The Kayak

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The secluded, rock enclosed little beach was a perfect retreat from the daily grind. Daphne was so very glad she had finally submitted to her secretary’s pleas for her to take some time off. Running a fast paced modeling agency was exciting and very fulfilling, but she now understood the need for some down time. This wonderful summer house in the San Juan Island chain in the northern Puget sound area was just perfect. She could just kick back, enjoy the weather, as well as the perfect seclusion created by the rocky enclaves on either side of this wonderful little beach. No one could get to this beach by land without having to come through the locked gate on the driveway.

To celebrate this perfect spot, she had been enjoying the carnal sensations of skinny dipping in the cold Sounds’ waters. So very invigorating were those blasts of cold water upon her body. It is amazing how one can get so wrapped up in work, that the simple pleasures of the body can be so very rewarding. She loved the opposite sensations of laying on the mattressed chaise, letting the sun warm her now bronzing body. She loved laying there, letting the sun hit, caress, and harden the nipples on her exposed breasts. She loved the feeling of spreading her legs, to focus her attention on Sol’s rays hitting her exposed pussy.

The sun’s heat, mixed with her own, made for many enjoyable sessions with her lotion filled hands, spreading apart those protective lips, and letting both her fingertips and the sun’s heat attack her hungry clit, until she screamed in the throes of another orgasm.

After her last cum, she fell back into the soft chaise, and just let her mind float and wander, the way her body was. Although she loved the freedom of this seclusion, she felt a little pang, a want for some company, but a very special kind of company, without all the bull shit. With this thought, she drifted into that wonderful world of “almost” sleep…

His strong, sun browned shoulders glistened in the warm sun, with both his canlı bahis own sweat from digging his kayak’s paddle into the water so hard, and from the little saltwater drippuletts, that fell from the paddle with each exaggerated stroke. As he reached this new rocky cliff at the shoreline in the distance, he stopped paddling, and enjoyed the fruits of his labors, as the kayak continued gliding in the water for a bit. He felt a tug, a gentle push in his mind, which made him look up, as he rounded the end of this latest rocky reach, and saw a little beach, protected by two of the rock abutments on either side. He felt her more than saw her, for from this distance, all he could “see” was that there was a form on the beach. Picking up his pace again, he started to paddle towards the shoreline.

He saw her sleeping form as he beached his kayak softly. Climbing out of it, he walked slowly up to her, enjoying the sight of this unknowingly erotic creature. The gently rise and fall of her breasts gave away her state, so he continued his quiet approach, and drank in her lovely form as he walked. This sight had aroused him to the point, he could feel his cock stirring in his trunks. He knew they would not long be able to hold him, for his desire was building at a geometric rate.

She began to stir a bit, as she had the sensation she was no longer alone, for a dark shadow appeared which she could sense even with her eyes closed, for it blocked the sun’s rays. As she opened her eyes, she gasped out loud, at the figure before her. She could see it was a man, but with the sun behind him, she could not see much but his chiseled body outline.

“You called?” he said in a soft, yet so strong voice.

“What are you talking about? I mean…… wait! Who the Fuck are you?” she felt her anger rise at his intrusion.

“I was in my kayak, out there,” he turned his strong shoulders and pointed with his well defined arm, “and I felt you, calling me.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, I did nothing of the sort” bahis siteleri said Daphne trying for that indignant superiority that worked so well for her in her negotiations at work.

“Who is being ridiculous?” he said smiling, looking into her eyes, into her soul, holding her soul as it had never been. His unnerving cold, clear blue eyes, set against that tanned face, gave her the sensation, he not only knew her desires, shared her desires, but knew how to fulfill them.

She reached out with her hand, as she continued holding his gaze, to let loose the knot at the top of his trunks. It was silly she thought, to have one of them dressed, and the other, not. She knew she was not going to cover her body, so he must shed his clothes. As she untied the string, unsnapped the snap, she pulled back on both sides of the suit, pulled it away from him, and let it drop, giving her a sigh which caused a short gasp to escape from her. But, just as she was about to move to take this beautifully engorged man into her hungry mouth, he gently pushed her back onto the chaise, spread her legs on either side of it, and began a slow, sensuous journey with his mouth and tongue, that started at her toes, and was going to end……… well, she hoped, it was not going to end.

Daphne’s hips started their own response to his oral delights. There is a lot to be said about making love in the large satined sheeted bed in her apartment, but she could not remember the sheer number of wondrous sensations being made love to on this secluded shoreline was invoking. The sound of the waves hitting the sand in their irregular pattern, mixed with the aroma of the saltwater, her suntan lotion, and now their combined musk was truly a celebration of the sensual.

She felt her passions build as his travels both teased and satisfied. Each slow movement of his mouth was a combination of fascinated discovery, and experience. His mouth tasted and savored her like a fine wine connoisseur would explore a new, highly awarded vintage. bahis şirketleri She felt herself shiver as his tongue played with her claves, then, slowly made his way behind her kneecap, playing a while in this soft valley.

At first, she wondered how he knew all her most erotic zones, but as she felt her own body moving, she realized she was telling him, and for once, someone not only knew how, but was actually listening. Oh, yes, he “heard” her, the flowing of her anticipatorial juices would be testimony to this. His tongue had now reached the highly sensitive, soft, sweet skin of her inner thigh, and his hands were now reaching higher. The contrast between her soft skin, and his calloused fingers was dramatic, yet intoxicating. She loved the sensation of his rough hands caressing her.

As his body slid up hers, she gave herself over to his hands, as the slipped underneath her buttocks, to lift her drenched mons to his mouth. She offered herself to him, with a push, and his mouth thrilled her, as devoured her. As he sat on the chaise’s edge, he lifted her legs, so she could put them around his neck, and hold her new “captive” tightly with them (although her “captive” had yet to even hint at mounting an escape).

His moans, were like purrs, deep in their beginnings, and vocal in their proclamation of his own pleasures. The closer she came to her orgasm, the tighter her legs held him to her, and the more voracious became his feeding frenzy. His tongue would lavish her with long slow strokes, starting at her anal opening, thrusting inside her pussy as deeply as it could go, then ending at her aroused and beaconous clit, only to give way to those delicious nips of his teeth. As she felt her final push start, she moaned with delight as his teeth held her clit between them, and his tongue caressed its tip with frantic precision. As her back arched, and her head tilted back to push off the chaise, she heard her own passionate song, resound off the rocks. His hands clamped on her butt, he held her there as her own waves brought her to her pinnacle. As she slowly descended from her peak, he followed her, by letting her hips follow this same descent, until, spent, he place her completely back onto the chaise.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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