The Red Shoes Ch. 04


Kath had made a purchase in the city – from her bag she produced a leather dog collar and leash. She retook her seat and indicated I was to kneel before her. I watched intently as her long brown fingers unfastened the buckle and I could not resist leaning forward to kiss her hands and smell her skin.

I no longer knew what to expect from her, and half expected to receive some retribution for this act of love, but she allowed me to continue for perhaps thirty seconds.

‘Chris, enough!’ She pulled her hands away from me and looked deeply into my eyes. For a moment it felt like it had before – before we had bought the pair of red shoes that seemed to have led us here.

‘Kath, I’m not sure this is what I want. I love you.’ I said to her my voice cracking, but remaining on my knees in total supplication.

She gently stroked the side of my face and smiled sweetly. The smell from the lotion covering her smooth tan body was overpowering suddenly and her brown eyes were drowning me. I could feel my heart race and my head becoming dizzy. Again her right foot moved between my spread legs and I felt the toe of her shoe gently move up to tap my asshole and scrotum.

‘I know you love me. That is why you are on your knees. I want to own you, possess you, to use you. I want you to obey me, and I want to be in control. Do you understand?’ I nodded but looked away as I did so. Kath snapped my head up so her eyes locked onto mine. ‘I said, do you understand?’ ‘Yes’ I replied. ‘Yes, what?’

I panicked for a moment, not wanting to displease her. The smile had gone and now she was deadly serious. ‘Yes…Ma’am.’

Kath smiled. ‘Good boy.’ She placed the dog collar around my neck and fastened the buckle, and then clipped the leash onto the metal ring at my throat. Standing she gently tugged the leash so that I followed on all fours until we were before the full-length mirror.

I knelt beside her looking up the length of her brown body like the obedient dog I had become. I could see her admiring herself in the mirror. Her right had gripped the leash while her left stroked her belly and beautiful small tits.

‘Look in the mirror’ she commanded. When I did I saw that everything made sense. The collar seemed to fit me perfectly, and the tension from my neck up to her fist was enough to make my rock hard cock leak pre-cum again. My strong young body kneeling, open and vulnerable beside those long strong tan legs. Any protest seemed Escort bayan useless against the evidence of my desire to be in this position. To be Kath’s slave. I loved her and would do anything at all to please her.

When the doorbell rang I jumped making Kath release a wicked laugh.

‘Nervous?’ she asked. I nodded shyly. ‘Go and answer the door and bring him to me – do it slowly.’ Kath unleashed me and reached for the summer dress hanging over the chair.

I went to the hallway and took a deep breath before opening the door. I caught sight of myself in the hallway mirror, completely naked except for the leather collar. For an instant I wanted out of this. I was trapped between Kath on one side and god-knows-who on the other side of the door. I imagined how my friends and family would react to see me like this, but realized that I was now in a position I really didn’t know how to get out of, and also deep down didn’t want to get out of.

I noticed my hand shaking slightly as I unlatched the front door and swung it open to allow Kath’s visitor to enter.

He was tall and well-built with the gym glow from healthy living and being in the sun. He laughed when he saw me. ‘My god, Kath wasn’t kidding!’ He walked into the hallway running his eyes up and down my body and seeming to evaluate my cock. ‘Kath tells me you like sucking cock’ he smiled.

‘Yes, sir.’

His face became serious and he hooked a finger under my collar pulling my face up to his. ‘Sir. I like that’ he said.

I felt his left hand move between my legs and cup my balls. I groaned and closed my eyes. I then felt his fingers tighten around my scrotum and cock and I looked up at him pleading silently that he wouldn’t hurt me.

‘Where is she?’

‘This way sir.’ He released me so I could lead him to Kath and I’s bedroom. I pushed the door and let him enter. I followed meekly behind and immediately knelt at a distance. Kath was standing with her back to us wearing the summer dress I had bought her on a recent shopping trip. I watched as her trainer walked across the room and stood behind her, cupping her breasts from behind and kissing her neck.

Kath turned to face him and they kissed passionately, his hands feeling her body under her dress and squeezing her naked buttocks. It was obvious to me that their passion had been building for some time before this and they were allowing themselves to release their sheer desire for Bayan escort one another. I could hear Kath moan as she allowed his tongue deep into her mouth and she greedily responded with her own. Their bodies ground together in an exhibition of pure lust, and despite my shame my cock became hard watching.

He pulled Kath’s dress over head in one easy movement immediately falling hungrily upon her erect nipples as she battled to unfasten his jeans.

She then pulled his t-shirt over his head so they were both naked in front of each other and could fully enjoy the delights of each other’s gym-worked bodies. After another snatched passionate kiss they entangled in a clumsy hungry 69 position on the floor seemingly devouring each other’s genitals. I could see Kath’s mouth open wide and tongue extending to take in his massive purple-headed cock and lap at his smooth balls, while he explored the depths of her pussy and her asshole with his own tongue.

After perhaps five minutes of feasting on one another Kath pushed her lover away gently and guided him into our armchair where he sat back with his legs open wide. He could not take his eyes from her and his erect dribbling cock showed how excited she made him.

Kath smiled at him and gently bent forward to kiss him deeply on the mouth before giving his cock a long luxuriant lick from the balls to the tip.

She walked slowly over to the bed where my leash was lying and picked it up. After clipping it again on my collar she pulled me on all fours across the room towards the space between her lover’s splayed legs. She sat on the arm of the chair and put her arm around his broad shoulders allowing him access to lick and suck at her tits. Her other hand pulled me closer and closer to his huge balls and cock. When just a few inches away she hooked her high-heeled shoe around the back of my head and pulled my face between his legs where I began to work my mouth and tongue over his delicious balls and cock.

I attempted to deep throat and felt his encouraging hand push down on the back of my head. Through watering eyes I watched as he and Kath were again locked together mouth to mouth sharing a loving, passionate kiss; eyes closed and both moaning.

Kath’s hand was now also on the back of my head and providing a more regular rhythm to my sucking and amateurish attempts to deep-throat this beautiful cock. They both looked at me, their hands now slowly stroking each Escort other’s bodies. I looked back at them, faced stuffed with cock and felt honoured to be doing a good job for them.

With her hand on my forehead Kath pushed me back and swung her legs over her lover’s expectant cock, presenting me with her spread asshole and pussy. I obediently lapped at them both before she lowered her dripping hole onto the head of his cock and allowed herself to sink up to its hilt.

‘Oh fuck!’ she moaned as he grunted with his initial thrust into her soft inside. Kath grabbed for me blindly behind her, and gripping my short hair in her hand forced my face into the hot wetness of their joined sex. My mouth and tongue sucked and licked the base of his cock and his balls and the opening to her pussy, and up to her shining wet asshole.

‘His ass. Lick his ass!’ I heard her gasp. He positioned himself so his legs were raised, never releasing Kath from her position impaled on his massive cock.

I could now have access to everything my submissive heart desired; both of their assholes, his balls, her juice on his cock. I did best to service them both as they again began passionately kissing as they fucked.

I began to feel his balls twitch and tighten in my mouth and knew from my own experience he was starting the process of releasing his load. Kath must have felt it too as she slowed her hips and kissed him gently, asking ‘Are you going to cum, baby?’

She slid off his cock and knocked me away from them with her foot. He stood up above me and I quickly knelt between his legs under his dangling balls. Kath positioned herself in the armchair, legs open wide and fingers stroking her pussy.

‘Get it all over his face’ she purred, as her lover began to pump his cock into the final stages of orgasm.

When it hit me I felt alive, on the floor at this man’s feet, his hot spunk squirting in great thick spurts into my face and moth. ‘Yessss…’ I heard Kath hiss as she climaxed too with her fingers lodged into her pussy.

Her lover let out a roar of relief as the last globule of spunk hit my mouth and he gently inserted his cock into my face for final satisfaction.

When finished they curled up beside one another watching me as wiped my face and cleaned my fingers of his cum with my tongue. I only finished when there was not a drop wasted and it was all inside me.

I knelt before them as they kissed and giggled. Kath looked so happy and in love with him, I felt happy to be near them and be able to share their passion for each other and to provide them with increased pleasure.

I didn’t know where the evening was going next but I knew my place was here at their feet.

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