The Making of a Kingpin Ch. 08

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It was just another day in paradise. Or at least that’s what most people observing from the outside would surely think. Here I was, lounging by the pool in my skimpy pink bikini and soaking up the rays while maids and butlers saw to my every whim. Whether it was supplying food and drinks, applying sun lotion or even just fanning me I had servants to see to my every material need.

This has been my life for years now. At first I had loved it, my status as queen bee being the fulfilment of my life ambitions despite having only reached my late twenties. As I had grown up I’d absorbed the lesson that our celebrity infused culture had taught me. What mattered wasn’t what you knew, it was how you looked. That was the route to wealth and power. And it was a route I was determined to follow.

My childhood had been anything but idyllic, brought up by an over-worked, under-paid single mom. Most kids looked to their parents as role models. Not me. My mom was a lesson in what not to do in life. She’d worked hard her whole life, gone to night classes to get a qualification and worked her way up to a junior finance position at one of the big banks. She did everything that you were supposed to do and yet she had so little to show for it.

I watched as my father walked out on her. He was a bum who cared more about his dick than he did about me or my siblings. So while my mom worked day and night to put food on the table he skipped out on us, lured away by a younger, fitter model. Now my mom had been laid off by the bank in one of their seemingly never ending series of restructurings, which were just euphemisms for firing a load of people and getting everyone else to work harder to pick up the slack.

What was she left with? Bags under the eyes and a worn, tired face unable to attract anyone to support her through her old age. That’s where playing by the rules got you, nowhere.

No my role model wasn’t my mom. My role models were provided by the moms of my friends who were nothing more than trophy wives. Now a lot of educated, clever people look down on trophy wives. They pity their dependence on their men and think they should be seen as individuals in their own right, not just mere appendages of their husbands.

But as a naive child that isn’t what I saw. I saw women who had great lives. They were not constrained by the need to work and could spend their days looking after their kids, spending quality time with them and actually had the opportunity to keep themselves looking hot and attractive. Whether that was spending time in the gym or having a bit of touch up surgery here or there it worked. These trophy wives had it all and I remember thinking even as a young girl that I wanted to be like them.

Except I was really ambitious. I didn’t just want to marry some corporate bureaucrat. I wanted someone who was really minted and someone who could give me the life of glamour and luxury I had always dreamed of.

I knew that I couldn’t hook the great catch that I wanted without a lot of hard work. That’s why I spent every waking moment making myself as attractive as I could. It’s why I dyed my hair peroxide blonde. It’s why I had a boob job to create a rack that would turn any man’s eyes. It’s why I visited the gym every day to keep my body in shape. It’s why I made sure I had the best cosmetics, the best clothes and the best accessories to make me look as hot as possible.

I entered beauty pageants and put all my efforts and energies into looking as hot as I could. And I loved the power that gave me. The power to make men go weak at the knees, to stumble over their words and fall over themselves to please me.

I knew what the educated nerds who were going to go off to college thought of me. They rolled their eyes at me and thought I was just a slut and a bimbo. And you know what? They were right. And what was wrong with that? They might have had their books and their feminist ideology. But that wasn’t going to keep them warm at night. That wasn’t going to attract hot guys with big dicks and flash cars.

As my body filled out I turned into an absolute rocket. And guess what I still ended up going to college. That might have been more down to generous marking to the teachers I gave blow jobs to or the nerds that I got to do my homework than my brains. But who cared? It was results that mattered. I can still see the shocked face on one of my classmates faces when I got accepted by an Ivy league college when she was stuck with a shit in-state community college.

And what a time I had at college. While the new nerds I managed to control did my homework for me I was back at the dorms being railed by douchebag jocks who were only interested in girls for one thing. Sure, most feminists would be outraged at the way they behaved. But then again they’d probably never experienced what it was like to have their cunts pounded to earth shattering orgasm by a big cock.

After college I was straight away on the lookout for guys who canlı bahis could fulfil me, both sexually and materially. Who had enough heft in both their briefs and their wallets to give me the life I’d always dreamed of having. The deal was pretty simply. I would keep myself looking hot for them if they gave me what I needed in the bedroom and provided the luxury lifestyle I had always wanted.

That is how I’d ended up here as Jenna Gonzalez, married to Nacho Gonzalez the most feared gangster in the whole state. I could remember the night we had met like it was yesterday.

I was out partying with some friends and my latest trick, a young hotshot stockbroker. He was a little bit preppy for my tastes but he was raking in the dough and was keeping my life sweet while I waited for something better to come along. He was nice to look at but to be honest his dick didn’t quite do it for me and that was a deal breaker for me. I kinda felt bad because I knew he was falling for me bad. He was one of those romantic types. Always buying me flowers and surprising me with meals out at fancy restaurants. Sadly for him though, I’d always been a girl who would much rather be at home having her cunt battered by an egotistical jock than having small talk and eating great food.

Anyway, I was partying hard when in walked Nacho with his crew. I noticed him straight away and immediately felt something stir inside of me. It was pretty hard to explain because I usually only went for white guys and he was Mexican. Plus he must have been at least 20 years older than me, which I’d normally find kinda gross.

But there was just something about him. He exuded power. And there was nothing that I found as attractive in a man as power. I always had a weakness for bad boys who don’t care about anyone else but themselves and didn’t mind just taking what they wanted. And somehow I knew straight away that Nacho was the baddest of bad boys.

There was just something about him. The way he held himself, the way all the other guys in his group deferred to him, the way he swept imperiously to the VIP area of the club and was swiftly surrounded by a phalanx of hot chicks.

Physically I could see he very much still had it, despite being so much older. His hair had gone grey in parts but that just made him look more distinguished. Meanwhile his body was still in fine shape and he clearly looked after himself.

Although he was surrounded by a group of other hot younger guys I only had eyes for him. Something about him told me that he would be great in bed. He wouldn’t make love to his women. He’d fuck his sluts. Just how I liked it. And suddenly I wanted nothing more than to be not just one of those sluts, but his number one slut. I felt my cunt flutter between my legs and I knew that I needed to get to know this stud.

Turning back to my date I realised he was a bit pissed at me for letting my attention wander, but right now I wasn’t thinking straight and didn’t care what he thought.

I’d always had this weakness. When I was hooked on a guy I just couldn’t think straight. Most men thought I was just a ditzy blonde who was too dumb to do anything for myself. The truth was that I knew what kept men happy and that if I did that it was easy to manipulate them to get what I wanted whether that be sex, power, money or all three.

But the truth was that when I fell for a guy I fell hard. And I could feel myself falling already and I hadn’t even spoken to the guy.

Usually if I spotted a new guy I wanted to make a move on I’d test out the waters before dumping my current squeeze. There was no point in giving up my current meal ticket before I’d nailed down the next one. But all that logic went out the window for me. The appearance of this exotic bad boy had made the stockbroker sat before me seem even more boring. And I didn’t do boring.

I waited for him to settle our bill and then I laid it out for him. I just told him it wasn’t working for me anymore, that I just wasn’t happy and thought we should call it a day.

I couldn’t believe the pansy actually started to shed a few tears. I couldn’t believe I had spent so much time with such a wimp and this pathetic behaviour just showed he wasn’t the real man I needed in my life. He told me how much he loved me and how he thought we were going to get married.

It started to get awkward and I was getting impatient now. I decided the best strategy to get rid of him quickly was to be brutally honest so I told him that the reason I couldn’t be with him was that he just didn’t fuck me the way I needed to be fucked and that his average sized prick would never be able to really satisfy me.

Some people would say I was acting like a total bitch. And they’d be right but I knew what I wanted and he just didn’t have it. As usual I got what I wanted. He stormed off in a huff and thankfully I never saw him again.

I didn’t even bat an eyelid as he walked away. Instead I was deadly focused on my next target. bahis siteleri Something told me this was the big fish that I’d been waiting to catch all my life, this is what all those hours of work on my appearance had been about.

I strutted across the floor of the club, headed up to the VIP area and marched straight in. I’d learnt over the years that if you acted confident and like you owned the place then people usually treated you like you did. Of course, it helps when you’re wearing a dress with a plunging neckline showing off your huge rack and you’re rocking a figure that Barbie would be jealous of.

The guys stood at the entrance to the VIP area did nothing to stop me, which might have had something to do with their jaws almost hitting the floor. As soon as I walked in I saw eyes turn in my direction.

The looks I got were nothing I hadn’t seen before. The guys were ogling me, lusting over my incredible body. I saw several of them reach down to adjust their junk as they took in my curves. I knew exactly what they wanted to do to me and that’s what gave me such power over them.

I also noticed a lot of the girls look round. Their faces were quite different though, a mixture of shock and anger at the sight of such competition. They knew what I was as soon as they saw me: a threat. And the reaction of the men they were with didn’t do much to dissuade them. I didn’t let any of that affect me though. I had been used to anger and jealousy from women my entire life. In fact it didn’t anger me, it excited me. The fact that they felt so threatened only made me feel better and more confident. And they weren’t wrong about me either.

I remember when I was back in college how the girlfriend of the star quarterback reacted to me. She hated me. She did everything she could to freeze me out of her social circle. She was pretty, clever and popular and so she made life difficult for me for a bit. Her friends tried to calm her down. They told her that Mack would never cheat on her. They had been high school sweethearts, in love with each other for years. They connected on a level that was above sex. They were soul mates, destined to be together forever. And they told her that I was too trashy to have any chance with a classy guy like Mack.

Maybe she wasn’t so clever though because she started to believe what these dimwits were telling her. She started to loosen up a bit and I managed to start getting invites to all the cool parties her sorority put on. I saw the way Mack looked at me. He might have been in love with his girlfriend, but he was in lust with me.

I bided my time and then pounced when I got a chance. I was at a house party and things were getting wild. Everyone was drunk and people were hooking up left, right and centre. Mack’s girlfriend always kept a tight leash on him, making sure she was always with him at parties like this when he would be tempted to stray. But she wasn’t there now and I was ready to take advantage.

I started dancing with Mack, putting on a show for him by fondling my massive rack. He was mesmerised by me and couldn’t take his eyes off me. Then I started grinding him and I could feel his turgid prick rubbing against my back. I knew then that I had him. I knew that whatever feelings he had for his girlfriend that his dick had needs.

I whispered in his ear that we should go get some privacy. Ten minutes later we were in one of the bedrooms. I was on my back and Mack had buried his thick, hard prick deep inside my tight cunt. I showered him with dirty talk, telling him how big he was, telling him to fuck me harder, telling him to use me like a slut. This seemed to get him off and he fucked me harder and deeper and rougher, just how I liked it. Soon I was cumming all over his fat hose.

That night taught me that most men – especially arrogant, powerful, successful men – thought more with their dicks than their brains. Mack might have loved his girlfiend and maybe they were soul mates, but because he listened to his dick over his head they weren’t destined to be together.

Eventually Mack got too hot. He pulled out and sprayed me with his load and at that very moment the door to the bedroom burst open. In the doorway stood his girlfriend. She stood there in shocked silence for a moment. Like the cat that had literally got the cream I smirked at her and dug in the knife, telling her that she had been right about me all along.

She let out a tirade at Mack and bolted the room. Mack dressed quickly and stormed after her but it was over for them. The fairytale had been tainted by the truth. Lust beat love every day of the week, especially in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Mack was pissed with me for a while but as a single guy he had needs and he knew that I could fulfil those needs. We hooked up again numerous times through college and I took great pleasure in hanging off his arm while his now ex girlfriend and her friends glowered at me. Mack told me that sex with me was bahis şirketleri on another level to what he had known before. I let him treat me like a whore and he loved it. His ex had been vanilla and boring and sex with me opened his eyes to the pleasure that unadulterated hardcore fucking could give him.

I knew that I had him hooked for life. He could go off and get married and I could turn up on his doorstep in 10 years and he wouldn’t be able to stop himself fucking my brains out. That was the effect I had on men.

Weirdly I didn’t seem to have many female friends at college but I didn’t really care. What I did have was a lot of great sex.

So the women present that night were right to be fearful of me but luckily for them I only had eyes for one man. The top dog. The boss. The man in charge. That was who I was after and I wasn’t going to give up until I got him.

I decided there was no point in wasting any time so I made a beeline straight for him. As I reached him he looked up from the gaggle of girls surrounding him, two of whom were leaning against him, pressing themselves up against him.

I leaned forward slightly, giving him an even better view of my boobs, and I saw with satisfaction that his eyes were attracted to them like magnets. Now I was up close I could get a better look at him.

He must have been in his early 40s. Normally I wouldn’t have looked twice at a guy that age but this one had me hooked. His face was slightly weathered but it just made him look rough and tough. His facial features were defined and angular and just reinforced the impression I had that he was a man’s man.

This wasn’t a guy that would buy you flowers and be romantic. This was a guy that would use you to get himself off. And boy did I want him to use me.

My eyes raked over his body and I could see that he was in great shape. His shirt was barely able to restrain the muscles which bulged beneath. He was wearing a tight pair of jeans and it wasn’t hard to see that he had a big muscle where it really counted. If I was hot for him before I was now smitten but I did my best to play it cool. I knew from experience that most guys liked to be made to work for it a bit.

“Well hello, sweetie what do we have here then?” Even his voice was sexy as hell. Deep, baritone and confident. I felt my willpower wilt even further.

“I’m Jenna, Jenna Albright. I saw you from across the room and just had to come and introduce myself.”

He smirked at me knowingly. “I’m sure you did, honey. So why don’t you get a bit closer and really get to know Nacho Gonzalez.” He reached out his arm and pulled me closer so that my breasts were pressed up against his powerful body. Nacho Gonzalez, Nacho Gonzalez. I knew that name and then it hit me. This was the Nacho Gonzalez, the biggest mob boss in the state. Any self control I had was swept away at that point, just like the two girls who had been at his side fell away and were left glowering at me as they were ignored like spare parts.

I felt my knees tremble and my cunt moisten as I pressed myself against this beast of a man. I knew this man was dangerous. Piss him off and you’d end up in hospital or worse. Everyone in the state bent their knee to this man. Cops, politicians, businessmen, they all feared and respected him.

Knowing what this man had done, the nastiness, the brutality, the evil, would have turned some women off. They would have been scared of this man, this man that had such power and control over the state.

Not me. I didn’t want to run, I wanted to stick to him like glue. He had everything I wanted in a man; power, money and arrogance. I knew that he would be great in bed. He would be dominant there like he was dominant everywhere else in his life and that turned me on so much.

I swooned as he held me in my arms. We moved over to a sofa after just a few moments, whispering in each other’s ears, eyes only for each other, like there was nobody else there at all.

I knew I should play hard to get but I couldn’t even if I’d tried. Nacho was way out of my league and I wanted him too much. So I played up to his ego. I told him what I had done when he had walked in. That I’d dumped my boyfriend there and then in order to pursue him.

I told him how I liked my men mean and macho, confident and aggressive and that he seemed to fit the bill perfectly. I could tell that he liked having his ego pumped up because I felt the bulge in his jeans growing as I did it.

I told him how hard it was to find real men these days. There were too many pussy whipped wimps around now who could be controlled and manipulated.

I told him that I was wild and needed a strong, powerful man to tame me. I needed a stallion to show me what my place in the world was and bend me to their will.

Nacho loved it. His eyes were going wild and he told me that if he wanted a stallion then I’d come to the right place. His hands were all over me, feeling every inch of me and I was loving it.

“I can’t wait to show you what a real man can do Jenna. I’m gonna enjoy breaking you in and making you my bitch. But first you’ve got to prove you’re worthy of that. Show me how much you want me.”

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