The New Laura Pt. 01

Big Dick

(I wrote this with all the appropriate historical references so it can be read as a stand alone, but I think it reads better for the reader who’s already read “The Truth About Laura” listed in the “First Time” section.

Hope you enjoy it,



Seth was sweet. Laura couldn’t possibly imagine a better boyfriend. He was kind, generous, considerate, a wonderful sexual partner, and best of all, a patient listener. She couldn’t count the number of times he’d meet her when she came home from school on weekends and allow her to rant on about some perceived injustice. He would just sit, quietly listening, only speaking if Laura solicited his comment. He was truly an amazing friend.

She turned her car into the parking lot of the mall. She was meeting her roommate, Marjorie Marx, for lunch and a little window shopping. Laura had just bought a pre-torn T-shirt when Margie mused, “I wonder if they save enough material from all the torn out sections to make another shirt with?”

“Maybe, how was last night with Russ? I nodded off before you came in and you didn’t wake me.”

Margie sighed, “Sorry, I didn’t much feel like talking last night. Russ and I are so over. It’s too bad; too, I just got tired of all the constant arguing. I need to find myself a Seth! You did say he didn’t have any brothers, right?”

Laura shook her head as she slid into a booth at the restaurant they were having lunch at. “Nope, no brothers, but stick around, before too long you might be able to get the original!”

“Yeah, right!”

Laura didn’t respond, she just grabbed a menu.

Margie leaned forward. “That’s not possible! You guys are the Thelma and Louise of heterosexual couples! You’re supposed to grow old and rich and have…horses and stuff!

What’s going on?”

“Got time for a long story? I’ll try to make it as short as I can.”

“Of course!”

“God, all the old clichés about lies growing and growing over time? They’re all true.

When I was thirteen I basically had it all. I was popular, got great grades, and basically liked the way I looked, although even then I could tell that these bad boys were going to get out of control.” She pointed to her D-cup sized tits. “But all the boys liked them, so who was I to argue?

Remember when you were 13? Well, we were all the same. Most of the girls practicing giving their first head, then half the class would get the blow-by-blow in school the next day. The kids made fun of the inexperienced girls who did something stupid. On the other hand, the very experienced girls were called sluts and whores and the kids made fun of them too. I didn’t want to deal with all that shit so I made up a boyfriend who was in high school in the next town and told a few girls that I’d been having sex with him for months. By the next day the whole school knew and I had gained some kind of star status.

By the time I met Seth everyone thought of me as very experienced even though I was still a virgin! We became really close buddies who made fun of all the kids who were always playing games and lying to each other. When I’d finally decided I wanted to be with Seth I just knew I couldn’t tell him the truth. I’d been lying to him, to everyone!

So I went to Boston with the express intention of gaining a lot of sexual experience in a short period of time.”

“You’re kidding, with whom?”

“I had no idea when I left home. As it turned out I wound up losing my cherry to four guys and a woman in a bar downtown.”

Margie slapped the table. “You never do anything halfway, do you girl?” She shook her head. “Girl sets out to get laid and winds up in a goddamn orgy!”

“Yeah, but I haven’t told you the best part yet. When I said we did it in a bar I meant it. We had about 50 people in the audience, cheering the show.”

Margie mocked a TV announcer, “And now, direct from Tarrytown, New York, that new star, fucking for your pleasure, Lauraaaaa Enders!”

It was Laura’s turn to slap the table. “That’s exactly what it was like! The sex was great, but it became secondary to the show! A few times I even talked to them! ‘Now everyone, which of these three cocks should I suck next?’ Stuff like that! It was completely wild and I discovered that performing for the crowd significantly increased my pleasure!”

Margie leaned back and said, “And now you’ve discovered that even though you love Seth and really want to be with him, you miss the excitement factor in your sex life.”

“I guess that’s about it.”

Margie rolled her eyes and spoke to the ceiling, “Why does everyone always give me the easy problems to solve? Just once couldn’t I work on something challenging?

Let me sum it up for you. You want to recapture the excitement you felt that night but you’re afraid to act all slutty with Seth. So rather than have him think of you as some insatiable whore, you’re thinking about breaking up with the only man you’ve ever loved.

You idiot! The solution’s so simple, cheat!”

“Oh, kastamonu escort I couldn’t. We’ve always taken pride in the honesty we’ve had with each other. I’m sure he could tell if I started keeping stuff from him.”

“And then he might break up with you.”

Laura bowed her head and said, “Yes.”

“So to protect yourself against the possibility of a breakup with Seth, you break up with Seth. Good solution, Laura!

And of course you’ve never lied to him in the past, right? Oh wait, didn’t you say something earlier about starring in an orgy in Boston just to keep Seth in the dark about a five year long lie? Or was that someone else?”

“All right, all right, you’ve made your point.”

Margie was on a roll, “Okay, here’s what you want to do: You want to improve your sex life and hang on to Seth.

Here’s what you don’t want to do: You don’t want to fall for your fuck-buddies or have them fall for you. That would make things just too complicated.

Now, you trust me, right?”

“Yes, very much.”

“And you’ll do whatever I say?”

Laura responded hesitantly, “Okay?”

“Good, give me your phone.”

Laura handed Margie her cell, which she handed right back. “Sprint, I thought so. Come on.” She grabbed Laura by the hand and pulled her at a very quick walk toward the other end of the mall, straight into a Sprint store. “My friend wants to add a second phone to her account. What’s the cheapest phone and the cheapest plan you’ve got?”

Laura looked inquiringly at her friend. “I do?”

The clerk and Margie talked about features and charges until they had settled upon a purchase. Margie said, “Give him your card.” Laura handed the clerk her Visa and signed where he indicated.

Margie led Laura to a different restaurant, saying “God I’m starving, but that other restaurant didn’t have any outlets.” They slid into a booth and Margie unpacked the phone and charger. She plugged the phone in and ordered lunch. Then she dialed on her own phone. “Kenny?…Okay, I found a girl for you and you owe me one…Got a pen?…Okay, write this down.” She read Laura’s new phone number into the phone. “Hold on…” She turned to Laura. “What name did you use in Boston?…For your orgy, I know you didn’t use your own.”

“Elle, I called myself Elle.”

Margie was speaking back into the phone. “Her name is Elle and she’s expecting a call…I meant it, Kenny, you owe me! Have Mark call her as soon as possible.”

Their food arrived and they started to eat. After two or three minutes of silence, Laura couldn’t take it any more. “Should I assume that was your brother Kenny? And who the hell is Mark, and what are you getting me into?”

The new cell phone rang. Margie answered it. “Hello?…Yes, this is Elle…Oh, hi Mark, I was expecting your call…Sure, tomorrow night is fine. I’m looking forward to it. Where should I go?…Which one? There are two, aren’t there?…Okay, and the address?…Wonderful, see you tomorrow, bye”

Margie resumed eating, but said between bites, “Yes, my brother Kenny, he goes to Syracuse and a friend of his, Mark something or other, is the best man for another friend of his whose name I don’t remember.” She chewed a bit and continued, “Aren’t you hungry? Anyway, it falls under the responsibilities of the best man to arrange the bachelor party. You, Elle, just agreed to be the entertainment at the party. Kenny asked me if I knew how to find someone as they hadn’t a clue. God I love these pepperoncinis they add to the salad dressing!”

“And what is this entertainer expected to do?”

Margie had just taken a bite of the warm bread and spoke while chewing, “Oh the usual, I expect. Dance around, strip, give the groom-to-be a lap dance, and probably fuck every one who wants to. It’s at the Hilton, not the one by the University, the one out by the airport.”

It was Laura’s turn to take a few bites, mulling over all the data Margie had just entered into her. The more she thought about what had been said… “Okay. It sounds like fun!”

“I thought so, too. If my brother wasn’t going to be there I might have done it myself! Oh, did I mention that the gig pays $1,000?”

“No, you left that part out. So now I’d no longer be just a whore, I’d be a hooker.” She forked some salad. “I wonder if that’s a step up or a step down.”

“Do’no, but didn’t you say you could use a bigger skimmer for your saltwater tank?”

“True, and Seth did say he didn’t have any cash to help me and that I should try to earn the money. It’d be like I was following his advice.”

“Okay so you’re supposed to be at the hotel at eight o’clock. Call from your car as you get close and they’ll give you the room number. The room’ll be under the name of Mark Taylor.”

The check came and Margie handed it to Laura. “You can have this. After all, you’re the working girl here.”

It was precisely eight o’clock when Laura knocked on the door to room 342. The drive kayseri escort had taken just under an hour. A nice looking type with sandy hair answered the door. “Elle? But of course you must be. Please come in.” He indicated a bedroom to the right of the foyer. “You can get ready, or change or do whatever you need in here. What should I do?”

Laura handed him a CD she’d recorded earlier that day. “Give me about ten minutes and then put this in the CD player. Have the groom sit in the middle of a sofa and I’ll come out when I hear the first cut start playing. Can we do the money part now?” Mark handed her the ten crisp hundred dollar bills which she put in her purse. “Remember to give me those ten minutes, please!”

As she opened the large shoulder bag she’d brought, Laura smiled. The profitability of this trip wasn’t quite what Margie had expected. The new matching bra and panties, along with the garter belt, hose, negligee, makeup and a pair of 5 inch “fuck-me pumps” had set her back over $400, but Laura didn’t care. On the drive from Ithaca she had masturbated non-stop. Her pussy knew what was coming and had been in a near constant state of wetness for two hours. Last year on her cherry-busting Boston trip she was already naked when the crowd began to gather to watch her perform and fuck. This would be her first time stripping before a crowd of horny men and all her systems were ready. She had goose bumps on her flesh, her nipples were hard as erasers and her pussy was still wet. Even her already big D-Cup sized breasts felt bigger to her, or maybe it was just that they’d never been stuffed in a push-up bra before.

The music changed. Laura pulled open the door, stepped just into the room and stood there with her legs spread wide enough to pull the negligee open and display her body. The crowd went wild. She put one hand to her cheek in a gesture of mock surprise and with the other made an obvious attempt to count the crowd. There were fourteen men focusing on her every move, her every gesture. Laura was in heaven. She strode across the room to where Bill, the guest of honor, was seated and thrust her hand out to shake his hand and congratulate him. She hadn’t planned on performing as a mime but seemed to just fall into it. She loved the exaggerated gestures and Betty Boop facial expressions.

She swayed her hips to the beat of the music, her legs straddling his. Suddenly she arched her back and threw her shoulders back. This caused the negligee to fall back down her arms to the floor while thrusting her ample chest out so her tits were practically resting on Bill’s head. She smiled to herself at how ridiculously large this bra made her tits look. She was already quite large to start with but the bra had transformed her breasts into weapons! She pulled Bill’s head forward and nestled it between them for a quick two seconds them leaned over and gave him a big kiss. Just as she had coaxed his tongue into her mouth she stood, her body still dancing with the beat of the music.

Laura strutted an eight foot circle around Bill, pirouetting as she went so she could display her ample wares and tantalize the other thirteen onlookers. Hands reached out and fingertips grazed her tits and ass as she danced passed the crowd. She timed her circle so that she once again stood in front of Bill as a drum solo built to a crescendo. The lace panties she was wearing had Velcro fasteners on either side so that just as the crescendo broke she snapped her arms down to her sides and brought them rapidly back up having ripped her panties off.

Bill wasted no time so he reached out, grabbed Laura’s ass and pulled her to him so he could lick her freshly shaved pussy. She could feel her heat rising as his tongue quickly found its way to her sheath.

As much as Laura wanted to start fucking Bill, she thought that the performance would be better if she put a little more “tease” in her “strip tease” so she crouched down, kissed Bill again, and stood up and continued her dance. She reached behind herself and unhooked her bra, holding her arms at her sides so it wouldn’t drop. She held Bill’s hands and pushed her chest forward indicating that he should remove her bra with his mouth. He grabbed it with his teeth and twisting his head, threw it to one side. Laura put one nipple, then the other to his mouth for a quick suck before dancing away again.

Laura did her circle again, this time with one finger tapping her lower lip as if she was trying to decide. She looked over each of the guests until she saw the one she was looking for. She’d never met Margie’s brother Kenny, but this one had her eyes and overall coloring. He had to be Kenny. Laura strode over to him. She touched him on his lips and then touched her pussy with the same finger while tilting her head as if asking him if he wanted to eat her pussy.

Kenny understood right away and immediately started nodding his head. Laura took him by the hand and led him over to the sofa and had him lay kıbrıs escort on the floor, about two feet in front of Bill. She stood back to examine the tableau she had created and then grabbed three throw pillows from the sofa and stacked them under Kenny’s shoulders. She then straddled Bill’s legs and proceeded to unbuckle his belt, unzip his fly, and pull his khakis and boxers to the floor. She spread his legs and kneeled between them with her own legs spread so her pussy was just barely above Kenny’s face.

Laura took Bill’s cock and began to kiss her way up one side of the shaft and down the other. She hadn’t completed her first circumnavigation of its girth when she felt Kenny grab her hips and pull her pussy to his face.

Laura took the head of Bill’s cock into her mouth and licked and sucked it as she slowly gobbled her way down its shaft until the head hit the back of her throat. It still had two more inches to go. She raised her head until it was almost out of her mouth and then began blowing him. After about ten strokes she took the cock up against her throat, paused, and then began deep throating him until she had him all inside her.

Between Kenny’s excellent tongue work and her own pleasure at swallowing Bill’s entire cock, Laura began her first orgasm. She shocked herself and delighted the crowd when, for the first time in her life, she squirted. The first shots from her pussy landed on Kenny’s chest and soaked his shirt before he could get his mouth back in place to drink the rest of her cum.

Laura withdrew Bill’s cock from her mouth, turned and kissed Kenny a profound Thank-you. She then raised herself and got onto the couch with her knees straddling Bill, her pussy suspended just above his cock. She rubbed its head back and forth to lubricate it with her juices and slowly sat down. She could feel herself accepting inch after inch of him until it was about half way in. She raised herself up and came back down, gaining an extra inch with each stroke until she had the entire cock buried inside of her.

Bill was enchanted by Laura’s breasts. He broke the silence of their fucking. “Darling…these…are the finest…finest…tits I’ve…I’ve EVER played…played with in…in my entire…life and…and your pussy…” Bill grabbed the cheeks of her ass so he could meet Laura’s every stroke and drive himself deeper into her. “Being in your…pussy is…being in your cunt is like…like a Catholic must feel being in the Vatican…you…you’re a perfect…perfectly designed sex machine.”

Laura could feel his pulsating cock getting ready to explode causing a wave to crash over her as she came along with him. They continued rocking until his dick slipped out.

Bill yelled in triumph and called out, “After that, I need a drink! Would you care for one, Darlin?”

“Actually I do have a bit of a thirst. All I’ve had to drink is cum, and it taste’s great but does nothing to quench a thirst!” As she walked toward the bar they had set up, she detoured and pressed her naked body up against Kenny. She threw her arms around him and as she nibbled his ear she said, “And I haven’t forgotten that you and I have some unfinished fucking to do! I’m just getting myself a quick drink, so be ready!”

Kenny picked her up by her ass as he kissed her. Laura felt one of his fingers stray into her pussy as he said, “I’ll be waiting, and Elle, I’m always ready!”

Laura went to the bar and Bill asked her what she’d like. “Scotch rocks please, and although I realize this is a formal party, does anyone mind if I get comfortable?”

Laura sat on the coffee table, slipped off her heels and rolled her thigh highs down her legs while pointing her toes in the air. She was now completely naked. Bill brought her her drink.

Laura thanked Bill, took her drink and went over to lead Kenny to the couch. “You and I have some unfinished business, I believe.” She knelt down in front of him, unbuckled and unzipped him. His cock flipped out of his Jockeys in a semi-hard state and Laura immediately gobbled him up.

Male or female, almost everyone loves to be eaten. It’s a dominance thing. Laura could tell, however, that for Kenny it was simply a means to an end. After about 20 strokes he pulled her up and as he was kissing her he twisted her around and pushed her down on her back on the couch. He lifted her legs and started kissing and sucking her toes, one by one.

Kenny leaned forward, one hand holding each foot, her legs spread, and trapping her legs against her chest his cock started probing for the spread open lips beneath him. Laura took his cock and guided it’s head into her. He began with the smallest of strokes, expanding the lubricated area with each thrust.

The pace had barely picked up when Laura felt herself cumming. She pressed her hands palm down at her sides to give herself additional leverage as she thrust her hips upward to meet his every stroke. Kenny’s cock slipped out of her on several occasions but he was able to find his way back with ease as Laura had leaked her own lubricant everywhere. She started to cum a second time, and a third, or maybe it was all part of a long continuous orgasm. As Laura came she knew without a doubt that were it not for Kenny’s being on top of her she’d be squirting her cum all over the lampshade across the room.

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