The Pyjama Party Ch. 01

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My new boyfriend Robert told me one of his friends was having a pyjama party and everyone invited had to wear what they do when they go to bed.

I laughed saying I can’t wear my baby doll nightie to a party. He smiled you will be the sexiest lady there.

On the Saturday night we got ready Robert in his striped pyjamas and me in my tiny pink baby doll nightie. As I slipped my coat on I removed my tiny pink thong to give Robert a surprise.

When we arrived Dave who was having the party opened the door and welcomed us in. We removed our coats and Roberts eyes nearly popped out his head when he noticed I had removed my thong. The baby doll nightie didn’t even cover my arse so everyone got a view of my clean shaven pussy.

Robert smiled saying well your sure going to enjoy yourself tonight with all the attention your going to get. I smiled back replying that was my plan.

As we entered the living room the place was nearly full of people all wearing all sorts of night wear. Nearly every bloke turned their heads eyeing me up and down as I walked in. Their wife’s and girlfriend’s all nudging them as they couldn’t take their eyes of me.

As the night wore on and more and more drink was drunk, people slowly let their hair down, dancing slowly they slowly begun to caress each other. I was asked to dance by a very good looking guy named Ben. As we danced I could feel his erect cock pressing against me.

As the room was dark he slipped a hand down between us until I felt his finger slipping between the lips of my pussy, his finger finding my clit. Slowly he rubbed it as I pushed myself closer to him. He rubbed a little harder making me so wet. He then slipped a finger inside me and finger fucked me as we danced.

He was pushing his finger deeper inside me as I tried not to scream out from the pleasure I was getting. He pushed a second finger in to my pussy which really started to turn me on. The music stopped and I thanked him for the dance as I headed towards the kitchen for a drink.

As ankara escort I poured a drink I felt a hand running across my bare arse as a guy walked passed me. I was really enjoying all the attention I was getting. I re-entered the living and was soon pulled towards another bloke for a dance.

He pulled really close as I felt his hand slowly moving towards my shaven pussy. We made light talk as his finger slipped into my pussy. I was now being finger fucked for the second time and loving it. I looked round and Robert was nowhere to be seen so I just slowly moved to the music as I felt my pussy getting wetter by the moment.

This happened time and again, each slow dance I had a different guy dancing with me slowly finger fucking my pussy. Until I was getting so hot I needed some fresh air.

I headed towards the garden and sat of the garden table sipping my drink, I was soon joined by a guy who sat on the garden chair looking at my crossed legs. I was so turned on I kept uncrossing my legs moving a little then crossed them again each time giving the guy a quick flesh of my shaven pussy.

It didn’t take long for him to get to his feet and slowly head my way. He was standing only inches from me looking into my eyes. He slowly parted my legs and I did nothing to stop him. I felt his hand slowly moving up my thigh as we started to kiss.

He finger soon found my wet pussy, I eased my legs a little wider giving him greater access to my pussy, as his finger started to explore my inner pussy his thumb slowly rolled my clitty. I eased myself backwards onto my back enjoying his finger fuck as I heard three other blokes come out into the garden.

I was so pleased the garden was not over looked, so know one in the surrounding houses could see what was going on or about to go on.

My heart was racing as the three other blokes walked towards us, one stood by my head slowly rubbing his hard cock only inches from my face as the other two stood either side of me lifting my baby doll nightie over ankara escort bayan my breast. Each bloke leant down licking and sucking on each of my nipples.

I reached down finding each of their hard cocks and slowly started to rubbed them as I opened my mouth to take the cock that was now touching my lips. I took his cock deeply into my mouth sucking hard on it.

The bloke finger fucking my pussy eased back, I felt the tip of his cock touching my shaven pussy, slowly he eased forward and the tip parted my pussy lips as it entered me very gently. At last I was going to be fucked. I felt his cock go deeper into my pussy as I rubbed the two cocks harder, sucking really hard on the cock buried deeply in my mouth.

The bloke fucking me held my waist thrusting his cock deeply into my pussy, I was moving my hips meeting him as we started to fuck each other really hard, the bloke in my mouth lifted my head slightly pushing his cock to the back of my throat.

I really rubbed the other two hard feeling their cocks getting so big and hard in my small hands. The bloke fucking my pussy was now really going for it, pounding me very hard and fast. I could hear our skin slapping hard together as we fucked for all we were worth.

His thumb was rubbing my clitty very hard as I felt my body beginning to shake, moments later I was cumin so hard on his cock, as the bloke fucking my mouth gave one hard thrust, I felt his cock twitch as he shot his load into my mouth, I swallowed hard drinking every last drop down.

Moments later the cock in my pussy was twitching hard, then I felt him shoot his load deeply into my pussy. I laid there letting him shoot every last drop of cum into me. They moved back and the two blokes I was wanking soon replaced them.

I had a new cock in my mouth and pussy, the other two watched as their mates took over from where they had left off. I heard one whisper she’s one horny bitch, fuck that pussy and mouth hard.

I sucked hard on the new cock in my mouth, escort ankara letting him fuck my mouth very deeply. I reached up and caressed his swinging balls as his mate pushed his very large cock deeply into my cum filled pussy. I could feel the cum dribbling from me as he started to hit home deeply inside me.

The bloke fucking me had by far the largest cock of the four of them. The tip really hit the top of my pussy hard, I didn’t want him to stop as I was getting so much pleasure from his very large thick cock. The bloke in my mouth now went for it, he really rocked his cock hard and fast in my mouth. With each thrust the tip bushed the back of my throat. I sucked him hard wanting to drink down my second load of cum.

His mate lifted my legs holding them upwards stretching them wide as his cock came down hard into my waiting wet cum filled pussy, he really fucked my pussy hard as his mate fucked my willing mouth.

I was hopping they would cum together as they fucked each hole like their lives depended on it, I was laying there on the table a willing little horny bitch letting them fuck me hard and enjoying it as much as they were.

The bloke fucking my pussy caressed my arse moving a finger towards the tight little hole to my arse, slowly his pushed a finger into my arse as he continued fucking my pussy, his mate was almost ready to cum I could feel his cock starting to throb hard then I felt him cum hard, sending long hot jets of cum right down my throat.

I caressed his balls as he shot every last drop into my mouth, his mate fucking me was now thrusting really hard and with an almighty hard thrust shot his load filling my pussy with hot sticky cum. He stood there holding my legs shaking as he emptied his balls in me.

They all stood back looking at me as I laid on the table legs wide open, I run my hands down towards my pussy with my fingers I parted the lips of my pussy opening them wide letting them see the cum dribbling from my pussy onto the table.

They all smiled before walking away, I heard them saying what a fuck. That was some gang bang. I sat up thinking to myself I feel well and truly fucked now.

I went back into the house, once in the bathroom I clean my pussy up and headed back to the kitchen for a drink.

Part 2 to follow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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