The Regional Directors’ Meeting Ch. 01


Debby and I go back to sophomore year of college. At least I was a sophomore. She was a senior, but we were the same age because I had bummed around for a couple of years after high school.

I saw her across the room at my favorite hangout. She was hard to miss because she was standing with her roommate, Stacy. You can’t overlook two pretty redheads together, especially when one of them is nearly six feet tall.

Debby looked short beside Stacy, but she was really average-sized at about 5-feet-5. And her hair was a bright copper compared with Stacy’s darker, Irish setter red.

I made a beeline for the pair, introduced myself and began talking. Okay, I was hustling. And before I could decide whether to focus on Stacy or Debby, a guy walked up and slipped his arm around Stacy’s waist and started talking with her like a close friend.

No problem. I focused on Debby, and she was worth the effort. Bubbly and brilliant is how I describe her, not to mention sexy. She was a competitive swimmer with all the good things that means in the way of sleek, toned perfection. We saw each other often for six months, handicapped by the fact that she attended school 90 miles away and neither of us had a car.

The distance affected our relationship for the worse, as well as her resistance to sex beyond a certain limit. The daughter of an Army officer and a classic southern belle, Debby was still a virgin at 20 and determined to remain one until her wedding night.

Fearful of losing control, Debby wouldn’t let me put my hand inside her pants. Nor would she touch my bare dick. She explained her reasons and I had to accept her beliefs, but I found it intensely frustrating. We enjoyed making out and I spent a lot of time exploring her small, firm breasts with my hands and mouth. But that was all.

Debby and I made a great pair, but I started fooling around with girls who were closer to home and more willing. Eventually we broke up. But we remained friends even after she graduated and moved away. I could count on her for birthday and Christmas cards, and an occasional phone call.

Then when I was a senior Debby stopped to see me while driving cross-country. She called from the road, so I canceled my plans for the evening and waited at my apartment. Boy did I get a pleasant surprise!

Debby more than returned my welcoming hug, then initiated a deep kiss that went on and on. My pulse — and my dick — were throbbing. Next I felt her hand stroking my erection through my jeans.

“Hey, what’s going on!” I laughed, breaking the kiss.

“I have a big surprise for you,” she grinned, leading me towards the bedroom.

Once there she opened my jeans and pulled out my dick! Debby stared down at it for a moment, stroking me lightly. Then she looked intently in my eyes.

“I’m not a virgin anymore,” she said, “and once I crossed that line I started to wonder what I missed with you. So … do you still want me?”

My answer was to take her in my arms and resume our passionate kiss. She still had a lot to learn, but giving up her virginity seemed to release all of Debby’s inhibitions. We fucked into the wee hours, eagerly trying new tricks and positions while I introduced her to the concept of multiple orgasms.

Hunger and thirst drove us to the kitchen at 3 a.m., then we fell asleep spooning naked. I awoke to find I had missed my first class, but I didn’t mind as Kartal Escort Debby pulled my face down to her chest.

“You used to drive me wild sucking my nipples,” she whispered. “Do it again!”

We were both tired and sore, so we made love gently and slept for most of the morning before getting up for lunch and a much-needed shower.

That was the beginning of me and Debby as friends with benefits. We never lived in the same city, as her career took her to New York and mine took me to four different places around the country. But whenever our paths crossed, and she didn’t have a boyfriend, we jumped eagerly back into each other’s arms. Emotionally, we had a special comfort and trust with each other that led to long, intimate talks as we lay entangled after sex.

If Debby happened to be dating someone, she would let me know, and the sexual part of our friendship would be suspended. I was her “between boyfriends” boyfriend. She once bought me a plane ticket to NYC so I could escort her to her company’s Christmas party, and fuck her breathless afterwards.

All that ended when both of us married within a year of each other. Unfortunately, her marriage ended in divorce after two years and mine was faltering after three. I won’t get into my marital problems other than to say that it took me a long time to admit that I married the wrong girl, and even longer to correct my mistake.

Meanwhile, Debby and I hadn’t seen each other in five years and had talked by phone only a couple of times. So I was delighted one night when my phone rang at work and she was on the line. It was a pleasure to talk freely with a woman after the cautious way I had to talk with my wife.

And after few minutes Debby revealed that she was not in New York, but at a hotel only a couple of miles away!

“Once a month, the CEO and the Regional Directors fly to your fair city for a face-to-face meeting,” she said. “And the CEO always brings a few staff to shuffle documents and handle details.

“Since that’s my department, I thought I should come along this month to see how things work — and to look up old friends,” she said. “So whadaya say? How about a drink with an old friend?”

I couldn’t wait. But I had to wrap up a few things before I turned off my computer and left work at 10 p.m. I knew my wife would be sound asleep by now, and she never stirred when I got in bed, whether it was 11 p.m. or 2 a.m.

I met Debby in the hotel bar, where she had my favorite drink already waiting beside hers. We hugged tightly and exchanged a light kiss before settling down to some serious catching-up. An hour later we had just scratched the surface, but the bartender was yawning so it seemed natural to move our reunion to Debby’s room.

Once there she retired to the bathroom to change out of her professional clothes. When she came out, I laughed aloud.

“You THIEF!” I growled. “You stole that t-shirt from me when we were dating! You’ve got a lot of nerve!”

We shared a laugh and went back to reminiscing, although Debby was now in raggedy cut-offs and my old t-shirt that had been laundered so many times it was practically transparent. I was interested to see that she wore no bra.

After another hour we had dissected our failed marriages in detail and were beginning to run low on energy. I yawned, and hinted it was time for me to go.

“Remember how we Pendik Escort used to talk all night,” Debby grinned.

“Actually I don’t think we ever TALKED all night,” I retorted. “At least not without something else first.”

We stood and I was following her towards the door when she stopped suddenly and turned to me.

“You know, I’ve always felt guilty about stealing this t-shirt. But I never had a chance to give it back,” Debby said.

I was searching for a glib answer when she suddenly pulled the t-shirt over her head and held it out to me. I was stunned speechless. Her small, white breasts looked exactly as I remembered them, her pale, pink nipples sticking out stiffly. She had carefully avoided the sun most of her life, but she still had a sprinkling of tiny freckles across her nose, her shoulders and the tops of her breasts. I took the t-shirt and tossed it on the bed, then stepped close to her.

“Maybe I should take those cut-offs, too,” I muttered huskily. “I seem to remember having a pair just like them.”

“If that’s the way you’re going to be,” Debby said, her bright blue eyes gazing up into mine. She popped the top two buttons and the cut-offs dropped to the floor, revealing a tiny pair of green panties.

“I suppose you’re going to claim these panties are yours too?” she grinned, hooking a thumb into the waistband.

“I don’t remember them, but maybe you’d better take them off to be sure,” I said. Her panties soon joined her cut-offs at her feet. Her coppery red pubes were in their bushy, winter stage. I started to put my arms around her, but she stopped me with a hand planted on my chest.

“I think you have something that belongs to me,” she said quietly.

“If there’s something that’s yours, you should take it,” I said, my breathing quick and shallow. She slowly unbuttoned and opened my shirt.

“This belongs to me,” she said, running a thumb across one of my nipples. “I’d recognize it anywhere. And this one, too,” she said, closing her lips around it.

Oh, man. It had been a long time since anybody had sucked my nipples. In fact, it was Debby who discovered she could turn me on by playing with my nipples, late one night on a Virginia beach. My hands stroked her hair while hers were busy unfastening my belt and lowering my pants.

“This little piggy is mine, too,” she whispered, taking her mouth off my nipple to look down at her hands stroking my dick.

“Ahhh,” I groaned. “What makes you think so?”

“It’s mine all right,” she said, smiling up at me. “I’ve had it inside me dozens of times. And every time I see it, it keeps trying to get back inside me!”

She helped me out of my clothes, led me to the bed and had me sit cross-legged in the middle. When she stepped up on the bed, I remembered her favorite position. Sure enough, her feet were soon next to my hips and her bush temptingly close to my mouth.

Debby let me satisfy my oral fetish for a minute, standing with her legs spread and her hips tilted so my tongue-tip could burrow into her bush and trace her pussy lips. I pushed my tongue between them to discover her growing wetness. But she gasped and stopped me before I could do more than brush her clit briefly.

“You can do that later,” she said firmly. “You KNOW what I want now!”

Of course I did. We knew each other so well. She squatted down slowly, reaching between Göztepe Escort us to guide my dick between her pussy lips. She hesitated when my shaft entered her and met tightness. Then she slowly lowered herself — gasping at each inch — on the full length of my dick.

“AaaaaaAAAAAH!” she cried, her eyes closed and her head thrown back. Her nails digging into my shoulders. “Oh SHIT that’s good!”

Debby was sitting on my lap with my dick inside her, her knees on either side of me. She grinned as she put her hands on my shoulders and pushed my upper body away until I was leaning back slightly. Then she began rocking her hips, slowly back and forth, using her weight and motion to rub the mouth of her pussy against the base of my dick.

“Fuck!” she gasped. “That’s it!” and I knew her clit was positioned perfectly for maximum friction. Her back and forth motion slowed and I knew she was trying to prolong the sensations rocketing through her body. I crossed my legs to support her ass and give her something to push off of, and I tilted my hips at the exact angle she liked.

Her mouth was open now, twisted with effort and gasping for air.

“Ohmygod!” she groaned. “Uuunnh, unh, unh!”

Try as she might, Debby never lasted long when she started riding me like that. Her normally pale skin was already flushed a delicate pink and a squelching sound could be heard each time she forced her hips down and forward. My pubes and balls were getting drenched with her juices.

Her mouth and eyes were closed as she leaned forward and began to speed her rocking motion. She was losing control … feeling my dick seesaw back and forth inside her.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!” she cried, doubling the rocking of her hips, and I knew her climax would come in seconds.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! AH! AH! AH! AHH! AAAAHHHH!” Her cries ran together until her mouth was uttering a continuous deep groan, almost a roar, as her climax overwhelmed her.

Now I was thrusting my hips up to send my dick even deeper into her belly, and the added sensation destroyed any remnant of control.

“WAAAAAHHHH!” she wailed, then sucked in more air.

Debby cried out continuously and bucked convulsively, throwing her head back and forth with her hips, her fingers digging painfully into my biceps as she rode her climax like a huge wave. As always I was thrilled by the power and beauty of her orgasm.

When she finally collapsed forward onto my chest I laid back and held her sweaty, trembling body against me, stroking her back and flanks and whispering wordless, comforting sounds. We laid together a long time.

Finally she sighed.

“How do you do that?” she whispered.

“How do *I* do what?” I said, smiling. “*I* didn’t do a thing!”

“Not true,” she said quietly, resting her chin on my chest and looking searchingly into my eyes. “Somehow just touching you turns me into a sex-hungry slut.”

“Maybe you know me so well that you don’t have to hold anything back, or be afraid of what I’ll think,” I ventured.

“Mmm,” she sighed. “That sounds right,” then after a brief silence, “But I don’t want to talk about it too much. That might ruin it.”

“Whatever you say Miss Philosophy Major. Now do I get to eat the most beautiful pussy on the planet?”

“Only if I get to suck my favorite dick!” she giggled, and we spent another hour bringing her to several more orgasms and me to a rare second, until I reluctantly dressed and left her with one last kiss.

As I drove home I could still smell and taste Debby on my lips and hands. And it was then I realized my marriage was essentially over, because I felt no guilt, only a mellow exhilaration.

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