The Perfect Interview

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I came to work this morning to find an e-mail from a woman who has been asking for an interview and at passed I had no openings. I read her resume again and wondered if in fact she had the right qualities. She in fact possessed qualities not found in our present work force. I e-mailed her and asked her to schedule an appointment as soon as possible and I would personally interview the lady.

I was surprised to find out that she was available anytime and a nice thought came to mind. “What if she is hot? What if she likes me? What if I need sex really bad and she turns me on?” fuck me here we go again. I call her myself and ask her for a six o ‘clock appointment and she agrees. She asks what she should wear and I reply, “A dinner might be appropriate for a lady so dress accordingly.” At six pm my office door opens and there stands the most beautiful lady I had seen in a long time, I almost stuttered.

“May I help you ma’am?”

She looks at me and smiles “are you Kim?”

“Yes,” I answered.

“Hi I am Kim also and it is a pleasure to meet you.”

“Well thank you my dear and the pleasure is all mine.” our eyes met as she walked over to my desk and wow what a babe.

My mouth watered and my groin felt funny for a second and I gulped. This chick is smoking.

“Where should I sit?” she asked and I was still speechless.

“Anywhere you like.” and at that she pulled up a chair and sat next to me. Oh my god was she amazing. I looked at her and I had to apologize.

“I am sorry Kim but you are to beautiful and I can only look at you and wonder if I could ever hold you in my arms and whisper in your ear what I would like to do with you?” she pulled me over to her and told me she was all mine for the taking. I fell to my knees and kissed her thighs while sliding my hands up her skirt.

I pushed my head up to her beautiful round breasts and kissed them thru the material. My cock was starting to hurt, it wanted out so he to could see my new princess of love. I finally stopped for a second to see the look of passion in her eyes and look at her sitting there. Wow what a babe I slid my hands over her shoulders and unzipped her dress and finally the lace bra was unhooked. Her firm breasts fit in my hands like they were made for it. She took one hand and slid it down her thigh and then back up again.

She moaned softly, her head threw back Her breasts heaved forward into my hands, her hardened nipples pressing to my palms as my hands began massaging and kneading her breasts. Her hand slid up even closer to her now cum laden pussy lips Her breathing now shallow but quick, I knew of her arousal, as this lady just couldn’t hide it.

Feeling of her fingers brushing over my aching, throbbing cock through my pants I wanted no I needed her to touch me in the worst way. Spreading her legs a bit more, sliding her skirt up higher, she looked into my eyes and whispered,

“Look what you did to me.” As I look down I could see a rather large wet spot on her thong. I looked at her and smiled.

“Are you sure I did that?”

“Oh yes I am sure, from the moment I laid eyes on you tonight it began.” She whispers as she teasingly runs her fingers along the side of her thong. Taking hold of the edge, she pulls it aside, exposing her completely shaven pussy to my hungry eyes. Slowly she ran her finger up and down her lips, sliding it inside her entrance, my eyes now locked onto her pussy I could see her growing even more aroused as her juices began to flow.

The enticing scent of her arousal was in the air filling my nose, instantly my mind was captivated by a whirlwind of different thoughts and emotions. Removing her finger from inside her hot box, she lightly ran it over my lips. I couldn’t help but lick gerçek sex hikayeleri my lips to taste of her juices.

“Oh goddamn!!” was all I could manage to say.

“What’s the matter?” she asked in concern.

“You taste so fucking good!”

“Do you want more?”

“Oh fuck yes please.”

“Well there is something that I want first.” I moved in even closer to her hoping and praying that it was my cock that she wanted maybe as much as I wanted her to want it.

Sitting up she took hold of the waistband of my jeans and opened them ever so slowly, my cock aching, and throbbing at the anticipation of being free, and maybe having her fingers finally wrapped around him. Gently she lifted the bottom of my shirt, sliding her hands inside and up over my belly and up my chest lifting my shirt as she did so.

Reaching between my shoulders I pulled my shirt over my head, dropping it to the chair beside my desk. She moans softly as her hands explored every inch of my chest. Looking into her eyes I instantly saw them fill with tears. It was now my turn to be in concern for her.

“What’s the matter?”

“You have no idea how good you look or feel to me. It’s been so long since I’ve felt the way that I do right this moment. Yet I’ve just met you and I already don’t want it to end.”

“It doesn’t have to end. If you come to work for me you will be with me all the time.” She just looked at me and smiled.

“Stand up for me please.” Standing before her, she slowly slides my jeans over my hips. My erect shaft springs free, a sudden gasp releases from my lips as it begins to throb even more. With my pants and briefs now around my knees, she wraps her fingers around my shaft; my knees grew instantly weak as she began to stroke it gently yet firmly. Her thumb ran lightly over the very tip of my cock, spreading around the pre-cum that had gathered.

Leaning down, she flicked her tongue over the tip of my cock. Instant electric shocks shot through me as her tongue traced the circumference of the head. Her lips locked around it pulling up on it gently, her lips expertly gliding up and down my shaft as her tongue ran my main vein, her hand cupping my balls massaging and kneading them gently as I was her breasts, all of this was just too much. It has been so long since I’ve had a woman do this to me I had almost forgotten what it was like, but in an instant it had all come back to me.

Oh fuck My senses now so high strung her lips and her hand stroking my cock at the same rhythms I wanted nothing more than to bend this chic over the side of my desk and drive my raging cock deep inside her snatch. I wanted her pussy juices to cover my cock; I wanted to make her cum so hard she covers my balls. But even though I was extremely fucking horny and in need of some sexual tension relief, I was still a gentleman deep inside and I knew it wouldn’t be proper to do so, unless of course she wanted it that way. Suddenly she pulls her beautiful lips off my shaft and looks deep into my eyes.

“My god I will have this cock inside me. I so badly need every inch inside. It may not be tonight but you mark my words when I say that I will.” Just hearing her say those words, my cock throbbed in her hand. In all my wit and wisdom I had a remark instantly come to mind.

“Well why put off till tomorrow what you can do today?” she just stared at me with this look of awe on her face, then in an instant I realized that my thoughts had been expressed verbally. I was now slightly embarrassed.

“That’s a good question, however I do have an answer, you see I am a lady, and even though I am one extremely horny little girl right now, inside I know that I need to wait. But however I would sex hikayeleri love the opportunity to suck this cock until you become my candy man and give me exactly what I want. Now knowing full well what this lady was referring to I just had to hear her say it.

“Well what exactly is it that you want baby?”

“I want you to shoot your hot cum deep into my throat. I want to taste and enjoy all of you, and the next time I make you cum and I WILL it won’t be with my mouth!”

“Oh fuck baby, your such a naughty girl aren’t you?”

“Babe you don’t know the half of it. Now I’m not going to tell you again to let me have what I want.” Suddenly she stood and pushed me back toward my desk. In one false swoop she completely cleared off my desk. I knew at that moment that I was in trouble, but a very good form of trouble in fact. Sitting on the edge of my desk, I took hold of her hips. Our eyes locked contact again as I started to pull her up onto the desk with me.

“You want to taste and enjoy all of me, well I want the same from you, so what better than to share together?” she didn’t have to say a word, I knew from the look in her eyes she was in agreement.

Lying back onto my desk, I pulled her a top of me, her gorgeous legs straddling the sides of my head, her glistening pussy just inches from my watering mouth, and my eagerly awaiting tongue. Wrapping my arms around her legs, my hands grabbing onto her ass cheeks, I quickly pulled her pussy closer and began to devour her snatch like a wild animal starving for food. Her hand encased my thick, throbbing, rigid, aching shaft as her lips enveloped my head devouring all of me into the depths of her throat. Her lips lock to the base, as her head began to bob up and down on my cock. “OH FUCK THIS GIRL IS GOOD!!!!!!”

My hips hunched forward pushing my cock deeper into her throat. She just kept swallowing as much as I could push into her. The more my hips hunched and I fucked her mouth, the harder she began to suck, and the deeper my tongue would delve inside her hot box. Her juices began to flow, the more I licked and sucked her pussy, the more juices I got. My tongue flicked over her engorged clit, her back arched, her hips hunched downward pushing her snatch further onto my tongue, her hips began to grind, her lips sucking harder.

Oh Christ I was now in heaven because of this goddess that was taking charge of my cock as well as my tongue. Feeling my balls beginning to tighten, my shaft growing even harder in her mouth, my groin really began to tingle as my orgasm was built to the max. Her body began to tense, and shake and convulse almost as if she were having a seizure on top of me, however listening the erotic sounds that were coming from her and feeling the vibrations on my cock, I knew damn well she was about to erupt for me.

Hunching my hips forward one last time, with one last deep thrust into her throat, and one last stroke of my tongue inside her I couldn’t hold back any longer and nor could she…our bodies seemed to erupt together in harmony, my seed shooting deep into the depths of her throat, her juices releasing into my mouth.

She released so much for me it was running down my chin. I lapped, licked and sucked as much of it as I could possibly get until our bodies finally began to settle. When I least expected it, she turned herself to look at me, leaning down to me she kissed me deeply, our tongues dancing that forbidden passion dance. Tasting my juices on her tongue and she tasted hers on mine. She just looked at me and smiled.

“I hope you enjoyed your preview of what’s to come, and trust me when I say that you WILL be hearing from me and Cumming again very soon!!!!!! And with that, she got up, sex hikayeleri got herself back together and headed out my door.

As I watched this goddess walk out of my door, I suddenly realized that I had forgotten to offer her the job. I so hope to hear from her soon. The following day, Kim called and told me she needed to talk to me, I told her I would be working late and to stop by.

Holy fuck, I thought I would have gotten some pussy off this chick I Met on the net and man did I get taken for a ride. She stops by the office wearing a skimpy bathing suit under her shorts that were right up the crack of her ass, her titties were looking fucking good and I could tell she liked the attention.

Her nipples were hard from excitement and as she walked by, and I could have sworn I heard her say she was glad to see me and I never saw her lips move cause my eyes were glued to her ass. Holy fuck did she have an ass on her; but I never realized it last night in the dress that she was wearing, but let me tell you as she walked it seemed to spell words like fuck, lick, kiss. This was completely insane. My wife was out on a date with her friends and I knew she would be home late.

I could not believe she was wearing these clothes out in public but the sight and the thoughts had me wanting to fuck her here and now. I got up and took her in my arms and GAVE HER A KISS THAT SEEMED TO NEVER END AND I DID NOT WANT IT TO, her pussy was on the brain and Kim was going to give it up now. I slid my hand down her shorts and went right to her wet juicy cunt; I could not believe she was so wet.

“Oh my god baby, you are so wet, how is this possible?”

“Knowing I was coming over here to see you did this to me, I told you last night that I would have you inside me and guess what…that time is now. I woke up this morning so fucking horny and I found myself thinking of and needing you.” Reaching down, she instantly opened my pants, again lowering them over my hips taking my already erect shaft into her hand stroking it gently yet firmly. “Oh please baby, I need this and I need you, god damn it I so want you to fuck me, fuck me now baby!!!!!!” again in an instant she wiped off my desk, but I really didn’t care, quickly I had removed her bathing suit and shorts from her, taking her into my arms I turned her around and bent her over my desk.

“Is this what you want??” I asked rubbing the head of my cock up and down over her pussy lips.

“OHHHH FUCK YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!! I WANT THAT FUCKER INSIDE ME, GIVE IT TO ME BABY CMON FUCK ME!!!!!!!!! My cock throbbing without a word, I stuffed my cock deep inside her hot box, oh fuck she was so hot and so fucking wet, her muscles instantly contracted around my cock, squeezing it for all she had and she let out with a scream that could have broken all the windows in my office as she pushed back against me. Grabbing hold of her hips I began to pummel my shaft in and out of her sweet snatch. Seeing her pussy juices glimmering on my cock completely drove my senses insane.

“HARDER BABY, FUCK ME HARDER!!!!!!!” She let out in a hell of a growl, the more she asked for, the harder I fucked her, she began to claw at my desk, although she couldn’t grab onto it, but she did however grab onto my cock. Harder and harder she kept pushing back against me. Feeling my orgasm again churning laying my body over her back I fucked her even harder.

Her screams got louder and louder, my cock began to throb my balls tightened, my cock grew even harder inside her filling her completely, her body began to shake as it had the previous evening, my head threw back, her back arched, with one last deep hard thrust, we drove each other over that edge once again, as I shot my seed deep inside her, her juices covered my cock and my balls as I had dreamt that previous night that it would. Completely sated, I lay spent atop of her, our bodies calmed together. I wrapped my arms around her and just held her. In my mind all I could think of is just how beautiful she really is and how I couldn’t wait to see her every morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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