The Long Flight


Bob boarded the Sing-Air flight dreading both the flight itself and the trip. He was on his way to Singapore to shut down the company offices there and he hated it. True, they hadn’t been making money lately -in fact they were losing big- but still, they were doing the best they could in the dwindling market and this was going to hurt people he cared about. Ah well, it couldn’t be helped.

He settled his lanky frame into the seat by the window, ran his hand through his short grey hair and sighed. He watched the rest of the passengers file by through first class on their way to the cattle car seats in the back, and thanked his lucky stars that at least the stateside branch was making money.

His eye was caught by her the moment she stepped through the door. She was dressed for the tropics. A long flowing silk skirt, bamboo green, topped by an almost transparent white linen blouse, the tails in front gathered in a knot just beneath her luscious breasts. She was maybe 30-35, judging by her face, but her body was fit and those breasts, ohhh, those breasts. Stunning. He longed for them already. His cock stirred in his pants, wakening to the thoughts racing through his mind as she moved down the aisle toward him.

He was taken aback when she tossed her bag in the overhead compartment above his row, her breasts momentarily rising and pushing against the fabric of her blouse as she reached over-head, the cool air of the plane’s ventilation stiffening her nipples. They pushed out tiny peaks in the fine linen. He licked Kurtköy Escort his lips and adjusted himself in his seat. She had the seat next to him.

She pulled a blanket from the bin and leaned down to move the seat belt from her seat. Her breasts swung freely and he glimpsed them briefly down the neck of her blouse. He couldn’t take his eyes from her, and was startled when her hand moved into view. “Hi, Jennifer Lawson, guess we’re seat-mates for the voyage?” He shook her hand and stumbled through an introduction, knowing that she knew he wanted her, unable to hide his huge erection. She sat down, tucked the blanket under the seat, and they made the usual small talk about the weather, the flight, business or pleasure. It was her first trip to Singapore and she was excited to see all the sights, take in the wet markets, see the lantern festival, all things that he had forgotten about, hadn’t seen in years.

Her enthusiasm was infectious, and in the end he had promised to help her get connected with the real city, far from the Orchard Row hotel in which she was staying.

The flight took off, dinner came and went, and people began to settle in for the 14 hour flight. Bob set the laptop on the tray and started working the spreadsheets, trying to find some way to avoid disaster. Jenn snuggled back in her seat, reading a trashy novel, absently toying with the buttons on her blouse. After a bit she gave it up, reached under the seat for her blanket and settled in for some sleep. The cabin was dark, Pendik Escort all except for a few insomniacs tapping away at their keyboard or staring absently at the movie screens on the seat-back in front of them.

He sensed it before he saw it that the blanket over her body was subtly moving. Her eyes were closed, her breathing deep, but her hands were moving. Caressing her breasts, stroking herself and almost imperceptibly moaning in pleasure.

Bob looked around. Nobody nearby was awake. The stews were strapped in their jump-seats a few rows up and gossiping about the hotel in Sing. He took a deep breath, un-snapped his seat belt, and tentatively slipped his hand under the blanket. He almost jumped at their first real contact. Her blouse was open, and as his palm skimmed over the silken surface of her breast her nipple came to life, tickling his palm as if in welcome. She let out a tiny gasp. He froze. Waited. Nothing. Wow, she was a heavy sleeper. She nestled in, turning towards him and trapping his hand between her breasts. A happy captive indeed.

Enervated, he allowed his hand to explore further, traveling down her smooth round belly, under the waistband of the skirt, feeling the soft tendrils of her fur against his fingers. The humid heat of her sex beckoned. She was wearing no panties. No, of course not, she was the kind that would never wear panties. There was no way he could resist.

Sliding his hand a tiny bit more, he felt her wetness flood his fingers, her swollen lips welcoming Mutlukent Escort him, her clit engorged and rising from it’s hood, begging for him to stroke it. Her hips rocked ever so slightly, encouraging him to be more daring, and he slid his middle finger over her clit and buried it to the second knuckle inside her. Slowly withdrawing and repeating the movement, her hips moving more now, vigorously demanding he finish what he had started. Her right hand gasped his forearm, drawing him deeper, pressing harder, demanding, pleading, drawing him to her.

He was rock hard now, and in some discomfort. How could he cum here. In his pants for god’s sakes? Like a teenager? But then, how could he stop?

Her left hand caressed her breasts briefly and then snaked under the blanket, between the seats, finding it’s way to the massive bulge in his pants. Skillfully she unzipped him and reached in to caress the hardness there. Her hips rocked faster and he felt her warm cunt close over his fingers in spasm after spasm. Her body writhed in the seat, all the while keeping a firm hold on his throbbing member, and before he realized it she had slithered across him and taken his cock in her mouth, her hot lips closing over his glans.. sucking it deep into her mouth, needy, demanding, eager. Bob couldn’t contain himself a second longer. He wrapped his fingers in her hair and plunged her down on his cock, shooting deep into her throat. She swallowed it all, and then gently, lovingly continued to suck him, massaging every last drop from his balls until he pulled her off him.

She sat up slowly, licked her generous lips and said; “Thank you. I think this is going to be a looong and entertaining flight. Don’t you?”

Bob knew it was. It was indeed. And there were 10 more hours to go.

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