The Naked Bike Ride

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Over the past 3 years, Mark and Andrea had become the best of friends. They spent so much time together that a lot of their friends even began speculating as to whether or not the two had some sort of romantic situation going on. It took a lot of convincing to assure everyone that the two were, indeed, just very good friends. Of course, that didn’t stop Mark’s friends from trying to figure out why exactly the two besties had never moved past the friend-zone.

Is Mark Gay? Is it because Mark’s white and Andrea’s black? I can’t believe you haven’t tried with her, man!

Mark would just shrug off the questions and, with a forced smile, explain once again to his friends that, while he had initially planned on asking Andrea on a proper date, they were much better as just good friends. The truth was, however, that Mark knew he was friend-zoned.

Mark didn’t mind being friend-zoned, though. Seriously! He knew that, while he found Andrea incredibly sexy, she was just a bit too “free-spirited” for him. From the moment they met during their freshman year at UCLA, it was clear they had different ideas of fun. He preferred watching Netflix, ordering in food, maybe going to a bar if it’s not too crowded. Andrea, on the other hand, was always looking for something new to do, hoping to end every night with a new experience. Mark was looking for someone predictable; stable; someone to come home to every night. Andrea was just looking for a good time. Mark understood and respected that. It wasn’t much of a surprise, then, when out of the blue during their junior year, Andrea texted Mark, asking if he wanted to go to the Los Angeles Naked Bike Ride with her and a few friends.

Mark decided to do some research first, as he had never heard of the Naked Bike Ride. It turns out that, indeed, there are Naked Bike Rides in cities all across the U.S., where people get together to ride through the streets for one reason or another. Most people do get naked, to some degree. Some then cover themselves with silly hats and other props, some cover themselves in bodypaint, and some – being bolder than most – go completely nude.

Mark was a bit apprehensive at first; being naked in public was one of his biggest fears. Being naked in front of Andrea was something he had occasionally wondered about but of course had never done. But, having Andrea naked in front of him? That was the stuff of fantasy.

His heart began to flutter just thinking about it. Andrea, completely naked in front of him and hundreds of others. No covering, no hiding. Just Andrea being naked for him to enjoy and stare at all day. Something about a college girl being naked in public just seemed so hot to him, but the fact that it was Andrea, the girl that he had spent the last three years secretly lusting over, made this seem like a dream come true. Of course he said yes!

There was about 10 days between the day Andrea invited Mark to the ride and the day of the actual ride itself. During these few days, Mark grew more and more excited about the bike ride. To be clear, Mark couldn’t care less about the bike ride itself, or whatever charity it was for. For all he cared, they could have been biking to end cancer research. On a couple of occasions, Mark, somewhat jokingly, texted Andrea to see if she was really going to go fully nude. And, every time she responded, she would text with something on the lines of; “I mean there’s a possibility that I could go nude, but I’m not sure… It all depends I guess.” She also explained to Mark that the bike ride was a charity event to raise awareness about the melting polar ice caps and, although there would be naked people all around, there’s absolutely nothing sexual about it. Eventually, Andrea became concerned with how interested Mark seemed to be with whether or not he’d get to see her naked, so he backed off, saying he was just joking.

Nevertheless, they day of the Naked Bike Ride eventually came. The plan was for Mark, Andrea, Andrea’s friend Emma, and Andrea’s half-brother, Malcolm, to all meet early at the pre-ride area. Mark, Andrea, and Emma would all go together, while Malcolm would meet them there, as he’d be coming from his apartment on the other side of town. Mark had never met Emma, but he’d met Malcolm about a dozen times and really liked his laid-back attitude.

Andrea and Malcolm had the same mother, but grew up in different homes for most of their childhood, except for about 3 years while they both went to the same high school. They don’t get to see each other very often, and this was the weekend that they both had off of work. Mark thought it was incredibly weird that Andrea would spend the little time she had with her half-brother at a naked bike ride, but he knew Andrea probably didn’t see it as anything sexual at all. Still Mark always worried about Andrea’s lack of social awareness when it comes to awkward situations.

Mark, Andrea, and Emma arrived on their Bikes at around 8:30 am on a perfectly sunny July Sunday morning. kartal escort bayan Besides the organizers of the ride, they were probably within the first 15 or 20 riders to show up. Most people were in little groups, waiting for the ride to start at approximately 11:30 am. To avoid the sun during their wait time, Andrea suggested that they stake their territory near a shady tree, a little ways out from everyone else. The three friends made small talk under the shade while they waited for Malcolm to arrive on his bike. It was at this point when Andrea, with a surprisingly serious tone, turned to Mark to say that she would “indeed be going fully nude, so that I can write a message about global warming on my body with body-paint. It’s seriously not sexual in any way so please don’t get all creepy.”

She could tell by Mark’s shocked expression that she had maybe been a little too harsh with him, so she gave him a flirty smile and added, “but yes, I will be naked, and I think you should try it too.” She also added that Emma would only be stripping down to her bra and panties, because she was worried about creeps with iPhones trying to take pictures of her.

Finally, at around 9:15am, Malcolm showed up on his bike. Andrea has so happy to see her brother that she hugged him and wouldn’t let go for about a minute and a half. He then spent the next 15 or so minutes catching up with Andrea a lot and even a bit with Mark, while also getting introduced to Emma. Mark always found it fascinating that Andrea and Malcolm came from the same mother, as she was about 5’5″, with a beautiful, subtle hourglass figure and lighter, almost-peanut-buttery skin, while he was about a foot taller than her, skinny as a pole, with much darker skin.

“Well, since this was all my idea,” Andrea said with a bit of a shy smirk, “I guess I’ll go first.” She set her bag to the side and walked about 6 steps away from the shady tree, like she was about to put on a show for her friends.

I mean, I guess stripping naked about 10 feet in front of your brother and two friends is a little less weird than doing it right next to them, right?

She had worn flip-flops, the smallest pair of daisy-duke shorts she could find, and a gray tank-top with sides that she had cut open to show off her lacy bra; all of which Mark was about to see her take off. Andrea had the cutest, most awkward expression on her face as she kicked off her flip-flops and pulled her tank top over her head, remaining in just a lacy white bra and shorts. Mark was so turned on that he could barely breath, feeling every drop of blood rush from his head to his lower body. Malcolm seemed a bit curious as well, but continued to try and make small talk with his sister, as if she wasn’t stripping nude in front of him.

Before continuing, she turned to Mark and, with another flirty grin, said, “And no Mark, I didn’t wear any panties today, but that doesn’t mean I go pantiless in class!”

With that, she turned away from Mark, Emma, and Malcolm, bent over, and pulled down her shorts, revealing to them what Mark believed to be the smoothest, roundest, most perfect brown ass he had every hoped to see. She turned back around to put her shorts in her bag along with her flip-flops and tank top before, with one final exasperated look, unhooking her lacy white bra and letting it drop into her bag as well.

She stood there, her soft, light-brown skin completely exposed. After a few seconds of awkwardly moving her hands around and crossing and uncrossing her legs – probably trying to figure out which body parts she should try and cover – she must have realized that there’s no point in trying to be modest at this point.

“Well,” she said shrugging, with a nervous smile, “Here I am. You guys’ll be looking at me like this all day so… no use in trynna cover it anymore!” She wore a delightfully embarrassed smile for a few seconds, as both Mark and Malcolm took in every single inch of her.

Mark may have been looking at his best friend, who was also his biggest crush – and Malcolm may have been looking at his little sister, who he’s known all of his life; but they where both seeing the same thing. From her shoulders, to her hips, to her toes, everything about Andrea was soft, smooth, and caressable. Mark would never have guessed what a great body Andrea had under all of those less-than-revealing clothes in her closet. As she breathed, her breasts moved up and down. They were beautifully round, and just heavy enough to hang slightly off of her feminine frame.

Mark’s heart began to beat faster, as he was finally getting to see the parts of Andrea that he’d only been able to wonder about. Her beautiful light-brown nipples stared back at him.

Still standing there completely uncovered, Andrea began plotting out – with Emma- where and what she wanted to write on her body.

Mark could only continue his own visual exploration of Andrea’s sea of soft skin. His eyes moved lower. In the past, anytime Andrea escort maltepe would wear low-rise shorts with a crop-top, he would always observe how smooth her tummy was, or how he would love to kiss and caress her wide hips. But now, between her thick thighs, nearly blocked by her tiny hands and skinny little wrists, was the most gorgeous, smooth, juicy, slit of a pussy he had ever seen. If he had ever wondered whether she preferred to keep it shaved, or hairy, or with a little landing strip, he now knew for sure. There was barely anything he could do now. His dick was so hard; it felt like it was a magnet being pulled towards Andrea’s freshly waxed pussy.

Mark knew he had to calm himself down.

Okay so your best friend and biggest crush just stripped completely naked in from of you, her brother, and her other friend. No big deal. Like she said, there’s nothing sexual about it. She’s just here to show support for the cause, and it’s your job as her best friend to support her.

Mark could only imagine what was going through Malcolm’s head, as Malcolm had, somehow, been able to hold a casual conversation with his little sister as she stripped completely naked.

I mean yea, she’s your little sister but come on! Look at her! Her body is so fucking sexy and she’s just standing there, not ashamed at all! How can you make small talk with her while staring at her shaved little pussy?!

At this point, with the same goofy grin, Andrea casually walked towards Mark as he leaned his back on the big shady tree, got up next to him, and rested her head on his shoulder for about 5 seconds before looking up at him with a smile. Mark looked back down at her a bit awkwardly. His hand, which had been at his side, was now sandwiched between his shorts and Andrea’s beautiful, soft, ass-cheek. He smiled back, while slyly attempting to free his hand by running it up her left cheek. Then, after about 5 extremely awkward seconds of him placing his hand around her opposite hip, he finally had the sense to slide his hand up her arched back and rest it on her opposite shoulder, being very careful not to let his finger-tips graze her now-hard brown nipple. She shook her head with a smirk and said, “Wow, you’re handling this just about as badly as I thought you would.” Mark couldn’t help but smile.

I guess having all the blood rush from your head to your dick can make you a bit clumsy

Perhaps realizing that the reason Mark was acting so clumsily was that she had made him incredibly horny, Andrea lifted her head off his shoulder and lazily walked back towards her bag, where Emma was already in her sports bra and panty set, preparing the body-paint. Mark and Malcolm had both decided to sit against the tree, as it looked like the body-painting process was going to take a bit longer than expected. At this point, both guys had their eyes set firmly on Andrea. For all Mark new, Malcolm was just extremely interested in which color Andrea thought the word STOP should be written across breasts, but Mark was more interested in taking in Andrea’s glorious side profile. Mark and Malcolm attempted to make some more small talk, but every time Andrea crouched to pick some more colors out of her back, pointing her ass in the boy’s direction as well as the slightest peek of her pussy lips, both boys abruptly grew silent.

“So,” Mark asked while facing Malcolm, “Are you gonna go fully nude too?”

“I mean yea,” Malcolm replied after a few seconds of thought. “It would probably be weird if I was the only guy not naked. So yea. Probably.”

“Isn’t it kinda weird being naked with your sister?” Mark asked with a chuckle.

“Definitely. Like, the only time she’s seen my dick was when I was like 12 years old coming out of the shower. It would be a lot weirder now. Are you gonna get naked too?”

“I might as well. Andrea really believes in this cause so I guess this is just what a friend would do.”

Malcolm gave a sly look over at Mark, probably trying to work out in his head whether or not Mark was just some creep who was trying to bang his little sister.

“Okay guys,” Andrea said suddenly while turning away from Emma to face the boys.

“I’ve decided what I’m gonna write on my body.”

As she looked at the boys with a satisfied grin, she had spread her arms and legs to show off the “canvas” she’d be working on. The boys – who where still sitting on the ground – now had a phenomenal bottom-up view of Andrea’s entire body. Her thick thighs were spread just far enough to give both Mark and Malcolm a full view of her plump lips and, realizing after a few seconds that that’s exactly where both boys had set their gaze, she quickly brought her thighs back together and, with a sheepish grin, brought her hands back to her sides. “I’m going to write STOP in big red letters across my boobs, then GLOBAL and WARMING on my tummy, and then I want to draw a picture of Earth around my uh…” she smiled and used both hands to point to her vagina.

Mark pendik escort interrupted with a wink, “Okay, so you can show us your pussy, but you can’t talk about. I gotcha.” Andrea rolled her eyes at Mark, while exaggeratingly putting her hands on her hips pushing her ass out to one side.

“Anyway, here’s the thing,” Andrea continued, “We have to use our hands because Emma forgot the brushes. My hands are covered in yellow paint from drawing a sun on Emma’s back, and Emma’s hands are covered in purple from whatever the hell she drew on her tummy,” Andrea said as she pointed to what was meant to be a purple elephant across Emma’s Tummy. “So…” Andrea suddenly looked a lot less confident and a lot more uncomfortable, “So… it looks like you guys are gonna have to paint me so we don’t get the colors all mixed up.”

“Oh,” Andrea exclaimed before the boys had a chance to react, “And you guys should probably strip down now, because if you try to strip with paint all over your hands, you’ll just ruin your clothes.” She ended the sentence giving Mark an extremely serious look, as if to once again remind him that there is not a bit of sexuality in this situation.

The boys exchanged a slightly concerned look with each other before, slowly, standing up.

Kinda hard to argue with a naked girl asking you to get naked and bodypaint her, I guess.

Mark hadn’t really given much thought to the fact that Andrea might actually ask him to get naked as well. He was generally happy with the size of his dick, but it wasn’t exactly something special… Certainly not something he’d feel confident showing to a bunch people, whether they were strangers and friends. Even more worrying was the fact that Andrea had warned him so many times about the non-sexual nature of the event, as well as the non-sexual nature of their friendship in general. Getting a hard-on at this point would definitely lead to some drama.

He was also a little worried about being naked next to Malcolm, who was nearly 5 inches taller than him and, if stereotypes are to be believed, likely to have a larger member than him. Well, before he had any more time to wonder, Malcolm had stripped down completely to reveal what was, indeed, quite an impressive cock that hung from a very skinny yet muscular torso. Malcolm looked a bit uncomfortable, but I think his laid-back demeanor helped him achieve a more casual look. Andrea, not knowing that anyone else had begun to strip, turned around to check on the boys and, while her first glance landed innocently on Malcolm’s chest, her eyes did land solidly on his hanging dick for about a solid 2 seconds. She kept her poker-face on though, her only facial expression being her eyes blinking about 10 times before turning to Mark and raising her eyebrows in an expression that said Okay, now your turn.

This time she didn’t turn back around to help touch up Emma’s paint but, instead, put her hands back on her hips and kept her eyes on Mark. Getting down to his boxers was no problem. During the summer, Andrea would see him in shorts and no shirt as they tanned in his backyard. Boxers were really no different.

At this point though, everything seemed to stop. Andrea wasn’t moving around; making silly poses and faces every five seconds. She stood completely still, with her hands on her hips and a blank, somewhat serious stare. She was letting Mark keep his eyes on her body for as long as he wanted. She was daring him to imagine grabbing her breasts, kissing her pussy, or turning her around and slapping her juicy ass.

Or at least that’s what Mark thought. For all he knew, she may just be tired of waiting for him to finish stripping, so that she can finally get started on her own body paint. Mark’s insides were, once again, on fire with horniness, but he was so nervous that he was actually able to avoid an erection. So, calmly, he stuck both thumbs in the waistband of his boxers, freed them from his waist, and kicked them back towards the tree. Andrea gave a few sideways glances down at his dick, once again, not reacting, just blinking.

2 minutes later, the boy’s hands where covered in body paint, awaiting their assignment. Mark’s left hand was covered in red, meaning he’d be painting Andrea’s chest and tummy. Malcolm had one hand covered in blue, and another covered in green, meaning he’d be painting the Earth around Andrea’s hips and vagina.

Why Andrea thought it was less weird to have her big brother painting her vagina than her breasts, I have no idea. Then again, she didn’t think it was weird to strip naked in front of her brother either, so she really must be convinced that none of us would find this sexual in any way.

Andrea decided that she wanted the earth to be drawn first, as it was more important. If the earth was too big, Mark could simply draw the words smaller. It was a bit awkward finding a comfortable position for Malcolm and Andrea to stand, as her pussy would need to be around his eye level, and her legs would have to be spread somewhat wide so he could cover the entire area with paint. Malcolm ended up sitting on the ground with his back against the shady tree, while Andrea leaned forward with both hands on the tree, with her feet landing near his own thighs.

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