The Secret Life of….


Note to readers: I wrote this as an homage to James Thurber. I adapted his famous story idea to reflect my own “secret life” and humbly apologize for not being a good enough writer to do justice to the task.


Wendy confidently strode into the hottest club in the city. Naturally she had ignored the long line and bouncers. Anyone so dazzlingly gorgeous, anyone who radiated so much sex appeal, confidence and pizzazz was an asset to any club, and everyone knew it. The way she looked, held herself, and the confident way she walked made it obvious she was nightclub royalty. Without her having to say anything, the line and the bouncers let her through as if she were Moses parting the Red Sea.

No sooner had Wendy entered the club then she had to deal with the advances of a swarm of men. No wonder. Not just because she was a 5’9″ blond with a voluptuous body any stripper would envy. Or because she was perfectly made up and dressed to kill in the latest designer clothing and stunning jewelry. But because her face was beyond movie star beautiful. She radiated, and not only her face, but her hair, her body, her mannerisms, her everything. It was all simply perfect. As if everything about her were designed to drive onlookers crazy. And knowing this gave her the confidence to accomplish anything.

Wendy reached the bar, batted away the men with their drink offers as if they were flies, and ordered her own. She expertly scanned the room, sipping her drink and fighting off or ignoring the men who wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. Until she spotted the object of tonight’s desire.

A woman almost as beautiful as she was. A woman surrounded by her own crowd of admiring men. Each of which would give almost anything to get into her panties. But they were no match for Wendy Mitty! Poor things! They didn’t even know she was their main competition, let alone that it wouldn’t be much of a contest. It never was.

Like a tigress, Wendy confidently stalked her gorgeous target, whose name she later found out was Patty. Wendy slowly made her way towards Patty, slowed down when she was 15 feet away, and eased closer, still accompanied by a cluster of drooling men. Finally she was close to Patty and their two swarms of buzzing men merged. Wendy locked eyes with Patty as the rest of the nightclub vanished for both women. Wendy slinked up to her and whispered, “None of the guys is worthy of you. Why don’t we mess with them. Let’s dance! It’ll freak them out!” Wendy smiled and extended her hand. Patty looked shocked and scared, hesitated for a long moment and shook her scrumptious head “no”. But dazzled by Wendy’s super friendly smile, finally took her hand and joined her on the dance floor.

Half the club stared at them. The men with titillation and voyeuristic lust; the women with envy. And maybe also with lust. And everyone with confusion about the nature of the dance – was Wendy dancing “too close” to Patty? And it didn’t hurt that Wendy was such an incredible dancer. But that wasn’t what made Patty’s heart beat so fast.

After the music stopped Wendy faced Patty and shot her a conspiratorial smile: “Can we please talk for a minute — in the one place where the men can’t follow us?”

In the ladies room Wendy looked in the mirror pretending to touch up her makeup while getting to know Patty. As they talked ever so easily, Patty also touched up her makeup. But Patty also felt … an unfamiliar feeling. Something she hadn’t ever felt for a woman before. Nothing she could bring herself to name. Overwhelmed by being so close to the insanely gorgeous Wendy, a trembling Patty increasingly became captivated by Wendy’s sparkling personality. How could anyone so beautiful also be so nice, so friendly, so worldly and intelligent? Patty felt a bit lightheaded as she decided she wanted to get to know this fascinating creature better. She turned to face Wendy, but found that she had to steady herself. What was this feeling? Strangely familiar, yet different. As they continued talking their voices became softer and the topics of their conversation became more intimate.

Gradually Wendy stepped closer to Patty. She rested her hand on Patty’s and looked her in the eyes. Now Patty really trembled, and then broke eye contact and looked down because she was afraid of what would happen if she continued to look at Wendy. But Wendy gently put her hand under Patty’s chin, lifted her head and…. kissed her. A small kiss, but enough to send a shock wave throughout Patty’s world. A kiss that made Patty shake in her designer boots, and then freeze as if a magic spell had been cast upon her.

Finally Patty unfroze, and sputtered to Wendy, “But I’m straight. I don’t want to…. I’ve never….” But she was looking at Wendy when she said this, and that was a mistake because Patty couldn’t resist Wendy’s unworldly beauty or charm. Patty didn’t – couldn’t – resist Wendy’s next kiss. Or the kiss after that. Which quickly became a tongue kiss. To tuzla escort which Patty murmured, “I shouldn’t”, but a second later eagerly returned. Which turned into an embrace and then into caresses over much of each others’ incredible body. Wendy was simply too hot for Patty – for anyone! – to resist.

They kissed tighter and tighter and pressed their bodies together, still standing up near the sink. Patty then leaned with her back against a wall and spread her legs as Wendy wedged her own legs in-between, still in the standing position.

There were four other woman in the rest room, and they all had watched the scene unfold, transfixed. Soon their hands were in their own panties because they were, perhaps against their will, so turned on by the sight of the sexiest woman they had ever seen kiss, caress, fondle, and wedge her body against that of another beautiful woman.

The four women watched as the two beauties’ embrace quickly become increasingly sexual. Wendy ignored them and moved her hands underneath Patty’s skirt. Patty’s eyes were closed so she also ignored the other women, and instead focused on the new sensations, moaning. Wendy’s fingers worked furiously inside Patty’s panties, which quickly became soaked. One by one, the staring women became overwhelmed at the sight and their jilling, the moans and finally their orgasms, collectively supercharged the sexuality of the ladies room. One by one the staring women came. But Patty was fighting her orgasm. Finally, however, she surrendered, with an earth shattering scream that silenced the others and notified everyone in the club at to what had happened.

“Straight? You’re not straight any more,” whispered Wendy with an even bigger smile. “And when we get back to my place I’ll prove it again to you, all night long. Like any woman who makes love with me, you’ll never want to be with a man again. I’ll also teach you how to bring unimaginable pleasure to another woman. One night with me and you’ll become an expert! And as for you four onlookers….”

All thoughts of Patty faded as Wendy’s mind started to clear. She stared at herself in the mirror of the ladies room of the diner where she was eating, alone, that Saturday evening. Gone was the sex goddess, back into the recesses of Wendy’s mind.

Instead Wendy saw her real face: plain, with acne as its only distinctive feature. 5’2″ with unkempt mousy brown hair. Wendy noted with displeasure that her breasts still only merited an A cup despite her having become 10 pounds overweight during the past year. She was wearing an old T shirt but a new pair of jeans because she had outgrown her old ones. Then Wendy’s mind became fully engaged when she heard an annoyed voice: “Hey, you in the ladies room, are you going to be in there all night?”

Wendy sighed and left. She exited the diner and resumed walking. It was only 8:00 pm and she didn’t want to return -alone, as usual- to her apartment. Soon she was window shopping, looking at the clothing for sale in the closed stores, especially a collection of clothing endorsed by famous athletes. She stopped to study some especially nice tennis shorts, and quickly realized that she couldn’t afford them. Or could she?

Wendy emerged from the shower, her mind still on the just-concluded tennis match. She had won the U.S. Open final, 6-0, 6-0. This was the first time the final had been so lopsided, and it made her the only rookie in history to have won tennis’ Grand Slam. Immediately after the awards ceremony she had retreated to the private locker room that had been thoughtfully provided by the tournament organizers to keep the paparazzi at bay. Wendy continued to review the match as she dried herself off, thinking of ways she could have played even better. Wendy was so focused she didn’t see the woman standing before her until she was only a few feet away.

Wendy was more puzzled than startled, and continued to dry herself off as she wondered how the woman could have gotten into the locker room. The intruder tried to ignore the fact that Wendy was naked and still wet, and launched into her prepared speech.

“I apologize for disturbing you so soon after the match. You were incredible. It was thrilling to watch you. I bribed the guards to let me in because I have a business opportunity for you that is so fantastic it simply couldn’t wait. My name is Jamie and I’m the President of Global Productions….”

Wendy continued to dry herself off and looked at the woman, who continued to talk. Wendy was now only a couple of feet away. Since Wendy was naked and unashamedly drying herself, Jamie had quite a view. Wendy was 6′ 1″ tall, an almost impossible combination of power and beauty. Jamie wondered how anyone who trained so much could have breasts and curves that were so spectacular! The tightness of every part of Wendy’s body was beyond description. The power in her arms, thighs, back, and shoulders were greater than Jamie had ever seen on a woman, yet göztepe escort so feminine. But despite Wendy’s toning and muscles – or perhaps because of them – her beauty, her grace, her sex appeal went way beyond any tennis player ever. She was simply in a different league even from such gorgeous woman as Maria Sharapova or Anna Kornakova. In fact, Wendy’s face, figure, legs — her everything — put any Hollywood sex symbol to shame. God help her, but as Jamie continued with her pitch she found herself thinking that Wendy’s body was the sexiest thing she had ever encountered in her life.

Wendy then interrupted her. “I have an agent. Let me give you her name…”

Jamie forced herself to ignore Wendy’s sex appeal and finished telling her why she had come. “Can I please have just 5 more minutes? Five minutes to tell you how we’d like to give you $100 million to endorse our clothing line for a year.”

Wendy paused. She’d had lots of endorsement offers, but $100 million for a year was a much higher figure than she’d ever heard before. And it was unusual to receive the pitch from the company President. They must really be serious.

Jamie continued. It was standard stuff that Wendy had heard before, but never with $100 million attached to it. The terms were fine, and Wendy knew and liked the clothing line. Wendy said that the offer sounded fine, and she would tell her agent to work out the details.

Then Jamie said there was just one more thing they had to discuss. The rumors that the rookie was gay.

Wendy’s tone grew cold. “Yes. I’m gay. I’ve never denied it. Never advertised it either, however. Because I regard it as a private matter, as nobody’s business. Since I’m a rookie on the tour the paparazzi are still trying to figure it out. But this last year I’ve just focused on my tennis. Why do you bring this up?”

“Because….” Jamie fumbled. She caught herself – only 5′ 4″, she had been looking straight ahead while they talked. She’d been staring at Wendy’s magnificent breasts. Like guys often do when they talk with a woman. But Jamie wasn’t a guy – she was a straight woman. Nevertheless, Wendy’s breasts, her nipples – my God! – were unlike anything Jamie had ever seen.

“I’m up here,” Wendy said with a laugh, drawing Jamie’s attention towards her eyes.

Jamie looked into Wendy’s eyes and stammered, “One … of the conditions you’ll …have to agree to is … to stay in the closet for the life of the contract. Keep your sexuality ambiguous for a year and we’ll give you the $100 million.”

“Don’t you like gays?” Wendy asked as she stepped forward, her breasts now quite close to Jamie’s mouth.

Jamie started to tremble. She had never before thought about another woman this way. But Wendy was perfection personified, radiating sex appeal in a way unlike anything Jamie had ever contemplated. “Me? Well, I’m straight, 100% straight, but I’ve got nothing against gays….” Then Jamie added, “Did I mention that right now I’m dating a guy? In fact, a couple of guys…. Even though I don’t care, as you know some people… think being gay is a sin, immoral… and that a lesbian wouldn’t be a good role model for young women if….”

“If they find out?

Jamie’s gaze had inadvertently returned to Wendy’s breasts, so Wendy repeated, “I’m still up here”, but this time in a commanding whisper.

After they locked eyes Wendy spoke: “What’s your fear – that girls will want to copy me and become gay? That if girls know I’m a lesbian they’ll be so turned on by my body they’ll become gay? Tell me, Jamie, do you think its a sin for a girl to make love with another girl? Do you think straight women could be turned on by my body? And if that happened, would that be so bad?”

Then Wendy stepped the last step forward and, with catlike reflexes, pressed Jamie’s mouth against one of her breasts. Caught off guard, Jamie froze, and then tried to resist, but only for a second. Soon she was sucking Wendy’s breast like a sailor (a heterosexual male sailor) who had been at sea for a year. While she sucked and licked, Wendy gently lowered Jamie onto a bench and reached her hand under Jamie’s skirt and into her panties. While Jamie sucked Wendy’s breast, Wendy held her on the bench with one arm and rubbed Jamie’s clit with her other hand. Jamie came surprisingly quickly, with a scream that would have been tremendous if it hadn’t been partly muffled by Wendy’s huge breast.

Wendy’s face sported a look of satisfaction as she gently removed Jamie’s head from her breast and locked eyes with her. Jamie was in a state of shock. She had never come so quickly or so powerfully, and never been so satisfied after an orgasm. Wendy’s voice now was a combination of soothing and instruction: “I just wanted to prove to you that there’s nothing wrong with sex between girls. And, as far as your offer goes, I’ll take it, but only if I can be true to myself. I care more about honesty than money. In fact, I think üsküdar escort I’d enjoy being a role model for young women. But only if I can be a gay role model.”

Jamie was now partially recovered from her orgasm and nodded her head. “You’ve got a deal. But Wendy, please, will you please make love to me now? In every way. That was by far the best sexual experience I’ve ever had, nothing else has even been close, and I want to experience it all……”

The drink landed on Wendy’s T shirt. “‘I’m really sorry – I didn’t see you standing there. I was talking with my friends and I don’t think you were looking where you were going. I’m so sorry….” The images of the locker room faded as Wendy looked down at the wet spot on her T shirt. Wendy mumbled to the passerby on the street that it was OK as the last vestiges of glory from her tennis victory and sexual conquest vanished from her thoughts.

Wendy continued her walk until she came to a bridal store. She stopped and stared because she’d long had a weakness for bridal dresses, and loved looking at them even though it tortured her so much because she doubted she’d ever wear one. A hopeless romantic, she loved weddings and all their trappings more than anything.

Wendy then spoke in a calm but firm voice: “I’m not going to make love to you right before you get married, Kathy!”

“But Wendy, Bill convinced me we each should be able to experiment one last time before we get married, and I stupidly agreed. He’s at a bachelor’s party. I overheard his Best Man making the arrangements, and Bill’s going to fuck the stripper! That pig! If he can do one last wild and crazy thing, so can I.”

“So this is some kind of payback because of what he’s going to do? You don’t want to do that. Just marry Bill.”

“Bill figures either I’ll chicken out and do nothing, which will mean I’ll be his doormat after we’re married, or that I’ll fuck another guy, which lets him off the hook for fucking the stripper. But I don’t want to do what he expects. I decided to do something even wilder than he’s doing! So I decided … to fuck a woman! And that woman can only be one woman – my very best friend – you! Why won’t you make love to me? You’re a lesbian and you’re not dating anyone right now. You’re no prude – you’ve had lots of lovers. Don’t you find me attractive?”

“Of course I find you attractive. Extremely attractive. But you don’t want me to do this. Because …. well, frankly, because every “straight” woman I’ve ever been with has decided – realized – after she’s been with me, that she likes girls better than guys.”

“Wendy – I’m not “every woman”. I just want to do something different before I get married. Something wild and crazy. Something I’ve never done before and will never do again. Earlier you asked what I wanted for a wedding gift. Well, this is what I want. You. In my bed. The same bed that Bill makes love to me in.”

Wendy paused, trying to choose her words carefully. “But if we make love, you’ll want to do it with me again. And again. And you’ll never want to do it with again with a man. I guarantee it. You’ll discover the incredible pleasure, the unbelievable ecstasy, from the ultimate sex act – between two women. And this will change you – and change the rest of your life. You’ll realize that lesbian sex is the best possible sex and you’ll never want to do it with a man again. If you do go through with the wedding and marry Bill, you’ll soon divorce him. Because you won’t he satisfied just having sex with a man. You won’t even be bisexual. You’ll become a lesbian.”

“From one time? That sounds hard to believe. Are you really that good, Wendy? Right now you’re sounding really egotistical.”

“I’m just being honest. To begin with, yes, I am that good. No man could possibly compete with me at lovemaking. But there also are other reasons, all having to do with me being a girl. First, I think that all girls are, by nature, at least bisexual, if not lesbian. Every “straight” woman I’ve ever been with – and I’ve had quite a few lovers – has told me that it was infinitely better than it had ever been with a guy, and none ever wanted a man again. But I don’t think that its just that I’m a great lover. Its also that, even though some women are as bad in bed as men, women can be much better lovers, because we are much more patient, romantic, sensitive to our partners needs. And there are so many physical reasons why we’re so much better suited to making love with another woman, and also so many emotional reasons why…. I could go on and on….”

“If what you’re saying is true, maybe I’ll marry you instead!

“Kathy! This isn’t a joking matter!” But even as she protested, Wendy thought to herself how making love with Kathy, and ultimately marrying her, had long been her secret dream. A desire she had painfully suppressed because Kathy had been straight and dating Bill when they met.

“All I’m saying, Wendy, is that I want to make love with you, my very best friend ever, my confidante, the one who has been there for me countless times. In fact… you and Bill are the same height and he’s got a slight build. You could wear his tuxedo. I’ll bet it’d look great on you.

“Bill’s tux? But….”

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