The Lieutenant’s Adventure


If you are under the legal age of consent in your area (generally 18 years but sometimes as much as 21), or if you are offended by graphic descriptions of sex and sexual pleasure between adults, please do not read further. I fully realize the PREMISE of this story is not original, but chapter one IS loosely based on actual events (minus the mind control aspects). Do not post elsewhere without the expressed, written permission of Samurai Sword. © 2006 by Samurai Sword. All rights reserved.

This partially true, mostly imaginary story took place a few years ago when I was in the Air Force. The names and a few details have been changed to protect anonymity.


I was single at the time and had a small circle of friends, both civilian and military. Two of my buddies, Joe and Nick, lived in an apartment complex near the Las Vegas Strip and their place was right next to the apartment’s pool. It was a natural place for us to start the partying on Friday after work, and set plans for the remainder of the weekend. A female lieutenant (Monica) and her civilian roommate (Linda) lived a short way down the road, and they often joined us. Monica’s fiancé was away going through several months of pilot training at a base in another state.

Monica is the character of interest in my story. She is of Hispanic ethnicity, but her skin tone is relatively fair. She has brown hair, brown eyes, full lips and stands about 5ft 6in. Monica was always an interesting contrast in and out of uniform. In uniform, she always had her hair pulled back very tightly in a bun and her shirt and pants always seemed a bit too large – not baggy, but not form fitting either. In uniform, it was always pants and lace up flat shoes. She never wore a skirt and she never wore heels. This all combined to draw your attention to her face. Now, Monica has a pretty face, nothing wrong at all, but it is not quite the face of a supermodel. The net effect of her in uniform is that she would probably be thought of as “cute” by most people but not exactly a head turner.

Out of uniform was a very different story. When her hair was down, it was long and wavy-flowing and it balanced very nicely with her full lips (which then got a generous coating of sexy red lipstick). She didn’t hesitate to wear tighter clothing when we all went out and she always received lots of attention. The first time I saw her out of uniform, I almost didn’t recognize her. To put it bluntly she had a rockin’ body – medium-athletic frame, killer legs, tight round ass, flat stomach, beautiful breasts (full B or perhaps small C-cup) and a flawless complexion.

Monica and Linda would often join us on Saturdays and we’d all usually go to dinner and then on to some nightclub hopping. When it was just a “guys’ night” Joe, Nick and I would frequently start at a strip club and then bar hop.

One Friday at the pool, Monica and Linda remarked that they wanted to join us on a guys’ night and assured us they were NOT afraid to go to a strip club. Of course, we three guys didn’t need much incentive. We all agreed to go the next evening.

On Saturday we picked up the girls and headed to Cheetah’s. Monica looked awesome as usual. She was wearing a sleeveless white turtleneck. The sweater was very tight and thin and it put her wonderful breasts on good display. She was also wearing tight white slacks and strappy white high-heel sandals. Linda, bless her heart, was a really cool gal, but was decidedly unattractive and plays no significant role in this story.

We entered the club and sat around one of several circular stages. Nick was always quite the skirt-chaser and he spent only a couple of minutes with us before being up and off chatting with different ladies and getting lap dances. Not long after this Joe and Linda figured they were not getting fast enough drink service at our stage table, so they departed for the bar in the corner. This left Monica and me alone at the circular stage. It wasn’t an awkward situation but the two of us had always been part of a bigger group and we never talked much one-on-one. Anyway, the drink service that was too slow for our friends was just right for us. The alcohol flow helped keep the conversation going but didn’t get either of us beyond a hearty buzz.

Before I continue, you probably want to know what Monica is like as a person. She’s a graduate of a prestigious college and her intelligence is obvious once you’ve been around her for more than a few minutes. She is, however, not arrogant or stuck up about her brains or her looks. She is classy, without being snooty or prudish, and has a good sense of humor. She usually seems to be in a good mood and is friendly and outgoing. Probably her only weaknesses are a tendency to pass judgment too quickly and her voice gets a bit of a nasal or whiny quality to it at times, especially if things aren’t going her way. I guess I’d sum it up that she’s a great chick with a few flaws – human, in other words.

As for me, I’m average build and average xvideos porno height with light brown hair and green eyes. Besides, my looks aren’t important to this story. What is important is a certain special talent I possess. From around the age of 15 I had been able to, on special occasion, persuade people to do things they wouldn’t ordinarily do. Until this point, I had no control over when the occasion struck, how long it lasted, or over whom my talent influenced. The only thing I could do at that time was turn up or down the intensity of my influence. At that time it was somewhat like a broken car radio where I could control the volume knob but not the power button or the tuning knob. When using my power I wasn’t inclined to make anyone do anything I thought they would consider immoral or criminal.

Back to the events, Monica and I started to talk. With a chuckle I asked her, “So, do you let Phil [her fiancé] go to places like this one when you’re not around?”

She replied with a big smile, “He never wants to.”


“Nope, I’m all he needs. He’s doesn’t need to do this.”

I tossed my hands up in mock surrender, “Well hey, I don’t NEED to do this either. Even when I’m in a good relationship, it’s still fun to hang out with the guys and watch women take their clothes off. I’m not meaning that in a bad way. Heck it’s a compliment. The female body is beautiful, and I like to admire it.”

“Well, I wouldn’t stop him from going to a strip club, but I keep him VERY satisfied.”

I merely gave her a smirk, “Okay, good for him and you.”

Sometime during our conversation, Monica remarked that while she didn’t mind staying at the strip club a while longer, she didn’t want to be there all night. I told her that was cool and that all I wanted to do was get a lap dance before we left, but that I was very picky. I told her I’d let her help me select the girl and she agreed. This opened the door for me to discuss with her the aspects of each new stripper in terms of her appearance, dancing, and overall sexiness.

After a few minutes of this I decided to bring up our previous topic, “But even being totally satisfied with the sex in a relationship doesn’t mean the guy is then absolutely not interested in simply looking at another hot girl.”

“Well, it is with Phil and me.”

“You can’t be 100% sure he feels that way. Nobody knows all the innermost thoughts of another person.”

“I’m sure he’s happy and has no interest in going to a strip club.”

“Well, I don’t agree that you can be 100% sure of all of his inner thoughts, but I’ll accept it for the sake of argument. Now consider something else.”


“What if at some point in the future Phil DEVELOPS the fantasy of a threesome? I’m talking you, him, and another girl. Even if you know him now, there’s no way you can be positive he won’t develop something like that in the future.”

“I’m sure he won’t. I’m all he’ll ever need.”

“Okay, but just for the sake of argument, let’s say he does acquire that fantasy. Would you help him live it?”

“I can make sure he’s happy with just me and nobody else.”

I looked at her with a sharp squint and flattened my lips together. “hmmmm…”

Monica’s eyes opened wide. “What?”

It’s at this point that I throw in a calculated move. A person like Monica who is smart and attractive has a tendency to worry that others THINK she is conceited or arrogant. Now I didn’t really think Monica was being conceited; just that she didn’t want to address the possibility that Phil might like looking at another girl. But I figured if I let her think that I thought she was being stuck-up, she’d over compensate. I gave her my squinted-eye stare again, “You just think you’re TOO GOOD to give a guy a threesome.”

I noticed Monica’s spine stiffen. “No, that’s not it at all. I just know it’s never going to happen.”

“Well, you say it’ll never happen because you don’t want to even discuss it. And you don’t want to discuss it because you think you are BETTER than doing something cool like that.”

“It’s not that. I just know with Phil it won’t be necessary.”

I flashed my best sarcastic grin, “Okay, sure.”

“Sure, what?”

“Well, c’mon!”

“Jake, I don’t understand what you’re getting at.”

“Okay, here it is. I’ve met Phil. He’s a good guy and a normal red-blooded American male. I doubt seriously he’s never even entertained the idea of watching you with another woman. Of course he’s thought about it. Your position here is unbelievable.”

“Unbelievable? How so?”

“Well, the obvious first. You could acknowledge at least the POSSIBILITY he has that fantasy. Then you could be a cool chick and say you’d at least talk up the fantasy with him.”

Monica looked confused. “Talk?”

“Yeah, talk. Tease him with it. Watch some dirty movies with him and pretend you’re one of the threesome girls in the movie. Whisper in his yabancı porno ear during sex about how you wished another girl was there.”

At this point she was almost speaking in a whisper. “I don’t need to do that.”

I laughed. “There you go again. NEED isn’t the issue. But playing with the idea is what a cool chick would do. I’m not saying you have to follow through with it BUT you think you’re too good for any of that.”

Monica sighed and laughed nervously, “I’m not TOO GOOD.”

I could tell Monica had been kind of enjoying the argument, but it reached a point where she was close to being annoyed with me. So I switched back to talking about the dancers. I’m convinced the timing was fate, because at that perfect moment our lady of the evening stepped onto the circular stage in front of us.

We had been at the club for a while and had observed a number of very attractive dancers. None of that prepared me for what I was about to see. This place has several stages, and the dancers rotated from the floor giving lap dances, then up to the different stages at various points in the evening. I figure lap dances are where they make the real money but stages are where they get noticed. The dancers do the first song on the stage without undressing. The second song is the slow striptease and the third and final song is done topless. All the while the dancer typically works her way around the stage, pauses in front of each patron and usually gets a dollar bill tossed on the stage or under the hip elastic of her g-string in appreciation.

The club DJ announced “Tonya” (probably not her real name) was arriving at our stage. I looked up to see a woman I’d not seen in the club before now. And I would have remembered her! Tonya was in her early twenties, about 5ft 3in, shoulder-length sandy blonde hair, blue eyes, tight body and firm large breasts that I would later discover to my astonishment were real.

How can I give her description justice? She was very pretty, but not the prettiest girl there. She was quite the dancer, but not the best dancer there. What was it about her? Tonya was one of those women who just ooze “sex” and “fun.” Her confidence was apparent.

Monica and I chatted very little during Tonya’s time on stage. I vaguely recall exchanges like “wow, she’s good” and “oh, she’s flexible.” It wasn’t until the end of the third song, when Tonya was gathering up her clothes and a big pile of cash from the stage floor that I felt like I was snapping out of a trance. I sensed one of those “special occasions” which allowed me to use my power had arrived.

Monica and I made some small talk but I knew I had found the dancer I was looking for. We watched another dancer or two and I could tell the time was right. Nick was no where in sight and I knew Joe and Linda were all the way across the club at the bar. It would be easy to get Monica to stick with me.

I said, “Okay, I think I’m ready to make my selection.”

“You are?”

“Yeah, but I still need your help — kind of a ‘final approval’ if you will.”

She laughed and replied sarcastically, “Ah, I feel so important.”

“Oh, believe me, you are!”

I stood up, took Monica by the hand, and began walking around the club. I made a big phony show of looking at various women who were giving lap dances. Each time I’d let Monica stand right next to me and see which girl I was looking at. I’d put a skeptical look on my face, turn to Monica and say “hmm, what do you think?” or “ehh, I’m not sure about her.” Monica would sometimes make it easy and say “nahhh.” For a couple of others she’d say something like “well, she seems okay.” I would reply with “Okay, but ‘okay’ isn’t good enough.”

Before long we had worked our way around to where I’d seen Tonya dancing. I stopped a few feet away from where the hot stripper was rocking some guy’s world.

I turned to Monica and said, “Now SHE is a solid candidate for the job.”

“Yeah, she dances really well.”

“There’s really something about her.”

“Well, it just seems like she’d be a lot of fun for you.”

“I agree. She’s quite sexy.”

“She gives the impression she’s always up for a good time, which appears to be very important here.”

I gave Monica a wink. “You’ve sold me on her!”

When Tonya finished her dance, I kept hold of Monica’s hand and positioned myself to be in Tonya’s path as she stepped away from her previous customer. Tonya looked up at me, over at Monica, and smiled, “Hi.”

“I’d really like to get a dance from you.”

Tonya gave Monica another quick glance and then looked back at me, “Sure! Let’s go over here.”

We followed Tonya to an obscure corner of the club. There were two individual padded chairs and a small loveseat type chair. The loveseat chair had deep cushions and faced away from the rest of the club. The individual chairs were occupied by two businessmen who were already getting lap dances and couldn’t have yaşlı porno cared less about us. Tonya was in the lead, I was right behind her, and I still held Monica’s hand in tow behind me. Tonya stopped in front of the loveseat, pivoted towards us and flashed her smile again. Monica and I were still a couple of feet away from the seat at that moment and here is when I felt Monica’s hand slip from my grasp as she suddenly stopped in her tracks.

I turned to see Monica with a look of confusion and uncertainty on her face. I think she was expecting there would be an individual seat for her where she could watch, but not actually be right next to the action. The reality of sitting close beside me for the dance took her by surprise.

I quickly decided it was time to turn up my special power of persuasion a few notches. Without giving her another second to think about it, I wrapped my hand gently but firmly around her wrist. I looked at her with a smile on my face and put on the most care-free voice I could muster, “Ah, c’mon. Live a little!” I turned back towards Tonya and heard Monica utter my name weakly, “Jake…” Paying no heed, I quickly guided Monica to the seat, spun her facing forward, put my left arm around her shoulder and sat us both down. Tonya of course had witnessed the whole thing and flashed me a naughty grin.

Tonya was now standing directly in front of us. She leaned forward, placed one hand on my cheek and the other hand on Monica’s cheek. Tonya’s grin turned into a broad smile and she said to both of us, “Cool, you’ll like this.” Monica still appeared a bit stunned and she was now sitting silently looking from Tonya to me and back to Tonya.

The DJ started up a new tune. Don’t ask me what it was. I don’t remember and don’t care. Tonya stood up and moved closer to us. Her left leg was between my legs and her right was between Monica’s. She slowly began to move with the music and teasingly removed her top. As she did so, I absently began to stroke the back of Monica’s neck. Neither of us could stop looking at Tonya. She first leaned into me and placed her lips near my right ear (away from Monica). She whispered in a sultry voice only I could hear, “mmmm, your girlfriend is sooooo hot.”

I remembered from a drunken conversation we’d had as a group a few months earlier that Monica remarked she loved it when a guy caressed her face and nibbled her ear. I reached up and turned Tonya’s head slightly so I could then whisper discreetly in her ear. I felt my power radiate through my voice. I had never before been able to influence two people at once, but the moment was now. “Her name’s Monica, make sure you dance mostly for her. Be gentle. She’s never done this.” I also quickly relayed Monica’s weak points for caressing and nibbling.

Tonya wasted little time. She made a few more gyrations against me and slid her breasts down my chest. The next thing I knew she had removed her leg from between mine, and was now focusing exclusively on Monica. Tonya slid her right shin up on Monica’s thigh, allowing her to lean into and ride her body up on Monica. The two ladies were face to face in close proximity, but Tonya had not yet pressed her body against Monica’s. Instead, Tonya first brushed her lips lightly against Monica’s cheek. With this subtle contact, I felt Monica’s body tense. Tonya slowly slid her lips all the way to Monica’s ear. Tonya whispered a soft series of ooooohhh’s, aaaaahhh’s, and mmmmm’s as she simultaneously lowered her body onto Monica’s.

I felt and heard Monica inhale sharply as Tonya’s weight became an undeniable presence on her own body. Monica trembled slightly as she exhaled and Tonya began to writhe against her. Tonya’s hands were alternately stroking Monica’s cheek or gently running through Monica’s hair. This continued for a while and Tonya began to let her body ride lower against Monica. As Tonya’s head moved below Monica’s, I saw Monica’s head was tilted back slightly. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was partly open. Her trembling continued.

Tonya turned towards me, her body still pressed against Monica’s. As Tonya’s head moved down towards Monica’s breasts, Tonya gave me a smile and a wink. She moved her hand down from Monica’s face and onto the breast closest to Tonya’s face. She winked again and gave the breast a light squeeze. Monica once again inhaled sharply and her trembling increased.

Tonya stood up again to reposition herself. When she did Monica leaned towards me with eyes still closed. She began in a ragged whisper, “Jake…I…I…” but I quickly pressed my finger against her lips and whispered back, “Shhhhhh, it’s okay. We’re just having some fun. Everything’s good.”

Tonya leaned down again and placed her hands on Monica’s hips. She looked at me, then at Monica and said loudly, “Mmmmm, Monica is really hot!” Tonya ran her hands up Monica’s ribs, brushed the outer sides of her breasts and cradled Monica’s face in her hands. Monica’s eyes were still closed. Tonya rose up, mounted Monica again and pulled Monica’s head forward gently towards the dancer’s stomach. Monica’s head turned towards me and came to rest just below Tonya’s breasts. Their bodies pressed together again. Tonya continued to move slowly with the music and caressed Monica’s hair and face.

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