The Ride Home


I can’t begin to fathom how I ended up in my current state on the side of the road. My name is Taylor and I find myself naked with heels as my only article of clothing. Only about an hour ago I was completely clothed and not soaked from the rain. This evening was supposed to end with me being safe at home, preferably in the bath and drinking some red wine or in a comfy sleep shirt under a blanket and binge-watching a show.

One hour prior, I was having a later lunch with some of my old college roommates. The conversation was pretty boring and the topics were fairly tame. It suddenly shifted to me and they were quick to point out how I hadn’t changed at all and looked the same as our college years. One of the girls pointed out that my only major change was with my boobs. We all burst into laughter at her comment. She was right since I had gone from smallest chest to second biggest amongst my roommates. They had grown from tiny A cup to a full C cup since I last saw them on graduation day.

They asked what I did to stay trim and in shape all these years, which I explained my vigorous, workout routines. They pointed out the fine details of my 34-24-36 figure. My little tube top dress clearly accentuating my best parts. It only came to mid-thigh and the tube top allowed my cleavage to be on full display. The lunch went on without any other interesting topics and eventually ended just as quickly as it started. Instead of taking me home, they decided to keep the night going. Unfortunately, I told them I had an early day the next morning and needed to avoid being caught out until the early hours of tomorrow. They tried to convince me otherwise but I declined the offer. We said our goodbyes, shared some hugs and agreed to do this again.

I had noticed some storm clouds starting to roll in when I waved down my ride home. The rain began to trickle down and shortly afterwards it turned into a torrential downpour. The weather was supposed to be sunny, but fall tended to be pretty unpredictable. I was about halfway home when I realized I had no way to pay for the ride. I had forgotten my friends had picked me up for lunch and bought lunch for me so I left my wallet at home. My plans to avoid a crazy night in the town were quickly backfiring and now I had no money to pay for the ride home. Out of courtesy, I let the driver know that I did not have any way to pay him until we got to my house.

However, the only thing my driver heard was I had no money. We went back and forth until the driver went off like a loose cannon. He suddenly stopped the car, pulled over to side and demanded I get out. I told him I wasn’t getting out of the car since it was pouring rain and I was going to pay him when he dropped me off. The man continued to accuse me of being a thief and told me that he wouldn’t let some pretty girl think she could just get a free ride home.

As he was demanding me to get out, I continued to reaffirm that I would pay him when he got me home. At this point, the driver felt like I was ignoring his demands so he got out of the car and attempted to drag me out. He opened up my door and grabbed my arm. I quickly broke away from his grasp and attempted to scoot further into the car, but he grabbed ahold of my dress. I could hear the material starting to tear and caused my butt cheeks to be flashed. I felt myself get flushed and begged him to stop before he ripped off my dress. The man screamed at me to get out of the car and continued to pull on my dress. I quickly listened and stepped out of the vehicle.

I stepped into the pouring rain and the man slammed the door behind me. I realized my phone had fallen out as I was preoccupied with not having my dress stripped off. I asked if I could just get my phone from the back seat, which his answer to my question was calling me a lying bitch. I pleaded one last time that he just needed to wait until he got me back home and then I could pay. He flipped me off and quickly got into the driver side, locking the doors behind him.

I tried to step back from the car, but my dress had gotten stuck in the door as he started to drive away. I tried to knock on the window to get his attention, but this man was clearly done with any conversation bağdatcaddesi escort and put his blinker on. I tried pulling the dress out, but the rain made the material of the dress stretchy. As a last resort, I grabbed the bottom of my dress and slid it quickly over my head. I began to regret my choice of wearing no underwear, but panty lines were my biggest regret earlier that day. However, I would rather be naked and unharmed besides being dragged down the road by the crazed driver.

I quickly pull off my dress up to uncover my freshly shaved pussy and then allowing my breasts to fall free. The shock of the dress being pulled over my head made me feel the full force of being stripped naked. The driver pulled away with my dress flailing from the car door and leaving me naked on the side of the road besides my heels.

I stand in the rain for a second contemplating being naked with no phone on the side of the road. The cold begins to hit my naked body. I feel my nipples harden from the cold and feel the rush of my hormones. The biggest surprise was how horny I was after being stripped naked unintentionally in public. I place my hand over my mound to see my pussy is oozing. I had been naked in a tanning booth or naked in my backyard, but this was my first time naked in public.

My other hand had found its way to my breast and was playing with my nipple. The hand on my mound was now exploring my clit and in between my folds. I couldn’t believe I was masturbating on the side of the road with nothing but heels. I closed my eyes, letting the rain drops hit me like hundreds of little kisses on my naked body and letting my hands continue exploring my body. I felt moans escaping from my mouth, which only increased the pace of my hands and bringing me closer to my first ever public orgasm.

I was brought back to reality by the sounds of a car pulling off the road beside me. I quickly covered my hands over my body and saw the tinted window roll down. My concerned savior kindly asked if I needed some assistance. I was rewarded to the most beautiful woman through the open window and scooted closer to her . She had sexy shoulder length brunette hair with powerful brown eyes. Her lips were full and very plump. Her attire was that of a business woman: jacket, blouse and skirt. I took note of how toned her legs were, which indicated that she indeed worked out. The top buttons of her blouse allowed me to see some cleavage and guess that she herself was a C cup like me.

She appeared to be shocked at first by my state of undress and asked me why I was naked in the rain. I explained my unbelievable story and ended with her giggling about how I ended up being stripped naked out of my clothes unintentionally. I was leaning into her car during my explanation and she was clearly enamored by my naked breasts rather than maintaining eye contact. She would also occasionally look into the side mirror to get a look at my plump ass. The growing flush on her face and chest were indicators that my nudity was turning my savior on.

I kindly asked if maybe I could get a ride to my house, which was only a couple miles down the road. I knew it was impossible to resist the request of a naked, soaked damsel in distress. She happily complied and offered me a towel to dry myself off with. She reached into her back seat allowing a better angle of her ample cleavage. I was also given a peek up her skirt to see a bare slit.

She must have noticed that she had given me a show of her own and quickly readjusted herself. She handed me the towel through the window and I thanked her. I turned around and began to remove my heels. This allowed her to have the perfect view of my toned booty checks, booty hole and my shaved labium. I slowly took off my heels letting her get an eyeful of my most intimate areas. I finally got out of my shoes and opened the door.

I placed my shoes on the ground and took a seat on the towel. I noticed that she was beet red and had her eyes glued to my naked body. I thanked her for saving me by giving her a kiss on the cheek. This brought her out of her trance and she let me know she was happy to help. I let her know that she was very beautiful and beykoz escort how I personally found her attractive. She blushed at my comment because I must have been the first girl ever to explicitly show sexual interest. I could easily tell she was interested as well due to her inability to being unable to stop looking at every inch of my naked body.

I decided to give her a reward and ran my hands to brush off the water droplets. This instantly made my nipples harden and my onlooker immediately took notice. I ran my hands down my firm stomach and down my legs. I grabbed the towel and began to dry off my chest. I grabbed each breast tenderly and letting out little moans. I made sure to maintain eye contact with her to let her know to not stop watching. I continued by drying off my stomach and leading down to my thighs.

I placed my feet on the dash and spread my legs as far as I could to allow my labium to spread and show off my moist flower. I rubbed down each leg, hearing the moans under her breath. I look to see my driver was reaching between her legs to quell her moistening pussy. I grabbed the towel and asked if she could help me dry off.

She took the towel from my hand and proceeded to dry off my back. I turned my back towards to her and put my knees on the chair. She rubbed my shoulder and upper back with the most gentle touch. I let out moans of approval and encouraged her to go further down. She stopped right at the middle of my back and I encouraged her to go further. She made one final stop at my hips and I told her that my body was all hers.

Her hands cupped my firm booty cheeks so gently and her hands were glued to me. I giggled and asked if maybe she should continue drying off the rest of me. I must have broke her trance again because it caused her to blush even harder. We both giggled and I adjusted myself again in the chair. I raised by butt in the air towards her, which allowed her a front row seat of my booty hole and labium. I felt her eyes soaking in my most intimate areas and asked her if she would like to continue drying me off.

Her hands started down my thighs, down my calfs and finally at my feet. She started massaging them and caused me to ooze more. She must have took notice the my increased moisture between my legs and began to rub the towel down there. I let out much louder moans as my labium had been screaming for attention. She petted and patted my lips with such gentleness, but the pressure on top of my clit caused me to

moan at her touch. She stopped drying me off and I quickly sat up in the chair, now facing towards her and craving more.

I asked if she could help dry me off the front because my breasts were still quite damp. She cupped each breast with a gentle grasp and occasionally pulled on one of my nipple ever so gently. I let out a satisfactory moan to let her know I approved. I reach a hand down between her legs to test how turned on she was. She moaned and turned bright red after my touch. She attempted to close up her legs but she could not fight her bodies desire to be touched.

I decided to give her the reward her for her kindness. I put my butt and my soaked vagina a few inches from her face. She hesitated at first but after some kind begging and urging she began lapping away at my wet mound. I began to moan very loud from laps of her tongue against my inner walls. My sexy moans cause her to dig her tongue deeper into my wet vulva. I press my face against the window and feel my breath fogging up the glass. I hear my wetness through the lapping of her tongue and shriek when i feel her lick my booty hole.

She inserts two fingers into my labium and her fingers were immediately soaked. She continues licking my booty hole and continues fingering my soaked mound. I let out a loud, surprised squeal and begin to grind into her fingers. I feel my eyes roll into the back of my head and grind faster on her fingers until i convulse in my orgasm. I stay there with my butt in the air while recovering from my explosive orgasm. I glance over to see her back on the chair and her fingers probing her exposed labium.

I mount her and begin to kiss her passionately. I feel my damp, naked body stick caddebostan escort to her clothes. My tongue explores every inch of her mouth and she wrestles with my own tongue. I break off our kiss and motion her to go into her back seat. She goes head first and flashes her booty hole and labium right in my face. I take the opportunity to lick her damp lips and feel her fall into her back seat. I stop licking to her disapproval and give her booty a nice smack to indicate for hurry on back. She lays down on her back and I continue where I left off with her moist labium. I place my own wet labium in her face and she returns the favor.

I begin to lick away at her pussy by licking her clit and sucking on her labium. Her moans explode out of her and she licks my pussy as best as she can through her ecstasy. Our moans resonate off each other as each touch of the other only increases the passion of the sex. She begins to cum first as I pinch her very tender clit and she lays back in her drunken orgasm.

I remove my pussy from her face and to her disappointment of getting me to cum next. However, I place my mound on top of hers and begin to grind against hers. We both begin to moan louder than before as our wet pussies make cute, sexy squishes off each other. My lovely heroine’s moans turned into erotic squeaks since she had never experienced this type of pleasure before. I place my fingers upon her love button, which sends her body into spasms. She returns the favor by touching my own clit and caused me to grind against her pussy with more intensity.

Admittedly, I got very into it since being in a public setting of a car and anyone driving could see two girls in the back seat, facing one another. Our pussies continued to squish and felt our moans coalesce with one another. I could feel my orgasm getting close so I knew she must be feeling the same. I ramped up the grinding of my pussy as hard as I could on her pussy and felt our clits smacking together. Our orgasms exploded into one another as I collapsed on top of her.

We both embraced one another and shared a passionate kiss. She told how this sexy romp really decompressed her from all her work stress and was very appreciative. I told her that I was the one who should be thanking her since she picked me up in my naked state and offered me shelter from the rain. We both agreed that we were grateful for the other person’s company. I joked about being the sexiest hitchhiker ever since I only had shoes to keep me from being completely naked. She winked and said she would have picked up every time.

We both made our way back to the front with my ass being slapped as I went first. I also made sure to stop abruptly and smack my pussy into her face as retribution for slapping my exposed ass. We both got a good laugh and returned to our seats. She asked me where I was needing to go and I told her my home address. I told her I would pay her back when I got home. She laughed and told me that my money was no good. Instead, she rubbed my vulva and said this would more than suffice.

She happily drove me the fifteen minutes to my home and I kissed her lips as a thank-you for getting me to my destination. I stepped out of the car and put my shoes back on. I bent over for one last view of my exposed labium and booty hole. She took to reach over, slap my ass, and grab a butt cheek firmly. I finish putting on my shoes and head over to the driver side window. I lean in and give her one more sensual kiss, letting anyone get a view of my glory hole and puffy lips from behind.

I asked her name, which she told me that if we met again she would give me her name. I told her I would stand naked on the street until we met again. She giggled and happily took me up on my offer. She joked that maybe she would be naked too the next time we met. This immediately caused me to ooze since I was not able to get a good look at her naked body. I tried to imagine what she wold look like without her sexy power suit.

She brought me back to reality by telling me that I should probably get inside since I was getting wet again. Unfortunately, we said our goodbyes, but we knew would find each other again easily. We agreed that we would have to go back to her house next time. Just like that her car pulled away and I was left in the alone, naked in the rain. I wasn’t cold this time since I was still hot from the erotic public sex. I approached my door smiling from ear to ear, remembering I would still need to get a new cell phone.

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