door shut as she got in, smiling crookedly at me.


I released the gear and the car shot off.

“Long time no see, huh?” I asked hoarsely, glancing at her quickly.

“Yes, I guess,” she replied. “Radha’s busy, or so she told me.”

“Must be,” I said. “She hasn’t contacted me.”

She was quiet and stared through the windshield as I increased speed.

“What’s the matter?” I asked, sensing that something had upset her.

“Well,” she hesitated. “I – I was wondering if, well you know, I was sort of wondering if the two of you…”

I laughed. “Hey, knock it off. I mean if we were going to get together, we would surely want you to join.”

She sighed. “Truth?”

“But of course,” I told her, slipping one hand off the steering and patting her knee. “Why do you ask?”

Very slowly, she spread her legs apart, allowing me to gently caress her sari-clad knee.

“The two of you do it very often, don’t you?”

This was a new angle altogether. I suddenly realized that perhaps Swati was jealous of Radha’s relationship with me. I also realized that Swati and me never had gotten together all on our own. The only time we had was along with Radha.

I was right, because, Swati whispered, “We never did it together without her, did we?”

I felt my prick straining inside my pants. I stole a glance at her. She was hunched forward, her elbows on her knees and was totally ignoring the fact that the border of her green sari had fell off her shoulders for me to get a pretty clear view of the rather low-necked blouse and the glimpse of her white bra. I suppose she was wearing some sort of a push up bra because her breasts seemed to be rather pushed together and her cleavage seemed to be much longer that I had known it to be.

“You want to?” I whispered back, letting my hand slide down over her thighs.

She grabbed my hand and pushed it between her legs. She closed her legs together, trapping my hand there.

“Oh İstanbul Escort god, yes!” she replied.


She did not hesitate, which proved what I had thought earlier: she had planned all this before calling me up.

“My place,” she said breathlessly. “Suresh has left for his usual tour and won’t be back for a few days. The kids are at school.”

Her place was about five miles from here and I reached it under four minutes. While I drove with one hand on the steering, I let my other hand squeeze her between her legs, making her moan and gasp. She gave back. I mean, she grabbed my bulge with one hand and we fondled and kneaded each other till I braked in the parking lot of her apartment.

My mind went back to the first time I had taken Radha at her apartment. Boy, I had come a long way!

We were not in the kind of position that Radha and me had been the first time. We had already seen each other do damn nearly everything. Goddamn it, we had a real threesome and there was nothing we didn’t know about each other’s bodies.

When she unlocked the door with shaking hands after we got off the elevator that we had to share with an old woman, who insisted on gossiping with Swati, I entered first and looked back as she closed and locked the door behind her.

Even before she would slip off her sandals, I walked over to her and grabbing her waist, drew her to me and sank my mouth over hers. Her arms flew around my shoulders and she tightened the grip as I shoved my tongue inside her mouth, thrusting my hips forward to press my bulge against her belly.

We moved together towards the sofa, my hands lifting her sari up over her legs and around her waist. I cupped her panty-covered mound and squeezed. She pulled her mouth off mine and whispered,

“No, not here, not here. I want you to fuck me on my bed!”

No problems there, I thought, letting her push me towards their bedroom. The double bed was positioned right in the middle of the room and I ignored the layout because she pushed me onto the bed and flung herself on top of me.

Her breasts mashed against my chest as she kissed me, sucking avidly on my tongue, her fingers working furiously at my pants.

I had pulled her sari out of the petticoat and was pushing her panties down her hips when I felt her tugging at my pants. I managed to lift my hips (even though she was lying on top of me, she didn’t weigh all that much) and she pulled my pants along with my shorts down my legs.

“Ahhhhh!” I sighed when she took hold of my erect shaft with both her hands. She jerked on it furiously, continuing to kiss me and suck on my tongue. I guess Radha had taught her to kiss this way: wet, tongue to tongue, occasionally pull back to lick the lips…

She moaned into my mouth when I cupped her naked mound after having got her panties off. She was sopping wet there; and her kissing got fiercer.

I brought my hands up over her back and fumbled with the hooks of her blouse. Unsnapping them, I pulled together the straps of her bra and opened its hooks as well so that when she arched her back up and off my body, I could pull both the garments out.

Her firm breasts sprung out like a pair of ripe melons. The nipples were erect already and as she crouched over my body again, I took one engorged pink nipple in my mouth, taking hold of the other breast with both my hands.

She jerked my shaft steadily with one hand and cupped my scrotum with her other.

When I stuffed the other breast into my mouth, she groaned and suddenly rose over my body, reaching down to seize my prick in one hand and direct it towards her slit.

“Oh god, oh god, put it inside!” she cried out.

I pushed one hand below and held the base of my shaft while searching for her opening with the fingers of my other hand.

I thrust my hips up and bang! I was in right to the hilt inside her hot pussy, making her cry out louder and clutch my shoulders. She arched her back as she sat on my legs and that made her breasts thrust out.

I seized those melons and she now began to raise and lower herself on my shaft. It was delightful, all right. It felt like my dick was surrounded with a warm, smooth clamp and she began riding me.

I suppose she was really heated up, because rarely had she pumped a few times than she suddenly went rigid, threw her head back and stifled a scream. I felt her hot juices washing my dick as she came for the first time.

“Oh my God!” she whimpered, “And I thought it was only my husband who gets off so quickly! You are really amazing!”

As she slacked off, I grabbed her hips and rolled over till I was lying on top of her lithe body.

“Oh yes, oh, oh, again, yes, do it again,” she muttered as I arranged myself in the missionary position. This time I didn’t have to guide my prick inside her. She was wide open and wet and ready. I thrust smoothly inside her.

“Ugghhh, Hmmmm, ooohh, yes, yes, faster, faster!”

I gripped her swollen breasts, squeezing them hard and began to thrust Anadolu Yakası Escort in and out of her, rapidly increasing the pace. I felt her heels digging into my buttocks and her fingers rake my back as I banged and pumped wildly into her.

She was wet, hot and wide open down there and I had no difficulty in keeping up the wild and fast pace. I changed angles as often as possible, eager to give it to her from everywhere and wanting to feel every part of her delicious pussy with my shaft.

I pushed one hand below our heaving bodies and searched her clit. It was pretty easy because it was as erect as my shaft and when I found it, I began to twist and manipulate the hard nub from one side to the other before settling down to rub my finger up and down the length of her slit that wasn’t stuffed with my prick.

My belly slapped against hers, making a loud noise in the otherwise quiet bedroom.

“Oh god, you are so…so…w-won—uhh-yes, yes, I-I am c-c-cum-cumming!” she screamed.

Her thighs clamped me like a vice and she shuddered and wailed as she came yet again, pulling my face deep into her breasts.

I licked, sucked, kissed, kneaded and fondled her breasts as she thrashed around me.

“Oh, oh, May, oh my god, you are…I never…it’s sooooo good, so good…”

She crumpled beneath me and I gently slid my still hard prick out of her wet pussy.

As I kissed her mouth, she took my shaft in her hands.

“Mmmm…you, you have still not come!” she said wondrously.

“I’ve got a confession to make,” I told her sheepishly, my voice muffled by her breasts.

“What?” she asked breathlessly.

I decided to press her on. “Well, you know how Radha likes it.”


“Aw, well, she has done that so regularly, I kind of have gotten addicted to it.”

“What is it?” she asked again.

“I’ve kind of gotten used to watching my cum all over her,” I confessed.

It was true. Recently, even Sunita had been surprised that I was managing to hold myself back after her orgasm only to have her masturbate me over her belly.

Try it. I guarantee it is addictive.

I had raised my head to watch Swati as I made my confession and she grinned, manipulating my prick back and forth with her fingers.

“I’d love it,” she told me, jerking my dick faster. “But I’ve a confession to make as well. I loved it when you got that cock of yours between my tits. I maybe not that big there like Radha, but god, that feeling of your pole sliding between my tits and the sight of it really blew my mind!”

I pulled myself up the bed, turning towards her. She turned towards me as well so that we were facing each other. I bent my left knee and she rolled over onto it, her breasts scant inches away from my dick.

I pushed her hair back because I wanted to watch her face. She hefted a breast on my thigh and I let my prick lie against it. With her other hand, she placed the other breast atop the first, trapping my prick between them.

“Like?” she asked, looking up at me.

“Great,” I answered hoarsely, beginning to pump my buttocks up and down.

I felt my dick surrounded by that wonderful pliant flesh of her breasts and I leaned down, cupped her chin and kissed her mouth.

She began to move along with me: up my body when I drew my prick back between her breasts and down when I thrust it up in the delightful tunnel. She brought her shoulders together and that only increased the friction on my dick against the inner walls of her breasts.

“Fuck them, May, fuck my tits! Yes, yes, like that, oh yes, don’t slow down, faster, faster, fuck them, aahhhh…”

She moaned when I pushed a finger inside her pussy. She raised her left leg high up in the air to allow me more access and now, as I shafted her breasts, I also began to let my finger move in and out of her wet pussy.

“Like this, baby?” I whispered through my clenched teeth as I increased the pace of both, my dick between her breasts and my finger inside her pussy.

“Oh yes, yes, fuck my cunt with your fingers! Like that, ah God, ugghhh…”

I clenched my teeth, feeling my juices run up into my shaft while hers surrounded my finger.

She pulled her lips away from mine, and bent down to watch my prick sliding in and out of her cleavage.

“Give it to my tits, oh yes, ah yes, faster, faster, oh god yes! Fuck them, fuck them, fuck my tits!” she cried out.

“Oh god, Swati, I’m going to come!” I warned her.

She bent down further and managed to take the tip of my shaft in her mouth when it appeared from the top of her velvety breasts on each upstroke.

I pushed her onto her back pulling my finger out of her pussy and crouched over her supple body, pumping my dick in that tunnel faster and faster, squeezing those melons together harder. She grabbed my thighs and I let out a hoarse cry.

Bang! Bang, bang, bang! I came in a sudden torrent, the juices leaping out of my dick to splatter her chin, and then dropping down along her cleavage.

“Oh Kartal Escort yes, oh god, oh, oh, oh my god!” I yelled.

She ducked down to take my shuddering dick back into her mouth and sucked on it furiously as though trying to infuse fresh life back into it.

Needless to mention, her efforts were futile.

I was drained out!


We sat on the dining table beside each other, sipping the cappuccino she made. Waist up, we were in the nude. I just couldn’t tear my eyes away from her breasts and she couldn’t keep her hands off my prick, which I had tucked away inside my shorts.

“Hmmm, I just love your cock,” she muttered, sliding her hands inside the waistband of my shorts and fondling my dick.

I lowered the coffee mug onto the table and grinned at her. Gently, I cupped her breasts and kneaded them.


“I swear,” she answered. “You have such a beautiful cock: nice and thick.”

“It’s so because it’s hard again,” I laughed.

She set her cup on the table and leaned down and sideways to nestle her face in my lap. She pulled my shorts down to expose my hard prick and fondled it lovingly, letting it rub her chin.

“It’s amazing you can get it up so soon,” she sighed.

“Suck it,” I told her, squeezing her breasts gently.

She laid her chin on my thighs and shuffled upwards to flick her tongue daintily over my prick. Her hands cupped my balls and she licked my shaft until it was wet and hard as before.

“I said, suck, not lick,” I told her, pinching her rosy nipples, making her moan.

She brought her head back, opened her mouth wide and slid down, enveloping my dick all the way in.

God, had she learned fast! No fooling around with just a quarter of the length inside her mouth: she just took the entire length right inside her mouth, the glans lodging in her throat.

She was almost as good as Radha, I thought, groaning as she worked her head up and down, sucking my shaft like it was a tiny lollypop. Her tongue got into the act as well and she began to run it over the hard flesh even as she took a quarter of it in her throat.

Continuing to knead her breast with one hand, I pushed the other hand down her smooth back and thrust it inside her panties. I gripped her buttocks, kneading them, keeping time with the same rhythm that I was massaging her breasts.

She pulled my dick out and shuffled forward. Our chairs rocked dangerously when she pulled herself up to kiss my mouth. I could taste myself on her lips and her tongue.

The way she was leaning, my dick was close against her breasts. She jerked on it to slap it against her breasts. While she sucked on my tongue, she pushed the tip of my shaft against her nipple and rubbed it between her breasts as well.

“Let’s fuck,” she murmured, drawing back.

I rose and stepped away from the table. She rose too, but spun around, gripping her chair by the arms and jamming the backrest against the table.

“From the back, give it to me from behind,” she gasped.

She rested her arms on the chair, supporting the weight of her body on her elbows after slipping out of her panties and having turned her back to me again.

I shucked out my shorts and bending down, grabbed her knees. I lifted her legs off the floor and supported her by the waist till she had wrapped her legs around my back, clasping them together as tightly as possible.

I let go of her waist and there she was, suspended like that, her legs around my back, elbows on the chair. I slipped my hands under her to grab her swinging breasts and thrust my erect dick into her.

“Ahhhhh fuck!” she cried out when I slammed inside her, pushing her forward.

My eyes literally rolled back in my head and growling, I twisted her breasts almost cruelly with my hands.

The table creaked rhythmically as I slammed in and out of her. Her pussy was wet and wide open and she had this amazing control over it. When my dick was completely inside her, she would tighten her pussy muscles, gripping me tightly.

She twisted her neck around to watch me pounding back and forth into her. Her face was stretched in fierce concentration, her eyes fixed on my lower belly.

“Oh yes, you do that so good! That’s more like it, lover, only slam that deeper inside my cunt, ah yes, oh that feels so good, oh yes, fuck me, fuck me!”

I kept the rhythm going for almost five minutes till drops of my sweat rolled off from my forehead onto her back. Since hardly about half an hour had elapsed since we had both come in the bedroom, I knew we would be requiring more time to get off.

“Oh god, Swati, you are so tight there! I want to suck on your tits!”

I slowed down and she stopped pushing her buttocks back at me. Gently, almost reluctantly, I disengaged and stood back.

She brought her feet to the floor and spun around all in one swift movement, her hair flying wildly over her head and covering her face. She turned to me and gripping the armrest of the chair, she lowered herself on it, this time facing me. She pushed her hair off her face.

I watched her as she raised her knees, spreading her legs and then tucked her feet inside the arms of the chair. She was now sort of squatting on the chair, knees on it and wide open to reveal her twinkling pussy, her breasts heaving.

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